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Ghost Detector Camera

Ghost Detector Camera is another intuitive and widely used ghost detector application. Ghost Detector Camera – scary paranormal activity sensor & spirit detector radar tool is an awesome product of Net Unlimited which brings a number of breathtaking features for its worldwide users… read more
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1. Paranormal EMF Recorder

Paranormal EMF Recorder is a widely used application introduced by Exelerus Apps developed for people with interest in the paranormal investigation and research. Paranormal EMF Recorder and Scanner brings an efficient Paranormal EMF Recorder with an easy to use electromagnetic field detection as well as monitoring. It brings real measurement through the magnetometer sensor of your mobile phone device and also lets you have automated EMF recordings for long time measurement. Paranormal EMF Recorder and Scanner analyses recorded EMF data right from within the application using interactive and intuitive charts. It offers a damn responsive user interface with the full support for all device orientations and screen sizes. Paranormal EMF Recorder and Scanner also brings simulated measurements of EMF strength in all three directions, a diagram showing the real-time EMF strength, and gauge showing the EMF magnitude measurements. The developers of this app work so hard to make it so elegant and useful and make Paranormal EMF Recorder and Scanner app as good as possible. There are lot more interesting things in this paranormal recorder app, so just download it to get the hell of features of this app.


2. EVP Recorder

EVP Recorder is one of the most advanced EVP recorders that can be downloaded from the store for free. There are almost more than 600,000 downloads of this superb EVP recording application since its release in 2014. EVP Recorder is an intuitive application introduce by AppyDroid which brings a number of intuitive features for detecting the paranormal activities. This app provides all the features right on its smooth interface, and you can almost reach everywhere from this application. It allows you to start, pause, and stop recording with one touch of the finger right from this application. It provides a feature of playback pitch that can easily be increased and decreased with simple swipes. This feature helps you decide how fast or slow you have to play the sound that you have recorded along with the EVP recording. EVP Recorder is a lightweight application with a robust EVP recorder which has been working for you like a charm and records EVP’s whenever they happen and doesn’t when they don’t. EVP Recorder provides precise information about all the EVP information so that you can get better information.


3. Ghost Detector Radar camera

Ghost Detector Radar camera is a superb product of Net Unlimited, which bring an awesome paranormal spirit communication app. This application brings more ease of getting Ghost in your area or in the area which seems to have these spirits. Ghost Detector Radar camera is an effective tool that helps you find the ghost using your mobile phone. This application has effectively eliminated the need for using some costly and heavy gadgets and tools for detecting ghosts and other presences. Ghost Detector Radar camera allows you to discover ghosts and communicate with them for the real-time using this groundbreaking free ghost detecting application. It is probably the only application which allows you to talk with spirits and provides damn authenticity for discovering real ghosts when they are at the scene. Ghost Detector Radar camera is a simple to use application where you have to start the app, walk around to find the ghosts and type your question and wait for the answer from the spirit or the ghosts that you encounter. So just download Ghost Detector Radar camera app and enjoy the experience of talking with ghosts.


4. PAIRS Spirit Box

PAIRS Spirit Box is an intuitive and easy to use paranormal application developed by Spain Paranormal. The paranormal researchers from three countries including Spain, UK, and India join hands for the first time ever to bring you the ITC research application. PAIRS Spirit Box is efficiently created by sole seekers the of UK, Spain paranormal, and the Parapsychology and Investigation Research Society, India. This application is coded and developed by Brain Holloway and Javier Sanz, and the banks in the application include audio from one of the most ancient manuscripts of Hinduism. PAIRS Spirit Box can be used in three ways or modes such as using Bank A, Bank B and Bank A + Bank B. Rather than this, you can also set sweep speed manually with the minus and plus button from 23ms to 1000ms as well as press Auto button for random sweep rate. PAIRS Spirit Box also provides a Record button that calls your device’s camera and enables you to take a video with audio of your session. You can enhance your future ghosts and spirits investigations using PAIRS Spirit Box right from your mobile phone.


