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Google Earth is a tremendously used map and navigation application introduced by probably the most renowned developer Google LLC. Google Earth is an astonishing app that enables you to orbit the entire world in three-dimensional view to see it from every angle… read more
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1. HERE WeGo

HERE WeGo is a widely loved app to see as well as compare ways to get around you areas and enjoy maps on the move. HERE WeGo – Offline Maps & GPS bought in the market by Here Apps LLC which makes it easy to get around town and use maps to navigate even without an internet connection. This app enables you to get directions to anywhere you desire and get other information you need to go from one point to the next to your way including car sharing prices, transit ticket, departure time, and various other information. Whether you have a car, bike, cycle, or any public transporting, HERE We Go lets you have directions to your desired destinations with comfort and never let you get the wrong or the lengthy path. HERE WeGo – Offline Maps & GPS precisely shows you all the ways perfectly to get around so that you can compare them easily and pick what is best for you. It lets you have the entire knowledge about the route before you head out. So just download HERE WeGo – Offline Maps & GPS app in your phone to enjoy the extremely talented and best guidance for your future journeys.


2. Google Street View

Google Street View is extremely loved application used by billions of individuals from all over the world to explore the world with damn precision. Google Street View is another classy product by Google LLC which have introduced a platform through which you can discover as well as search natural wonders world landmarks, and even step inside locations such as restaurants, museums, restaurants, small businesses, and lots of other stuff. It enables you to add your own Street view as well to see whatever you want. You can even create 360 degree pics using either your certified Street View Ready camera as well as your very own mobile phone’s camera, then position them and add connection over the map through this classy app. Google Street View brings is a marvellous app for local guides and all the travelers who often went to new places for their work or anything else. You can take an eye over the view as you walk, drive, or bike. It also brings a brand new video feature where you can connect to the camera to create street view and it allows you to record videos from your camera and convert it into street view images. So give a chance to Google Street View app, and enjoy extremely concise map and navigation for your desired places.



NASA enables its worldwide users to explore and discover the latest images, videos, news, feature stories, tweets, mission information, NASA TV, pics, and featured content with this superb app. NASA enables you to grasp a collection of more than 16,000 images and is keeps on updating day by day to let you acknowledge everything new. You can precisely get and read all the latest featured stories and news which seems like interesting and also watch more than 14,000 NASA videos from around the agencies. It enables its users to discover the latest NASA mission info and also lets you view upcoming sighting opportunities for the ISS (International Space Station) and get notifications. You can also watch live streaming videos from the HD Earth Viewing experiment on the Internet Space Station. Other than these, NASA also lets you grab latest tweets from around agencies, rate images and make them be trendy, select your own favourite missions and images, get information links, and so much more. NASA also displays the satellite tracking 3D and 2D maps earth models with the ISS and other Earth-orbiting satellites. So just download NASA app and get to know everything about Earth.


4. Navmii

Navmii is a gorgeous app which brings free GPS navigation that works without even internet and so many other features for its worldwide customers. Navmii GPS World (Nav free) bought in the market Navmii Inc. which intuitively combines the voice-guided navigation, local searching, the point of interest, local searches, driver score, and so much more. It contains effective voice guided turn by turn navigation with spoken street names. There are more than 24 million drivers use his app for their path guidance, and its maps are available for over 150 countries. Some of its outstanding features include offline and online address searching, community map reporting, Head-Up display, HD accurate maps, driver scoring, and is working with GPS only (internet not needed). Navmii GPS World (Nav free) enables its entire users to search using postcards including city, street, the point of interest, and various others. All of its offline maps are stored locally and can be used whenever you want without an internet connection. This app also carries local place searching as well which is powered by TripAdvisor, What3Words, and Foursquare. So just download Navmii GPS World (Nav free) app in your phone and get extreme help for your all your journeys.


5. will leads you towards any of your desired destination in the whole world. – Cycling & Hiking offline maps bought in the market by A.S. Inc. which enables you to have an extremely precise trip organization for all your journeys. It never let you forget your places, and all you need to do is to take your device with you for all the time along with this app. It helps you know about every trail so that you would not miss any single outlook, castle or any other attraction. You can intuitively save your routes and places to files and also sort them by trips to share them with others. – Cycling & Hiking offline maps also lets you display ATMs, restaurants, stations, accommodations, Banks, public transport timetables, parking zones, and various others places that may come in handy. It lets you have an offline tourist map of the world with market tourist bikeways and trails right in your pocket. You can precisely get the satellite map of the world along with the panoramic photographs of 3D view and Czech Street. So just give a chance to – Cycling & Hiking offline maps app and enjoy your trips stunningly comes to a safe end.


