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Millions of people across the globe are playing this game for enjoying an outdoor recreational activity where players use a GPS receiver or mobile device. Within three steps you will enjoy the adventure. Fist create a free account with Geocaching and explore, find and log geocaches across the globe… read more
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14 Apps Like Geocaching

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1. Zombies Everywhere

Zombies Everywhere is a fast paced shooting game where you will face hungry Zombies everywhere. The fact is that you are completely at freedom since you stranded in that scary, infested wilderness, far away from home. To keep yourself safe and get rid of all these messes you have to remain alive and are required to eliminate those gruesome zombies covered in blood. Gun will be in your hand so run and try to kill as much as you can. A lot of fun is waiting for you here. The recent version of Zombies Everywhere is worth to play because it includes a lot of development in the form of new level progression, weapon progression, and new GameCenter achievements. Gyro controls make you able to simply look around with your smartphone as if you are taking a photo. Give Zombies Everywhere a chance. One of the greatest features of this game is that it puts zombies all around you in the real world and will double the fun.


2. Blippar

Blippar is basically a visual discovery application that deploys the machine learning and augmented reality system to bring the real world to life through wearables and smartphones. The world of our is full of ideas and knowledge. We can surely explore it if we have a proper platform to do so and Blippar is the best one option for that. Blippar can see much more beyond your expectations and you will be astonished to explore what it will deliver you. This app makes objects come to life. It adds digital content to physical objects. It is a way to meet your curiosity with engaging experiences. From movie posters and DVD covers to packaging, food, and print, the world of Blippar is growing rapidly. Through the camera of your smartphone, you will be able to discover a new world. Just blip on any product, project, and image to unlock amazing experiences including games, videos, information, music tracks, shopping, offers and deals and much more.


3. Clandestine Anomaly

Clandestine Anomaly is an augmented reality sci-fi game for smartphones. It is a location-based game app. Play anywhere without too much geographical restriction and limitation. The four main advantages of playing this game are the thrills and adventures that it is offering in the shape of tower tactics, location-based augmented reality, rich story and play anywhere. Unlock, upgrade and deploy tower tactics to defend backyard and reveal enemy positions and destroy all those that threaten the world. This location-based game deploy the state of the art mobile augmented reality and will transform the environment around you in an action place. The plot of the game is awesome. So, install Clandestine Anomaly and start revealing the secrets of undisclosed inter-galactic war and learn humanity’s true place in the universe by taking center stage in a deep sci-fi universe. Clandestine Anomaly presence in almost all over the world. Clandestine Anomaly is one of the best app games to play.


4. Temple Treasure Hunt Game

Temple Treasure Hunt Game is an AR game app for Android devices. The quality of this game app is that it is an innovative game-play. Temple Treasure Hunt Game features single and multiplayer modes, indoor and outdoor modes, augmented reality and location-based gameplay and network and Bluetooth sharing support. It is full of fun and entertainment. It is much different from the rest of the AR games on the ground that you can utilize this game for team building, teaching kids, staying fit and killing mundane routines. You can use this utilize this game for team building exercises within your organization and institution. As it offers the innovative clues for treasure guardians so you can engage your kids in learning different concepts. If you are getting bored of playing block, memory, puzzle and racing games then Temple Treasure Hunt Game is the game developed for you. As a treasure protector have fun creating treasure trails using interactive map or by placing markers and challenge the hunters. See mysterious and cool Indian mythological characters come alive as treasure guardians.


5. SpecTrek

SpecTrek is basically an AR ghost hunting game that was designed to have the user work out whilst playi8gn the game. You have to protect the world and that is the tagline of that game. SpecTrek features three default games to play. First one lasts for fifteen minutes, second lasts for thirty minutes and the last one lasts for sixty minutes. The ghost of the game is projected at various locations on a Google Map in either a predetermined search radius or user-defined search radius. To play the game, the user must walk to these ghosts to kill them out. If within range the user can scan and find out what kind of ghost is nearby as well as how far said the ghost is from their current location. If a player is unable to reach a ghost, a horn may be blown which makes all nearby ghosts and possibly stop within the reach of another accessible location. Here you catches ghosts by tilting the phone to the camera position. By way of the camera, you can scan the ghosts and see the ghosts in AR and can even catch them as well.


