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Fox News is the universal news app created by news network Fox News. You can get streaming coverage of live events and exclusive programming available online. It will allow you to search the latest headline by watching Fox News live coverage and on-demand clips… read more
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24 Apps Like Fox News


1. The BBC News

The BBC News is a news application which is working worldwide. This app has completely redesigned fresh look, more contents, greater professionalization and better overall performance. The BBC News lets you know about breaking news from our trusted global network of journalists. My News is one of the amazing features of this app which will allow you to personalize your news offering. You can add topics of your interest for a quick route straight to the stories of your interest. Here you have the ability to order stories by topics or time. By using Top Search, you can find quickly topics of your interest. The user can choose indexes from the list of BBC News like Business, Technology, Entertainment, and health. It will also search for your subjects of your interests, and it will be people, places, things or themes. The BBC News is now offering a fuller selection of stories from the newsroom like Most Watched and Most Read. News on this app is regularly updated. You can also hear news from BBC World Service radio. It will access you to the full range of video and audio.


2. CNN

CNN is a news application which will give you news from The USA and other countries. This app is redesigned for use on both your smartphone and tablet. It will connect you to the world and informed you with the latest headlines and original stories from around the globe. You can follow up-to-the-minute reporting with breaking news alerts and live video. It will allow you share your videos and watch live CNN TV. The user can view here favorite CNN shows live and a large number of video clips or coverage of live events. You can go beyond the limit with international, opinion, politics, sports, education, and entertainment stories. It will let you know about the weather conditions of you area, including current and extended forecast. A gallery is a part of CNN where you can see photos of today’s news. You can sync it with your android watch and can get breaking news or top stories on your wearable device.


3. ABC News

ABC News is the one of the best news application. It will find breaking news from the USA and the world, and will keep you updated on entertainment, politics, health, technology, science, and business news. The feature of personalized alerts is also present in ABC News by which this app will keep you update about your interesting topics by sending real-time news of that topic. It has the option of ABC News Inbox, where you can save stories, alerts, and follow-ups appear in one place for easy catch-up. You can also share a headline, or easily stop following a story. Today’s most interesting news from all around the world is now in one place. ABC News Radio provides you updated news in an early-morning jog or driving home. You have the ability to read stories while playing videos on your smartphone. The user can build a playlist on the fly to create a personalized watchlist.


4. NBC News

NBC News will provide you the stories of your interest, right now. The new feature of this app is that you can download stories automatically so you can read stories without an internet connection. NBC News will deliver up-to-the-minute breaking news, exclusive interviews of well-known personalities and different reports from our journalists around the world. You can visit our new section, the Decision 2016 where you will find the latest news about the 2016 election, including debates, polls, and results. A lot of articles, videos, and slideshows are now available on this app. NBC News is the faster and more visual app than ever before. It has split screen feature by which you have the ability to play video when you are reading stories. The user can also play videos on Chromecast or any other Cast-enabled device. Interactive notification will inform you about important stories. NBC News is providing live coverage of all news you want and other stories which you want to share.


5. Hourly News

Hourly News is a simple news application that will collect updated news from different trusted sources. With the help of Hourly News, you can listen to news on any international news network like BBC, CBC, ABC, CBS, WSJ, ESP, and others entertainment, business, or sports channels. You have the ability to store your custom source to Hourly News for daily use. When you open it, it will automatically play the summaries of most recent news. It will respond to your remote control buttons. It is quite straightforward and easy to use the app. It will allow you to record, enable and disable news feeds. The user can also add his custom news to it. Hourly News will let you skip the podcast if you have already heard. You can also sync your setting and sources over iCloud. You have to purchase this app with 0.99 USD. It is accessible for both iPhone and iPad.


6. Newshub

Newshub is a hub news application which will connect you with the whole world. Newshub search for you latest news, stories, up-to-the-minute coverage, breaking news alerts, and high-quality videos, and other news feeds. It includes all the news about World, Politics, Sport, Entertainment, Health, Weather and Money news. Different articles on this app are continuously updated, and you can share these articles on your preferred social media channel like Facebook, Twitter or email. Highlights of major stories can be seen on home “News at a Glance” and it also predicts the weather of your region. You can view here Live streaming of TV3’s news throughout the day and key stories from different shows like Paul Henry, Newshub Midday, and Newshub Live are also available. The new version of this app some extra features like display of text in articles is improved, article refresh handling is simplified, and some additional weather icons are also part of it.