6. Scout

Scout brings an elegant way to connect not just places but also people for all their meetings, get-togethers, dates, parties, or any other patch ups. Scout GPS Navigation & Meet Up is probably the only social navigation tool that helps you share your favourite places with friends to eat, plan meetups, get turn by turn GPS voice navigations, and even share your ETA with them. This app enables you to set up your plans, add the number of people you want to call and enjoy your trips went great. You can do both text or voice chat with your friends to get things done properly. You can also decide your most desirable place to meet, and at the time of the meeting, this app will precisely show everyone the position of others and let you have the exact time of their arrival. Scout GPS Navigation & Meet Up also brings some brand new features for letting you have more comfort by letting you connect with others, share your ETA, enjoy voice navigation and searching, say hello with voice chat, and always be on time. So just download Scout GPS Navigation & Meet Up app in your phone and enjoy the most desirable social GPS and Navigation tool along with your friends for free.


7. AT&T Navigator

AT&T Navigator is a fine map and navigation tool introduced by Telenav, Inc. which enables its worldwide users to get all the essential maps and traffic info on the move. AT&T Navigator: Maps, Traffic lets you beat traffic, share your travel details, explore local places, discover cheap gas price options, and various other things right from your cell phone. No matter what or how long the journey, it navigates your way around traffic. This GPS tool is powered by over 100 million traffic resources so that you can never be stuck in bad traffic and does not even burn your fuel for no reason. It is a superb app for planning your trips along with super precise traffic updates, one-touch traffic avoidance, GPS enables multi-route recommendations, and more. AT & T Navigator: Maps, Traffic is one shop stop for hearing and speaking directions, calculating and sharing ETA, get suitable gas prices, and various other things. It is one of the most emerging and trusted guide that helps you explore any of your desired places with detailed maps and recommendations no matter if you want to drink, shop, or play. So just download AT&T Navigator: Maps, Traffic app and enjoy precise outings for our daily commute, taking local city attractions, shopping, or everything else.


8. Sygic Travel Maps Offline

Sygic Travel Maps Offline is a fabulous app that helps you discover all the unseen stuff that you never notice while on a journey to abroad. Sygic Travel Maps Offline & Trip Planner bought in the market by Sygic Maps Navigation Inc. that lets you discover the awesome place and enables you to travel maps worldwide coverage even in offline mode. It is an advanced trip planner which intuitively builds an entire day to day itinerary for your outings with an ultimate trip planner. You can precisely watch the estimated travel time and even the walking distances to keep realistic plans. You can also invite your friends to collaborate over your trips and meetings. Sygic Travel Maps Offline & Trip Planner app brings one of the most exclusive worldwide offline maps, and you can buy its premium version to use it without an internet connection. You can also take a look around in exclusive 360-degree videos and enjoy a collection of 500 videos from Prague, Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Porto, Lisbon, Athens, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Vienna, and various others. So just download Sygic Travel Maps Offline & Trip Planner app in your phone to enjoy an ultimate all in one tool for every traveller to get around with stunning travel guide.


9. TerraExplorer

TerraExplorer is an elegant mobile app that enables you to get a 3D geospatial visualization product and is a part of SkylineGloble suite. TerraExplorer app is used by a huge number of individuals from all over the world by Sky Line Software Systems Inc. which makes it possible to steam 3D geospatial data from Skyline Globe services as well as allows you to view data published from the desktop app directly on a mobile phone intuitively. This app enables you to access data whenever you want for both online as well as you can use it without your internet connection. Terra Explorer also comes installed along with the small sample dataset to elaborate some of the mobile functionalities. You should also notice that its various other components are also required to be installed, stream, and upload the most familiar geospatial information. Terra Explorer app enables you to have the precise aerial distance of your desired lengths in meters, total horizontal distance and also the elevation distance in meters as well. You can download TerraExplorer app for free to have such properties under the palm of your hand.


10. GPS Tracker by FollowMee

GPS Tracker by FollowMee intuitively converts your iPad as well as iPhone into a GPS tracking device to precisely locate phone and track location. GPS Tracker by FollowMee bought in the market by FollowMee LLC, that helps you track your family members, your employees, your company devices, and other significant things that matter for you a lot. You can simply log in to this site with your desktop or mobile browser. It helps you view last known location for free and also get Geofencing, location sharing, location reporting, and other tracking services are available over the web. This app ensures data privacy and does not share your data with third parties. Once the app starts, GPS Tracker by FollowMee runs quietly in the background without disturbing other apps and requires no human interaction. This app brings a configurable tracking schedule, tracking power, or even a password protected lock screen. It enables business users to use MDM to deploy this tool and its settings to remote devices. Other than these, this GPS Tracker app also brings multiple tracking devices, no-internet, SOS panic button, multiple mobile platform support, and various other things. So just download GPS Tracker by FollowMee app and locate your phone as well as tracking locations.


11. GPS-Trace

GPS-Trace is an ultimate GPS tracking at one click and enables its users to determine the location in the real-time mode. GPS-Trace bought in the market by GURTAM Inc. which brings a free app for GPS tracking for pets, cars, and family radars. It keeps a history of unit’s tracks and notifies users if something goes wrong with the unit. It enables you to track up several units over the map at once and lets you connect up to five units per one account including GPS and navigation tracking for one vehicle. It helps you share your location with your family members and friends through social networks. You can also connect any type of GPS and navigation tracking hardware and intuitively supports over 700 GPS hardware types including automatic vehicle locators, personal trackers, and so much more. GPS-Trace app also save much more of your money since the app has no ads or any paid features. It carries various GPS versions, and you can use it to track people who gave their endorsement for it. You can download GPS-Trace app for free to get effective GPS tracking right over your smartphones.


