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Forks Over Knives

Forks Over Knives lets you grab loads of delicious, simple to cook, and healthy plant-based or whole-food recipes from the contribution of more than 50 world-famous chefs right on the palm of your hands. Forks Over Knives – Recipes app was presented in the market by Forks Over Knives Inc… read more
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25 Apps Like Forks Over Knives for iOS

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1. Marmiton

Marmiton is an exclusive application which helps people who like to eat as well as share a good meal, test full of awesome recipes and cook with love for your family. Marmiton – Recettes Gourmands app was presented in the market by which contains loads of exciting recipes to eat and drink for all the foodie lowers. Marmiton: recettes de cuisine app contains millions of worldwide users who are enjoying exploring and share their recipes, advice, tricks, desires, and all their dreams as well. The app offers a collection of more than 70k recipes and focuses more on a bimonthly magazine, an Instagram account, and a FB page with more than 2 million followers. Marmiton: 70000 recettes de cuisine app brings exciting and delicious recipes, inspirations, and ideas from people of the whole world. The app brings amazing photos of the meals and lets you play videos of the recipes that you want to cook. It contains step by step guide for creating your desired recipes and helps you enjoy them whenever you are in a mood to cook. Marmiton – Recettes Gourmands app allows you to use searching through the filter of recipe, popularity, and ingredients for your desired dishes. Marmiton: 70K recettes de cuisine is a magnificent tool which helps you enjoy your most desired recipes in your own way.


2. Oh She Glows

Oh She Glows features the most exclusive collection of fan-favorite plant-based recipes from some exclusive recipe websites, blogs, and vibrant food photography for every recipe. Oh She Glows – Healthy Recipe is a gorgeous tool presented in the market by Oh She Glows Inc. which allows you to enjoy a stack of more than 140 plant-based recipes and keeps on added regularly. You can browse through a highly extensive collection of dishes and recipes and enjoy them in your daily meals. Oh She Glows – Healthy Plant-Based Recipes app allows you to browse high-resolution photography with tablet-optimized UI. It allows you to search for your desired recipes with ease through ingredient keywords and even by the title of the recipe. You can precisely get detailed nutritional information available for each recipe located in the section of Tips. Oh, She Glows App – Healthy Recipes app allows you to customize your own list of favorites with your best most recipes. You can add your own notes to the recipes you want, in case of making any alteration. So just download Oh She Glows – Healthy Plant-Based Recipes app and cook without any worry of getting the recipes or ingredients, and let it do the rest for anything about your cooking.


3. Tasty

Tasty is a marvelous tool which does not only provide a fine selection of tasty and mouthwatering recipes but also lets you meet your new cooking coach. Tasty – Food videos and recipes is a delicious app presented in the market by BuzzFeed Inc. which brings a collection of more than 3K Tasty recipes and an all-new step by step instruction mode to get thing easier. It brings a ‘My Recipes’ page which precisely serves as your own cookbook of mobile. The tasty app contains a superb or an innovative searching tool which enables you to search your desired recipes through the filters by cuisines, drinks, ingredients, and the social festival you are in a mood for. Tasty – Food videos and recipes app allows you to get and follow step by step instructions over how to cook every single recipe. It will keep your phone awake and never let you do other stuff while you are cooking. Other than these, Tasty app lets you watch the trendiest videos from your friends, get recommendations for the next meal, and you can personalize the app in your own way. Tasty – Food videos and recipes app brings an extensive collection of cooking recipes with an ultimate cook coach, and you can discover new recipes every day.


4. Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella is an extraordinary app which is celebrating plant-based living with recipes along with the instructional videos to enjoy cooking flawlessly. Deliciously Ella App – Plant-Based Recipes and Yoga app is a gorgeous tool presented in the market by Eleanor Woodward which contains over 400 healthy and delicious recipes, meal planners, step by step images to make plant-based videos, and better management of shopping list right within one platform. The all lets you explore your desired healthy recipes from its collection and get them cooked with step by step instructions. Deliciously Ella App – Yoga app brings more than 40 yoga videos ranging from almost 10 to 40 minutes from the beginner’s videos for enabling everyone to practice new things to the advanced classes for all the professionals. Deliciously Ella – Plant-Based Recipes app contains 30 recipe videos which present everything you want for making the respective recipes. You can enjoy its advanced searching functionality and then store your most-loved recipes into the favorite sections. Deliciously Ella App – Plant-Based Recipes and Yoga app lets you get a fine collection of recipes, amazing collection of yoga videos, management of shopping lists, and loads of healthy features on the move.


5. Fit Men Cook

Fit Men Cook contains an innovative collection of thousands of healthy, practical, and effortless recipes that can easily be cooked and weights way lighter on your wallet. FitMenCook – Healthy Recipes is a fine tool introduced in the market by Nibble Apps Inc., which brings delicious and healthy recipes by Kevin Curry to maintain your diet by eating healthy food. The app contains a collection of more than 500 popular recipes along with their making videos just to help you enjoy them cooking step by step. The app also helps you get the exact amount of macros, nutrition’s, calories, carbs, fat, protein, sugar, fiber, and other variables present in the meals that you cook. Fit Men Cook – Healthy, Never Boring app allows you to remember and shop all the much-needed stuff of the dishes that you are going to cook, right through the app. Fit Men Cook – Healthy Recipes app allows you to cook delicious and healthy food just to let you focus on achieving your fitness goals. The collection of recipes that Curry provides includes vegan recipes, keto recipes, high protein meals, and the vegetarian recipes. Fit Men Cook – Healthy, Never Boring app lets you save your time, money, and effort for buying and cooking delicious meals by letting you grab all the necessary thing right under one platform.


6. Cookpad

Cookpad brings the most exciting and the best place to share and find recipes make as well as shared by healthy home cooks from all over the world. Cookpad – Create your own Recipes is a great tool presented in the market by Cookpad Inc. (UK), which allows you to turn your cooking into recipes and create a recipe book from your own desserts, drinks, and other meal creations. It provides an ultimately safe and social environment for folks to discover and save recipes, publish photos and recipes and share their creations privately with your friends, spouse, and other family members in its chatting function. Cookpad – Make every day cooking fun brings a collection of tons of recipes to choose from such as main dishes, drinks, appetizers, desserts, soups, ethnic recipes, stews, and diet recipes. Cookpad – Recipe Sharing app has simplified your cooking in an elegant way and helps you get everything about planning and managing your recipes right away. Cookpad – Create your own Recipes app allows you to publish your hand-made recipes and share them in public or one on one. Cookpad – Recipe Sharing app allows you to search for recipes by filters, share recipe photo with recipes, chat with family, and enjoy timeline to see what your friends are sharing or making.


7. BBC Good Food

BBC Good Food is an elegant tool which gives you intuitive access to the extensive database of recipes and helps you enjoy cooking everything whenever you want. BBC Good Food app was created in the market by Immediate Media Co, which allows you to search more than 10K recipes right under one platform and cook them in any time of the day. BBC Food app contains a classy interface through which you can access good food recipes, including the trend-led, and the latest dishes fresh from the BBC Good Food team. You can browse a wide selection of tons of recipes, and it also keeps on updating its recipes timely. You can intuitively search for loads of latest recipes and for the trendiest BBC Good Food as well. After exploring your most likely recipes, you can intuitively store your favorite ones all in one place. BBC Good Food allows its users to add their desired recipes to a limitless number of your collection and access them whenever you want. Other than these, BBC Good Food app allows you to rate your most likely recipes and share that recipe collection or individual recipes with others. So just grab BBC Good Food app and enjoy exploring, accessing, and saving your most likely recipes over one device and resume it over another.


