Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot Alternatives

Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot

Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot is another breathtaking puzzle game by Disney that focuses on two things. First, one being the solving skills of the person who is playing the game and the second one being the fact that it takes you on an adventure like no other competitor… read more
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22 Apps Like Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot

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1. Lara Croft GO

This highly addictive puzzle game is set into a long forgotten world where you need to discover among those ruins of an ancient world that are holding a lot of secrets inside them. But don’t think it is going to be so easy and simple because this turn based puzzle adventure game requires from its players to get them ready to face deadly challenges as they uncover the myth of this civilization. The game is set in lush visuals and having a captivating soundtrack. In case you are unable to complete the levels then still you will get something from its stunning playing environment. You need to solve those one hundred and fifteen mind challenging puzzles that are divided into seven chapters. Your task is to collect ancient relics and unlock the new levels for your heroine Lara. At most of the points, the game gets more difficult when the menacing enemies come into your way, and you have to fight with them to in addition to overcoming the dangerous obstacles and escaping over the deadly traps.


2. Scribblenauts Remix

Scribblenauts Remix is an award winning game by Waner Bros. International Enterprises that brings creativity and imagination to one place. The theme of the game is simple where the user has to use their brain to solve many mysteries such as finding a thing, creating an object, bringing something to live for progress and much more. The app is free to install, and there is no requirement of paying money to download it, but in-app purchases exist to make the experience much better. Some of the main features of the interface include around 50 levels to solve based on puzzles. 40 of them are the main ones while the other ten is exclusive for this remix. Purchasing a word pass helps the user to obtain all the current and future world expansions before anyone else. The upgrade not only allows the user to reach the new levels but also to unlock them without having to pay any extra money later on. People have the option of choosing a character and creating their avatar to play and that too in an interface that is friendly. All the options get laid out properly, and that makes for an excellent time spending option.


3. Where’s My Perry?

Where’s My Perry? is one of the most popular interactive puzzled games developed and designed by the Disney for the smartphones and tablet devices. In this real challenging and physics based puzzle game, the players need to use the water in multiple levels to solve the puzzles and mysteries of each level in a proper way. They have to sort all kind of puzzles more smartly by collecting the water for a spy. Don’t forget that each drop will count so try to waste a single drop of water. In the free version of the game you can access to the fifteen challenges only, but the paid version of this game will open over two hundred action packed levels on you. Each level is containing collectibles, challenges, and bonuses as well. Uncover as much as you can and earn more and more points by completing them on time.


4. Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a smartphone game that is jam packed with a lot of activities to do. In this game, the players need to manipulate impossible characters and guide them through a silent princess in a beautiful world. Monument Valley has earned popularity and title of being Game of the Year for many years on the many grounds. The reason behind its popularity is that it combines the elements of puzzle and strategic mind set. The game is the fine combination of simply awesome optical illusions and impossible objects where the player needs to lead their character from all these while manipulating the world around that main character who is actually princess Ida/ They need to take here to each of multiple platforms that are basically the levels or missions of the game that the players need to complete one by one. Most of the players of this game has acclaimed it for having nice artistic work and sound design but at the same time there are many criticizing it for not having too much difficulties and length.


5. Brain it on the truck!

Brain it on the truck! Is a game developed by WoogGames and makes the world of puzzle based category much more classical. Here the person does not require to put the missing pieces in the right place but has to draw their way to the new levels. The task is simple where the user has to move the green cube in the yellow area but to do that they will have to use their brain and physics skills in exact proportion. To complete the task, there are three primary objects. A car, a crayon, and own mind. Once the person can decide what they want to do, the solution drew on the page, and then the correct one becomes visible. Anything drawn by the user becomes real and then becomes part of the screen, it then comes down to personal choice that how everything is laid out and the solution reached. Each level that a person solves, there is help available but can only become visible when the situation becomes extreme. The user interface is nice, but the graphics are one area that needs some improvement. But overall, an excellent choice for learning and playing.


6. Brain it On! Physics Puzzles

Brain it On! Physics Puzzles is a game that tests your knowledge and skills along the way. The tasks may look simple and the person playing gets the idea that nothing complicated will require, but that isn’t true. More than just drawing shapes to complete the task, it makes use of proper knowledge of a person in the subjects of mathematics, geometry, physics and mechanics. That shows the game is not only a competition but also tests of skills. Dozens of puzzles based on complex laws exist within the game, and new ones keep on adding without any delay. There are no charges of installing the game and playing it, but some in-app purchases exist within the interface to make sure tasks easy in some way. Advertisements are a big part of the game and can make you annoyed. The best part of the game is that around 200 levels are free of cost for everyone, but after that, a small payment is required to unlock the others. You get to draw things on your own and then use them to solve the task at hand. Overall, the game is an extended playtime, and that makes it fun.


