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GrabFood is an intuitive and easy to use food delivery service in Southeast Asia, serving customers with delightful and healthy meals from street food and restaurant dining. GrabFood – Food Delivery App bought in the store by Grab Holdings which lets you browse all kinds of food in your area and fine from all your favorite restaurants in the comfort of your home… read more
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25 Apps Like GrabFood for iOS

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1. FoodPanda

FoodPanda is a gorgeous food picking app that brings the best and the tasty food from your local restaurants to your door in a fast and quick scenario so that you can able to eat good food every day. There are many outstanding providences of this app that helps you get food of your choice around your nearby meal places conveniently. This app will go some extra miles to make your order for becoming one of the greatest food experience in the world. You just have to enter your address, choose your favorite restaurant, place any order, and get the meal you want in a well-convenient way. FoodPanda lets you choose your local favorites and brings the best pizza or sushi, healthy salads, and foods, and also brings your dinner with love and care. Hence using this delicious food delivery app, you can easily access some popular and tasty restaurants and easily place your order to get a meal that you want to eat in that particular period.


2. DoorDash

DoorDash is a flamboyant app that helps its users in exploring their town for all the local flavors, search for cuisine, and more right under one platform. It allows you to get the price to find your favorites, look over the menu, and select your meal in simple swipes. You can check out quickly with the card, track your home delivery with live, and real-time updates, and much more.

This app manages its users to explore more than 40,000 menus of your favorite restaurants in more than 450 cities in Canada and the United States. Door Dash app keeps on adding daily menus, delivery locations, and new restaurants daily.


3. UberEATS

UberEATS makes the delivery of food fast, handy, and easy. It provides fresh food and in a way that you want. It enables you to explore your nearby restaurants, and you can easily manage to order from hundreds of restaurants around you using this meal delivery app on your smartphones. Through this app, you can get the food you want from the restaurants or food place you love, and it will deliver this stuff at Uber speed. This app enables you to check the ordered meals when they are on the way. Uber EATS is currently available in Bangkok, Auckland, Mumbai, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, England, Netherlands, South Africa, Australia, multiple places in the United States, New Delhi, and some others. This app helps you get anything around your nearby restaurants quickly. Some surprising features help you get the details of dishes, menus, and cuisines that restaurants offer, and you can easily access them anywhere you want.


4. Hungryhouse

Hungryhouse makes its users instantly discover the best takeaways near them. It provides one of the easiest ways to find and get your favorite food. Using this food providing app, you can access more than 10,000 takeaways and over 60 cuisine types near you. You can freely choose any takeaway and order dishes that you love the most. This app provides live and real-time updates about your particular order, browse restaurants, read customer reviews about particular restaurant and dish, better delivery approach, photo support, and ordering delivery of your most favorite takeaways in just a few taps. This app is bursting with some top-notch takeaways to choose from, having almost everything from Indian to Chinese, and Sushi to Pizza on the menu. There are thousands of takeaways from you that you access using this app and are waiting for your order to deliver your favorite meals to you.


5. Snapfinger

Snapfinger is an application which although is new in the market but has quickly been able to make its name as one of the best places to order food and get to know about the cuisines in your local area. The user just has to enter their location, and the app will show the most common places in the area which are famous among users. You can also enter the name of your favorite restaurant and then see the details about it such as their menu and then order food if you want. People can place their order in a simple manner and do not have to spend too much time searching for things. There are hundreds of local restaurants in the app, and you can get to see their menus. If you want to find the best restaurant according to price or reviews, you can do that as well. There are several payment methods which can be used to place the order which means you will not have to worry about how to pay. There are many other benefits too, which will take a lot of space, but in short, you need to have this app installed.