8. Epicurious

Epicurious is one of the most emerging food apps of all the time which make it way easier and significant to discover the world’s most delicious recipes and cook delicious meals while watching incredible food video instructions. Epicurious is a great tool presented in the market by Conde Nast Digital Inc., which contains recipes that you love the most and help you making those delicious meals whenever you want. Epicurious app lets you explore more than 35K tested recipes from some gigantic publishers such as gourmet, Harper Collins, Bon Appetit, and various others. You can also get the ratings or the reviews about the recipes you want to explore through tons of other home cooks like you. Epicurious keeps on added new content regarding meals every day and helps you explore the latest recipes as well as video feeds. You can save your most likely recipes in your phone and keep them tap away whenever you’re in a mood to cook. It allows you to exactly get to know how long it takes to cook chicken, salmon, sushi, brownie, rolls, cakes, bread, candy, biscuit, or over 40 other types of dishes without a recipe. Epicurious also carries new features of ‘Ingredient Toggle’ which lets all the busy cooks to grab their ingredients with just a single tap of a button without wasting any effort in scrolling.


9. ChefTap

ChefTap is one of the smartest recipe app that can clips recipes from any of your desired websites automatically. ChefTap Recipes & Grocery List is a great recipe management tool presented in the market by Mindframe Design, LLC. which allows you to enjoy capturing your desired recipes from loads of famous websites, articles and more. The app allows you to add your hand-made recipes as well as their pics and get organized with favorites, tags, and sorting. ChefTap Recipe Organizer app brings smart, flexible and sleek grocery management list which can easily be managed according to the needs. It lets you grab any of your most likely recipes always with you all the time and get your recipes and online and offline over any of your device. The app helps you creating grocery list out of the ingredients in your own recipes what you need from the store and combines like items. ChefTap – Recipes & Grocery List app automatically import your entire recipe box, create your own tags, save pics of recipes, tablet specific layouts for every size tablet, and clip to save up to 15 recipes without making any account. ChefTap – Recipe Organizer lets you sign up for a free account and clip to save 100 recipes, get smarter shopping list, sync data with websites and view or edit your recipes online.


10. Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories carries millions of users from around the world who are enjoy cooking delicious recipes right from their kitchen using the app. Kitchen Stories – Recipes & Cooking app was presented in the market Kitchen Stories Inc., which enables you to discover delicious recipes and awesome meal stories on the move. It lets you get thousands of yummy recipes, food articles for cooking and baking, and HD instructional videos for cooking whenever you want. Kitchen Stories Recipes – Thousands of dishes to enjoy app lets you choose from tons of simple recipes for free and let yourself be inspired by daily tips, articles, and videos of recipes ultimately. Kitchen Stories app lets you save your most likely recipes in the personalized cookbooks. Kitchen Stories – Recipes and Cooking allows you to become a kitchen pro with ultimate cooking tips and robust instructional videos. Other than these, Kitchen Stories app lets you plan your grocery with automatic generation of shopping lists, share and rate your most likely recipes, follow recipes step by step in the cooking mode, and upload photos of your dishes to share your creative cooking efforts with the whole world. Kitchen Stories Recipes – Get Thousands of Dishes lets you get the perfect recipes, sharpen your cooking skills, and get all your cooking needs under one place.


11. KptnCook

KptnCook makes it tremendously easy to discover healthy and yummy recipes of meals needed in lunch, breakfast, or dinner and enjoy cooking in the way like never before. KptnCook – recipes and healthy cooking is a smart app presented in the market by KptnCook GmbH Inc. which allows you to get amazing meals and recipes from the app and enjoy everything in the kitchen. It brings awesome pics, step by step instructions through photos, and an integrated shopping list for everyone who want to manage and cook dishes. KptnCook – Recipes & Cooking app locates all the supermarkets near you and tells you which products are needed for the recipes that you’ve chosen for your dinner, along with the cost. KptnCook – Healthy cooking and eating keep on adding 3 delicious and easy to cook recipes every day. You can enjoy a diverse collection of recipes from low-carb, high protein, and vegetarian to vegan. KptnCook – Become Your Own Chef app contains step by step photo instructions, portion and nutrition values calculator, and searching functionality with emojis. KptnCook – Recipes and Healthy Cooking app let you explore, save, and share your most favorite cook and recipes with the global world and enhance your cooking experience ultimately.


