12 Apps Like Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is an all-in-one complete system cleaner and performance booster app for the mobile phones that is built-in with the superb set of tools. It essentially enables the mobile phone users to scan their mobile for unwanted files speedily and also junk files that are slowing down its performance. When scanning, the smartphone users can individually or collectively remove all these files and can boost their smart device. Glary Utilities is an intelligent cleaning master that offers the other essential features and functions as well. The key features that can manage the smartphone users by utilizing the Glary Utilities are quick clean, ability to eliminate unwanted processes, removing junk files without removing the necessary files, task killer, increase memory, frees up system RAM, and also keeps the privacy in an efficient method. Glary Utilities also have the system of management that permits the user to view the installed applications according to their size and version. The users can easily uninstall all those apps that are unneeded and are managing the performance and space of the mobile phone.

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1. AVG Cleaner

AVG Cleaner is a free cleaning-up app that gives the step by step guide to the mobile phone users to scan and identifies those undesirable and spam files that are managing the space of the cell phone and gradually slowing down the functionality of the mobile phones too. When the…

2. AIO Clean

AIO Clean is a standard cleaner and RAM cleaner that is one of the most useful smartphone optimizer, speed booster, memory cleaner and cache cleaning application. This application is a master in improving the performance of the smartphone up to sixty percent than the existing one. By utilizing this application,…

3. CM Speed Booster

CM Speed Booster is a small app you can use for clean-up cache and garbage files from the mobile phones. It’s an app that is also useful for solving the other problems of cell phones as well. The exciting features of CM Speed Booster are all availability of junk cleaner,…

4. Just Cleaner

Junk cleaner is a trash file cleaning app that allows the mobile phone users to remove only all harmful and junk files. By doing so, the mobile users can find the very best speed and even boost the performance of their devices as well. In addition to detaching the junk…

5. Clean Master

Clean Master is a smartphone optimizer and cleaner that is utilized to clean unused, undesired and extra files. This app is also used to remove the search history of all installed browsers along with other credentials that may be tracked by the external factors to evaluate the activities of the…

6. SD Maid

SD Maid is a mobile phone management and also cleaning application utilized for controlling the clean, neat and genuine environment of a smartphone. It is an app that’s also useful for scanning pictures directories, files, and apps that you do not identify and that are running in the background and…

7. Cleaner – Master Booster Pro

Cleaner – Master Booster Pro is known as a memory booster, video game booster, and junk cleaning app that make it simple for the mobile phone users to speed up their cell phones by 80% and also save the battery storage as well. This app can be utilized for cleaning…

8. Power Clean – Optimize Cleaner

Power Clean – Optimize Cleaner is a small but impressive cleaner and booster that’s built-in with the tools of memory booster, mobile phone manager, trash cleaner, and app manager. The robust and straightforward to use cleaning and improving the interface of this app allow the mobile end users to find…

9. Smart Booster

Smart Booster is a free cleaner and mobile phone optimizer which is beneficial for cleaning cache and also cleaning system. It is one of the most useful optimization tools which is built-in with the features of RAM booster, Cache cleaner, SD card cleaner, and advanced application manager. RAM boost system…

10. DU Speed Booster

DU Speed Booster is the mobile phone booster along with battery optimizing app. It is a must have application for the mobile users to get back the real performance of the phone by cleaning up the junk files plus protecting the entire device from the undesirable files and viruses. It…

11. SuperB Cleaner

SuperB Cleaner is an efficient and easy-to-use app to optimize the performance of the mobile phones by cleaning up the memory and also making cell phone faster without deleting the important files and also programs. This app just allows the users get rid of those unneeded processes that are decreasing…

12. CCleaner

CCleaner is the best app for smartphone users to remove all sort of undesired files and to obtain a free space on the mobile phones. By utilizing CCleaner, cellular phone users can monitor the system activities and ensures the security of their data as well. Along with improving and cleaning,…

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