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GO Keyboard is an application that replaces the conventional keyboard on Android with a more up to date one that is less demanding to utilize and has more elements. This can enhance how you write and function. Among the numerous features in GO Keyboard, you can discover support for a broad range of dialects… read more
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8 Apps Like Go Keyboard for iOS


1. Themeboard

Themeboard is a first since forever uncommon keyboard that contains the two essential elements first to give the cell phone clients an extraordinary style of keyboard and them permitting it different planning devices and representations to rapidly make his own particular keyboard subjects too. It is a fresh out of the box new application that notwithstanding giving its own default keyboard give the clients the apparatuses to create their own particular customized keyboard also for their cell phone. The best about this application is that when contrasted with the other conventional keyboard supplier that in spite of the fact that give the arrangement of customization, Themeboard is distinctive as its method for providing outlining instruments, topics, foundation and backdrops is entirely novel. It is a thoroughly shiny new keyboard where you will get the keyboard for your cell phone as per your own particular prerequisite. The fundamental specialized elements of Themeboard are accessible for all iOS adaptations, worked in foundation for emojis, auto adjustment framework, auto-forecast framework, brisk erase framework even three time speedier than the conventional keyboards, emojis proposals, programmed capitalization structure, tapping of extraordinary characters, accessibility of short keys to upgrade the writing velocity and framework for characterizing own alternate ways too.


2. SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey is a simple keyboard application that, once installed, will help you to write much faster from your Android terminal, intelligently correcting any errors we commit … something quite familiar in touch screens. In a way, SwiftKey will learn the words and phrases that you use to try to anticipate the movement of your fingers. So usually when you start writing a word, at the top of the keyboard a number of suggestions that only need to press to write such in the text field will appear. The SwiftKey configuration options allow us to change the look of the keyboard, choosing from over a dozen different. More importantly, it will enable us to synchronize our Facebook and Twitter profiles so that you can learn much more easily what names you use and how to write, to conform to your style and offer the best advice. SwiftKey is a very useful tool through which users can write much faster from the touch screen of any Android terminal. Undoubtedly, one of the best keyboards that can be installed on your mobile phone or tablet.


3. Brilliant Keyboard

Brilliant Keyboard is a keyboard giving an application that provides a more precise writing, looks better and offers the unique motion when contrasted with the default keyboard of the cell phones. It makes it simple for the clients to sort any word efficiently due to the prescient writing highlight of the Brilliant Keyboard. Notwithstanding capacities like fast writing and cool signals, the keyboard is sponsored by the thirty or more correctly made subjects and foundations that will make the screen of cell phone bright and well looking. This application is for the individuals who need to dispose of the traditional style of keyboard and by utilizing this application; they will be in a position to embellish their keyboard. The favorable position will be uncovered when the clients will have the capacity to quite recently swipe his finger to enter message quick and even super-quick. They can sort messages and messages inside seconds as it were. Auto-amendment and prescient writing are likewise the piece of its components that make this keypad much all the more intriguing. Also, notwithstanding supporting writing in messages, it also bolsters the book amid creating email or talking on Facebook too.


4. Fleksy Keyboard

Fleksy Keyboard is a keyboard for Android that consolidates a strong, broad scope of elements with a gorgeous outline, making it a standout amongst the most finish keyboards that you can discover on this working framework. Among the most exceptional components of Fleksy Keyboard are its necessary signal alternate routes. Just by sliding a finger over the screen of your Android, you can do a broad range of activities, for example, adding words to the lexicon, including spaces, erasing letters or words, and fixing any past activity. There are a lot of approaches to alter Fleksy Keyboard past changing the shading or the measure of the keyboard (however you can do this as well). Clients can modify the dissemination of the keys, evacuate the spacebar to spare space, or even make the keyboard imperceptible. Another extremely intriguing component of Fleksy Keyboard is its cloud synchronization, which permits it to learn client essayist examples to offer continually enhancing proposals. Fleksy Keyboard is a fantastic keyboard for Android that ought to give some solid rivalry to the heavyweights in its field, similar to Android’s own Google Keyboard or the excellent SwiftKey.


