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Gigabook is an elegant tool which takes the management of your business to the next level by providing tons of extraordinary features for online scheduling. Gigabook is your online assistant presented in the market by Gigabook Inc. which helps you as well as your business to stay organized, become more efficient, close your bookings, reduce your efforts and cost, and save much of your resources and time… read more
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1. Setmore Appointments

Setmore Appointments is an elegant tool through which you can not only schedule your entire business through the app but also book multiple appointments right from your mobile devices. Setmore Appointments – Appointment Scheduling App was presented in the market by SetMore Inc., which brings a free, amazing designed, and extra elegant online scheduling platform. You can intuitively book your appointments in just a few taps, manage multiple staff calendars over one account, access customer data at your fingertips, and do much else. Setmore Appointment Scheduling app provides you a free to use online booking page to share with your customers over your own social platforms or your websites for letting them book appointments with you. Setmore Appointments – Online customer booking app lets you make up to 4 profiles for the staff in its free version and more than 20 in its premium version. You can take appointment through your website, or even online. Set More Appointment Scheduling app makes it easy to create a free account and book your first appointment in seconds or minutes. Setmore Appointments – Appointment Scheduling App is an all in one solution for booking appointments, accessing customer lists, get push notifications, intuitive syncing of data in your devices, and tap through staff schedules in a way like never before.


2. Deputy

Deputy is an elegant tool where you can enjoy creating as well as publishing upcoming schedules in some simple clicks and enjoy scheduling your desired things flawlessly. Deputy: Shift Scheduler & Staff Planner app was presented in the market by, which brings an exceptional tool for providing you an exclusive workforce management solution for shift planning and scheduling. There are more than 90K businesses in over 80 coteries which are using the app for the scheduling the work of their employees, time and attendance tracking, team communication panel, performance management, and team task management according to their nature of work. Deputy: Shift Schedule Maker app allows you to create cost-effective, reasonable, and highly sophisticated roasters in seconds using the device. Deputy – Employee scheduling made easy app allows you to publish the personalized shift information to your team through email, push notification, or the SMS. Deputy app helps employees to get shift work calendar, manage their time off and availability, clock in and out of work instantly, see important company updates and view all the upcoming shifts in one place. Other than these, Deputy: Shift Scheduler and Staff Planner App allows you to open shifts intuitively by push alerts, approve leaves, instantly manage team communications, get greater insights, connect with your existing apps, instantly approve employee shift swaps and drops, and grab the control of business elegantly.


3. Square Appointments

Square Appointments brings everything required for managing and running your business right using your mobile devices, no matter where you are. Square Appointments – Booking and Scheduling is a great solution introduced in the market by Square, Inc. brings the functionality of online booking (that’s easy for your customers), POS that tracks the customer details, and simple, secure and fast payment system for everyone uses the app. Square Appointments app allows you to manage and grow your business online by getting things done online or through mobile phone. You can intuitively set and see your scheduled appointments at a glance and check out the clients and the accept payments flawlessly. You can grow your business with ultimate online booking, no matter what is the time of the day. Square Appointments – Booking and Scheduling App carries everything required for running your business online from anywhere you want. Every individual can freely run your business, but the sole proprietors only pays for the processing. It carries an online booking site which does not let you handle or buy anything regarding the interaction panel of clients. Square Appointments – Booking and Scheduling App allows you to easily take, accept, and manage bookings from the app and use its dashboard to turn on bookings with the Maps, Instagram, Google search, and more.


4. Appointfix

Appointfix is an elegant tool which makes it handy and accessible to schedule appointments, add useful notes and services in an intuitive way. Appointfix: Appointment Book app was presented in the market by Mobiversal Inc. which brings a modern appointment scheduling book which syncs across all of your mobile devices so that you can access your crucial content whenever you want. It brings fast and intuitive scheduling so that you can intuitively create, update, and view appointments in a breeze, no matter where you are. It is not just an appointment book but helps you reduce missed appointments and lost revenue by using up to the mark text reminders. Appointfix – Reduce client no-shows today app allows you to flip through your appointment calendar with the Day, three day, month, week, and mini month views, etc. You can intuitively describe your service by setting the duration and price or even personalize them with colors. You can intuitively search for your clients in the search box and get their history or upcoming appointments. Appointfix app also brings intuitive notes, and you can even keep track of all your personal and work appointments under one platform. Appointfix: Appointment Book is a free to use appointment scheduling tool for any of your desired range of business with the repetitive client base.