6. Parallel Mafia

The ideal crime requires the ideal criminal. Alter your face, pick your rigging, and even enlarge your body itself to wind up a definitive underworlder. Whether you change yourself into a cumbersome, mechanical mass to smash your rivals or wear a smooth matching suit to bargain out of any circumstance, you will have a huge number of mixes available to you. You aren’t only a static choice of face, apparatus and enlarges. Level up by finishing occupations, from victimizing organizations to thumping out hooligans. You can battle, cheat or take your route straight to the top. As you play, you will develop, get to be more grounded, and access more propelled gear and overhauls. Inevitably, you will be a veritable expert of wrongdoing. Once you have picked up a measure of force, you will have the capacity to apply your impact over the territory around you. Overcome fronts in the place where you grew up or city, then thump on their way to blackmail them for insurance cash. Eventually, you’ll have the capacity to stroll down the road with your hands held out and gather money. Your activities will characterize your notoriety. Climbing the leaderboard, finishing occupations, and kicking ass will take you to the main spot! Contend to take your capacities to the leaderboards, where you can look at your advancement and accomplishments against others around the world!


7. Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a location based game application for the smartphone users that allow the game lovers to enjoy a new level of gaming in an open environment. Here the players can capture, arrange battles and even train the virtual creatures, known as Pokemon, who appear in almost all part of the real world. Currently, this game is offering its services in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. However, it has been reported many Gyms and Pokestops have been located in various other countries as well. If you have best quality GPS and camera on your smartphone then you are going to make the day by customizing the look of your trainer, choosing accessories and apparel of own liking for a new cool look and performing various other functions. The developers of the app are planning to introduce a portable device Pokemon Go Plus that will make the players able to enjoy the game even while they are not focusing on their smartphones.


8. Ingress

Ingress is a location based MMP game that will transform your real world into the landscape for a global game of intrigue, mystery, and competition. The future of the world is at stake but you can save it if you dare to do it. One of the best things about Ingress is that it has a science fiction back story with a continuous open narrative so you will surely like to play this game. It is different from most of the traditional location-based games in a sense here the competition is between two opposing teams rather than between players and individual players where they interact directly in the game than temporarily running out of power. In addition to the main interactive map, here you will be given an access to a COMM tab that displays local, regional and even worldwide lives activity going on within the game like faction progress and activity, alerts and in-game communication. Ingress is one of the best location-based game apps to play the open playing environment.


9. Real Strike

This application will turn the environment around you in a military base. It is a first person shooting game. Almost twenty-five weapons are in the game that you can fire or reload. A lot of combat items are there like thermal vision, night vision, and much more. No need to use the real gun. Play this application and enjoy the virtual guns. Real Strike is simply a wonderful application that definitely deserves to be downloaded. The best part of the game is thermo and night vision that is software tricks but not the actual thermal and night vision cameras. But both these are pretty good camera tricks. Real Strike is one of the best gun entertainment applications that includes a very well designed FPS shooting animation while using the camera of the smartphone in an augmented reality style. The capabilities of this app are extremely high precision gun models with eight thousand vertices on average, each gun has its own firing function, best sound quality, high graphics, etc.


10. Layar

It is not action game nor is shooting game but the best one AR game that based on the interactive print technology. Playing this game you can easily create own interactive augmented reality experiences. The layer creator of Layar will make you able to upload images of your flyer, package, greeting card or any other item to instantly create a personalized AR experience. The image format should be PDF, JPEG, PNG or ZIP. The drag and drop interactive digital elements including music clips, video messages and photo slideshows and much more are there to make the AR quick and easy. You can publish and share your creation with other to let them scan your items with Layar application for a magical experience. The capabilities of this app are drag & drop system, availability of multimedia player, integration of social media hub, conversation system and much more. Layar is one of the best ways to unleash your creativity.


