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Focusky is an outstanding tool for a killer business presentations with an amazing set of tools. Through this intuitive application, you can present your elegant presentations anytime on your mobile devices without carrying heavy laptops or other heavy devices. Focusky Viewer (English) is working immensely great for iPad, iPhone, and other iOS devices to share your great ideas with team members, customers, colleagues and other individuals by presenting your audience through presentations… read more
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1. Prezi Viewer

Prezi Viewer is a stunning tool having millions of extremely satisfied users that enjoy the viewing and presenting of prezis anywhere, anytime. It is more persuasive, effective, and emerging software that brings your presentations to the extreme level. Prezi Viewer is efficiently designed for people who are not professional designers. It brings a compatible library of beautiful presentations so that you can easily customize to make your own stuff for marketing, sales, Business, and Education. Without flipping through slides, you can enjoy an instant tailor of your presentation for each audience. Having this app, you can access and get your online prezis, enjoy the smooth rendering, view any shared and online prezis, enjoy touch gestures, connect with the big screen, and lot more. If you are travelling to a big pitch and got a presentation but doesn’t practice at all, then Prezi is the best utility for you. Once you arrive, connect to the chromecast and present it on the big screen. You will never miss a connection so that you can present your captured prezis offline. Prezi Viewer is helping immensely great to reinvent the art of presentation.


2. Emaze

Emaze is the free and a great presentation app that has made it easier to view and share the presentations on all the devices. You can easily watch presentations that anyone shared with you, watch your own presentations, and even share with others. It also lets you explore millions of emaze presentations by topics. It delivers all the presentations fantastically rendered for tablets and mobiles so that you can enjoy all these presentations on the move. You can view all the presentations which are created by you and those which are collaborated with your collages and any team seamlessly in a high definition. You can also save all your important presentations for free, for accessing them when you don’t have any internet connection. You can simply send your presentation or emaze to your colleagues, friends, and other via email, post on Facebook, WhatsApp, from Twitter and other social media platforms. Emaze lets you access and browses millions of presentation made by all over the Emazers by any category or by topic. You can also catch free business plan, birthday wish, book review, marketing plan, or way more templates effortlessly. So download Emaze to bring this suitable app in your mobile.


3. Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck brings an exciting new and amazing way to create and share immensely beautiful presentations. It is a marvellous piece of stuff whether you are teaching a lesson, igniting a movement, telling any story, and pitching an idea. Haiku Deck is an ultimate solution for users who want to create, edit, and view their presentations anywhere, with ease. It brings seamless syncing support between iPad, Web, and iPhone so that you can easily create and view your Decks on all these devices on the go. Haiku allows you to use your iPhone as a remote while you are presenting a presentation in school, business, or any other office. You can enjoy image-rich Decks in a mobile-optimized display. Haiku Deck has made the enjoying of beautiful presentations ultimate faster and easier. You can design extremely attractive presentations using high impact imagery, clean and consistent formatting, intuitive designs, simplified text, and way more imaginative tools to bring your presentation experience to the extreme level. You can also enjoy its one hand remote navigation and browse tons of inspiring Haiku Decks from this app. So just download Haiku Deck to create beautiful looking presentations to wow your audience.


4. Google Slides

Google Slides is an intellectual and a widely used application by Google that let its users to create and edit presentations from mobile phones and tablets. You can also collaborate with others on presentations for a group or teamwork. It is an elegant piece of stuff by Google LLC that lets you create beautiful presentations with a number of awesome features of this application on the move. You can even edit your already existing presentations so that you can easily modify them according to your need or desire. You can easily work anywhere, anytime or even when you don’t have any internet connection. You can enrich your presentations with a variety of text fonts and styles, add a respond to comments, add and rearrange format, text, shapes, and slides, and way more things using such a classy looking app. You can easily present from your mobile device, and due to its automatic saving features, you never worry to lose your presentation. You can easily open, edit and save PowerPoint slides as well, and make awesome slides instantly. You can work and collaborate on a same presentation at the same time using Google Slides. So just download Google Slides to enjoy having presentations in an extremely great way.


5. Pixxa Perspective

Pixxa Perspective is an intelligent application for users who have a great concern with presentations. It is a brilliant piece of tool for its worldwide users that help them create and manage stunning looking presentations. It efficiently brings all your data including slides, images, PDFs, spreadsheets, cloud data, and videos, and doesn’t leave anything behind. Pixxa Perspective carries your stories to life so that you can go beyond slideware. It is the finest tool that brings the power of breath refresh life and amazing cinematography into your presentations so that you can build a class in front of your audience. It lets you stop boring your audience with the same or the most traditional bullet points by engaging slide to reveal data, highlighting key points, zoom in to focus, and with more natural gestures for bringing more attraction to your handmade stuff. Pixxa Perspective doesn’t require any hand waving so that just pivot the data in the questions to reveal a different perspective when answering the questions. Perspective is a whole new and beautiful application that fills in a large gap that is missing in the mobile presentation space.


