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Fluidity HD

Fluidity HD is a beautiful interactive real-time fluid dynamics solution and simulation which lets you have the fun of controlling the flow of the fluid and astonishing colors at the tips of fingers. Fluidity HD app bought in the market by Nebulus Design Inc… read more
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13 Apps Like Fluidity HD for iOS

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1. Magic Fluids

Magic Fluids is a gorgeously colorful, and immensely relaxing app which helps you draw abstractions at your own will and helps you relieve stress and calm down. Magic Fluids Free app bought in the market by Mad Scientist Inc. which enables its worldwide users to enjoy an algorithm based on fluid flow simulation and features fluid. This app brings a highly configurable fluid’s look and behavior that helps you stay calm and indulge in the app way deeper. It carries more than 20 customizable presets if you really want artistic stuff already, and even save these presets on your mobile devices. Some of the classy features of Magic Fluids Free app includes the smoke animation, water animation, thousands of particles moving with the fluid, multiple color modes (red, blue, yellow, white, black, pink, green, magenta, and more), multi-touch controls, special effects like textures, and glow, and you can use it as a regular app or even as a live wallpaper. Magic Fluids is a highly optimized solution which brings multiple quality settings for plenty of devices to use on. You can download Magic Fluids Free app for free to be creative and make aesthetic digital art right using your mobile devices without paying anything for the canvas and paint brushes.


2. iLoveFireworks Lite

iLoveFireworks Lite is an exquisite app for people who actually love fireworks and want to enjoy the same of the screen along with the sound of fireworks on their mobile phones. I Love Fireworks Lite app bought in the market by Fireworks Games Inc. through which you can create beautiful and amazing fireworks display in a way like never before. The app also supports tapping functionality for producing fireworks and you can enjoy it on your screen anytime, anyway. You just download iLoveFireworks Lite and open the app to begin the fun here. I Love Fireworks Lite app helps you to touch on the screen to immediately see the breathtaking and amazing fireworks in superb 3D graphics and with real sound of the fireworks. The light version of this app has ads on its screen as well. It is an exquisite fireworks app for users of countries where fireworks are ban so that they can have the fun of their most likely think right on their mobile device. I love fireworks Lite app has the same fun for you whether if you are an adult or a 2 years old kid. You can download iLoveFireworks Lite app for free to enjoy creating your most likely fireworks display by easy and convenient tap operation.


3. Sandbox Coloring

Sandbox Coloring is loved by millions of worldwide folks through which they are having the fun of coloring of tiny pixel art. Sandbox Coloring: Color by Number Coloring Pages app bought in the market by Alexey Grigorkin Inc. that lets you enjoy coloring your most likely colors over cute little pixels. The app lets your children feel so sweet, funny, and light after using the app and is just made for them. It is like a cartoon, but they can even participate in the performance and not only to watch. Sandbox Coloring app brings a great way for the whole family to spend time together for coloring cute stuff and enjoy it without any ads. It brings a great learning experience for all the kids or students which helps them from basic number recognition to coloring gigantic stuff in a way like never before. Sandbox Coloring: Color by Number Coloring Pages app brings a great opportunity to work on your parents and kids drawing and motor skills. It lets you search whatever you want as from lips, gadgets, cats, fruit, to the convenient most art with a handy search feature that filters all your content. You can download Sandbox Coloring: Color by Number Coloring Pages app for free to enjoy tons of exciting features on the move.


4. Smash DIY Slime

Smash DIY Slime is loved by millions of worldwide folks through which they can enjoy making their own slimes through their mobile devices intuitively. Smash DIY SLIME – Fidget Slimy app bought in the market by Brothers Apps and Games Inc. through which you can use your own fingers to create your desired outlays or designs of slimes in this simulator. You can make your own unique or use the ready super realistic slimes in the app already. In Smash Diy Slime game, you will intuitively learn how to create masterpieces through slime at home. This app lets you add 2D or 3D objects to the slime share them to your friends and family members that what kind of satisfying lizun you have on your size. Smash DIY SLIME – Fidget Slimy lets you select from an exclusive collection of readymade heroes and slimes, and you can also select your own choice of color, gradient, and texture as well. You can become idle tycoon slime and use your pocket slime in stress and unhealthy situations. Smash Diy Slime lets you play jelly on screen and add bear anti-stress. You can use Smash DIY SLIME – Fidget Slimy app t know how to make slime and squishy through your own hands.


5. Gravity Free

Gravity Free combines the science and the art of music in one app to lets you have relaxing experience whenever you need it the most. Gravity Free – Light Particles Manipulation is a smart and handy tool introduced by Kfirapps Limited which enables its users to guide the star flow through their own fingerprints. This app helps you create almost 10 different and uniquely portrayed animations which depend on the number of fingers that are touching your mobile screen. Some of its classy animations include Rocket, Sparkle, Energy Flow, Atomic, Atomic, 3D freeze, Fish, vortex, Laser, Lightning, and Circularium, etc. The app brings multi-touch feature so that you can use up to 5 touch points on the iPhone and almost 10 touch points on the iPad. This app contains thousands of animated particles at 60 frames/second. Other than these, Gravity Free also brings changing and manual colors, multiple animation options (such as the speed, opacity, size, and tail, etc.), ability to load and save presets, save snapshots to your library of the photo, and more. This app brings multiple play modes so that you can enjoy it in default mode, drawing mode, tranquility and user defined mode accordingly. You can download Gravity Free – Light Particles Manipulation App from stores to unleash your creativity by creating outstanding masterpieces.


