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GADA Secure Pay started its services as a money transferring company. It contains a service that allows its members to deposit their checks into their bank accounts via the check depositing service of GADA Secure Pay. The checks that you will deposit into your bank accounts can also be used for sending payment to anyone in the world… read more
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From the developers of Ingo Money, AF CHK2CRD is another application facilitating its registered members to load the amount from the checks and credit to the prepaid or debit card. It is an easy to use platform that works in all cases. The willing users only need to take the snap of the checks by using a smartphone or Android, and after that, AF CHK2CRD will be ready to take charge of the further processing. AF CHK2CRD offers several means of crediting the amount.

These are linked with the time within which users want the amount and transaction fees with each time limit. In the case of ten days payment, there will be no fee. In the case of instant payment transactions, charges of 2% will be applicable. Moreover, all of the checks are subject to review for approval. Further processing will get started once the check will be approved. That is the working style of AF CHK2CRD that you must take into consideration before getting started with it.


2. Dave

Dave is an amazing lifesaver application introduced by Dave Inc. It is a superb application that lets you get alerts about upcoming bills and other expenses. It spots you up to $75 instantly at a zero percent interest to avoid overdraft fees for just one dollar a month. Its smart and handy features identify upcoming future expenses and precisely warns you to prevent overdrafts. Dave is an intelligent application that saves an average of $136 in overdraft fees a year.

Other than these, its advanced apportion of your next paycheck for zero interest and lets you decide what’s fair to pay. You can manage all of your stuff in damn security because of its strict privacy and security compliances. It is an efficient application that uses the latest military-grade 128 bit SSL encryption technology for keeping things secure from the third party.


3. Western Union NetSpend Prepaid

Western Union NetSpend Prepaid is a mobile application recognized by the Western Union for loading checks into other accounts from the smartphone and tablet devices. This app allows people to take full control of their money and manage everything over your mobile devices.

With this simple application, anyone can instantly load checks from their smartphone, can send money, and perform several other mobile-based banking and money transfer activities. For loading check to the accounts, the users first need to take the image by using the image capture system of Western Union NetSpend Prepaid.


4. Brink’s Money Prepaid Banking

Brink’s Money Prepaid Banking is a fine tool that basically deals with MasterCard services. The app is offering several other kinds of mobile-based financial services. The services of the Brink’s Money Prepaid Banking will keep you tension-free because you will come into a position of managing the money properly and securely.

You can perform several mobile-based banking functions like loading checks by using a mobile image capture system, finding the closest reloading locations, and more. The app also helps you in moving money to and from the savings account, sending money to friends and family members, and viewing the transaction history and balance anytime.


5. Mobile Mobile is replacing the traditional banking styles by offering the new means of getting the check deposited into the relevant bank accounts. This app also allows its users to manage their money from anywhere right from their smartphones and tablets devices.

The registered users of Mobile can load their checks into their account in a snap from their smart device. All checks that you will submit to this app will be subject to review for approval. Moreover, standard feeds and rats will also apply.


6. FAIRWINDS Business Deposit

Installing FAIRWINDS Business Deposit in the smartphone or tablet device is just like having the power of direct deposits of the checks into your accounts in the palm of your hand. It is a simple mobile-based banking app, and anyone can do many activities. The main one is depositing checks directly into the account by only taking a picture of the bank and automatically forwarding to this crediting application.

FAIRWINDS Business Deposit is a simple and free app that offers safe money transferring services to its members. You don’t need to take additional equipment with you at all. You can use your smartphone or tablet device to make a deposit into your bank accounts.


7. Hanscom FCU EasyDeposit Mobile

Hanscom FCU EasyDeposit Mobile brings a better way of depositing checks into your accounts, virtually sitting in your home. Why stand in the long queue to deposit a normal check? Hanscom FCU EasyDeposit Mobile is the better way for depositing into the bank account by using a smartphone or tablet device. Before getting starting with Hanscom FCU EasyDeposit Mobile, don’t forget to make an account first.

You have to log in to your account for depositing your checks whenever you open the app. Once you are logged into your account, you will be required to follow some authorization steps, and then you are allowed to make check deposits. Hanscom FCU EasyDeposit Mobile app keeps the copies of the deposited checks into the account of the users for the next eighteen months so that they can retrieve them anytime.


8. DeposZip Mobile

DeposZip Mobile enables its users to participate in banking activities like depositing their checks into their bank accounts by using iOS or Android devices. The users of this app only need to take the snap of their checks and send them to the DeposZip Mobile. It will verify the credentials and then transfers the amount into the prescribed bank account of the users.

