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Get Sh*t Done! Works tremendously great for providing some elegant features for doing things with extreme productivity. Get Shit Done is going great to provide some elegant features for increasing the productivity of its users by staying fully motivated and functional… read more
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23 Apps Like Get Sh*t Done!


1. Productivity Challenge Timer

Productivity Challenge Timer is an amazing product which enables its users to stay focused and be more productive. Productivity Challenge Timer is a great application by AXFN, which let its users to get their best description of their selves by wasting less time, becoming more focused and productive, and so on. This application is present in the market for challenging you to stay organized by working harder and track your work habits. You can lose or earn rank depending on your performance criteria, track your productivity precisely over a span, and earn achievements for staying motivated. Productivity Challenge Timer is not an organizer, but it is used for grabbing a precise eye on projects, so you know how much time you spent on hardworking on each of your projects and during which span of the hours and week, you are at your utmost level of productivity. You can enjoy plenty of features of this app and just sharpen your skills by providing more efforts in less span. You can easily download Productivity Challenge Timer, and stay focused on things that are a part of your life.


2. Wonderful Day

Wonderful Day is another massively used application for persons who need a push on a daily basis to stay active and productive. This application allows you to be on time for each of your projects and enjoy life in a more mannerable way. Wonderful Day precisely tracks the progress of your daily life goals and activities over a particular span and allows you to track each of your work with damn ease. You can take an eye on your goal chain growing graph as you keep working on them and getting the shape. Wonderful Day is a quick and easy to use task manager which enables its users to easily add activities that you want to work on, pick the days of the week for your activity, and complete things on a daily basis for getting real-time fine results. This application has made it charming to enjoy each of your activates with more scheduling and helps you do more things in a shorter time. Wonderful Day also lets you track the chain in your activity chart grow, and you just have to keep the Red away from your progress. So just download Wonderful Day, and enjoy completing your tasks with damn success.


3. Thirty – Get Inspired

Thirty – Get Inspired is another intuitive and sleekly desired application which helps you get things faster by staying more productive and eliminate the fact of laziness. This application allows you just to stop everything and think about what you’ve done in the bygone 30 days, and what you is your strategy for the upcoming 30 days. Thirty – Get Inspired is a fine product of 2Minds Dev, which allows you to see all your challenges, challenge yourself, see your friend’s updates, and way more things for staying motivated. It lets you start challenging yourself to try fun new things with your friends, break some bad habits, and create some great habits by becoming more fertile. The best thing about this scenario is that your friends and colleagues will help you achieve your goals. Thirty – Get Inspired allows you to create 30-day challenges for the real-time and track the entire process on a daily basis through telling about your mood, taking a photo to show other about what you have done, recording shot videos and sharing if your day habits are completed or not. So just pick Thirty from the store, and stay intensive.


4. ThinkUp

ThinkUp is a fine application to get your projects and challenges done with positive affirmations. This application is working great for mobile users to stay focused on things that they are up to. This application carries hundreds of positive affirmations for you to achieve your scheduled things in a particular span. ThinkUp: Positive Affirmations is a fine product of precise wellness LLC, which enables its users to get daily motivation and relaxation, and let them stay organized for getting things done precisely. This application is providing the best mix of daily motivation, self-esteem, happiness, propriety, and health to help you stay positive on things that you are doing. ThinkUp: Positive Affirmations lets you discover real inspiration by selecting affirmations from a highly curated list or just use them as motivation. You can create your own as well to let others get recommendations from you. This application comes with inspirational music that makes the experience relaxing and enjoyable. It allows you to personalize your affirmations, set notifications and listen daily, add music, and enjoy more than 300 affirmations for almost 10 life goals. So just download ThinkUp: Positive Affirmations, and enjoy both or its free and freemium versions.


5. is another amazing stuff through which users can enjoy setting your goals and get them done with elegance. – Instant Coaching is a fine product of, which enables its user to enjoy a fine application to change your life. It lets you get started with three levels of coaching. In the Self Coaching level, you can precisely track your progress and get rewards for free. In the second coaching level named Community Coaching, you can ask questions and get rewards. While, in its Private Coaching, you can easily hire a coach starting at $14.99. – Instant Coaching is pretty much focused on helping you achieve mysteries by tracking your progress from the first day, answer your questions, and celebrate your milestones. It allows you to precisely get rewards on tracking your progress and get answers by asking questions. You can get things done in the way you want using this stunning stuff. It also delivers handful success stories of other peoples, and you can read them to stay motivated and connected. So just download – Instant Coaching, and shape your daily routine in the best way.