5. Ghost Radar®: CLASSIC

Ghost Radar®: CLASSIC is an amazing application used by millions of users from all over the world to detect the paranormal activities. Ghost Radar®: CLASSIC is developed by Spud Pickles, which allows you to measure and monitor paranormal activities by making a number of readings on your device. It is quite a different tool which sets itself apart from some traditional paranormal equipment which can be fooled when the mundane bursts of normal energy take place. Ghost Radar®: CLASSIC precisely enables its users to analyses the readings and get indication only when the interesting patterns in the reading have been made. You can precisely get all the useful information about the paranormal activities that you encounter. It also includes a voice as well which precisely let you know when interesting words can be detected. This is the classic version of the original Ghost Radar application with ordinary features. This version of ghost radar application has an attractive number of users which enjoy precise paranormal activities detection. Ghost Radar®: CLASSIC is easily be installed, and users can enjoy this app fully without any subscription or other embedded charges.


6. EVP Recorder – Spotted Ghosts

EVP Recorder – Spotted Ghosts is an amazing application and one of the handiest and easy to use tool when you are doing any ghosts hunting and paranormal activities. EVP Recorder – Spotted Ghosts is a great application for psychic and paranormal researchers. It has millions of downloads and an attractive number of daily users. It provides an amazing and intuitive EVP analyzer where you can enhance the experience of your paranormal and spirit analyzing and monitoring. You can even change the pitch as well as the speed of your recordings and easily sets starts or stop positions for the playback as well. You can easily record things that you encounter in any paranormal area, and easily access all your recording (in 3gp) into its recording folder. EVP Recorder – Spotted Ghosts brings so many features which help you record spirit happenings with ease and precision. It also provides a help button which contains a link to its latest tutorial videos on the Youtube. So just download EVP Recorder – Spotted Ghosts and for an attractive subscription to enjoy this app fully.


7. Ghost Detect Pro

Ghost Detect Pro is another widely used application which allows its users to use their mobile phone sensor to detect the sources of variable magnetic emissions. This app indicates the presence of paranormal activities and stuff around to some extent. Ghost Detect Pro is a fine application developed by Atlantida Apps, which allows its users to enjoy the tool for detecting paranormal stuff including ghosts, spirits, and other paranormal things. Ghost Detect Pro will precisely show the green dot on the radar if it encounters any nearby magnetic emission. It precisely allows you to detect all the happenings around through its reading. It provides a detection range as well which varies between 0 and 30 feet approximately, depending on the mobile device. The level of user experience and its elegance depends on the nature of mobile phone that you have. You can easily detect all the unseen things around and detects the presence of paranormal stuff with ease. So just download Ghost Detect Pro and detect the ghost around you with real accuracy.


8. Ghost Sensor

Ghost Sensor is another fine application used for finding ghosts with the damn new EM4 algorithm, introduced by Nextep Ent. This ghost detecting application has millions of downloads and is working as probably one of the most accurate apps for Android as well as iOS devices. This application always hunts the ghosts if they were around. Ghost Sensor – EM4 Detector allows you to transform your mobile phone into an extremely talented ghost detecting tool and take your mobile phone and follow the signal where it is the strongest. It is a superb application for ghost hunters and investigators who can precisely get to know all the paranormal activities precisely. Ghost Sensor – EM4 Detector is an elegant application which is working immensely great for ghost radars, trackers, camera detector, EVP tools, and more to provide more than one functionalities under one platform. It provides more accurate and sensitive algorithm than any of its counterparts. Ghost Sensor – EM4 Detector also enables anyone to measure the nature of the paranormal stuff as well. So just download Ghost Sensor – EM4 Detector and start an outstanding paranormal investigator experience.


