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11 Apps Like Google Voice

Google Voice is a super-efficient app that enables its users to easily check message, voicemails, and calls while keeping them in touch with the group messages. This app helps you save time with the transcribed voicemails, and you can easily make local as well as international calls. It is a flamboyant app that provides a free phone number of text messaging, calling, and related notifications. This app effectively works on all devices including computers and smartphones, and sync across your devices so that you can proceed this app while at home or on the go. You can easily manage and control forward calls, voicemails, and text messages to almost any of your devices, and get spam filtered. You can also block irritating numbers that you do not want to hear. It offers a backup and searchable approach that keeps your calls and text messages, along with the backup support to make it easy for you to explore your history. Apart from these, you also can smartly do chat in groups, and share photos instantly provide free voicemail transcriptions and deliver cheap international calling.

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1. Hushed Phone Number: Anonymous Texting and Calling

Android iOS
Hushed Phone Number: Anonymous Texting and Calling deliver some exciting new features with a crisp clean and friendly users interface. It is probably one of the finest apps that lets you add a second number to your mobile phone for private or official chat messages, calling, and texting. It is…

2. Talkray – Free Calls & Texts

Android iOS
Talkray – Free Calls & Texts is an excellent communication tool that makes it easy to make group calls, and chats, send photos, videos, and audio, push to talk audio message support and lets you talk freely. It is probably one of the best and the fastest tool for making…

3. Skype – free IM & video calls

Android iOS
Skype – free IM & video calls is a gigantically used communication app that has just eradicated the distances between individuals that live far away from each other. This app has efficiently makes it handy to connect with any individual does not matter where he or she is existing. Using…

4. Line2 – Second Phone Number

Android iOS
Line2 – Second Phone Number is your second number that is working immensely great on your smartphones, laptops, tablets, and smartwatches as a fully-featured business phone system. It is elegantly designed for some professional, entrepreneurs, and freelancers who have pretty much concern with their mobile phones. Line2 – Second Phone…

5. MightyCall Mobile

Android iOS
MightyCall Mobile is an elegant application for users who are managing more than one stuff in their daily life. MightyCall virtual phone system makes it possible to efficiently receive, review, and respond to customer request from anywhere, designed by keeping the small business owner and their co-workers in mind. This…

6. RingCentral

Android iOS
RingCentral is another ultimate tool for business persons. Through this stunning app, you can use your business phone numbers for calls, faxes, and texts for free. You can better manage your things through update phone settings, check voicemails, and more from anywhere anytime. You can make an effective connection with…

7. Telzio

Android iOS
Telzio is another stunning app that brings more ease of making an effective communication. This app has a tremendously huge fan following, and you can easily manage your workflow as well. It is almost everything that you need in a business phone system without any hardware. You can get phone…

8. Video Meeting

Android iOS
Video Meeting brings one of the easiest ways to connect with people right through your mobile phone or tablets. This app has made it so handy, convenient, and easy to share your business plans, family meetings, friend catchup, and other video conferences right from your mobile phones and portable devices.…

9. Ring4 – Phone Number, Texts & Calls, Call Recorder

Ring4 – Phone Number, Texts & Calls, Call Recorder is something amazing that enables you to generate smartphone numbers, calls, and text with no limit in almost 20 countries. It lets you establish a work number for your personal mobile phone for your business etc. and a private number for…

10. Grasshopper

Android iOS
Grasshopper is a superb app for maintaining your business workflow. This app makes it so easy to manage your customers and make them run their business from anywhere with this tremendously great app. Users can effortlessly place calls and text messages to another right from this app. Some of its…

11. FreedomPop: Calling & Texting

Android iOS
FreedomPop Free Call and Text brings a costless platform for its users to get phone calls, messages, and other related things with more ease and convenience. You can easily send free texts to any of your US mobile phone numbers. It enables free calls to anyone in the United States…

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