6. Habitica

Habitica is a widely used application enabling people that allows you to treat your life like a game to stay organized and highly motivated. This application allows you to enjoy some amazing features for getting your goals accomplished with damn intuitiveness. Habitica: Gamify Your Tasks is a fine product of HavitRPG, Inc. which enables its users to enjoy robust tracking. You can easily input your daily goals, your habits, and your to-do list and then create a custom avatar. Habitica allows you to check off your tasks and level up your avatar and unlock features each armour, skills, and even quests. It allows you to flight monster with friends to get each other compatible and use your gold for in-game exceptional rewards including equipment or custom rewards. Its custom rewards include the watching of your favourite TV show and the like. It is a flexible, social, fun, and probably the perfect way to motivate yourself for completing anything. So just download Habitica: Gamify Your Tasks, and enjoy amazing motivation for your next goal.


7. Motivation Daily and Positivity

Motivation Daily and Positivity is another application which enables its users to enjoy daily affirmations for getting their stuff done. Motivation Daily and Positivity is a useful application introduced by Murry Newlands, which enables its users to stay passionate about things that are happening in your lives. This application is just awesome for some lazy fellows out there who want just to liven up their lives. This application brings a daily dose of motivation for getting energetic to start your things with full power. Motivation Daily and Positivity provides more inspiration of getting your daily jobs whether you are prepping for a presentation at school or office, trying to kill in the gym, or acquire any help with any other kind of task. You can discover quality stuff on this application by finding inspiration messages from some well-known personalities and from Murry Newlands. So just download Motivation Daily and Positivity, and listen to some amazing speech to be motivated.


8. Habit Tracker

Habit Bull is another amazing application when it comes to getting motivated on a daily basis. Habit Bull – Habit Tracker is the most robust multi-platform companion which precisely measures your day to day habits and respective routines. It is a highly customizable application which enables its users to enjoy measuring and tracking anything and everything. Habit Bull – Habit Tracker allows you to follow your own schedule precisely and track your own goals. You can also get noticed wherever you need to have some important stuff to do. This is one of the best tools to eliminate negativity and some bad habits of your life like nail biting, drinking, and smoking too much. It keeps you accountable, and once you see the patterns, it’s damn easier to break them. It precisely keeps track of your habits, provides streak counter, and percentage successful for each habit delivers graph with success percentage, entered values and streaks, powerful reminders, home or lock screen widget support, cloud backup, dark theme, Google Fit integration, and much more. You can easily download Habit Bull – Habit Tracker to get daily motivation, finishes up some bad habits, and enjoy a well-appreciated life.


9. Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal is a widely used application which enables its users to enjoy motivation, happiness, and effectiveness with awesome technology from top researchers. Different psychologist has developed different exercise or interventions, which have been proven to increase happiness and other desirable mental behaviours. Gratitude Journal packages these stunning and useful exercises up for you so that you can incorporate them into your daily life schedule and reap all the benefits from massive psychological research. Bliss Gratitude Journal effectively schedules these exercises for completing on the recurring schedule. It is working immensely great for providing the strength to build habits of positive mental transformations. Bliss Gratitude Journal works like a daily diary or gratitude journal which allows you to record thoughts and meditations on a bygone day. Each of the journal entry allows you to increase mindfulness, built self-confidence and self-esteem, and lets you find inspiration to get things done precisely. It also goes beyond self-improvement, and self-help to allow writing exercise that has been precisely proven to work in hard scientific studies. So just download Bliss Gratitude Journal, and reviews your brain for extreme positivity.


10. Motivate: Daily Motivation

Motivate: Daily Motivation allows you to enjoy some professionally upgraded and hand-picked motivational stuff for you to enjoy things properly and with damn positivity. Motivate: Daily Motivation is the best app introduced by Brave New Logic, which allows you to have your daily dose of motivation right in the palm of your hands. It allows you to enjoy daily handpicked motivational videos, save your favourite stuff, and listen on the move with this highly sophisticated application. This application allows you to fill your personality with damn creativity and positivity by providing daily curated motivational videos from some world’s top mentors. Motivate: Daily Motivation brings handpicked motivational videos on a daily basis and never let you lose hope. It allows you to share your favourite videos with things that matter, and listen on the go with the background play. Other than these, you can save your videos to watch them later, submit your own motivational videos, get a video of the day notification, and enjoy an ad-free viewing experience. So just download Motivate: Daily Motivation, and enjoy stuff whether you are waking up, in the gym, on the go, or just need an extra dose of a boost to get through the hard day.