7. Evo Explores

Evo Explores is a space explorer game where every planet is full of mysteries. If you are looking for a real puzzle game then Evo Explores is the best end of your search as it will present you the challenges in such a challenging ways that at first instant you will simply get shocked. Evo Explores demands from his players to keep their eyes open all the time because everything they see is not necessary to be true and if they can’t see the problem then that doesn’t means there is no problem at all. This game will deceive you are many occasions because it is containing too much illusion elements to shatter your mind all the time. If the game involves manipulation then why you can’t go for the manipulating those impossible structures. Explore all of the optical illusions and solve those mind blowing puzzles that seem to be impossible one to be solved. Every level of this game will unravel the new history of the every planet and all of its citizens.


8. Ghosts of Memories

Ghosts of Memories is an adventure puzzle game holding a lot of complexities and difficulties that are distributed in the six stunning world that the players need to conquer. In this game your main target is to find and explore and ancient scepter and have to travel across all the dimensions involved. In order to complete the levels as require by the game basic requirement, you need to be attentive all the time otherwise your survival will always be in the danger. Enter into the game and take the path to discovery. Make the best planning to set out on an adventure across intertwined dimensions. Apparently seems to be difficult one but can be played easily if the player understands the important of being sharp minded. The tasks are not difficult at all but all you need is to understand their importance and the ways to get them completed as the game requires. Solve the puzzles of the ancient civilizations while crossing through multiple worlds filled with mysteries.


9. Where’s My Water?

Where’s My Water? is a puzzle video game for the smartphones. Where’s My Water? was first released as a desktop based version and later on was introduced for the leading smartphones operating systems as well. This simple yet mind boggling puzzle game requires from its players to route a supply of water to an alligator. However, it is not easy at all. It required special skills to complete any mission within prescribed time and stipulated terms and conditions. Where’s My Water? has been praised from millions of regular players across the world. Either it is its graphical style or special recognition of the lead character, Where’s My Water? best and perfect by all means. Each level of this game is challenging and based on physical puzzles all with amazing life like mechanics. Don’t forget every drop counts so don’t waste even a single drop at all.


10. Deux Ex GO – Puzzle Challenge

Deux Ex GO – Puzzle Challenge is a game self-explained by the name where you face several challenging problems to reach the destination. The first thing to know about the game is that there are charges of installing and downloading it but are minimal. You just have to pay $1 for that purposes. Purchases within the game where several tools become critical are also there for people to utilize. The story base itself on Adan Jensen who is a secret agent, and it is the duty of person playing to help him solve all the cases. Sneak, hack and kill others while fighting to get past enemies who just have one aim, to kill you. All the puzzles are strategy based and challenge mind and knowledge. With the story line spreading across 50 unique puzzles, it gets assured that the user will stay glued to the game until all the levels get cleared, and the case solved. The user interface is simple where all the options laid themselves out correctly. Instant help provided to the ones who need and the graphics are no less than any other famous high-quality game. All in all, an excellent choice for adventure and puzzle based competitions.


11. The Room

Welcome to a high-class puzzle game that is, in fact, a physical puzzle game and wrapped in a mystery game that resides in a stunning tactical 3D gaming world. The regular player of this game called it the cave of the mysteries where each solved mystery comes with a new mystery. It is simply the perfect encapsulation of both the fear and pleasure of the discovery like the climax of any suspense movie. The marvelous touch control system of the game will game you the every chance to explore it as you want. It is simply a must play penny arcade game that is hindered by touch control system as much as its set free. Being the player of the game, you will be presented with a series of strange boxes that have a number of physical mechanisms on them. You will be challenged to figure out how you have to open each box by undoing a series of locks and to access another puzzle box inside it. This game deploys a multiple sets of motions enabled by the smartphones touch screens to simulated actions in real life.


12. The Room Two

The Room Two is the second part of the most famous reality based game in the category of puzzles and comes with several improvements made on the previous version. It is bigger in size and requires proper space on the phone. Only the versions above 4.4 in the Android devices support the game. It won the prestigious Bafta award and therefore has become an important choice for people and downloaded several million times. Some of the main features of the game include the mix of puzzles and adventure. It is a new room with new mysteries where the user has to find their way out with even more concentration. Everything looks healthy, but with a closer look and time spent, it becomes evident that several secrets are part of this place and require solution before the player progresses to the next level. The user interface is simple where all the help provided at critical times. The main screen contains everything that a person would want and therefore when a person starts playing it goes at a fast speed. All the locations are based on 3D models and are realistic. The objects also defined in high definition. In summary, an excellent improvement on the previous version.


