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GoCatch is an Australian based taxi booking platform and the locally owned rider sharing application that offers multiple options to both passengers and drivers across Australia. GoCatch is said to be one of the most reliable, fairer, and affordable ways to get where you want to be… read more
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1. Uber

Uber is the application of the United States based online transportation company. Those who want to enjoy the transport service of Uber can order for a taxi or any other service by using the official application of Uber. Now the smartphone users can request for a trip to Uber that will be routed to its drivers who use their cars. The service of Uber is available in almost five hundred cities of sixty-six countries across the globe. To start with, the smartphone users are first required to create an account and after that provide their details. Uber is one of the smartest ways to get around. One tap on the app and a car comes directly to your home or demanded place. Either it is about late night drinks or morning flight; any time you can submit a trip to Uber. It is very simple; choose your ride, set your location and send the request. The other quality of Uber is that it also allows its users to know about the fare estimate before they go. All this will be done via the official app of Uber.


2. Lyft

Lyft is an American based transportation company that operates on online cab booking system. Now you can order for a convincing using the official application of Lyft that is available for Android and iOS users. Just install the Lyft, submit the trip request and get a ride from a friendly driver within minutes. The way of working of Lyft is very simple. You have got multiple riding options; Request Lyft, Lyft Plus, Lyft Premier or Lyft Line. You will be get picked by one of the drivers of Lyft, and he will get you where you need to go. When the ride ends, simply pay and don’t forget to rate driver via your smartphone. Each time when the Lyft plans a trip request, Lyft display the rating of the driver passed by previous passengers. At Lyft you can enjoy both share riding and single riding. Lyft Line is a shared ride where you will enjoy riding with other going the same way so that you can split the cost.  The fare, in this case, will be less than original Lyft. You can also have a private ride as well where you will bear the total trip cost.


3. Curb

Curb claimed to be the provider of safe and reliable rides from sedan drives. The app of Curb is available for both iOS and Android smartphone users. Just request your ride with the tap of a button, track your driver’s arrival and pay your fare seamlessly. That is the simple way of working of Curb. Curb claimed to offer vehicle and payment choices to fit the needs of its customers.  Now you can easily hire a car or book a taxi and pay seamlessly with a credit card in the application or even with cash in the car. Extensive options are open all the time. Getting around your city is easier and faster than ever. Curb connects its customers with safe, reliable rides from fully licensed and insured taxi drivers in almost seventy major cities across the globe. App is available for free, so it makes its customers able to tide when and how they choose. You have the options to ride instantly or schedule it up to twenty for hours in advance. It offers choices to fit customers’ transportation needs and provides the most seamless ride possible.


4. Hailo

Hailo connects the willing customers with drivers to request for a trip or ride. Now your visit to any place is just two taps away. Just book a taxi and get to your desired areas, important business meeting, shopping center or restaurant in a new style. Hailo ensures the quick, safe and reliable ride that is just a few seconds away from your fingertips. One of the biggest advantages of going with Hailo is according to Hailo is that all of its drivers have been CRB checked and are fully insured and licensed. The passengers can also have their say with the driver feedback tool that ensures they always get the best drivers. For easy and secure payment, Hailo support for the card payment system only. Hailo for business offers reliable, speedy and safe transport for the entire company. Taxi for whole business can be booked through the smartphone application or online with Hailo. Just set your destination, get a quote and hail for pick up. you can track the licensed driver in real time as well.


5. MyTaxi

MyTaxi is an app for smartphones from where you can register for online booking right away and book your taxi straight from a web browser or its official application. It is very easy and straightforward to book for a taxi. The paying fare is also very simple. The new MyTaxi app includes live arrival, miles calculation and much more. Simple install the MyTaxi app to your smartphone and discover just how easy booking a taxi can be. Now you can book your taxi in a flash. You can book a five-star taxi by a regular driver. It is up to you whether you want to book now or in advance, in both cases, you can watch it arrive in real time on the smartphone. The fare can pay via this application. It gives the passengers not only miles and more points but also a convenient receipt by email. After a successful trip don’t forget to rate your taxi and driver as it will help millions of users to find the best driver and taxi every time.


6. BlaBlaCar

BlaBlaCar is the long distance ridesharing service that connects the drivers with passengers across the major cities. Here the willing drivers and potential passenger connect to travel together between cities and share the cost of the journey. BlaBlaCar has a presence in almost twenty-two countries across the globe. To first start with, the users are first required to create an account and then go for creating a profile that includes ratings and reviews by other members, social network, verification and rate of response. The profiles of the members show how much experience they have of the service, meaning those with more known as ambassadors and attract more ride shares. The thing to remember here is that the profile of each user includes a BlaBla measurement that indicates how much they are willing to chat during a trip. If you are traveling a long distance in your car, then you can offer a ride to other members. And if you need to travel then choose a ride and make an agreed contribution to driving costs. BlaBlaCar is one of the best ways to share the driving costs with other people and save money. Within seconds you can publish your ride and can approve the other members to travel with you.