7. NYTimes

NYTimes is a news application which will provide you global news. The International edition of this app will keep you updated by giving international news and cultural content from 50 beareaus around the world. It will provide you Breaking news alerts by which you will get notification of the large developing stories and news alerts about business, politics, and sports. You have the ability to save articles of your choice on your device, and you can read them later. With the new feature of Handoff, you have the potential to pick up where you left off on another device. You will get here exclusive videos and award-winning photography. The user can customize his list of favorite sections and blogs. NYTimes is an entirely free app to download, and you can find ten articles per month. But for new categories like digital access, and times inside you have paid money.


8. LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is a professional news app for professional people. It’s a place where you can get daily news from a lot of sources. It is now easy for you to stay on top of the latest news without touching your phone. It can save a story on your device and read it later. LinkedIn Pulse will allow you to share your stories on Facebook, Twitter, and others. LinkedIn Pulse informs you about business headlines and breaking news curated by LinkedIn Pulse team. The user can personalize news by following well-known news networks, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, And Economist. It will also provide you thoughts of great people like Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and Arianna Huffington. The feature of Smart Notifications will help you by providing you news updates all the day. You can bring your all likes, shares, saves, and published a post in one centralized place.


9. The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post is a one of the fantastic news app for smartphones. It will bring for you up-to-the-minute articles, photos, videos, and blogs. The Huffington Post will provide you news from politics, business, technology, fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, and healthy living. International edition is a combination of more than 15 editions and collects a lot of information from the UK, Canada, Brazil, Germany, and other famous countries. You have the ability to share your favorite stories with your friends on Facebook, and other social media. Bu customizing your setting you can also become the part of the conversation by giving your opinion as a comment. This app will allow you to customize a list of favorites where you make a different section for your ease and add you’re interesting topics to it. You can give suggestions and feedback to improve this app. The Huffington Post is a purely free app available in more than 15 languages.


10. Reauters

Reauters is a news app which collects stories from trusted organization. Reauters delivers breaking news, analysis, and market data from all around the world. It explores different articles, pictures, and videos on your smartphone or tablet. You can view here news alerts from a wide range of categories just like business, sports, technology, health, and others. It will allow you to create your personal watchlist of tickers. You can add your favorite category to it and easily can check all news of it. By using this app, you have the ability to read news online or save stories to your device and read them when you want without an internet connection. It is totally free app specially designed for both iPhone and iPad. It is present three different languages e.g., English, Japanese, and Chinese. The new version of Reauters fixed a bug that will allow scrolling to top when updated news headlines came in.


11. NPR News

NPR News is an ultimate news application. With this app, you can follow the local and international news, and you can listen to your NPR stations, whenever you want to. You can listen to news on NPR News after one hour regularly. There you can create a playlist of your favorite stories. It will allow you to hear public radio podcast if you want. NPR News let you bookmark your favorite stations, and you can find stations by location or zip code. One of the best features of this app is that their program guide will tell you that where favorite shows are playing live now. You can also listen to morning edition of NPR News, for example, All Things Considered, Planet Money, Fresh Air, Wait Wait, and like others. You can give your feedback if you are facing some problem with this app. NPR News got some minor performance improvements in the new version.


12. AP Mobile

AP Mobile is the news application that is the production of The Associated Press. The Associated Press is the definitive news source that collects information on thousands of newspapers, broadcasters, and digital news agencies. So AP Mobile has collaboration with trusted news networks like the Chicago Sun-Times, The Miami, Herald, San Francisco Chronicle, and The Boston Globe. AP Mobile provide you fast, unbiased multimedia coverage like other News networks. So it is a source of real-time new coverage for 24 hours a day. AP Mobile provide news updates in English and Spanish. New versions of AP Mobile have some excellent features. You can manage notification sounds in the setting area so you will listen to no more multiple alert sounds when reconnecting to the network. The user can also share exciting news to his friends via WhatsApp. It got designed for both iPhone and iPad.