6. Particlescape

Particlescape is a beautiful tool through which you can create multiple patterns at your fingertips, and you can save it in your gallery to enjoy them whenever you want. Particlescape app was presented in the market by Edwin Sirko Inc. which brings an interactive gravity and particle simulator to create animations in the way you want to create. Particlescape app designed to be as amazing as possible to lets you build an organic link between the screen and your fingertips. You can touch over the screen to generate particles and enjoy their motions in the way you move your fingers across your mobile screen. Other than these, Particlescape app lets you have double tap hold feature to use the gravity, and you can shake the device to change options. The app brings highly customizable options through which you can generate up to 8k particles per seconds on each of your touch. Its particles are rendered at higher resolution to bring out finer details. It brings extensive optimizations to support a maximum of half a millions particles over your mobile screens. You can even press harder to generate more particles or move the gravity over the 3D touch-enabled devices including iPhone, 6s, 6s plus, or any else. Particlescape lets you generate tons of cute little particles and these particles lets you feel like you are magically summoning particles from the ether.


7. Heat Pad

Heat Pad is an entirely a visualization solution which brings various heat sensitive surfaces on your mobile phone which reacts to the heat of your own fingertips. Heat Pad – Relaxing Heat Sensitive Surface app was introduced in the market by Padadaz Inc. which brings a simple yet surprising, entertaining and relaxing platform for users who want to play with the heat using their mobile phone devices. It lets you play alone or allow your fingertips to meet other fingertips from all over the globe and doodle on the same surface in a way like never before. Heat Pad – Relaxing Heat Sensitive Surface app brings various kinds of service including Heat (which is the regular heat-sensitive exterior), Flame (fire at your fingertips), Metal (with shiny chrome reflections), and Islands (where you can create your own archipelago), etc. Other than these, Heat Pad: Heat Sensitive Surface app also brings the surfaces of Fantasy, Rainbow, Sky (with relaxing clouds at your fingertips), Spirit (bending the laws of physics), and Glow as well. Some of its extra features include the support of relaxing background music, plenty of inertia settings, ‘Pause’ mode for easy doodling, and you can easily save your creations to your mobile devices to enjoy them whenever you want.


8. Fluid dynamics

Fluid dynamics is a highly customizable tool that brings extremely effective visualization simulation for all mobile users. Fluid dynamics is a fine app introduced in the market by Reinder Nijohff Inc. which brings a real-time Navier stroke equation solver for the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and other iOS devices for free. This application brings the support of plenty of exciting colors that can easily be drawn on the screen of your mobile using a single finger. Fluid dynamics brings a classy canvas where you can draw extraordinary stuff with your finger and boost your imagination in the way like never before. Fluid dynamics – Navier Stokes Equation Solver app brings single or multi-touch gestures so that that you enjoy it in the way you want. Through the multi-touch finger gestures of the app, you can twirl and twist the fluid and see Navier Stokes in action in a way like never before. You can precisely draw plenty of exquisite patterns using tons of exciting colors that even mix in them to generate classy stuff. You can turn the features of the addictive color model, paper background, high quality, clear screen, and multi-touch function off and on. Fluid dynamics – Navier Stokes Equation Solver lets you adjust the features of intensity, dimming, swirling force, and drawing force precisely.


9. Flasia

Flasia is an up to the mark visualization tool that lets you brings awesomely beautiful work of art right using your mobile devices in a way like never before. Flasia – Interactive Visualization app presented in the market by SungLab Inc. which brings a highly complex, interactive, and kinetic visualizer for your mobile devices through which you can generate exclusive artwork. This app is precisely designed by professional to help you become more creative and is significant for people who need a change of leap. This intuitive visualization app brings 5 finger multi-touch display, customizable particle support (size, length, and number), 2 modes of play (multi-touch drawing and gesture control), 5 music choices by Aden Ray, and exquisite fluid effect with high FPS. Flasia is an excellent toy, game, party, or entertainment interior design element for anyone who loves rainbow, fluid, tornado, whirlwinds, firefly lights, nuclear bomb, volt lightning, nuke, atom, dark meter, tsunami, midnight falling star, black hole, and more. Other than these, Flasia also brings gunfire, ice, gravity, halo, universe, Aurora, earthquake, alien, comet, Pluto, Saturn, laser, fish, space, fluid, fly, blue sky, moon, earth, Venus, Mars, Mercury, sun, wave, surfing, Jupiter, and various other effects for everyone uses the app.


