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Forest is the best cure for the smartphone addiction. Forest is designed for those people who want to get a target or want to complete a task and for this purpose want to keep their smartphone away from them but cannot do so… read more
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Focus Lock

Do you need to focus more on work or tough exams are coming up or project date is close and you still addictive to your mobile phone? Focus Lock is the name of one of the most popular digital Adderall solutions of the distracted and time-consuming activities over the smartphone.

Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey is a free productivity application and designed for those people who want to stay focused while working on important tasks but are unable to do so because their smartphone addiction is disturbing them.


If you want to stay distraction free from the usage of the smartphone and looking for the means of doing so then Bashful is an application that will let you set some free time for yourself.

Keep Me Out

If you are addictive to the smartphone usage and that is affecting you badly then Keep Me Out is an application to assist you. If you want to cut down smartphone usage time then Keep Me Out is the best application designed for that purpose because it will help you staying distraction-free all the time.

Block Apps

Block Apps is not that kind of app blocker that you use for blocking apps from the access of others by setting a password on them. Block Apps is, in fact, an application that blocks the access to the certain apps installed into your smartphone even for you.


AppBlock is a distraction remover application that temporarily blocks the certain apps in the smartphones when the users want to get complete any specific work. In fact, people block the apps because they don’t want to get distracted at all while doing their important work.

GPS Share comprises

GPS Share comprises some ordinary features regarding tracking. It offers an inbuilt location-sharing feature that enables its users to share their respective locations using their mobile phone GPS to drag the map manually for finest precision.

Self Control for Study

This distraction removing app allows the smartphone users to block their own access to the smartphone usage for a preset length of time. This simple working application allows the smartphone users to reduce the intemperate use of the mobile devices.


Unplugged is a real working way for stopping phone addiction for being productive and staying focused on the important tasks. This app will assist you to step by step to end the phone addiction.

Family Locator – GPS Tracker

Family Locator – GPS Tracker has amazingly simplified life in the time of digital era by making it extremely easy to stay connected with the people who matter for you the most.

GPS Radar by Launchmetrics

GPS Radar by Launchmetrics is the finest platform where brands, retailers, and media come together to share noteworthy news, opportunities, and events. It is an ultimate tool that enables its users to get amazed by-products from some professional as well as ordinary people.


LockOnMe enables its users to share locations, display associated points of interests and targets on the fun radar and map, etc. It is an effective product that enables its users to get the flexibility and security from the group up by effectively replacing the need of setting users accounts with more unique and elegant system of tracking codes and target IDs.

Stay Close – Family Care

Stay Close – Family Care is something amazing that enables its users to stay close to their family members and others that mean you a lot. It is probably one of the most secure apps that enables its users to privately take care of your friends and family members right through your mobile phone.

Quick Place Finder

Quick Place Finder is a free to use Android app that is working immensely great for finding places. The core function of this app is to simplify your place searching through some popular and useful keywords around your current location.

Zero Willpower

Zero Willpower is a native blocker that blocks the distracting websites on demand of its users. For those smartphone users who are highly addictive of using the internet from their smartphone and are unable to focus more on a specific task then Zero Willpower is an application that will assist them in getting the task done within stipulated time.


AntiSocial is a social networking blocking app for removing smartphone addiction. This simple app will empower you with the real means of targeting your digital distractions. It is simply an amazing app that makes it possible for its users to easily target and block all kind of distracting websites and apps in order to be more productive.


If you are continuously wasting your time on visiting any specific application, then ClearLock is a must have an application that you need to install on your smartphone. This app will assist you in staying focused being more productive all the time.

Family Locator

Family Locator is a product introduced by 24 locator that efficiently delivers the right, or more specifically, the current location of your family members so that you can have an eye on them that everyone is safe or not.

Moby Simple Location Sharing

Moby Simple Location Sharing is a free to use location sharing platform that enables its users to share your location with a smart link. So you just have to fire up your Moby and set time to share your location, at the same time a unique link will be generated for you.

Pathshare GPS Location Sharing

Pathshare GPS Location Sharing is a super stunning application that enables its users to share their locations to easily meet up with their friends and other members. Pathshare is a real-time location sharing platform that enables its users to tell their exact location to their friends and for an effective catchup.

guibber – GPS location sharing

guibber – GPS location sharing brings an effective platform that enables its users to share wherever they are in the world and precisely get to know the location of their friends, co-workers, and family members right through this app.