5. Google Keyboard

Google Keyboard is another style keyboard by the Google that is for those Android clients who need to get an approach to sort speedier in a simple to utilize environment. The one of a kind component of this keyboard is the controlling the writing even with voice and signal. Use this exceptional style keyboard and skim through letters with the motion and voice writing to enter any word. No space bar is required, everything can be controlled either by a method for tapping, signal and even voice too. The vast majority of the keyboard application gives just the framework to writing words at the quicker speed as it were. In any case, Google Keyboard has presented its proposal innovation here too and whenever you will begin embedding any word you will be furnished with word redress recommendations, following word expectation, and even programmed revision too. There is additionally a committed database of a large amount of emojis also that you can embed by just squeezing and tapping the enter catch to include emoji in your talking. Also, many universal dialects are bolstered by the Google Keyboard. However, there is still one issue, and that is non-accessibility of excessively numerous bright keyboards.


6. TouchPal Keyboard

TouchPal Keyboard is a keyboard for Android gadgets that permits you to utilize a progression of alternate ways that empower you to compose a great deal all the more rapidly. Like the dominant part of other option keyboards accessible for Android, TouchPal Keyboard incorporates an atomized, enhanced word corrector that will settle any little errors that you make while composing. That helps you produce all the more smoothly since you don’t need to do a reversal and fix single letters or different oversights. TouchPal Keyboard likewise recollects most of the words that you compose and the request in which you keep in touch with them. That implies that the more you utilize the application, the better it gets at foreseeing what you’re going to say next. Because of the accessible routes, you’ll have the capacity to compose numbers and different images without switching keyboards (which can get the opportunity to be quite irritating and truly influences your written work stream). Furthermore, you can switch between eradicating single letters or entire words by swiping your finger over the erase catch. TouchPal Keyboard is a far-reaching keyboard with massive amounts of intriguing components and also alluring customization alternatives. You can exploit its various skins to give yourself an entirely new, one of a kind keyboard.


7. Pimp My Keyboard

Pimp My Keyboard is an arrangement of the mechanical keyboard to upgrade the components and elements of your default keyboard. It is an application that essentially gives the cell phone clients the outlining instruments and different features and capacities to improve the style and looking at their conventional keyboards that are the reason it is named as Pimp My Keyboard to pimp your traditional keyboards. There are great deals of subjects accessible for this application and by browsing you can make your keyboard look fantastic. It additionally contains the fundamental answer for the auto rectification, word expectation and different other must have a highlight that will make you ready to enhance your grammatical mistake speed and dispose of those variables that are backing off you at whatever point you begin writing. The massive amounts of incredible configuration accessible will make your conventional keyboard look just fantastic and lovely. You can set your one of a kind style too. The fundamental issue that is connected with this keyboard application is not picking the word forecast progressively. This significant drawback restricts the writing rate of the clients. Nonetheless, different elements are a la mode and work appropriately.


8. Ginger Keyboard

Ginger Keyboard is a custom keyboard for Android that offers much a bigger number of elements than most other comparable applications, for example, an incorporated word reference, an interpreter, and even a thesaurus. The best thing about Ginger Keyboard is, regardless, exactly how well its pledge expectation apparatus functions. On account of this apparently little thing, you’ll have the capacity to sort way speedier, and periodically you won’t need to begin writing the following word for the keyboard to propose it for you. The default plan for Ginger Keyboard is necessary and productive, yet you’ll likewise have a comprehensive exhibit of various subjects available to you to enrich your keyboard with. You’ll even discover a store where you can purchase extraordinary topics. To its polish and usefulness, Ginger Keyboard additionally includes a complete interpreter that gives you a chance to decipher any content in a matter of seconds. You should just choose the dialect the content is composed in and the dialect you need to make an interpretation of it into. Ginger Keyboard is a finished, intense, and exquisite keyboard application. One of the best accessible for Android, doubtlessly.

More About Go Keyboard

GO Keyboard is an application that replaces the conventional keyboard on Android with a more up to date one that is less demanding to utilize and has more elements. This can enhance how you write and function. Among the numerous features in GO Keyboard, you can discover support for a broad range of dialects. This implies it perceives the words you write as well as changes the design in light of the dialect you are utilizing. Another component that emerges on GO Keyboard is word expectation. It will distinguish the words you regularly use and help you write these quicker by only writing the first or second letter. Along these lines, the more you write now, the quicker you will have the capacity to sort later on. GO Keyboard additionally incorporates coordinated lexicons that let you know the importance of any word in any dialect and also the capability to utilize an emoji keyboard. Other than this, there are loads of modules you can discover to enhance the way you use this application. GO Keyboard is one of the best different options to the conventional keyboard on Android, as is made evident by its many a large number of downloads.