12. Weber® iGrill®

Weber® iGrill® is an excellent tool which takes the grilling of meals to the next level by using definitive app connection technology. Weber® iGrill® is a fine tool presented in the market by Weber Stephen Products, LLC, which brings the time to take the hassle out of grilling by redesigning the iGrill app by adding tons of exclusive features to the app. The app focuses on the key to perfect meal temperature as well as the time and lets you enjoy chitchat or spending time with your friends, colleagues, and family members. Weber® iGrill® is compatible with some products including iGrill Mini, iGrill 2, iGrill Classic, iGrill 3, Kitchen Thermometer, kitchen thermometer mini, Pulse 1000, and the Pulse 2000, etc. It carries an instant, finger-tip, and hassle-free access to the monitoring of time, managing temperature, and more. Weber iGrill app contains a new look which has simplified grilling step-up straight from the home screen. It brings an extensive temperature preset library for plenty of cuts of fish and meat. Other than these, Weber iGrill app also contains custom and preset temperatures, time and temperature graphing, custom settings, access to product menus, instant start guide, ability to export data, and various other functionalities right on the palm of your hands.


13. Tastemade

Tastemade is an excellent tool which allows you to discover food, travel, and home videos and watch Tastemade TV with unique and original shows. Tastemade: Recipes, Videos, Food & Travel Shows is a classy product introduced in the market by which allows you to search and access shows, recipes, and instructional videos on the move, right through your cell phone. Tastemade is an all in one entertainment app which contains a marvelous collection of food shows, travel shows, tasty recipes with instructional videos, awesome original shows, and various other things under one platform. Tastemade – Lifestyle Videos & More app helps is significant for all the cooks, home managers, and simple folks of all the ages who love watching TV shows. Tastemade: Recipes, Videos, Food, and Travel Shows app lets you ditch your cookbook and precisely get inspired with delicious meals, amazing desserts, extraordinary recipes that you’ve ever dreamed of, dinner dishes sure to impress, and the appetizers which are not only incredible but also can be prepared easily. Some of the popular Tastemade’s products include healthy recipes, vegetarian recipes, cake making, breakfast stuff, lunch and dinner recipes, pasta, and more. Tastemade – Lifestyle Videos and More is an all in one place to eat and get entertained altogether.


14. Youmiam

Youmiam simplifies and redefines how to discover as well as share new recipes, and helps you enjoy eating healthy, cheap, and delicious meals anytime you want. Youmiam – visual recipes is a gorgeous tool presented in the market by Youmiam Inc. which allows you to enjoy exploring yummy recipes, add them to your cookbook, manage their entire ingredients in the shopping lists for shopping, and get the best way of cooking them. It has made it so easy and accessible to enjoy the recipe formats which encapsulated each step of cooking in a visually awesome way. You can access your saved recipes from the app even if you don’t have any internet connection. Youmiam – Your True Cooking Buddy app carries advanced and intuitive searching for your desired recipes and also create a personalized home feed with your likely recipes. Youmiam – Visual Recipes app carries smart shopping list management features which let you grab all the necessary ingredients and swipe to remove them one by one whenever you have done the purchasing of those items. Youmiam – Your cooking buddy allows you to follow your friend’s recipes as well as the top users of the site and enjoy their delicious uploads whenever you want.


15. myTaste Recipes

MyTaste Recipes is an effective and beautiful place where you can search your desired recipes from the best food blogs, websites, and various other platforms in one single place. My Taste Recipes – Recipe Manager allows you to create your own cookbooks in one single place. You can access and save recipes in your cookbooks through the app and cook them whenever you want to cook. It lets you enhance your cooking capabilities and become a chef in no time. MyTaste Recipes allows you to find your most likely recipes easily and instantly over your cell phones no matter where you are just by using this tool and going to the website. MyTaste Recipes app brings exciting pics of recipes along with their making videos so that you can get the big picture of the recipes you want. Apart from getting the latest recipes MyTaste app, you can grab trendy recipes, recipes by category, and recipes from other user uploads right in one place with simple swiping. MyTaste Recipes app allows you to discover cookbooks from loads of other users and discover which recipes are the most popular or trendy at the time.