12. OS Maps

OS Maps puts the Great Britain’s most comprehensive leisure mapping at your benefits and is beneficial whether you are walking, enjoying family times, cycling, hiking or do any other thing. OS Maps is a great product of Ordnance Survey Ltd. which brings a simple and feature-rich tool for enjoying outdoors. This is a full-fledged tool that lets you have standard, aerial, and greenspace mapping of Great Britain for free. You can also unlock various other features by downloading its premium versions which include OS Explorer with 25,000 and OS Landranger with 50,000 maps, and you can easily subscribe to intuitively unlock all the details and accuracy of its paper leisure maps across the entire country. OS Maps brings all its maps over all your devices so that you can precisely create, view and sync your activities between your mobile and desktop versions. Its users can use its 3D Ariel layer as well to plan your route terrain or just to explore it. You can also plot a route just to share or follow and even record your route while you are out and about. So just download OS Maps app in your phone and enjoy downloading your favourite areas to view and utilize them offline.


13. ramblr

ramblr brings your adventure and your story right on your cell phone and helps you enjoy all your outdoor activities in a classy way. Ramblr (hiking, GPS, map) app bought in the market by Bientus, Inc. that enables adventurer you enjoy all your outdoor adventures more than a simple status update and simple blog. This is the best tool that helps you experience the best that the Mother Nature has to offer. It brings a way to chronicle your expenditure using videos, pics, descriptions, maps, stats, and so much more whether you are hiking, skiing, biking, kayaking, cycling, road tripping, and various others. Ramblr (hiking, GPS, map) enables all the adventurers to portray your story the way it was meant to be told. You can intuitively track your route map and see where you have been and where you are going. It enables you to revel in the glory of your accomplishments and intuitively tracks its statistics for your trip such as duration, speed, highest point, and various other things. It enables you to create a story by using your videos, audio recordings, and various other features. So just download Ramblr (hiking, GPS, map) app in your phone, and start exploring the whole world and enjoy all the adventures in a safe and fearless way.


14. Bergfex Tours

Bergfex Tours is a perfect all in one tool for all your outdoor activities and download it in your phone whether you love hiking, running, cycling, Nordic walking, ski tours, fitness, mountain biking, and various other outdoor activities. Bergfex Tours & GPS Tracking Running Hiking Bike is a widely used application introduced by Bergfex GmbH, through which you can enjoy detailed topographical maps for Europe and carries more than 70,000 GPS-Tours. It carries great searching functionality through which you can get details of whatever you want. It also carries its pro version where you can effectively download maps for using them offline. It is an effective tool for planning your personal tours and also supports connectivity for Bluetooth chest straps and watches. Bergfex Tours & GPS Tracking Running Hiking Bike features GPX export and import support, web sync with myBergfex account, save your favourite tours, and lets you plan your tours ultimately. Other of its Pro-version features detailed topographical maps, slope steepness overlays, offline maps, ads-free atmosphere, and various other things. So just download Bergfex Tours & GPS Tracking Running Hiking Bike app in your phone and enjoy a superb tool for tracking and planning all your tours for free.


15. eyeMaps

eyeMaps enables you to simply point your phone over the place and know what you see. EyeMaps: Augmented Reality Map is a product of Konstantinos Gaitanis Inc. that helps you get a 3D virtual illustration of what you are pointing at. It provides you with the names of mountain peaks, villages, museums, cities, and whatever you want. It enables you to explore the world much easier and get things that you want to know about your desired places. All you need to do is to simply point your phone over the place and get everything it has. You can navigate whatever you want in the whole world, and you can also share all your adventures by portraying all your photos on the 3D map at the place where you look them. EyeMaps: Augmented Reality Map lets you have a beautiful 3D augmented reality map of the world and discovered the name of what you are pointing at in your most likely languages. You can choose the features including city names, mountain peaks, lakes, museums, historical places, etc. which you want to see on the app. So just download EyeMaps: Augmented Reality Map app in your phone and enjoy a completely different yet a unique way of looking at a map.

More About Google Earth

Google Earth is a tremendously used map and navigation application introduced by probably the most renowned developer Google LLC. Google Earth is an astonishing app that enables you to orbit the entire world in three-dimensional view to see it from every angle. This widely used maps and navigation app enables everyone to explore the whole world from above with the 3D terrain and satellite imagery of the 3D buildings and entire globe in thousands of cities from all over the world. Google Earth allows you to search any location available on the Earth and enables you to explore everything they contain. You can precisely zoom in to your house or anywhere you want to know by diving for the 360 degrees perspective with the street view as well. You can set off on a unique adventure by rolling the dice and hopping between so many random locations. Google Earth lets you see the world from an entirely new and unique point of view with the Voyager. Voyager is a stack of guided tours from BBS Earth, National Geographic, NASA, and various others. So just download Google Earth app in your phone and get to know the exact location of your desired places right from your sofa.