The users can then turn them into the cash amount from nearby ATMs and can even use the amount of making online activities as well. You can directly pay bills, can buy gift cards, and do many other activities. The usage of the app is free and does not imply any limitations at all. The security of deposits is the main advantage of using this application. You have to log in to the official account whenever you want to access your account.


9. Alliant Mobile Deposit

Alliant Mobile Deposit is listed among those banking and finance apps that are making banking easier than before. The app allows the people to deposit money into their account from anywhere, anytime. It is a superb tool for the people who want to deposit their check but don’t have time to visit the banks. Alliant Mobile Deposit is an app having the security solution of depositing all your checks into account.

The streamlined features and functions of the Alliant Mobile Deposit are that it offers secure and encrypted data capturing and transmission. Moreover, there is no restriction at all over the usage of any particular account. It intuitively supports all types of accounts like a savings account, supplemental savings accounts, health savings, and even checking accounts. Alliant Mobile Deposit allows its users to deposit amount and funds into their account based on their daily limits view.


10. Deposit2GO

Deposit2GO is a significant tool that contains online and mobile banking and is making our life easier than before. Now we don’t need to move to the bank each time for making payments or encashing our checks. Deposit2GO is an application that allows people to deposits their checks by sitting in their homes or office. They only need to use the camera of their smartphone for taking a picture of the check that they want to get deposited into their bank account.

They can also use the scanner for that purpose as well. It enables the people to deposit the checks from virtually sitting over any place just with a quick snap of the checks.Deposit2GO offers free membership, provides secure and safe means of online banking, deposit checks worth ten thousand dollars per day, and support availability for all the time.


11. AnytimeCheck

AnytimeCheck is an all in one banking solution offering service over the internet and in the shape of application that is used for receiving paychecks easily. The specialty of AnytimeCheck is that it is offering its check encashing services to all kinds of business, either it is small-sized business or medium-sized business.

It is making the payment receiving process easier than most of the services having the same functionality. The official app and web-based software of AnytimeCheck is equipped with advanced working technology.


12. Activehours

Activehours is an app that allows you to access your pay any time if you want to get it within a few minutes. Activehours is working in collaboration with some renowned banks of the United States of America. To use Activehours, you must receive the paycheck directly into the checking account. It works with most of the banks of the USA. Activehours at the moment is not supporting for the prepaid and savings accounts at all.

With this application, people can get their pays in their accounts within a few minutes. Activehours also enables its users to select the number of portions of their checks that they want to get deposited into their account and how much they want to cash out. Activehours is free from all kind of interest, fees, charges, fine print, and other direct and indirect charges.


13. GoBank

GoBank is a web-based account management app for the people who want to get their check cashed within a few minutes. It is also for those persons as well who don’t want to pay the commission or bank charges to their banks on cashing these checks. In addition to web-based service, there is a ready to use app of GoBank for the smartphone as well.

GoBank doesn’t deduct any overdraft or penalty fee from its customers at all. Instead, it offers them a feature-rich bonus in most of the cases as well. GoBank has no surprise feed at all. All services being provided by the GoBank are free and free from all kinds of overdraft and penalty charges. Just sign up for this unique banking service and start exploring the financial world in a new style.


14. Ingo Money

Ingo Money is an elegant application designed for those people who want to get their check encashed but don’t want to wait for standing in the long queue. Ingo Money also assists the people in getting their cash from the other money transfer platforms. Ingo Money is an effective service that deals in several financial services like cash paychecks, business checks, personal checks, money orders, and much more.

With the money or check encashing service of Ingo Money, you can get your money within a few minutes into the account that you choose. Just take the snap of the check and send it to the Ingo Money. If your check is approved by the Ingo Money, you will get your money back in few minutes, prepaid card, or PayPal account. You can use this cash for paying any credit card bill or buying gift cards as well.


15. Earnin

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More About GADA Secure Pay

GADA Secure Pay started its services as a money transferring company. It contains a service that allows its members to deposit their checks into their bank accounts via the check depositing service of GADA Secure Pay. The checks that you will deposit into your bank accounts can also be used for sending payment to anyone in the world. To who you are sending amount doesn’t need to have an account with GADA Secure Pay.

For getting starting with GADA Secure Pay, you will be only required to scan the check via the app, and it will be uploaded for further verification. After getting verified, your account will be credited instantly. The main reasons for using GADA Secure Pay are its quick and instant payment system, better fraud prevention system, and no transaction fees at all.