13. The Room Three

The Room Three is the latest part of the award-winning series in reality based puzzle games. Another room full of adventure and mystery, the main improvements in this game include a proper training session and background information. Play time is much longer and therefore, becomes, an automatic choice for the ones who want an appropriate additive material. The interface has improved a lot with all the options now even more easy to access, and the person navigates at a faster speed. The hints have improved too so that all the information delivered at an appropriate time and correct order. Another benefit of this new sequel is that people can share their process between multiple devices and save it online. Sharing the progress with other friends through social network sharing is also possible. Around ten languages also are supported to make sure people from all backgrounds get to play without the constraint of location. The graphics are better than any other game and give a real world impression. All the worlds created by the “craftsman” are hard-hitting and will require proper understanding and that is what gives this game edge over the other versions.


14. Can you Escape the 100 Room 1

Can you Escape the 100 Room 1 is a classic puzzle-based game which tests imagination and management skills of the user. What makes this game interesting is that all the hints are provided at appropriate times, whenever a person finds trapped and does not have any way to go, pressing one button will give them guidance. It only happens when something serious exists. Several scenarios when the user does not know what to do, but the interface thinks the task is easy; no help will show. Another benefit of this game is that it has an excellent rating and does not require any funds for installation. That said, several ads within the interface make for a challenging viewing experience. 50 levels within the game make it much more attractive and give the user longer play time to make sure they have a lot to do. If you miss the level and cannot solve in the time given, the game restarts again. The user interface is not that good with some of the options hidden, but the graphics compensate for that error. All in all, an excellent choice in the category of free puzzle games and worth installing.


15. Back to Bed

This amazing puzzle game is in fact the story of a sleepwalker who is way from his bed and your target is to take back him to his bed safely by taking control of his subconscious guardian. This stunning and new kind of puzzle game is in fact a 3D puzzle indie game resides in a beautiful, unique and artistic dream world. We bet you, you will have never played the puzzle game like this. You and your sleepwalking character will travel through a surreal and painting like dream world that is filled with objects that will assist you in taking back to the Bob to his bed. But keep in mind you have to avoid all those dangers as well that are in your way to distract you. The guiding lines are the real puzzles that are basically blurred between the art and game. If you think being caught between multiple worlds then this is the game that will take you the trip with. One of the best things about this puzzle game is that it is simultaneously packed with surprises and challenges.


16. Can You Escape

Can You Escape is one of the simplest games in the puzzle based scenario where the user gets to enjoy several exciting options and test their solving abilities. The purpose of the game is simple; you have to break out of the room. All the levels are arranged properly with the puzzles having 3D visuals. It also makes up for any adverts within the game with the time of play. The user interface is simple where all the options are laid out correctly to make sure you can find all the options at one place. What makes the game more fun is the soundtrack in the background which matches the meditative nature. Another benefit of playing the game is that it does not require a large space, even with small space it gets installed on your phone and is ready. Help and information for each step are provided in a proper manner so that no difficulty is faced. Moving from one floor to the other and gradually out of the house is your job. One small drawback is that there are just ten rooms within the game, and it ends quickly, but then you have the option of permanent additions made whenever it is updated.


17. GoM – Adventure Puzzle Game

GoM – Adventure Puzzle Game is the demo version of the famous game and comes in which several features that will make the person addicted. The play interface is designed properly keeping in mind that it could offer a lot more to people who want to enjoy the same thing with a little twist. Effects unique to the game and every level enhance its reputation quickly. Around 21 levels with six words make the journey long and motivating. The upgrade not only allows the user to reach the new heights but also to unlock them without having to pay any extra money later on. Each level is challenging and based on real life mechanics and physics. Two version of the same game exist, the first one is totally free and has some basic features, whereas the second one requires a small payment and gives several new options to enjoy. Some in-app purchases also help to make the experience even more real. Social media links offered so that people share their scores and other activities with their friends whenever something new happens. Another benefit of playing the game is that the 2.5D graphics help to engage the user.


18. 100 Doors of Revenge

100 Doors of Revenge is a puzzle based game explained correctly by the name. The person playing the game gets to use their brain to solve the problems and also to face new adventures in a never ending list. The actual room which has a lot of items that might help the person trapped but does not give many clues on how to use them and when to make sure the right one utilized. It tests a person’s resolve and time management along with logic. The game is familiar where various items are hidden, finding them and advancing to the next level is the job. The graphics of this game are top class with the characters giving the impression of best animation. The game becomes tougher with every passing level and requires more time. Objects used previously are saved in the library and then summoned anytime. Controls exactly match according to the mobile device. A total of 20 levels and hundred doors that you have to unlock until the game ends that provides for a real long time to keep active on the interface. All the stores are themed differently, and new items present in each of them so that the person playing gets a new adventure.