7. jiCabs

jiCabs is a best in the class taxi booking platform that has made the taxi booking easy with its experienced taxi company. Within few taps you can arrange a taxi at your doorsteps. It is up to you whether you want to book a taxi with just few clicks or call jiCabs, both options are open for all. After placing a reservation, jiCabs will instantly send you a taxi that will get you where you want to be. Three booking options being offered by the jiCabs are call a taxi, book a taxi and SMS taxi service. In call a taxi option, you can ring jiCabs to book a taxi, including pre-booking, speaking one of operators of jiCabs or accessing the automatic booking service for immediate bookings. Next there is book a taxi option. Here you can book a taxi just with one clock or call. jiCabs will instantly send you cab. SMS taxi service is also very simple. Here you can book your taxi with one SMS and cab will be at your doorstep. No cash payment system, no minimum fare and no extra charges at all.


8. Blacklane

This transportation company offers the ground transportation services at very competitive rates. Wanna enjoys the real peace of mind during riding then go for Blacklane because it is the place of licensed and insured drivers across the globe. The best about this taxi service is that it has a presence in almost two hundred major cities of fifty countries throughout the world. The other good quality of this taxi service is that the taxi will wait for you for fifteen minutes in case of regular pickups and one hour in the event of airport pickups. These pickups time will be free. So take your time and relax. Blacklane offers straightforward prices. So there are no hidden charges at all. All prices are the inclusive rate. You can confirm before your book including all taxes, tolls, fees and gratuities. Blacklane also works with insured and licensed drivers. Free cancellation is also the part of company service. If you have to change the plan then no problem at all. Cancellations are free up to one hour before one-way rides or twenty-four hours before hourly bookings.


9. AK Cars London Minicabs

Do not wait on hold anymore as AK Cars London Minicabs is offering you to order now or schedule a pick up for later. You can track your car right from your smartphone on a live map so no need to wait outside, for your safety you will know which vehicle has been sent. Even if you don’t have a smartphone then don’t worry, you will be updated by the AK Cars London Minicabs via its automated SMS service. The best about AK Cars London Minicabs is that its prices are fixed. It doesn’t surge the process depending on traffic, and they are the same whether you book early in the morning or late at night. It regularly checks the prices and offers discounted rates.  Most of the time it picks up from anywhere within minutes but due to its great location, it takes ten minutes for most of the areas. If you want priority services, then you can create an account with AK Cars London Minicabs. Priority status was given on all bookings with a fourteen-day credit facility. AK Cars London Minicabs has a variety of cars to according to your needs. Whether you need a car in the Paddington or any other areas, AK Cars London Minicabs help you get the best deal.



HOPINTAXI is the name of a premier Slovak app for ordering a taxi for free from your smartphone or tablet. The four main advantages of booking a ride with HOPINTAXI are the services that it is offering in the shape of simplicity, availability of the nearest car, simple way of choosing taxi and the availability of the best drivers. Within few clicks, you can order for your cab, and there is no wait at all. HOPINTAXI will make it sure to send you the next available vehicle nearest your location. Moreover, it gives its customers the option to choose which vehicle and which driver will come to them. It always sends the licensed drivers to its customers. Within three steps you can order a taxi. First, confirm your existing location or select a different location where a taxi to come. Once you see cabs available and quickly determine the cost per KM, the vehicle type, and rating. You can also choose the cheapest, closest, and most of the evaluation taxi from the menu. Simply set your search according to your preferences or pick a favorite taxi. Now order that taxi on the map that you can see how close it is to you.  Payment can be made by way of credit card.


11. Cabify

Cabify is the solution of your transportation. It is like your private car with a driver. Within two clicks you can arrange a private car for your ride. Reservations can be made anytime either it is late night or early morning. You can follow the driver data in real time on its app and can track its position over the map as well. Cabify notifies you when it arrives at your doorstep. Prices are fixed either it is late night or early morning. Moreover, you will always pay the same point to point price regardless of traffic or route change. Cabify has no started its special services for businesses as well. You can make the reservations for business trips or pick services for your employees. For businesses of all sizes, Cabify is the executive transport solution to save and control the business expenses. Everything you can manage online either it is an immediate or anticipatory reserve, addition or deletion of employees or departments’ records and much more. You can monitor the custom reports as well. In short, Cabify has one of the best transportation solutions for both individuals and companies.