5. Schedulista

Schedulista is an elegant online scheduling booking app which provides easy and intuitive scheduling for your business, whether it is small, medium, or large. Schedulista Online Scheduling, Appointment Booking is an exclusive app presented in the market by Schedulista Inc., which allows you to schedule your desired stuff in a breeze and manage them in your own way. The app allows you to manage your business and let your customers book their desired things from the website 24-hours a day. It is a lightweight app which allows you to bring the entire schedule with you for all the time, manage your appointments online, monitor the calendars on the go, and even contact your customers right away. Schedulista Online Scheduling app allows you to grab or manage one calendar or even the entire staff right under one platform. Schedulista – Appointment Booking App carries 24/7 support, amazing online booking page, reduce appointment no-shows, multiple staff support, elegant scheduling options, custom fields, credit card capture, email marketing, calendar sync, analytics, availability setting support, and hell more features for its worldwide customers. Schedulista Online Scheduling, Appointment Booking is an up to the mark app perfect for hair stylists, salons and barbers, massage therapists, personal trainers, chiropractors, spas, mobile business, tattoo artists, pet grooming, accountants, therapists, and various other business which deals with online scheduling and booking.


6. BookedIN

BookedIN is an elegant tool which enables its worldwide users to enjoy their work day and even save much of their healthy or crucial time by automating all of those hectic appointments scheduling tasks. BookedIN: Appointment Scheduling & Reminders is a fine tool developed in the market by BookedIN Inc. which allows you to save time by booking your entire appointments online and through your cell phone. You can instantly get paid through PayPal or credit card and stay on task with its handy notifications. It allows you to get control of your entire busy calendar and reduce shows with automatic client reminders. BookedIN – Appointment Scheduler app enables client bookings, getting clients to confirm their appointments, sending reminders, collecting deposit payments, rescheduling their services, keeping their team organized, and enable cancellations anytime, anywhere. BookedIN – Appointment Booking and Reminders app contain a robust appointment scheduler for you and your entire crew. Booked IN Appointment Scheduler app allows you to get automatic text messaging and email reminders, automatic payment receipts, collect deposit payments through reliable resources, get the database notes and history of clients, and keeps your entire data secure. Some of the web functionalities of BookedIN: Appointment Scheduling and Reminders app include client invoicing and auto refunds, custom client reminder emails, appointment booking buttons, personal calendar sync, custom appointment booking form fields, unlimited user login accounts, and hell more options.


7. Booksy BIZ

Booksy BIZ is an elegant appointment scheduling tool which brings you as well as your customers together over an elegant scheduling system. Booksy BIZ: Online Booking app was presented in the market by Booksy International which allows you to control your business and get 24/7 booking online through your worldwide customers. The app allows you to watch your day fill up with appointments, get detailed insights about your business, make attraction with your clients, remain in the loop, and manage your business effortlessly. Booksy BIZ app is designed elegantly to give you the charge over your business by saving much of your time and efforts. Booksy BIZ: Online Booking app allows you to access and manage your clients right over its calendar in any time of the day so that they can book your free slots if you are on another work. You can intuitively learn what the particular day holds for you right over its calendar and helps you in managing and modifying your schedules without any prior work or efforts. Booksy BIZ: Online Booking app contains a massive amount of exceptional features which makes your professional life way easier, simple, and focused than ever.


8. Schedule Anyone

Schedule Anyone elegantly manages your entire business, anytime, anywhere right over your mobile devices so that you can market yourself over the website of your own. Schedule Anyone app is an easy to use application which allows you to add your desired number of appointments and manage them in the way you want. The app contains templates available for spas, personal trainers, fitness classes, doctors, tutoring, music lessons, carpet cleaning, pool cleaning, plumbing, mad services, tour groups, tattoos, realtors, landscaping, and various other professionals services or businesses. You can intuitively check your schedule and even add appointments from anywhere anytime, from any device. Schedule Anyone app makes it so easy to set custom times (regarding service time, finish out time, and processing time, etc.) and pricing for services, along with a predefined set of business rules that you need. All your customers can elegantly place their most likely appointments, which can then managed by you. Schedule Anyone allows you to save money with your credit card processing, save time with interactive reports, support of multiple merchant accounts and allows multiple users to process transactions securely. You can download the Schedule Anyone app for free to schedule your appointments in a way like never before.