13. Zinio

Zinio is a news application that connects you with the whole world. You can browse over 6,000 digital magazines in the world or can read fresh articles for free. News from all categories like politics, technology, art, style, travel, and much more is accessible over here. You have the ability to read here new magazines at the moment of their arrival, and you can explore magazines to discover great stories from your favorite magazine worldwide. Zinio will allow you to get library updates via Push, and instantly sync your library with your all devices. You can connect this app to your Facebook account and can share your favorite stories with your friends. One of the best features of this app is that you can set your library to auto-download, so it will automatically download new stories and read them offline when you want. Zinio allows the user to use the interactive feature and rich media from selected titles and issues.


14. Feedly

Feedly is a single place to read all types of news. You can make a collection where you can add your favorite publications, podcasts, and YouTube channels. In this way, you can organize them easily, and you will receive updates about new stories and videos. The user can read blogs, learn new topics, and can track keywords, brands or companies. Feedly works faster than other sources of news and information; it means you will remain updated about everything. As Feedly is using lots of sources of news, you will find here niche content that is specific to your passion or work. If you discover some great feeds than you can add them to Feedly and read easily in one place. It has useful integration with Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Buffer, OneNote, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others so you can share your stories with your friends and teammates.


15. World News Live24

World News Live24 is an elegant News app which brings up to the mark and trending news over your mobile devices and lets you stay aware of all the things happening around your area. World News Live24: Breaking World News allow you to tap a channel name over the list and start or stop channels with a single click. Apart from this, WNLive 24 also allows you to switch the volume button as your choice, zoom in and out of the screen, move the screens as you like, and enjoy everything with a breeze. Some of the core features of News Live 24 includes list/grid views, swipe to read next article, download Wi-Fi only, explore news feeds, subscribe to RSS feeds, add widget for news source, select news sources, offline reading, and you can also share the article on Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook or e-mail. Other than these, World News Live 24 also brings the features of notifications for new updates, favourite news to read later, control update interval options for its worldwide users as well. So just download World News Live24: Breaking World News app in your mobile devices and enjoy it in Surfing mode, Capture mode, Normal mode, and video mode as well.


16. Inshorts

Inshorts is a versatile application that brings news for people in a different manner. Usually most of the apps which are related to the news give the detailed analysis of the events that have taken place along with editorials and recommendations of similar news but this app provides you the news in just 60 words or less. This not only saves time but also allows people to read news in an efficient manner. People are able to understand the meaning of the event without having to go through the useless details and waste their time. There are two options, of reading the news in English and Hindi language, without any useless opinions and people are able to read the facts only. There is also the option of getting to know about the local and international events through the application. Many other options are also there to make sure people area able to enjoy everything related to news at one place. It is a versatile application where people can get to know about latest news, the trends going on, getting to know about different stories, information about a particular topic along with sharing pictures and videos of their choice. The process of doing so is very easy; people have to sign up for the platform with the help of their email address or a social networking account. After that, they are given the option of selecting different topics which are of interest to them, then all the information such as news, pics and videos are displayed for the person once the app knows the selection. People are able to use different themes and the user interface is very attractive which helps to keep people on the site without any restrictions. All in all, this is a very useful application when it comes to reading the news in a short amount of time.


17. DW

DW lets you get unbiased international information and news on the world’s most pressing situations and all the hot issues. DW – Breaking World News app bought in the market by Deutshe Welle Inc. through which you can precisely get updated and in-depth coverage on everything from sports, science, politics, to arts, culture, and business. It lets you have the most concise information that you need to understand and shape your world. It brings on-demand video and audio content from the DE Media Center Inc. You can also stream your comments directly in the app and access everything without any internet connection. It also brings a text mode for low bandwidth access, and you can precisely stream all the live broadcasting live in English, German, Spanish, Arabic and in more than 30 languages. DW – Breaking World News also brings the support of push notifications through which you can instantly get all the important news about the world without opening the app all the time. It enables you to write comments about the news directly to the app. So just download DW – Breaking World News app in your mobile phone and enjoy the instant, uncomplicated, direct, ads-free atmosphere of getting news right in your hand.


