15 Apps Like GoosCam – Live Clip Filmmaker with Sticker Effects

GoosCam – Live Clip Filmmaker with Sticker Effects is a cool app that helps its users add some awesome motion graphics to their photos and videos in an easy to use and friendly way. In just a single tap you can easily add interactive stickers to any of your photographic stuff. Some of its cool and core features include the providence of Swipe Sideways for real-time and live filters and lenses, Vertical Swiping to change the color tone, Tap to create an interactive sticker, and new filters updates on a daily basis. It has a simple and easily-driven interface that helps you do stuff easily and efficiently makes its users able to cast spells, throw eggs on people’s face, launch fireworks, and even fling poo. It has an interactive sticker effects, and you can easily add them anytime. Using this app, you can film effects, apply FX and filters, and save your clips straightforwardly.

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1. FaceApp

Android iOS
FaceApp is the best photography application that helps its users to add a variety of majestic effects to their pictures with extreme ease. There are way many interesting things about this app that allows you to transform your face using artificial intelligence in just one tap. It is introduced by…

2. AgingBooth

Android iOS
AgingBooth is elegant stuff to have the fun of entertainment beauty. There are way many interesting things about this app that helps you to transform your young age into an aged uncle or aunt respectively. This app was launched by the PiVi & Co. through which you can easily change…

3. Face Warp

Face Warp is a super hilarious photography application introduced by the Wombatica Gold that helps you make some funny and scary changes into your live video recording. There are way many outfits that you can choose and apply to your videos to make them unusual, interesting, or funny. FaceWarp lets…


Android iOS
MSQRD is a fun photography app that helps its users make some stunning and humorous looking photos and animations, change the look of themselves and send these photos to their friends for having fun. It provides an attractive integration with front camera and lets you take selfies with a gigantic…

5. Face Swap

Face Swap is a widely used fun providing app that enables its users to swipe their faces with the faces of others right through this app. It not only gives you the majestic experience of face swapping with family members, friends, or girlfriends, it also provides a chance to swap…

6. Mix Booth

Android iOS
Mix Booth is a startling photography app that helps its users to have some gorgeous, funny photo making experience using a straightforward and handy approach introduced by PiVi & Co. It is quite a famous app that helps its users swap their photos with one another in a damn exciting…

7. SNOW – Fun camera & Video call

Android iOS
SNOW – Fun camera & Video call is a gorgeous app for making attractive and mesmerizing looking photography using your mobile phones. It provides an effective Sticker Camera that helps you try their face filter and stickers while taking photos and videos. It provides Fun Video Call facility that helps…

8. BOO! – AR Video Chat Camera

Android iOS
BOO! – AR Video Chat Camera is a flamboyant app that brings the most incredible video chatting experience that allows you have fun and stay close to your lovely ones. It offers an awesome Face Dance feature through which you can play exciting games with your friends. It comprises lots…

9. Camera360 – Selfie Sticker Cam

Android iOS
Camera360 – Selfie Sticker Cam is a stunning photography app used by millions of people from all over the world for making some extraordinary pics right from their camera and also edit some previously captured photos for making them more gorgeous and stunning. It is an award-winning app for making…

10. Live Face Changer

Live Face Changer is an app that helps its users fantastically change their faces. It is a gorgeous app that enables its users to make stunning-looing fun photos of their friends and themselves just for making them happy. It is an awesome face changer application that helps its users to…

11. Face Swap Live

Android iOS
Face Swap Live is an entertaining app that lets you have an amazing face swapping skills. It has the same face swapping wisdom, but through this app, you can easily swap your face while in live video. It lets you check for any of your favorite celebrity and be any…

12. Face Swap Booth

Android iOS
Face Swap Booth is an innovative tool that helps its users make some funny photos with unlimited face swaps. It has an attractive range of almost more than 2.5 users across Android and iOS devices, is in the top 100 entertainment app in almost 135 countries, almost 12 million faces…

13. LOL Movie

LOL Movie is a finest app that is used for making hilarious movies instantly that makes everyone laugh. There are tons of exciting features of this funny movie creating app that helps users add lighting or underwater effects, give themselves silly postures, and change their voiceovers as well. You can…

14. Avatars+: Photo Editor & Face Changer

Avatars+: Photo Editor & Face Changer is a stunning app for having a great time with your image editing tool. It is one of the most wonderful apps that help you get the most amazing photo editing experience. There are a huge number of factors that lets its users make…

15. Fun Face Changer

Fun Face Changer is an app that allows you to add some amazing stuff to your photos to make them damn funny and interesting. There is a huge number of offerings of this app that helps users make extraordinary photography. Fun Face Changer is an amazing tool that enables you…

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