One Touch Location

One Touch Location is a widely used app that brings an instant sharing of location with friends, colleagues, co-workers, and others. This app makes it so handy and easy to expand your travelling experience while having some trip or weekend party.

iSharing Locator – Find My Friends & Family

iSharing Locator – Find My Friends & Family lets you stay connected with your friends and family members and delivers a one-touch connection with their beloved ones. You can easily check for the location of your friends and make text messages to your friends as well right from this family and friends locating app.

Miataru – be found

Miataru – be found is an effective location sharing service that helps its users to share their respective location with anybody you choose to give your unique devices ID. It precisely stores your current location for half an hour on the free of cost Miataru Service servers.


Foursquare is just like a city guide, in your pocket. You can find here bet place to eat, drink, shop, or visit in any town of the world. Over 60 million reviews are part of this app from local experts all around the world.

Gabbermap – Find a map you love!

Gabbermap – Find a map you love! Is an ultimate application that helps its users to look their city in the way they want. It is an awesome app that brings more ease of finding their nearby events and other occasions in a damn user-friendly way.

Glympse – Share GPS location

Glympse – Share GPS location is a robust, fast, and free mobile phone application that enables its users to share real-time location using your GPS tracking with any of your friends, family, and co-workers etc.


Echoecho is a terrific application that helps you find your friends in seconds. It possesses a super awesome and intuitive user interface that enables its users to surf this app and do their activities via simple and straightforward taps.
-2 is an effective social media app that enables you to make a community of friends who share your interests. You just have to feed your personas simply, and this app will curate a feed of tremendously fresh content shared by people who like you and efficiently aligned with what you care about.


Quipster is something amazing that enables its users to locate the places around them and get valuable and precise stuff regarding that particular areas. This app comprised of some extraordinary features that enable its users to make life along with your outdoor mediums more convenient for all of its worldwide users.

Find My Friends

Find My Friends is a premium app filled with some gorgeous features that enable its users to easily locate your family members and friends using your mobile phone with simple taps.


Triptap is a fine app that lets you do tremendous fun with the sleek, intuitive, and simple slice of travel. It lets you discover some new places right from your mobile phone and also delivers precise information about them.


Swarm is an application created by Foursquare that lets you serenely and more efficiently makes arrangements with your friends. This application tells you who’s adjacent and, far superior if they can or need to get together.


Yelp is a useful tool in which thousands of users share their tastes and preferences of business around them, giving you a very clear idea about the companies that are closer to our tastes.

Zenly – your social map & friend locator

Zenly – your social map & friend locator app is the finest app for monitoring what your friends up to, discover your real friends, and never miss out on a good time. This is the finest app that has increases the ease of getting real-time monitoring of your friends and other members just to stay connected with them.


WhereTo? Efficiently directs you towards almost any type of place you are looking for. It enables an easy to use and damn fun way to see what is around you. It delivers an easy way to discover the nearest bank branch, steakhouse, billiard club, dance club, or anything you are looking for in seconds, whenever you are having any holiday or any vacation in the Paris and the backyard.


The world of internet has opened the new doors of opportunities for use but at the same time is making our life complex as well. We are not focused towards our goals because it is distracting us by many means.


FocusNow is an amazing app that assists its users in overcoming dilly dally. The focusing functions being offered by FocusNow makes the people outstanding. This simple to use app assist its users in overcoming all kind of distractions and getting rid of bad habits of using a smartphone or any specific application all the time.

More About Forest

Forest is the best cure for the smartphone addiction. Forest is designed for those people who want to get a target or want to complete a task and for this purpose want to keep their smartphone away from them but cannot do so. Forest will force them to not use their smartphones at all while doing the important work. In case you are unable to put complete effort and attention in the work you are doing then Forest is an application that will keep you focused all the time. The main features of using this app are that it keeps the people self-motivated in an interesting way. It allows them to stay focused all the time to do the big things. It is a way to turn the focused time into a lovely forest. It will also allow you to manage your tags and view the detailed statistics of how you have allocated your precious time.

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