16. Runtasty

Runtasty is an excellent tool which allows its users to search for their desired, simple, delicious, and tasty meals on the move. Runtasty – Easy Healthy Recipes & Cooking Videos is a gorgeous recipe providing tool presented in the market by Runtasty Inc. which lets you become a chef at home and cook amazing things that you and your family love. The app brings an ultimate set of delicious recipes along with their cooking, instructional videos to get step by step making. Runtasty – Healthy Recipes app brings more than 40 dietitians approved healthy recipes including vegan recipes, gluten-free recipes, vegetarian, meat-eater, low calories, low carb recipes, dairy free, and a lot more which are available for all the dietary restrictions and diets. Run Tasty app contains all healthy recipes including protein, calorie, fat, and carbohydrate break down so that you can intuitively choose the meal best for you. Runtasty – Healthy & Easy Cooking Videos presents step by step instruction meal cooking videos format just to let you cook with a professional with you for all the time. You can intuitively filter recipes based on multiple categories and effortlessly discover the one you are searching for. Runtasty – Easy Healthy Recipes and Cooking Videos app let you become a chef in no time having this app on your phone.


17. GBBO

GBBO allows you to enjoy being a star baker in your home as well as join the bakers in The Great British Bake Off tent, all for free. GBBO – The Great British Bake Off is a fine tool presented in the market by Hachette UK (BP) Inc. which is designed superbly for letting you have step by step guidance through the cooking and provides tips and techniques that you need to create delicious and yummies bakes at home or anywhere else. GBBO: Better Baking app brings a diverse collection of free recipes to start your own way through better baking. Its exclusive guide carries expert advice, which helps you improve the way you bake and sharpen your baking skills in a way like never before. GBBO: Recipes, Tips & Techniques app lets you have the experience of personalized shopping list which can easily be synced with your device reminders. Other than these, The Great British Bake Off app lets you favorite your most likely bakes, make notes (on any substations, titles, tips and more), timer support if you need, in-app camera to snap and share your own baking skills, and loads of other features intuitively. GBBO: Recipes, Tips, and Techniques app allow you to choose the right recipe according to your skill level and enjoy the step by step baking instructions for free.


18. Fitberry

Fitberry is an exceptional application which offers women loads of delicious recipes and food ideas curated for the user need and the atmosphere. Fitberry – Healthy Recipes Free – Healthy food app was presented in the market by Riafy Technologies Inc. which includes a massive collection of healthy recipes for you to eat and stay healthy. The app contains healthy stuff, including healthy keto recipes, instant pot recipes, overnight oats recipes, meal prep ideas, and a lot more. Fitberry – Healthy Diet Recipe app includes food traditions such as recipes like tomato falafels, salads, roasted broccoli soups, beet risotto, and others. It brings many tasty and quick recipes which can easily be prepared in minutes. Fitberry – Healthy food app brings free spring recipes, including blueberry recipes, turkey recipes, lasagna recipes, low carb recipes, vegan dinner recipes, and loads of others. Each of the recipe that Fitberry – Healthy recipes to stay fit app contains has an easy step by step guidance with a photo, and you can get as many recipes as you want for free. Fitberry – Healthy Diet Recipe app allows you to discover recipes with the name, ingredient, and source of recipes.


19. 750g

750g brings an extensive stack of delicious and world-famous recipes right on the palm of your hands just to let you cook your most likely meals whenever you want. 750g – 80 000 recettes is a widely loved recipe app presented in the market by Webedia Inc. which allows everyone to discover recipes which suit them the best from gourmet, economic, original, classic and for all the needs. It contains more than 80K recipes free access kitchen and over 2K videos of revenue realized by its top-best chefs. 750g – Recipe app contains a robust and innovative search engine which has optimized your searching through the ingredient or the name of the dish. 750g – Richest Recipe Collection app lets you track the history of your searched recipes to instantly find latest consultations, save your most likely recipes, rate and comment your most likely meals, create personalized shopping lists, share your favorite recipes with friends and family in an elegant way. You can send pics of your hand-made recipes to discover them over the apps and its site as well. So just give a chance to download 750 grams: 80,000 recipes app in your mobile phone and enjoy cooking your most likely recipes through its step by step cooking guidance.