9. Ovatu Manager

Ovatu Manager is an easy to use app which allows you to stay on top of your appointments with its simple and straightforward scheduling tools. Ovatu Manager – Online Scheduling is a fine tool presented in the market by Ovatu Pty Ltd, which allows you to manage, monitor and access all the scheduling regarding your business, no matter it’s small, medium or big. You can precisely enter your desired timetables for once and never have to worry about refining or to update it again and again until something changes. It allows you to have all your schedules lists over your website showing f there are still any further spaces available or not. Ovatu Manager – Online Scheduling app allows you to intuitively set monthly or annual passes for the presented sessions and remind clients when they are up for the renewal. You can intuitively book single, group, or multiple appointments to suit your business needs and get its automated reminders with minimize no-show. You can make Ovatu Manager as the POS with fill check out abilities by creating invoices from the reservation p[age, email receipts, rebook the next appointments, and record payments on the move. So just grab Ovatu Manager – Online Scheduling app from the stores and schedule everything about your personal or private business in an elegant way.


10. myShiftWork

myShiftWork is an easy to use yet an engaging platform through which you can plan, manage, monitor, and schedule your entire shifts in just a few taps. myShiftWork: Shift Work Calendar, Plan & Schedule is a fine tool presented in the market by Vozye Pty Ltd, which professionally solves all your problem by letting you create custom work shifts along with customizable colors, icons, and labels and you can then add them over your calendar with just a single tap. It allows you to add an unlimited number of shifts as per day and even set up a shift rotation and then apply it over your shift work calendar effortlessly and instantly. My Shift Work Planner makes it so easy to create unlimited shifts, add shifts to the calendar, get upcoming shift work widget, set up customized shift rotations, and share your shifts with your desired folks around. My Shift Work: Shift Work Calendar, Plan and Schedule app makes it easy to view your work shifts in an amazingly designed calendar view or even in a handy list format. The app allows you to add personalized notes over your shifts, reminders for shifts, see your schedules in the calendar, enter your hourly rate, add unlimited shifts per day (Pro Feature), and indicate the vacation days with the holiday icon as well. MyShiftWork – Shift Work Schedule Planner is an up to the mark scheduling tool for doctors, security guards, military, police and firefighters, students and teachers, taxi or Uber drivers, paramedics, therapists, salon and spa managers, cleaners, laborers, shipping and warehouse staff, pest control workers, construction workers, and more.


11. Cloze Relationship Management

Cloze Relationship Management is an intuitively used app which is providing its services as your personal assistance for all your professional relationships that is always endorsing you on the right moment and remembering you what you often don’t. Cloze Relationship Management – Smart CRM, Inbox and Contacts app was created in the market by Cloze Inc. which lets you learn who is significant for you and your team which remembers all the business handling that you often forget. The app brings smart Artificial Intelligence to make sure you never miss updates and brings automatic reminders, team collaboration and analytics, and one unified view of all your communication and contacts. Cloze Relationship Management – Smart CRM, Inbox and Contacts app which automatically reminds you when it is time to reach out the key people, see a change to email signatures, and intuitively links agenda items to the mentioned companies and people. Other than these, the Cloze app contains one precise view for all your emails, calls and SMS, Files, messages, calendar, and social activities over Facebook, Twitter, and more. It brings unified contact management by bringing all your contacts, into one place and keep them up to date. Cloze Relationship Management – Smart CRM, Inbox, and Contacts app brings loads of exclusive features for all the managers and entrepreneur.


12. Reservio Business

Reservio Business is an intuitively used appointment scheduling as well as event booking software for the wellbeing industry. Reservio Business – Appointment Scheduling app was presented in the market by Reservio Inc. which allows you to manage appointments or book events in a super simple way. You can effectively schedule your desired meetings using its straightforward process and manage them in your own way. The app is available in more than 13 languages for more than 70 business categories such as beauty salons, spas, cleaning, yoga centers, doctors, masseuses, and various others. The app has made it so easy to schedule events, bookings, and appointments regarding your business right using your mobile phone. Reservio Business – Appointment Scheduling App intuitively brings the feature of sending SMS and email booking reminders and even accept online bookings from the website 24/7. You can even take appointments from Facebook or other social platforms as well. It allows you to access the entire booking history or the customer contacts and manages passes, memberships, and vouchers. It syncs the data between your personal Reservio or even the Google Calendar. So just grab Reservio Business – Appointment Scheduling App from the store to keep track and boost your sales and business performance in a way like never before.


13. Microsoft Bookings

Microsoft Bookings is an exclusive tool through which users can effortlessly book their desired schedules in a way to manage their business whenever they want. Microsoft Bookings app is a great tool presented in the market by one of the world’s famous Microsoft Corporation, which brings a one shop stoop for keeping the appointments of all your customer. It is an intuitive appointment booking and scheduling app which manages and monitors your bookings, your customers, and your staff in an excellent way. Microsoft Bookings app never lest you miss your significant updated and appointments regarding your customers and you’ll have fever no-shows as well. The app helps you in managing and accessing the calendar in the way you want. You can effortlessly create bookings and make changes to the existing ones on the move. It allows you to see the availability of your team members and enables you to respond to your customers as quickly and instantly as possible. The app allows you to manage and modify the list of your customers in the way you want. So just download Microsoft Bookings app from the stores for free to boost the productivity of your business through its ultimate way of appointment scheduling.


