14 Apps Like Geometry Spike Rush

Geometry Spike Rush is an arcade-style running game developed by LancerWonders Games. The game is real frustrating and addicted. It defiantly tests the skills of a player playing it. If a player is good in speed and reflexes than this game is made for him. It is real tight and challenging like other dash games. The game is for every age group, but the only condition is that they all should love challenges. To be honest, graphically the game is not much attractive, but the intense difficulty and frustration level of the game is praiseworthy. Once a player enters the world of this game, then surely gets addicted to it. The music of the game is quite disappointing and is not of the level of such cool game. Geometry Spike Rush is a whole series of games which means many other games of its part are yet to be introduced. The game is available on Google Play for Android devices and Windows Store for Windows devices.

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1. Geometry Dash

Android iOS Phone
Geometry Dash is a rhythm-based action game, developed by Robert Topala in 2013. It is a paid game available for both Android and iOS devices in $1.99. It is said to be ‘impossible’ to complete the challenges of this match. The game has a pleasing interface that attracts the players…

2. Bit.Trip Runner

Bit.Trip Runner is an arcade style musical/rhythm game developed by Gaijin Games. The well-known Akysys Games publish it on May 17, 2010. Although the game has abstract shapes and simple visuals, it is worth playing. Bit.Trip Runner is the fourth game of the Bit.Trip series, others include Bit.Trip Beat, Bit.Trip…

3. Almost Impossible!

Almost Impossible is a scrolling puzzle platformer. Daniel Cousell develops it for Apple Devices such as Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc. Although the game from its interference seems to be very casual and straightforward, the developer claims it to be highly addicted. In the game, a player had to control a…

4. The Impossible Game

Android iOS Phone
It is the hottest happening game of all the time as it is nearly quite impossible. The Impossible Game is rated such high because of its difficulty level. It was first launched on XBLA in 2009. This supreme quality platformer soon drew the attention worldwide and later was launched on…

5. Shaormel

Shaormel is a rhythm-based musical game developed by Mircea Guta. It is an average game with the pure quality of graphics. It is not that difficult like many other musical platformers but still is a good game and can keep a person busy and entertained for long enough. Unlike most…

6. Mr Jump

Mr Jump is a simple but a real difficult one touch platformer game developed by 1Button SARL for iOS. It has all the madness and craziness that the people want nowadays with an extreme level of difficulty. Although this game seems to be straightforward and easy no, it’s not a…

7. Ultimate Impossible

Ultimate impossible is a rhythm runner game developed by Start Android. This game is only available on Google Play for the Android devices including smartphones and tablets. The developers of the game claim that this game has no end and no one can finish it. Attractive one-touch control and a…

8. Adventure Ice Bear Run

Android iOS
Adventure Ice Bear Run is a fundamental sort of arcade running game developed by ViMAP Game Studio. The most attractive and blistering feature of the game is its world ice theme. This game has such a pleasant interference that a player cannot get bored or frustrated while playing the game.…

9. Benji Bananas

Android iOS Phone
Benji Bananas is an adventure based auto-scrolling game developed by Fingersoft. The game is real fun with its cartoon based hand drew graphics. Like most popular and high rated experience running games, Benji Bananas is also the game with no end. The best part of the game is that unlike…

10. Supersonic

Android iOS
Supersonic is a music driven 3D ride game developed by Janne Piekkola and published by Kuuasema. The game is a kind of rhythm-based action platformer. In the game, the player has to go through neon radiant circuits at the blazing speed and have to avoid them. The game is for…

11. DancePad

DancePad is popular of being one of the best rhythm game available on App store. Moonshark develops the game. It is an incredible music based platformer with eye-catching graphics and some extraordinary background beat music. If anyone love dancing and want to learn some great moves, so this the best…

12. Flying Katy- Dark Horse Edition

Flying Katy – Dark Horse Edition is a rhythm based arcade game developed by Emmanuel Maneris. The game is a real fantasy for Katy Perry fans. Although the game seems to be a copy of the most famous game Flappy Birds, but in real it is not. The game has…

13. Katy Dash

Android iOS
Katy Dash is one of the best music app available. ROARR with Katy Perry is a real fun rhythm based running challenge game. It is different from other arcade games in many ways. The game is developed by Arun C and is published by LiteScripts. It is a fruit collecting…

14. Mr Ninja – Karate Hero Rush

Mr Ninja – Karate Hero Rush is a rhythm-based action running platformer, developed and published by Appnoxious, LLC. The game is based purely on speed and precision. The player has to control the sequence of ninja character and manage it to avoid the obstacles in the way and have to…

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