10. Go Particles

Go Particles is an exquisite and interactive visualizer with plenty of distinctive, eye-catching, and beautiful effects that will keep you relaxes and entertained as long as you surf your time through the app. Go Particles: Interactive particle effects app bought in the market by Andrejs Fomcenko Inc. which brings classy particles which looks and feels very alive as they are controlled through various properties like bounce, weight, gravity, size, dimension, color, size, and many more. The app brings more than 24 particle types, effect support chaining, both 2D or 3D smooth transformations, 20 interactive effects chaining, nodes interaction, color controlling feature for most effects, and you can draw images with particles. Go Particles: Interactive particle effects also lets you chain two effects and watch their seamless merging in a way like never before. Each if its single particle is aware of the particles alongside it and is affected by them as well. You can give them even more complex and spectacular behavior. It also brings face tracking mode for the mobile device with true depth camera as well. Go Particles: Interactive particle effects app effects are triggered by a combination of touches with planning options for the most of them.


11. Fluid Simulation

Fluid Simulation is an exquisite application through which you can play fluids with the touch of your own fingertips. Fluid Simulation – Trippy Sandbox Experience app bought in the market by Pavel Dobryakov Inc. which helps you get an elegant user interface with plenty of options to play with. The app brings classy visuals with sunrays, bloom, and specular reflections effects. Fluid Simulation: Colors at your fingertips lets you change plenty of parameters including the resolution of the simulation, colors, palettes, and whatever everything. Fluid Simulation: Colors at your fingertips app enables you to swipe your fingers across your screen to create extraordinary visuals. Fluid Simulation – Trippy Sandbox Experience brings multi-touch support for you to create the small, medium, or even bigger simulation effects on your mobile phone screen. You can also capture your creativity on this app and share your capabilities with everyone you want. This app will go to reassure your grumpiness, and you will become an enjoyable folk to be around with. Fluid Simulation – Trippy Sandbox Experience helps you to relieve this pesky stress from your mind, get a chill pill, and enjoy your moments of life right away.


12. 3D Shape Shifter 2 HD

3D Shape Shifter 2 HD is a brilliant morphing particle simulator that lets you reduce your tension, anxiety, and stress in an intuitive way. 3D Shape Shifter 2 HD is a great tool presented in the store by Xanist Software Inc. through which you can watch with awe as you witness amazing and colorful particles morph between plenty of 3D geometric objects with a touch of fingers. This app brings more than a dozen of multiple 3D objects which are intuitively filled with tons of exquisite range of colors. You can precisely choose from four textures and pick one of your choices. Apart from these, 3D Shape Shifter 2 HD app brings the customizable options of pinch to zoom, adjustable blur support, rotate the shapes, turn the circles, and precisely adjust the number of particles and their color saturation according to your choice. This app lets you have a fun time with various 3D objects that real-time simulate their positions according to the swipes of your fingers. The app is intuitively optimized for iOS 10 so that you can even enjoy it on your desired iPhone, iPad, iPod, and other iOS devices. So just give a chance to download 3D Shape Shifter 2 HD app in your mobile phone and give your kids a way to have fun with your mobile phone devices in a way like never before.


13. Springle

Springle is a mesmerizing visual tool, in fact, a visual toy for iPhone, iPad Touch, iPad, and various other iOS devices. Springle app was developed by Bolasol, Inc. which brings an excellent tool for users through which they can explore evolving and rich environments as they come alive with the touch of your own fingers. It lets you space out to Springle over the subway and even use this excellent tool to VJ your next show. You can intuitively create your own designs through this ultimate tool and save your creativity with simple steps. You can also bring your own Springle over the market to reveal your passion and real imagination with the whole world. You can precisely save screenshots by pressing the camera icon and double click over it to change the color of your creations. Springle lets you shake your mobile phone to clear everything created over the screen. You can precisely open the controls by tapping over the little tab and effectively choose new modes, shapes, and more. Springle lets you use this app to play with your own photos, so download it and enjoy.

More About Fluidity HD

Fluidity HD is a beautiful interactive real-time fluid dynamics solution and simulation which lets you have the fun of controlling the flow of the fluid and astonishing colors at the tips of fingers. Fluidity HD app bought in the market by Nebulus Design Inc. which brings classy fluids which are constantly changing their patterns that can be intriguing, astonishing and just mesmerizing. As fluids are everywhere around us from the air we breathe, and water we drink. This app conveys everything from billowing clouds of smoke, rippling water, to your icy breath on a frosty morning. Fluidity HD is easy to use a suite of programs designed to enable the user play with the dynamics of fluid, as contemplative experience, a performance, or even just a fun toy to have in leisure time. You can enjoy moving fluids with the swipe of your fingers. You can use either one, two, three, four or five fingers to enjoy the flow of this colorful and amazing fluid in the way you want. You can download the Fluidity HD app if you want to have fun with toying through this awesomely colorful and joying fluid and this is what the app aimed to do.