12. Taxi.EU

Stands for taxi for Europe, Taxi.EU is a taxi service that is offering its transportation services in almost on hundred cities across Europe. With the smartphone application of Taxi.EU you can order your taxi with few clicks. The automatic system via GPS, you can follow the directions of the taxies live. Even before the taxi, you can calculate the fare calculator the cost of your taxi. There are various other useful features of this application. Once you have entered a destination, calculates the app the approximate fare, the length of the route and the approximate duration of the trip. This valuable information provide the customers more flexibility and transparency, and it is merely approximates that may vary depending on traffic conditions. The accessibility of taxies you can observer from now easy. The minute display always informed of the remaining travel time. You can always view and always know where the vehicle is just the driver’s infrastructure. With the Taxi.EU app you always see a past trip, just orders placed or preorders. This exact overview gives you just with regular taxi more clarity and transparency. In addition, there is incurred pre-edit or cancel for free as well.



DRIVR is the provider of on demand and reliable chauffeur and taxi service that you can access via its official application available for both iOS and Android smartphones. DRIVR is offering its services for both fleets and businesses. DRIVR for business will give you the advantage of full control over expenses and effortless administration. Any time you can add new employees and can remove the existing one. It will empower you to quick account setup to get going. It also provides the system of employees book on account so there is no card or cash requirement. You can set your own transportation polices and can edit restrictions on individual or group level as well. DRIVR is one of the best choices for organizations who want to arrange a better transportation system for their employees. Then comes the DRIVR services for individuals. It will give the individual the advantage of exclusive partnership and no upfront investment at all. DRIVR has one of the best dispatch and fleet management system. It fully automates the procedures and dispatching wrapped in an advanced interface.  You will immediately shave off dead mileage with the automated dispatch system of DRIVR.


14. Ola Cabs

Ola Cabs is an Indian based taxi hiring service. Ola Cabs offers multiple types of taxi services ranging fro economic to a luxurious level. The cabs of Ola Cabs can be reserved through its official mobile application. The best about Ola Cabs is that it support for both cash and cashless payment options. Cashless payment option is its Ola money system. This cab service has rickshaw services in India as well.  Install the app of Ola Cabs in Windows Phone, Android or iOS device, a book within seconds and get instant confirmation. The cars of Ola Cabs are audited for cleanliness, safety, and comfort. Its drivers are said to be well trained and reliable one. Ola Cabs has clear and transparent pricing listed online. You don’t need to haggle with Ola Cabs as everything has been already clearly stated by the Ola Cabs. Booking is very easy that need only a few steps to get completed. First setup pickup location and you will get the different types of the various types of taxies or cabs in your location, displayed on a map. Now pick the type of cab you want and tap rid now. Track your cab as it reaches you and it is done. That is the simple way of working of Ola Cabs.


15. Liftago

Liftago is for those who want to get full command and control on their ride. Everything will remain under your control either it is price, route or time. Check out your Liftago trip any time. The way of working of Liftago is very simple. First confirm your current location or set the other one and request a choice of drivers within few seconds. Now tell about your destination for price estimation before selecting a driver and compare the taximeter check at the end of the ride. You can check your driver’s arrival and track the route progress at any time as well. Payment confirmation will be emailed by Liftago at the end of the ride. Liftago is offering its services for business and organizations as well. Liftago is one of the best taxi dispatch services for enjoying the quality based rides when it is about getting full command and control over the ride.


16. Mystro

Mystro is a well-known application for getting more money for the drivers, introduced by Driver Partners, Inc. It is a well-furnished application that makes the on-demand drivers make more money by letting them to easily and safely drive for many on-demand podiums and never miss a single trip they want. Mystro is a great application that helps you take control of your on-demand business by Drive safer, Drive smarter and make more money. This app is efficiently created for drivers by drivers. It is an awesome automation application that makes on-demand driver at least 30% more money. This app is basically created by an Uber driver having more than 10k trips under his belt. It allows multiple drivers make more money by managing multiple platforms and never miss the trip they want. Mystro’s efficient automation features make a lot of decisions for these drivers while they are driving which prevents distractive driving so that they can reduce the frustration and stress. On the other hand, users can enjoy app switching, voice control, service filters, voice control, and drive safer with its ultimate app.

More About GoCatch

GoCatch is an Australian based taxi booking platform and the locally owned rider sharing application that offers multiple options to both passengers and drivers across Australia. GoCatch is said to be one of the most reliable, fairer, and affordable ways to get where you want to be. To book the ride with GoCatch, slide to choose how you ride either ride sharing taxi or taxi van. If you wanna enjoy hail free and hassle free riding across Australia, then GoCatch is one of the best traveling apps for that purpose. In two taps you can easily get to the nearest taxi. Just order a taxi from the phone, track your driver in real time and pay all, everything will be done from your smartphone. The silent features of GoCatch are payment in the application rather than coins or cash, a live trip to track driver and taxi approach in the map, real time tracking by GPS technology support for the main activities, instant feedback and much more. By referring GoCatch to friends, you will get the credit of $5 also.