20. Foodion

Foodion is a social platform for all foodie lovers where they can enjoy a connection with the real-time famous and industry professionals such as service staff, chef, restaurant creators, producers, sommelier, and bartenders all in one place. Foodion – Community for Chefs & Foodies app was presented in the market for providing you the best hub for making food more creative and learning it even more effortlessly. It allows foodies lovers to save, share, and post their desired stuff regarding food and also explore posts shared by the other of its followers. You can share plenty of food images and let others get to know your foodstuff way better. Foodion – Community for Chefs and Foodies app allows you to establish your own food selection, and you can even save them into your portfolio. All its users can view original cooking videos and genuine interviews presented by the world’s class food professionals. Foodion app lets you get food professionals in the industry, people who like to cook, food producers (hunters, farmers, fisherman, and more), current culinary students, and the gourmet and foodies all in one app. Foodion – Community for Chefs and Foodies is an ultimate tool for all the beginners as well as professionals, trainees, culinary students, folks who are looking for opening restaurants, and foodies who just love to eat.


21. Basil Recipe Manager

Basil Recipe Manager is a simple to use recipe management tool which lets you grab and discover new recipes, add your own recipes, and enjoy cooking whenever you want. Basil Recipe Manager – Organize and Cook Your Recipes is a great recipe manager developed in the market by Kyle Baxter Inc. that helps you discover great new recipes from the web in an elegant way. It helps users in finding their desired recipes, organize them according to the needs, and made the cooking way easier than ever. Basil app is deigned elegantly for all the iOS device for keeping your meals, grocery list and recipes in sync with the cloud and make cooking effortless. Basil Recipe Manager – Organize and Cook Your Recipes app allows you to discover web most appropriate recipe sites, save recipes, add your own personal recipes, add recipes to favorite list, and store your most likely recipes offline. Basil Recipe Manager app carries amazing interface with readable and big text just to make cooking way simpler and easily catchable. The app makes shopping for the next big meal a cinch and helps you effortlessly add recipes to your grocery list and then sort them by aisle. Basil Recipe Manager – Organize and Cook Your Recipes helps you in discovering recipes, managing shopping lists and enjoying cooking in a way like never before.


22. The Photo Cookbook

The Photo Cookbook is your private cooking course which brings an expert chef in your kitchen who helps you in making your desired cooking items with simplicity and ease. The Photo Cookbook – Step by Step Recipes app was presented in the market by Ditter Inc. which brings a humongous amount of recipes with amazing photos and step by step guidance of your desired makings right under one platform. This app features more than 60 excitingly yummy recipes with over 500 high-resolution pics, and you can cook any of its recipes in almost half an hour. Some of its elegant cookbooks include Italian, Asian, Baking, Vegetarian, Vegan, Tapas, Grilling (almost 72 recipes), Simple and Delicious, Christmas, Family Recipes, and various others. The Photo Cookbook Recipes – Step by Step app lets you enjoy exploring the recipes, HD photo of meals, and the guidance for making them for free. The Photo Cookbook – Step by Step Recipes app brings all the nutritional information in hand. You can precisely search for ingredients and recipes and mark your most likely recipes as Favorites. The Photo Cookbook Recipes – Step by Step has just expanded the recipes to an amount of 612 recipes as well as 10 cookbooks through its in-app purchase.