11. Aurasma

Aurasma is an AR app for image recognition. This deploys a tablet’s or smartphone’s camera to recognize real world images and then overlay media on top of them in the form of 3D models, videos, animations, and web pages. This app is changing the way you interact with the world. Use Aurasma and turn everyday objects, places, and images into new opportunities for engagement through striking augmented reality experiences. The platform of this app contains a powerful drag & drop web studio that makes its users able anyone to easily create, manage and track augmented reality experiences. First, create an account and create Aurasma and after that share with customers and fans. The best about Aurasma is that it has a wizard system making you able to use simple step by step procedure to make your own Aura and share it with others. You can build Aura using your photos and videos as well.


12. Jump, Jump Froggy

Jump, Jump Froggy turns doing push-ups, jumping, and sit-ups into intuitive recreations. The four diversions it offers are Graph Hopper, Jump Froggy Jump, Pushing Ants, and Sit Up Snake. Every activity routine corresponds to a liveliness on the iPad screen, which makes for a fun and testing kid-accommodating workout. This application shows essential activities to kids and in amusing design, and intends to advance physical education IQ. For instance, in the section Sit Up Snake, your tyke holds the iPad as the kid executes however many sit-ups as could be expected under the circumstances in thirty seconds. The energized snake at the base of the screen moves one space with each appropriately executed sit-up. Toward the end of each round, the youngster has the alternative of accomplishing a greater amount of the activity or enjoying a reprieve. In Pushing Ants, enlivened ants stack up as your tyke performs fundamental push-ups. In the event that anytime the child tries by moving the iPad without playing out the activity, the application shows a message that peruses Quit Shaking the iPad! This dissuades bamboozling and advances reasonable play in multiplayer mode, where kids can go up against their companions.


13. Mybrana

Is it accurate to say that you are exhausted with the world that you have around you? Would you like to convey what needs be in an unexpected way? Mybrana application helps you transform your existence into a great deal more fun and insane one. Include super interesting constant stickers to your face and watch them coordinated into your face. Move and the sticker will tail you! Also, you will have the capacity to bring insane gathering selfies with companions. Switch to the back camera, add stickers to individuals around you, and roar with laughter seeing them with insane movements. Appreciate making an alternate world around you! You don’t have to alter your photographs and recordings in Mybrana. Make effortlessly a blend reality including stickers individuals, appreciate watching it progressively, and offer it on photographs and recordings. The new interpersonal organization where not just you can catch what happens on the planet, however, you can likewise make effectively a radically new world. Interestingly, fiction surpasses reality! Presently you can make another measurement of the world, molded progressively without altering or modifying, and impart it on photographs and recordings to your companions.


14. Sun Seeker

Sun Seeker is a new type of augmented reality application that deploys the camera of your smartphone and give you the 3D view of the solar path. Each and every type of solar path will be displayed on your smartphone screen in formats of hour’s intervals, winter, summer solstice paths, rise and set times and much more in a map view showing sun direction for each daylight hour. Sun Seeker is the best one choice for cinematographers and photographer for planning optimal light conditions. It can be deployed by the real estate buyers as well for finding the sun exposure of properties they are considering. The main features of this application are it users magnetometer and GPS to find the right solar position, it delivers the flat compass view showing current solar position, ability to choose any date, ability to choose any location and much more. The video tutorials in the app will teach you how to calibrate the compass.

More About Geocaching

Millions of people across the globe are playing this game for enjoying an outdoor recreational activity where players use a GPS receiver or mobile device. Within three steps you will enjoy the adventure. Fist create a free account with Geocaching and explore, find and log geocaches across the globe. You can also get access to more tools to make geocaching even better with a Geocaching Premium membership. Through official website of Geocaching or application for a smartphone you can easily navigate to the desired location. Once you find it, sing and date the logbook, re-hide the geocache exactly how you found it and share the experience online. Geocaching is the name of world’s largest treasure hunting community application. It is available in two editions, Geocaching Free and Geocaching Premium. Geocaching Free comes with limited function, however, Geocaching Premium comes with unlimited functions and features. In Geocaching Premium, you find any geocache in the world, including Geocaching Premium member only caches. Premium version gives you access a search tool through them all. Geocaching is one of the best AR games to play.