14. Visibook

Visibook is an elegantly designed appointment scheduler, appointment booking, and calendar for services businesses app for all the businesspersons or their clients. Visibook Appointment Scheduler & SMS text reminder is a marvelous app designed by Visibook Inc. which brings one of the most handy, super accessible and easy to use scenario of scheduling the clients and sending reminders right through the app. It is helping loads of worldwide folks for improving their work efficiency and task management without any interruptions to customer notifications. Visibook allows all your customers to book your services with ease. Visibook – Appointment Scheduler brings an easy to handle appointment calendar, which sends the reminders for appointments and confirms to your clients automatically. Visibook – Business, Client Reminder app carries the support of two-way Google calendar syncing, which allows you to work using your personal schedule manager and never duplicate your data again. Visibook Appointment Scheduler brings a daily planner and organizer which intuitively transform into a client app. Visibook Appointment Scheduler and SMS Text Reminder allows you to enjoy scheduling things through the app or even through the web browser and free yourself up to manage more of things that you often love to do on a regular basis.


15. Squeegee

Squeegee is a superb tool which allows its worldwide users to get this must-have scheduler tool for managing their business online, no matter whether they are housekeepers, gardeners, window cleaners, carpet cleaners or provide any other service through mobile. Squeegee – Work Planning, Invoicing & Payments app was presented in the market by NexDynamic Inc. which enables users to boost the productivity of their business, get the insights of their business health, manage their expenses, and assign or share work to other users intuitively. Squeegee® – Work Planner app allows you to instantly see which time or days you will be busy or just swipe for instant actions as well. You can quickly manage your customers and see who owes you money and effortlessly built new appointments as well. You can plan your way to the jobs and clients or even monitor how far away your customers are. Squeegee – Booking, Planning & Payments allows you to effortlessly manage your routes and see which jobs are due and which is overdue, and even track how much revenue is earned. It allows you to manage the services that you are offering, and you can even add new services and rename the existing services and watch the earned revenue flawlessly. Squeegee – Work Planning, Invoicing, and Payments app allows you to access your entire content from multiple devices. Squeegee – Booking, Planning, and Payments is an all in one place for managing your customers, work planners, day pilot, invoices, payments, revenues, and more about business.


16. AppointmentPlus

AppointmentPlus is an efficient business appointments scheduling tool which intuitively schedules anything you want right from your mobile phone. AppointmentPlus is an easy to use application which contains an elegant UI for creating, managing, and updating your appointments. You need to create an account to login here, and if you already have an AppointmentPlus account, then you can visit its site to learn more and even to start a free trial session. The app intuitively set up in minutes and does not need any credit card or obligation requirements. You can effortlessly create, update, view, or cancel appointments, customers, and even the reserve times. Appointment Plus app makes it so effortless to view your entire details of the customers while viewing their appointment history. You can link out to the map of your client’s locations and send a reminder and send them through emails. You can instantly move between multiple appointments and reserve times while viewing the day and list view or even between plenty of customers over the client list. It helps you manage and view the appointment history either from the customer record or the customer information view, inside the appointment detail view. Other than these, AppointmentPlus supports multiple appointments, support sub-categories, add pets or children to existing clients, creation and updating of appointments and various other features for free.

More About Gigabook

Gigabook is an elegant tool which takes the management of your business to the next level by providing tons of extraordinary features for online scheduling. Gigabook is your online assistant presented in the market by Gigabook Inc. which helps you as well as your business to stay organized, become more efficient, close your bookings, reduce your efforts and cost, and save much of your resources and time. The app has made it super simple and easy to manage your entire business as well as all the concerned clients from anywhere around the world. Giga Book app allows you to add, complete, schedule, and reschedule your projects from your tablets, desktops, and mobile phones. This elegant app takes your to-do lists to the ultimate height with notifications, color-coded projects, ultimate reminders, and priority levels. Gigabook precisely monitors your to-do and projects with the due days, recurring due dates, start or end dates, and view or organize them for the week, days, and the month ahead. You can even share your projects, add comments, and assign tasks right within the app and enjoy consistent and seamless syncing with third-party calendars such as Apple, Outlook, Exchange, Office 365, and Google. So just grab Gigabook app from the store and enjoy managing your business with an ultimate online assistant.