19. Can You Escape 2

Can You Escape 2 is the second installment of the game with the game name and comes with a lot of new options and scenarios. The place is different, and the items that help in reaching the end are new, the theme gets overlooked in this one, and some purchases make it much more attractive. Game loads at fast speed and once it does will keep the user glued to their phones with the compelling layers. The main screen contains everything that a person would want and therefore when a person starts playing it goes at a fast speed. The interface has improved a lot with all the options now even more easy to access, and the person navigates at a faster speed. The graphics improved leaps and bounds and now give the impression of a classic modern play. Many skills of a person are tested and include management, concentration, logic, solution and code breaking. New stuff keeps adding on a regular basis, and this includes not only levels but the objects that help. Along with all this, the game does not require any money, and that is what makes it an excellent choice.


20. Can you Escape the 50 rooms 2

Can you Escape the 50 rooms 2 is the next version of the game developed by FunnyTimeDay. Each room within the game has new secrets that need exploration and solution before the user moves on to the next place. Nothing in these resemble the ones provided in the previous versions meaning that there won’t be any monotonous. The user interface has improved a lot with all the options now showing on the main screen; they become visible just through one click. Game play options also have simplified where the user now has to move their fingers to navigate the screen to unlock secrets. Whenever you feel trapped and have no solution, hints become visible; this helps in assuring people to continue playing the game and progressing. Another benefit of playing the game is that there are no charges of installing it, but in this version, in-app purchases introduced. The graphics improved leaps and bounds and now give the impression of a classic modern play. Every action has consequences and full of surprises, and therefore it becomes critical to concentrate more. Overall, an improved game with much more to do and enjoy.


21. Can You Escape Haunted Room 2?

Can You Escape Haunted Room 2? is a game developed for people who like mystery, thrill, and adventure that the same time. It is simple, where the user gets trapped in a dark room, and nothing is visible, it is up to them to make sure all the hurdles complete without further ado. The user has to get some idea of the laws that rule the subject and then complete all the tasks. Dozens of puzzles based on complex laws exist within the game, and new ones keep on adding without any delay. There are no charges of installing the game and playing it, but some in-app purchases exist within the interface to make sure tasks easy in some way. The user interface is simple with all the options present where they should be. Graphics compliment the game in a perfect manner and are of high definition. Game play experience becomes better with several new options, and there are no charges of playing it. Each move that occurs requires proper thinking and understanding, and therefore things aren’t as simple as they seem. People also get to share their scores and progress with other friends through social network sharing buttons, and that’s why it become an excellent choice.


22. UNCHARTERED: Fortune Hunter

UNCHARTERED: Fortune Hunter by PlayStation Mobile Inc. is an original action based puzzling adventure of Nathan Drake who is on a journey to solve the most famous mysteries of the world. His other aim is to uncover the treasures that have disappeared with the pirates who had them. Primary features of this game include around 200 deadly puzzles that the user has to survive through the chamber while locating the objects. Following the legends of the history of history spread across six worlds and with each one passing, things get tougher. What makes this game much more interesting for the person playing is that there area Around 50 treasures become hidden in these 200 levels, but that does not mean new items worth unlocking aren’t part of the game. Although the game does not require any money to download and install there are purchases within the tie. The main character also has the job of maintaining the supply of the smuggled valuables and with that unlocking new game changing costumes to make the adventure more enjoyable. Connecting the game with play station and playing with other friends also brings its rewards. All in all, a top quality game that is worth trying.

More About Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot

Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot is another breathtaking puzzle game by Disney that focuses on two things. First, one being the solving skills of the person who is playing the game and the second one being the fact that it takes you on an adventure like no other competitor. It takes the user in the world of frozen to experience new and intuitive competitions. All the characters from the main movie are within the game, and the user gets to utilize them according to personal choice. These include Queen Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and snow goes. Key features of the game include taking aim and throwing snowballs at the enemy through a powerful snow cannon. Getting to enjoy more than a hundred levels within the kingdom of Arendale. Joining Olaf on a journey through summer with exclusive rewards. Boosters exist within the game and help the user to get more points and complete levels at a fast speed. People also get power-ups if they can catch them and include super aim, booster blaster, and sun blast. Bonus points and the option of playing the game with your friends in the multi-player mode gives it the edge over others and therefore is worth trying.