9. Ghost Hunter M2

Ghost Hunter M2 provides one of the widely used paranormal investigation toolkit that helps you get paranormal stuff with precision and accuracy. Ghost Hunter M2 is a fine application developed by Michael Weber which brings some classy paranormal discovering features for the worldwide users. It is a great application for ghost investigators and spirit hunters where they can precisely get professional features right in the palm of their hands. This app uses advanced technology, and these minimal features don’t intimidate you. Ghost Hunter M2 provides a great toolkit which has been specially designed for both the novice as well as advanced paranormal investigators. This app is efficiently designed to aid you so that you can easily detect the presence of ghosts and spirits around you and be aware of all the unusual happenings. This app brings with a number of handy features through which you can easily enjoy all your desired paranormal features right from your mobile phone. So just download Ghost Hunter M2 to get its full features.


10. Ghost Radar®: LEGACY

Ghost Radar®: LEGACY is an improved version of Ghost Radar application with more enhanced features for its worldwide users. Ghost Radar®: LEGACY is a product of Spud Pickles, which allows its users to enjoy the creativity of detecting paranormal activities. It is an improved version of a widely used app named Ghost Radar which came with the Classic version. It allows you to do the precise reading when you encounter any paranormal activity and detects paranormal stuff by doing numerous reading on your mobile phones. This application brings more accuracy and ease of using all its paranormal features right in your palm. It provides accurate reading after analyzing the paranormal readings and other indications from paranormal stuff. This is more improved and a legacy version of the original Ghost Radar application which allows you to enjoy extra features and more exactitudes for getting all your paranormal stuff done. But on the same end, it doesn’t provide any accuracy guarantee as well as any warranty. If you love Ghost Radar®: Classic, then just download Ghost Radar®: LEGACY application to enjoy lot more features for doing the same thing from your mobile phones.


11. Ultimate EMF Detector Free

Ultimate EMF Detector Free is another intuitive application which brings some classy features for EMF detecting. Ultimate EMF Detector Free is a fine product of MRE Programming, which is as accurate as the sensor of your smartphone. It provides both free and pro version, while its free version allows you to enjoy Magnetic Field B in MicroTesla, Gauss, and milligauss. It has auxiliary field H in ampere per meter, keeps screen ON button, and XYZ max-min and graph, etc. Ultimate EMF Detector Free also provides recording features as well so that you can easily save your data live on the text file for lateral use on any other device. This feature requires your permission to write and read on external storage. It is a classic EMF reader with the LEDs and needle. While on the other hand, its pro version includes ads-free atmosphere, recorder feature with timer, the screen on button, availability of a few skins and backgrounds for the detection, and precise sound notifications for sudden EMD changes. Ultimate EMF Detector Free allows you to detect metals, electromagnetic fields, and device to amaze your friends with what your smartphone can do.


12. Ghost Vision Camera

Ghost Vision Camera is another paranormal detection tool with some great features for ghost lovers from all over the world. It is a powerful application that allows you to use this app for detecting the paranormal activities using your mobile phone. Ghost Vision Camera is a great app for ghost hunters or fun app for amateurs. This ghost hunting application is not for capturing ghosts, but it is a tool that changes your vision. It brings the vision of ghosts and spirits in RGB mode as well as in Monochrome mode so that you can easily detect their presence. It brings real-time EMF on the screen for ghost investigation and hunting. Ghost Vision Camera allows you to have the fun of taking pics of ghosts and spirits through its vision camera. This ghost detection is an easy to use application which allows you to enjoy all these features without any professional skill that some professional paranormal specialists have. You just have to download Ghost Vision Camera to enjoy all these features for free.


13. Paranormal Window

Paranormal Window is an intuitive application for people who are looking for the proof to paranormal activities such as bigfoot, UFOs, ghosts, and extraterrestrial life. It is a widely used application which enables its users to open their eyes to the world of the unknown. Paranormal Window is a fine application introduced by Hnatch through which everyone can precisely get ghost theory news, mysterious universe podcasts, ghosts photos, national paranormal association support, third phase of moon videos and more right on your mobile phones. Paranormal Window is an attractive application which provides an amazing collection of true stories regarding the paranormal stuff around. It provides the latest and the most authentic news from some well-known resources including the paranormal realm discussing haunting, bigfoot, UFOs, cryptids, extraterrestrial life, and ghosts. The content that Paranormal Window provides comprises news, videos, audio podcasts, and photos that you would love. So just download Paranormal Window app to get the legitimacy of ghosts and spirits right from your mobile phone.