6. SlideDog

SlideDog is another amazing stuff when it comes to presentation. It is a great multimedia presentation tool that brings way many important stuff for managing your presentations in an ultimate way. SlideDog Remote is a fine tool that helps you combine PowerPoint presentations, web pages, PDF files, movie clips, and more into an all-in-one seamless, innovative viewing experience. Using such a classy app, you can comfortably create playlists for all your presentation media and files. You just have to drag any of your particular files into the SlideDog, and after arranging them, you can easily save and view these files. SlideDog Remote brings everything in the playlist exactly the way you want to see. It is a great tool for you when you have multiple speakers at meetings or in the conference and want to switch between their presentations seamlessly. While its remote control view lets you use your mobile device as a remote to control and manage your SlideDog playlists so that you can easily switch between presentation files, play videos, change slides, and more with ease. Just download SlideDog Remote to enjoy real-time sharing, seamless switching, a dual screen representing, and other interactive elements.


7. SlideShark

SlideShark is an amazing application used by millions of professionals and other presentators. You can easily share PowerPoint files from iPad, iPhone, iPod, and other iOS devices through this app. SlideShark Presentation App is a simple yet powerful proven sales presentation solution for businesses built by Brainshark. It brings an innovative and a damn easy way to broadcast your presentation in real-time to the meeting attendance over the Web. It is one of the best utility that helps you share your presentation online through any social media sites, and through email and track the viewing results. SlideShark Presentation App lets you upload your PowerPoint files through this app. You can easily swipe or tap to slides and advance animations, swipe up to go to some specific slide, set the slides to auto-advanced, play videos in many formats, enjoy the offline presentation, and access more features. Other than these, you can also download presentations to multiple iOS devices, access or import presentations from different cloud storage providers, annotate slides, laser pointer, use external hyperlinks, hide or order slides, and more. You can also enjoy some of its premium features as well to capture even more presentation features in your pocket.


8. LinkedIn SlideShare

LinkedIn SlideShare is a business tool that helps its users to boost their knowledge anytime anywhere with this superb application. It is a great tool for all the students, official, professionals, and other individuals that helps them explore millions of presentations, infographics, and videos in the full-screen and stunning layout. LinkedIn SlideShare lets you save these presentations if you want to read them later. It is a superb application that allows anyone to explore more than 15 million professional presentations, and other stuff in a crisp, clean layout. It allows you to discover content according to your needs and your favourite topics in more than 30 to explore from leadership and technology to engineering and education. You can save your most likely slide with simple taps on your mobile phone through this app. LinkedIn SlideShare lets you check out the most trending and hot presentations in your social network and share the ones you like with class fellows, collages, and other individuals. It also lets you clip the best content on LinkedIn SlideShare to manage your research into the clipboard. SlideShare occupies one of the largest community for sharing these professional content and presentations with more than 60 million unique visitors a monthly.


9. MediaShout

MediaShout is a great presentation app by Pepino Studios, LLC. It is a powerful presentation application that is designed sleekly with an easy to use criteria. MediaShout Remote is a feature-rich app built to meet the needs of Church. MediaShout Remote is compatible with MediaShout 6 which provides precise control and preview of MediaShout over the network form your mobile phone. You can easily view the stage and main display as it is presented from a MediaShout computer. It provides a number of intuitive features that help you make stuff with convenience. Some of its intuitive features include the support of inline editor tool, simplified familiar layout, display masking built-in media store, multiple objects per slide, object level controls, template tool, content organized into cues, and more. Some of its content types include auto-create lyrics slides, add scripture, Dual Bible, Liturgy manager, virtually all media types, twitter feeds, playback PowerPoint files, migration tools, web cue, and more. MediaShout Remote carries a flexible layout and intuitive interface so that you can easily customize workspaces in the way you want. You can easily download MediaShout Remote it enjoys its quality features.


10. SlideRocket

SlideRocket is a stunning application by ClearSlide, Inc. that efficiently shows your amazing presentations on the iPad. It is a great application that helps its users to share presentations from all over the world. SlideRocket Player also lets you invite someone to access your presentation from a simple link. It provides an immensely great built-in analytics that allows you to know where and when someone’s viewed your presentation. SlideRocket Player allows its users to import PowerPoint, presentations, and SlideRocket. You can simply play presentations and download any from them to your iPhones and iPads when you want to go offline. You can even show Youtube and embedded videos, and see the viewing patterns or analytics right from your slides. SlideRocket is a great tool that helps you enjoy presentations with all the multimedia stuff with pretty much ease. Having SlideRocket Player in your mobile, you can have all your presentations on the go with you whenever and wherever you go. Just simple download SlideRocket Player or PowerPoint presentation to show it online as well as offline, anywhere, anytime.


