12 Apps Like Free Turkey Calls

Free Turkey Calls is a Smart Wire LLC production and an intuitive sound app that you require for hunting turkeys. It is a must-have mobile application that brings an extraordinary and amazing experience if you are hunting turkeys and want to annoy someone with the turkey’s sound. You can play the sound for once and also starts a loop of playing sound for more than one time, it’s totally up to you. Rather than these, users can select multiple calls and make a loop of all of them together. Free Turkey Calls app feature Cluck, Cutting of excited hen, fly down cackle, cluck and purr, kee kee run, adult hen assembly call, and many more. You can enjoy all of these sounds for real-time fun. You can use it professionally as well as to tease someone if you are in a jolly mode. You can play the sound stop them anytime you want and also check a description as well.

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1. textPlus: Free Text & Calls

Android iOS Phone
textPlus: Free Text & Calls is an ultimate app that enables you to call and message your friends with a real phone number, and it does not require any phone number. Having this app, you can deliver text messages and SMS to any United States or Canada number or call…

2. Hushed Different Number App Get a 2nd Phone Number

Android iOS
Hushed Different Number App Get a 2nd Phone Number is a result of an effort of a long time, and it has professionally spent more than a year for developing a new ultimate app, designed a new user interface, privacy-first feature, and making some ultimate improvements to its core private…

3. Text free – Free Text + Call

Android iOS
Text free – Free Text + Call is a genuinely free SMS and calling application that gives you a real-time United States phone number just to send a text to anyone. It delivers some elegant features such as free SMS messages, free group messaging, international texting and calls, free MMS…

4. Fake-A-Text FREE [Fake Text Free & Fake A Call—Call It A Prank Conversation]

Fake-A-Text FREE [Fake Text Free & Fake A Call—Call It A Prank Conversation] is introduced by the Imagination Research Labs. It is one of the best fake texting app available in the store which has over 3 million users and also featured in the New York Times. This app enables…

5. Numflix – Second Phone Number for Calls and Texts

Numflix – Second Phone Number for Calls and Texts lets its users get fully-featured disposable mobile phone numbers instantly. You can keep your personal phone number secure and private in this way. It is the finest application if you need a throwaway number for Craigslist, need a second number, want…

6. Burner – 2nd Phone Number

Android iOS
Burner – 2nd Phone Number is one of the markets leading application that provides the most genuine and best second line for private texting, calling, and picture messaging. It lets you create a second number for your business, work, salespeople, forms, shopping online, deliveries, domestic and official work just to…

7. Fake-A-Message™ Free (MMS & SMS!)

Fake-A-Message™ Free (MMS & SMS!) is an excellent fake text messages application available in the store. It just looks like a real MMS and SMS, lets you script an entirely fake message conversation, and is fully functional with ads. This app does not provide free functionality and is only intended…

8. Group Texting Pro

Group Texting Pro has effectively eliminated the frustrating and time-consuming scenario regarding some ordinary group chatting platforms. If you want to get rid of these irritating things than this application is there for you which allows you to create unlimited groups of individuals from your address book that you text…

9. Fancy Message-Pimp Text with Emoji Keyboard, New Color Bubble and Textart FREE

Fancy Message-Pimp Text with Emoji Keyboard, New Color Bubble and Textart FREE is one of the most fantastic message application available in the market. It is the best colourful messaging app that helps you to send and receive messages in the most surprising way. If you want to get rid…

10. Flyp: Multiple Phone Numbers

Android iOS
Flyp: Multiple Phone Numbers is a tremendously amazing application that lets you make the highest quality calls over your cell network and lets you choose which number you want to call and text from. If you are looking for an additional phone number for your small business, domestic, professional, and…

11. Smiley Private Texting SMS

Smiley Private Texting SMS lets you send or receive messages text messages with a free new number without exposing your actual reserved number. Using this elegant app, it is now easier to protect your phone number and text anyone with a real and free number. You can easily install and…

12. Text Me – Free Texting & Calls

Android iOS
Text Me – Free Texting & Calls is a free texting and messaging application introduced by TextMe Inc. It lets you make calls and send texts freely to any of their friends from United States, Canada, and almost 40 different countries. TextMe allows you to enjoy a free phone number for free messaging and calling. This…

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