11. Enliven Motivational Quotes

Enliven Motivational Quotes is another intuitive application which lets you be the best you can be. Daily Motivational Quotes App is fine stuff introduced by the Enliven the Mind, which allows you to enjoy the daily motivation when you needed them the most. It is one of the best apps for getting an instant notification with its top quote feature. You can easily comment on quotes to help inspire others and share these quotes and images on Facebook, Instagram, and more. It allows you to achieve mindfulness using its meditation method, and get quotes on a daily motivation. It allows you to enjoy daily quotes when you feel down and enjoy each of your work with high motivation. Daily Motivational Quotes App delivers 365 daily motivational quotes in this free edition and allows you to access the top 1000 instant inspirational quotes for daily and immediate motivation. You can easily adjust the daily motivation time of the motivational notification and get them whenever you need. You can also save your quotes as favourites to find them conveniently, and read its extensive help sections for free. So just download Daily Motivational Quotes App, and enjoy thousands of hand-selected motivational stuff.


12. FitQuote

FitQuote is another fine application introduced by Ultabit, LLC, which enables its users to make fitness a habit with some gorgeous daily motivation and inspirational quotes. It is a lightweight application to helps you stay motivated to achieve your fitness goals by providing a new quote every day. Fitness Motivation – FitQuote provides configurable daily background quote and a collection of customizable background photos. It allows you to choose a specific background photo from the collection each day, and even choose your own background photos. Fitness Motivation – FitQuote lets you save quotes you like and enjoy them whenever you want them the most. It is free to download and used application through which you can enjoy both free as well as a premium version to enjoy each of its stuff with damn clarity. FitQuote’s premium version provides the support of quote of the day widget remove ads, and save as quote wallpaper, etc. Fitness Motivation – FitQuote has just let you stay motivated, and enjoy all your efforts with high esteem.


13. Way of Life

Way of Life is another amazing application which brings the ultimate habit builder, introduced by Ways of Life ApS. It is even recommended by Forbes, The New York Times, The Guardian, Tech Cocktail, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Lifehacker, and FastCompany, etc. Way of Life is a very useful application which allows you to invest less than a minute to identify, track and change your poor or bad habits along with the ways of life’s unique colour system. As you become more familiar with the application and the stuff that it provides, you’ll be able to spot negativity and positivity in your life. This elegant application allows you to do things with perfection and never let you lose hope by providing some boosting up content on a daily basis. Way of Life does not restrict you on what it can monitor for you. Some of its core features include the support of bar charts, achieve completed goals, note-taking capability, multiple daily remainders, backup cloud storage, unlimited items, sharing to any social media applications, and updates in less than a minute. So just download Way of Life to get the best of the bunch as well as one of the perfect application to remind you to achieve the daily targets.


14. iWish

iWish is another intuitive application which enables its users to enjoy things smartly. It is a great application which brings one of the most intuitive, smart, beautiful, and intelligent goals setting app. IWish- Life Goals, Bucket List lets its users to discover amazing life goals ideas, imagine it is possible, dream the life you want, believe in yourself, and succeed in every aspect of your lives. This application allows you to make a resolution to be happier, enrich and energies their work, and get your life healthier. This app enables you to discover from a collection of more than 700 ideas for having smart goals and funny things before you expire. iWish- Life Goals, Bucket List lets you get inspired by discovering massive ideas on wellness, travel, sports, relationships, places to see, wealth and personal development, career, and a lot of helpful tips, travel advice, interesting facts, and even steps to achieve goals. You can plan your things more intuitively and say organized with the to-dos, reminders, and priorities. It enables you to capture your dreams, goals, and achievements, and enjoy beautiful collages, shadows, and map. So just download iWish, and get motivated.