18. The Guardian

The Guardian is a brilliant application that provides the latest news with a brand new and sleekly designed look. This news providing application is a famous and massively used product of Guardian News & Media Ltd, which enables its users to make space for subjects that matter. The Guardian gives you the full access to its popular journalism and the breaking news. This app lets you be aware of all the circumstances of this planet, and you can access all the necessary topics of discussion from your mobile phones. The Guardian lets you stay up to date and active with the live news and sports. You can also receive breaking news to be alerted to the big moments in all over the world. This news telling app enables its users to enjoy award-winning video, audio, and interactive content along with the full-screen galleries with marvellous retina images. Other than these, you can also keep reading in offline mode, easily choose the topics and sections on your home screen, and enjoy your favourite series, stories, football teams, and writers for personal notifications. So just download The Guardian to stay active on all the happenings.


19. SmartNews

SmartNews gathers in one application dozens of the most prominent newspapers in the world to offer a selection of relevant news today that happen daily. NBC News, TechCrunch, The Huffington Post, Bleacher Report, Quartz, The Verge,, Reuters, AP or Perez Hilton are just some of the sources that use this app to keep you informed. This tool has more of an advantage when it comes to access all the news. To begin with, before you start reading, you can select the favorite sections you want to appear on the main screen, so you can avoid sports if not interest us, or create your custom list to give you access. Once you have chosen the topics that interest you, you can navigate between them as if you did it in a newspaper paper. If a particular story you are interested and want to expand the content, just click on it, so you can enjoy a more comfortable reading or through the Web format (including photographs) or as if it were a block of text simple. Best of SmartNews is the integration of social channels as well as analyzing more than ten million daily news to offer the best selection, adds the ability to share each link on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, WhatsApp, email … all through a single button that links to each tool. We may also interact with other users through the comments on each story.


20. BBC

The BBC News is one the most honest and neutral platforms that brings people the latest news and proper analysis of the topics that are at the time in trending phase. There are many features of this mobile application that can help you get dependent on this platform. The main advantage of the app is the local versions. No matter where in the world you are, there is the option of using the version of the app in the area you are staying. There are different editions also, for example, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the World. The application has redesigned itself in the past few updates, and there are many changes which have refreshed the BBC and given it a more real look. The color of the app remains the same red which is the usual color. There are different sections in which the app is divided. There is the option of LIVE news, then there are the top stories where you can get to know about the trendiest stuff. There is also the option to select your own news, a place where people can select different topics and then get the news according to it. There are distinctive sections of news from which it can be picked. This can be as science, governmental issues, sports, showbiz, expressions, history and a great deal more. There are likewise diverse forms, for example, Asia, America, Europe, Britain and even a different one for China. This makes it simpler for individuals to search for the accurate news they need. The method for communicating with people is straightforward, every one of the choices are laid out on the left sidebar which guides people in finding what they are looking. Individuals can likewise change the settings for various things, for example, outline, news design, and different elements. More or less, this application is a standout amongst the most genuine and conventional places to get news and perspectives.


21. Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera is a standout among the applications that give the most recent news and profound understanding on the developing stories around the world. It was popular path before the applications existed and now has the capacity to become the most well-known since there are diverse options available after the mobile versions were introduced. Numerous elements of this application can help individuals to stay in contact with the news. The principle one is the notifications which appear on the phone when another story breaks out. Individuals can change the settings according to their choice and can choose the time when the alerts will appear. The other advantage of the application is that since it is not a nation particular news channel individuals can become more acquainted with happenings everywhere throughout the world. It is the principal English language based application that concentrates more on the events occurring around the world. There is also the option of sharing stuff with your friends on other social networks for example, Twitter and Facebook. Individuals can likewise watch diverse videos associated with the stories they read and there is additionally the alternative of listening to the live stream on the application. The application gives you the news as well as tell you about the climate, gives you tips on traveling and even helps you to manage your person to person communication so that you do not waste time because of weather. Individuals can also save the stories at one place to peruse at a later time. Many other features of this app are also available which can help develop someone’s interest. The possibility of making your own ‘my news’ segment allows you to keep track of important news. With everything taken into account, this application is one of the best and can progress even more in the coming days.