14. Ghost Observer

Ghost Observer is an intelligent application and an entertaining camera tool which precisely shows ghosts in an augmented reality experience around you. Ghost Observer is a great application that includes some outstanding sound effects so that you can easily listen to what the animated ghosts are saying or you can even ask them any questions that you want to ask. This application is probably the best application which should be used for entertainment purposes and does not claim the scientific accuracy. Ghost Observer is not so authentic, but let you have great fun with paranormal stuff around. It allows you to track the ghost near you from its intuitive radar and allows you to have the authentic experience of having the ghosts for the real-time. Ghost Observer also provides ghosts data so that you can easily get to know some specific things about the ghosts. So just download Ghost Observer to get the best paranormal experience by turning the sound on and use this app when it is dark.


15. Ghosthunting Toolkit

Ghosthunting Toolkit is another amazing application that strives to give hobbyist and pros alike real tools for the paranormal activities and investigations. Ghost hunting Toolkit is a famous application developed by Pocket Splash Games. It does not build in gimmicks or wrong reading exclusively for entertainment propose. This version of Ghosthunting Toolkit features a ground-up and re-design of the user’s interface. This app has efficiently improved the users experience while keeping all the features and tools its investigators have to appreciate. Ghosthunting Toolkit also provides a night version mode as well which converts the screen to red tones to help preserve night vision during the light outs investigations. Ghosthunting Toolkit is professional level stuff for the casual hobbyists and professional paranormal investigators. This superb paranormal activity detecting application puts the power to investigate the paranormal stuff right from this app in their pockets. It is an all in one ghost and spirit hunting solution for making precise detections. Ghosthunting Toolkit is a handy supplement to your full paranormal investigation kit. So just download Ghost hunting Toolkit to have the real charm of entertainment.


16. TRS Ghost Finder

TRS Ghost Finder is a fine application which efficiently transforms your mobile phones into a very simple yet powerful ghost detector through which you have quality stuff. TRS Ghost Finder – Radar is a TwoRobotsStudio’s production which allows you to find a spooky and exciting world of spirits right from your mobile phones. It efficiently developed special algorithms and put them in the app to precisely detect the change in local and ambient electromagnetic field. TRS Ghost Finder – Radar also takes audible frequencies as well to discover any abnormalities in the region which seems to have these spirits. This application is used immensely great for locating the abnormalities so that you can easily check and measure paranormal activities with precision. After the installation of this app, and if you discover something, then the capture button can be pressed, and the activity indicator lights up. It delivers quite a great user experience, and its user experience depends on the nature of the device that you use. You can download TRS Ghost Finder – Radar app for free, and enjoy its continuous developing features.

More About Ghost Detector Camera

Ghost Detector Camera is another intuitive and widely used ghost detector application. Ghost Detector Camera – scary paranormal activity sensor & spirit detector radar tool is an awesome product of Net Unlimited which brings a number of breathtaking features for its worldwide users. This is a super precise tool that allows you to detect things in a quite accurate way. This superb ghost detector application exactly tells you if there is any ghost or other paranormal activities around you. Ghost Detector Camera – scary paranormal activity sensor & spirit detector radar tool is pocketed with some quality features that allow you to get your paranormal activities done with accuracy. Some of its exiting features include ghost detector using real EMF waves, stunning animated graphics, high-quality sound and use your mobile phone’s camera to detect the ghosts. It brings an outstanding user experience. You just have to start this app for detecting the sequence and start walking slowly in the red alert area. You can pan your device from right to left and keep an eye on the ghost proximity indicator. So just download Ghost Detector Camera app to start the fun.