15. Strides Habit Tracker

Strides Habit Tracker is another widely used application which some with a collection of features for its entire users, introduced by Goals LLC. Strides: Habit Tracker allows you to precisely track habits and goals in one flexible platform and stays motivated with the charts, reminders, to-dos, and way many useful things. You can easily achieve your goals with a simple routine and by tracking your progress through this application to stay organized and get things on time. It is a smart habit tracker along with a precise goal tracker with reminder to keep you motivated by holding you accountable and charts. Strides: Habit Tracker is working immensely great for providing some classy features like step by step goal setting with templates, green or red paced lines to run on the track, a dashboard for tracking everything on one place, powerful and intuitive remainders, and unlimited remainder support to set yourself up for success. Strides: Habit Tracker enables you to track everything with four types including good or bad habit tracking, reach your target goal value by a specific date, complete a project on time, and daily, weekly, monthly, yearly as well as rolling average, etc.


16. Success Coach

Success Coach is one of the best application for planning and achieving the most likely and desired goals for your life. Success Coach – Goal Tracker is an amazing application introduced by Success Wizard, Inc. which enables its users to stay organized and focus on your plan to get things done on time. You can easily develop supporting routine and habits. Using this app, you can easily develop your life plans, boost your productivity, get precise results of your efforts, gain clarity, direction and focus in life, and enjoy a happier, fulfilling, and balanced lifestyle. Success Coach – Goal Tracker allows you to get the best control on your direction in life. It is life productivity and goal achievement system whose smart goal setting process allows you to focus on your most significant tasks and ignore negativity to be engaging. Its time or task management and effective action plan system keep you in control. It gets daily inquiries and end of the day reflections to keep you focused and proactive. You can easily share your tasks, actions, and goals, and have a better syncing across iOS devices. You can easily download Success Coach – Goal Tracker, and enjoy getting things done with the better organisation.


17. Shuffle My Life

Shuffle My Life is an amazing application produced by James Gadsby, which brings a fine platform to discover new things to do. Shuffle My Life – Things to do is another intuitive and widely used tool for managing your lives and all of its concerning deeds with damn precision and management. It is probably the best application to discover new places, hobbies, people, and more and precisely track your entire progress over a particular span. Shuffle My Life – Things to do lets you become a bit more social-able, spontaneous, extrovert, outgoing, and skilled just with one swipe left. It brings hundreds of tasks always with more content on the move. It also features new tasks based on weather conditions, time of day, location, and season so that you can comfortably discover, snow-based activities, summer fun, things to do outside, funny activities, or when curled up on the couch. It provides more tasks for friends, family and even for dating. So just download Shuffle My Life – Things to do to enjoy a new way of becoming sociable and more organized.


18. GoalsOnTrack

GoalsOnTrack is an intuitive application which enables its users to enjoy smart goals setting and personal productivity. GoalsOnTrack App helps you set goals, track goals, manage tasks, build habits, track time, and keep a goal journal in your pocket. GoalsOnTrack App offers a comprehensive set of tools to guide you through successful goal achieving process, creating action plans, tracking progress, keeping goals journal, to forming habits and finally achieving your goals. GoalsOnTrack App delivers one of the best ways to create smart goals to ensure your tasks and goals are measurable, realistic, specific, timely, and attainable. You can precisely convert your gigantic tasks into smaller ones by breaking complex, long, and overwhelming goals into small subgoals. It brings amazing progress tracking feature which enables you to view instant progress your tasks and goals. You can set up your tasks for your goals and track them automatically organized by categories, days, and goals. You can reach your goals quicker through its habit tracker tool, and enjoy goal journal tool to inscribe down what you did for your goals. So just download GoalsOnTrack App, if you are starting your own business, becoming more enlightened, building your own beach house, joining a gym, travelling around the world, and any other mindset.


19. ClearFocus

ClearFocus is fine stuff which allows its users to work smarter not harder, introduced by ClearFocus Team. ClearFocus: Productivity Timer is a widely used time management application which lets you stay more productive by getting things done smartly and with more elegance. It brings alternate works and breaks to skyrocket your productivity for the real-time, and lets you enjoy tracking and measuring your improvements. ClearFocus: Productivity Timer provides a sleek and attractive design and user interface which lets you focus on stuff which really matters. ClearFocus: Productivity Timer alternates multiple sessions with small breaks and lets you boost your productivity by concentrating on the work. ClearFocus: Productivity Timer is an easy to use tool to lets you keep the focus on things that are much important and let you get the best version of yourself. Clear Focus is a minimalist design with no distracting features to configure. Through its intuitive home screen widget, you can easily control ClearFocus straight from your home screen. So just download ClearFocus: Productivity Timer, and enjoy smart working.