22. World Newspapers

World Newspapers is an excellent tool that helps you grasp the must-have information and news right over your mobile devices. World Newspapers: Number 1 News App bought in the market by Bazimo Inc. and is loved by millions of worldwide forks for getting news instantly over their devices. It allows its worldwide users to get the directory of thousands of international, national and local magazines, websites, and newspapers with more than 6k worldwide newspapers, websites, and magazines. This app enables its worldwide users to get a must-have new providing hub that lets you stay in touch with all the trendy information about your own areas and from far places as well. World Newspapers: Number 1 News App brings more than 105 countries and over 6k paper links and you can concisely browse stuff by categories and countries. You are also provided by the on-demand video news. Other than these, World Newspapers app also carries the features of RSS reader with smart searching, offline reading support, bookmark support, favorite supports, submit a newspaper, personalized settings, read it later integration, translation of webpages, download pages offline, and enjoy sharing this content over your desires social media platform. So just download World Newspapers: Number 1 News App from the store and enjoy getting the most personalized and correct news about the whole world.


23. Microsoft News

Microsoft News is an excellent tool used by millions of worldwide users through which they can enjoy taking the most precise way of having world stories and trending news right on the palm of their hands. Microsoft News: Trusted, In-depth Reporting app is a great tool introduced by Microsoft Corporation Inc. which are delivering breaking news and in-depth reporting from the best journalists of the whole world. Microsoft News: Breaking News enable you to choose the topics that matter most for you and enjoy getting everything about them with a breeze. It works with hundreds of authentic publishers in dozens of countries from all over the globe. Microsoft News: Trusted, In-depth Reporting also lets you select from auditors carrying content in more than 3K topics in over 20 countries. Microsoft News: Breaking News app lets you get sophisticated and authentic updates through notifications of accurate breaking news. You can also sync your preferences across the web as well as on the app. You can get opinions about news and politics from The Washington Post, BBC News, CBS News, CNN, The New York Times, The Daily Beast, FOX News, NBC News, and various others. So just download this massively used app named Microsoft News and enjoy everything from news to entertainment right on the palm of your hands.


24. Quick World News

Quick World News enables its worldwide users to read all the trendy, breaking, and the latest news from all over the world, and get up to the mark information about news, sports, and every crucial thing. Quick World News | News App was presented in the market by MDXSoft Inc. through which you can precisely acknowledge every trendy news, and up to the mark information of your area. Some of its gigantic resources which includes BBC News, CNN News, ABC News, The Washington Post, USA Today News, Reuters News, U. S. News, The Guardian News, New York Times News, Fox News, Business News, Entrepreneur News, The Verge Technology News, ESPN Sport News, Engadget News, and various others. You can catch Breaking News on all the topics of entertainment, sports, politics in video or audio form and the one you intend to search. It brings United States of America News, Europe and United Kingdom News, Asia News. Quick World News: News App covers the news on technology, gaming News, Sports News, Entertainment News, Africa News, Middle East News, and Business News, etc. So just download Quick World News: News App from the store and enjoy getting everything about news in one place.

More About Fox News

Fox News is the universal news app created by news network Fox News. You can get streaming coverage of live events and exclusive programming available online. It will allow you to search the latest headline by watching Fox News live coverage and on-demand clips. The user can subscribe to Fox News alerts to get updated news on mobile screen. It will connect with your favorite shows and news personalities on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more directly from the app. The Fox News has a new feature of The Desk News where you can customize Fox News experience. You can add information to the desk like topics, shows, and tweets. The new articles of Fox News are now offering new contents like videos, slideshows, and lists for your exciting news. It will allow you to view the latest videos from news shows and anchors on Fox News channels. This app can store your favorites to read them later.

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