11. Keynote

Keynote is a creative tool and is probably one of the best and the most powerful presentation tool for mobile devices, built from the ground up for iPhone, iPod, iPad Touch, and other iOS devices. It is a choice of millions of users who enjoy making world-class presentations empowered with cinematic transactions and animated charts. You can easily build professional-like presentations by adding text, images, shapes, tables, and charts as simple as tapping and touching. Keynote is a simple to use app that does not need any professional skill to manage this app for making presentations. It lets you focus and work on the same presentation at the same time by letting you collaborate with your mates, colleagues, even at different devices, and you can even view others cursors to track their edits. This intuitive application allows you to choose from more than 30 Apple-designed themes to start your presentation ultimately. You can use the slide navigation, choose from design layouts, add new slides, animate data with new interactive bar, column, fonts, styles, and animations, open password protected presentations, and more. Keynote lets you make stunning presentations in cinematic quality animations and involve your audience in an ultimate way.


12. PowerPoint Keynote Remote

PowerPoint Keynote Remote is an intelligent product of BOJA that helps its users to improve their Keynote and PowerPoint presentations with this easy to use application available on many platforms. Remote for PowerPoint Keynote is a feature-rich platform which lets you manage presentations efficiently. It is the best utility for remote controlling your keynote and PowerPoint presentations as never before. It brings the complete control of Keynote and PowerPoint slides even animations. Some of its highlighted features include slide notes display, slide note image, mouse mode, swipe finger to change slides, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, portrait and landscape mode, toggle black screen, jump to any piece of the slide in the presentation, easy setup and more. Remote for PowerPoint Keynote also lets you set the presentation to maximum time to keep track on time elapsed. This app also lets you auto recording during the presentation and enables different connect methods to optimize performance. Having this app, you can easily change slides with a swipe or single click, or even with the volume button of the phone. Remote for PowerPoint Keynote lets you get access to a series of features that enhance the ability to deliver the presentation.


13. VideoScribe

VideoScribe is a super awesome tool that helps users to create whiteboard animated presentations easily and quickly. It brings a brand new, captivating, and engaging way to create great looking whiteboard videos. VideoScribe Anywhere is free to download application that enables its users to add texts and images to the canvas and watch that VideoScribe magically convert them into an animated video. It makes attractive videos so that due to its surprising new effects and changes per second, your audience will never get their breath start. You can also extemporize your video with an attractive looking soundtrack or record your own videos with your own voiceovers to add another dimension to your animation videos. VideoScribe Anywhere brings a collection of thousands of professional images, a royalty-free library of original soundtracks, voiceover recording, export videos and save them, connect to your desktop version, and lot more. It is a versatile and breathtaking tool that is successful in engaging the audience in more than 160 countries from all over the world. So just download VideoScribe Anywhere and polish your inner artist for making stunning animated videos.


14. StickDraw

StickDraw is an amazing tool produced by Bingzer LLC. It helps its users to create stunning animated presentations and other videos. StickDraw – Animation Maker is a super easy to use application that helps its users to make their way through getting superb quality videos in an ultimate way. It lets you move from one frame to another and draw with your fingers. It has made the making of animated videos so handy that you can manage a huge amount of work with simple taps. It allows its users to draw with your hands. StickDraw – Animation Maker is a marvellous app for animating your multiple graphics with the line, freeform, rectangle, circles, and many more. It lets you enjoy its advanced copy and paste options, use background pictures or drawing, export to gif and mp4, easy to use user interface, and way more things for extemporising your videos with tons of exciting features. You can save your presentations with ease and run in seconds. So just download StickDraw – Animation Maker application on your phone and enhance your inner capabilities of making exceptional animated presentations.


15. SnagIt

SnagIt is an elegant application that helps its users to create stunning shareable content. It gives users the tools to communicate ideas visually and give feedback. It is an extremely amazing tool that enables its users to capture their screen and customize it using its intelligent editing tools. SnagIt 4 is an attractive tool through which you can choose from a variety of stamps and callouts to communicate efficiently in one of the most impactful and engaging ways. It also allows its users to record their screen or webcam to create a quick lesson, demonstration, lesson, and more for storing it later or sharing them with others. Some of its core features include New SnagIt Editor, video capture with a webcam, animated Gifs, Panoramic capture, shared styles, background auto-fill, themes, panoramic capture, magic wand select, and more. SnagIt is an easy to use yet effective tool through which you can easily record videos, save them, and share them with your fellows with ease. So just download SnagIt 4 app to capture your lessons, demonstrations, tutorials, and more.

More About Focusky

Focusky is an outstanding tool for a killer business presentations with an amazing set of tools. Through this intuitive application, you can present your elegant presentations anytime on your mobile devices without carrying heavy laptops or other heavy devices. Focusky Viewer (English) is working immensely great for iPad, iPhone, and other iOS devices to share your great ideas with team members, customers, colleagues and other individuals by presenting your audience through presentations. More specifically, you can explore others presentations to discover interesting ideas. You can easily explore and discover presentations wherever you want, and access to Focusky anytime, anywhere, and from any of your iOS devices. Focusky Viewer (English) is an exceptional tool to make your already existing or damn new presentations more attractive and outstanding. You can create memorable, easy to understand, and effective presentations in an easy way. It delivers one of the smoothest and charming ways to engage your audience with the fun of visible animation. You can organize your content into logical sequences so that your audience will get delighted. So just download Focusky Viewer(English) to go for a meeting lightly, without having any heavy laptops with you.