20. Beeminder

Beeminder is another amazing and a newly developed application by The Beehive Collective of Obtuse Nerdtastic Tools. This application precisely and smartly combines monetary and self-tracking incentives to let you stick to your goals and become a bit organized. Beeminder is a great application for self-tracking persons who have a lot of choices and rather more and more options if you just want commitment devices. This application brings a powerful combination of commitment contracts and self-tracking which keeps all your data points on a Yellow Brick Road to your goal, or it takes your money if you stumble away. You just have to set a goal like cyclizing, gymming, swimming, and your contract commits you to pay off your go off track. You have to answer with your numbers when Beeminder asks, and connect a device that keeps the record of all your activities which reports it automatically. This application shows you the progress, and you can get a yellow brick road to follow to be on track. So just download Beeminder and enjoy achieving your goals in an ultimate way.


21. The Bucket List

The Bucket List is a Metosphere’s app, which enables its users to enjoy things that you love to do before you die. It allows its users to keep track of their life to-dos with the app and lets you anonymously share your app’s items with others and keep your dreams private. It is a different and quite a unique application through which you can precisely get your favourite and most likely things that you want to do before you get expired. You can easily see what others have put on their lists and be inspired. This amazing application brings more than 135,000 bucket list items and gets elegant inspiration. You can easily manage all your bucket list items like swimming with dolphins, run a marathon, go skydiving, learn to play music, get a date, open up a restaurant, enjoy a party, get precise play, have grandchildren, get a tattoo, and way more. When any of your desire thing done, it will mark it done and lets you move to the next one. Other than these, you can manage things such as bucket list of others, your info, and the addition of desires to the list with ease. So just download The Bucket List, and enjoy your next dream.


22. Incentive – Goal Tracke

Incentive – Goal Tracker is a newly developed application which enables its users to Ron Studio which enables its users to stay motivated with more elegance. As discovering motivation is a difficult task, and be motivated on a long period of time and is even harder. When users want to stay motivated for a long time, then this application provides the best strategy for getting things done. Incentive – Goal Tracker is one of the best application which enables its users to identify goals and make plans. This application allows you to focus on the plan more conveniently by breaking down the whole project, task, or the goals by breaking it down into smallest tasks. It lets you get rewards for each task you have completed. Incentive – Goal Tracker enables its users to feel motivated and never lose motivation and become more mindful of progress that you made with statics. Incentive is a flexible, simple to use and beautiful application with the completely ad-free atmosphere to enjoy completing goals in the best way. So just set a goal, make a list of reasons, break it down into smaller parts, make a list of rewards, earn points, use points to redeem rewards, and enjoy achieving goals.


23. Habitseed

Habitseed is a great application which enables its users to change any habit you ever thought of changing. This application is efficiently designed through its experiences and got together in one app with you. Habitseed is an intuitive and super easy to use the application just to select a habit you want to change and stick to it for almost 21 days. This application allows you to enjoy things properly by tracking all progress to help you stay organized. Habit seed is a super easy to use application which lets you just select a habit that you want to change. It asks you everything about your progress and if you become successful your new habit grow a wonderful tree, which is known as a symbol of strength. So like your new habit, the tree with just beginning as a small seed and then it will grow step by step. It will get stronger for every upcoming day, after a span of 21 years, it will be a big, gigantic, and mighty tree. So just download Habitseed, and start it today to be the person you always wanted to be.

More About Get Sh*t Done!

Get Sh*t Done! Works tremendously great for providing some elegant features for doing things with extreme productivity. Get Shit Done is going great to provide some elegant features for increasing the productivity of its users by staying fully motivated and functional. This application precisely improves your inner strength and discovers the best version of yourself by letting you use your motivation at the start to keep doing. Get Shit Done enables you to stop procrastination by concentrating on just one target at a time and never let you so indulged in many complex deeds. It allows you to feel the joy as well as painfully by setting your own consequences and rewards of achieving your goals. It brings different modes for different types of people and tasks. Get Shit done lets you get the sh*t done more easily by dividing them into multiple subgoals. It provides an intuitive break management system that tells you when you are actually earned to browse FB again randomly. So just download Get Shit Done app rapped with a simple, elegant, and distracting interface for tracking and achieving your goals.

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