23. Herve Cuisine

Herve Cuisine is an elegant application in which all the efforts of making recipes and getting meal ideas are served by a passionate youtuber and blogger named ‘Herve’. Herve Cuisine app was presented in the market by Herve Palmieri Inc. which brings all the recipes of meals, desserts, drinks, and a hell of other foodstuffs right in your pocket. The app brings one recipe every week through step by step, and easy video process of doing everything needs to be done. Herve Cuisine app contains everything including big cakes, exotic dishes, amazing recipes American pastries, traditional French cuisine, small cookies, challenge yourself, and helps you in customizing and reproducing all these recipes at home or anywhere you want. It allows you to search your favorite meals from its previous video creations regarding all the recipes, and you can make them at home with simple, accessible ingredients. Herve Cuisine app allows you to save your most likely recipes in the app for offline, or later, and browse through news and recipe tab for recipe based keywords. You can also join Herve Cuisine’s foodstuff over Twitter and Facebook. Herve Cuisine app lets you search your desired recipes, catch the list of ingredients needed and the exact way of making them at home.


24. My CookBook

My CookBook is a secure place for all your favorite meals and recipes from where you can manage your entire creation and collection of recipes in one place. My CookBook (Recipe Manager) is a cool and healthy cooking app presented in the market by Maadinfo Services Inc. which allows you to get a classy recipe to manage with import and search feature. The app allows all the foodie lovers to create their own digital cookbook of their most likely meals. You can build your own database of recipes through gathering recipes over the web using the import feature. My CookBook – Recipe Manager app helps you in making and managing shopping lists through your recipe ingredients and effectively synchronizes your recipes over multiple platforms. You can scale all the ingredients to serve less or even more people and use the speech function of the app to read recipes. My Cook Book app allows you to customize apps such as the size of the content, categories, themes, and more. You can create a free account over My CookBook app to save up to 8 shopping lists and 105 recipes, synchronize up to 105 recipes and 8 shopping lists, view and manage the content over any device, and invite your buddies to join the app and view their recipes as well. So just give a chance to download My CookBook (Recipe Manager) app and plan your meals or even generate your desired shopping lists for the week in a way like never before.


25. CookBook

CookBook brings a superb way of getting recipes organized and help you in saving all your favorite recipes from your most likely websites, magazines, blogs, and more with ease. CookBook – The Recipe Manager is a fine meal management tool presented in the market by CookBook Ltd, through which you can store your entire meals and recipes and access them from your tablets, desktop devices or through mobile phone as well. CookBook – Organise, Store & Plan recipes app lets you plan and create your meal planning and save recipes from the source you want. You can save recipes from website enter from books, use your culinary expertise, and update on the breeze with new steps, photography, ingredients, and more. CookBook – Organize and Plan Recipes lets you seamlessly convert all the ingredients from the most significant as well as your entered recipes to your preferred imperial, US, and Metric measures. CookBook – The Recipe Manager app brings the functionalities of meal planning, shopping management, exclusive searching, sharing of recipes, cloud storage support, cooking mode support, scanning support, and lets you access recipe data from multiple platforms. CookBook – Organize, Store, and Plan Recipes is an effective place for all the chefs and cooking experts for getting their desired things done with ease.

More About Forks Over Knives

Forks Over Knives lets you grab loads of delicious, simple to cook, and healthy plant-based or whole-food recipes from the contribution of more than 50 world-famous chefs right on the palm of your hands. Forks Over Knives – Recipes app was presented in the market by Forks Over Knives Inc. that helps you discover more than 400 decadent recipes and hearty meals from the most leading chefs, with new stuff, added weekly without any cost. Each of its recipes precisely fits the plant-based, whole-food lifestyle that an increasing number of health professionals recognizes. ForksOverKnives (Recipes) app contains amazing high-quality photography of the recipes, which has made the look of recipes way better. Forks Over Knives – Healthy Recipes & Easy Meals app allows you to prepare things with ease through its ultimate step by step cooking guidance. It supports the landscape mode for viewing these instructional videos or photos in the full screen. Forks Over Knives – Recipes app lets you get tips and techniques for making plant-based meals. Forks Over Knives – Healthy Recipes and Easy Meals app make it effortless and fun while finding as well as preparing your most likely deserts, meals, and recipes.