6. Zomato

Zomato lets you discover the food items, restaurants, cafes, pubs, and other food points around you. Through this app, you can efficiently manage to get the menus, photos, reviews, and ratings of your nearby restaurants. It lets you add restaurant which you want to visit in your upcoming days to your bookmarks, and you can simply discover and search for restaurants to get and eat healthy foods by placing orders. You can browse through hundreds of restaurants, and their details on a daily basis and this app add data on a daily basis for ensuring the authenticity of this app. You can easily check and browse the information regarding any restaurant that you want to visit and create your own collection of things that you love or frequently order. You can browse your theme-based curated list as well to discover the best date spots, best burgers, top trending restaurants, and some other required things on the go. Rather than this solid providence, Zomato also lets you discover and follow your friends, use the map view, journal the restaurants, use in-app table booking support, easily rate restaurants according to your experience, etc.



JUST EAT is a meal and grocery providence app that helps you choose from more than 27,000 restaurants, save more with exclusive local offers, and takeaway orders in a few and convenient taps. It is an amazing food delivery app for users who want their favorite takeaway food delivered at their door. You can easily download this app and make it so by placing your order from your nearby restaurants. Some of its core features include searching for top-rated restaurants, order for delivery to your collection or door, pre-ordering support as before a restaurant opens, filter by cuisine, rating, reviews, distance, and special offers as well. It offers several paying methods such as with debit card, cash, Apple pay, and Android Pay, etc. It provides precise push notifications approach to getting things faster and easier. JUST EAT lets you choose any dish and order it for free. It also lets you save your money by personalizing your search for exclusive money-saving offers and finding tasty discounts.


8. goPuff

goPuff is an excellent tool which enables its entire users to enjoy an ultimate delivery service whenever they want, without any prior effort of searching and even at reasonable prices. GoPuff Delivery: Snacks, Drinks, Ice Cream, & More app bought in the market by goPuff Inc. which lets you get whatever you need at any time of the day, everything from this mobile app. It enables you to get snacks, chips, groceries, ice cream, booze, cold drinks, and all the daily essentials will be delivered by this app right at your doors. This ultimate delivery app lets you get any of your desired items delivered to your home whenever you needed them the most. GoPuff Delivery: Snacks, Drinks, Ice Cream, and More app helps you get things on time and is around when you needed it, or always up to text you back at 2 am. Go Puff app makes it so effortless to get all your desired things and never let you stand in line anyway. So just download GoPuff Delivery: Snacks, Drinks, Ice Cream, and more app in your mobile phone devices and get each of your desired, ordered items right at your door with just $1.95 delivery fee.



LIEFERHELD is a great tool introduced by Delivery Hero Germany GmbH Inc. which enables its worldwide users to order their desired food at any time they feel hungry. LIEFERHELD | Order Food is a simple to use, intuitive, and convenient application through which you can order through more than 12,000 delivery services through Germany. You can order your desired food stuff including pizza, hamburger, Asiatisch, Sushi, or your desired food items. You can always discover the right delivery services including McDonald’s, Hello Pizza, Domino’s, and various other no matter where you live. LIEFERHELD Food Ordering Service is available in almost all major and some small cities of Germany. You can safely and conveniently order your desired food items from more than 12k services through a huge selection of local and national food. It lets you pay on request online through PayPal, and credit card and you can also save various delivery addresses as well. LIEFERHELD – Order Food allows food lovers to redeem vouchers, see previous order, track history, evaluate and compare delivery services, and order food anytime. So give a chance to LIEFERHELD | Order Food app, select a delivery service of your area (by a review from customers), create your desired menu, and comfortably get the order delivered right at home.


10. Otlob

Otlob is a widely loved application by foodie lovers which lets them place orders for their desired food items and get them delivered right at their desired places. Otlob – Food Delivery bought in the market by Otlob Inc. which brings one of the most gigantic catalogs of restaurants through which you can order for anything you want that you love to eat. You just have to select your location for browsing your most likely restaurants, then you have to add your meal to the basket and get the food delivered quickly and securely. Once the food it delivered you have to desire whether you pay cash on delivery and pay online through Visa. You can precisely send money through exclusive vouchers, deals, and discounts and customize your order to your preferences. Otlob – Food Delivery app lets you track your order progress through its live status updater. You can review the entire user order history and preorder your favorite meals with ease. You can also use GPS to find nearby restaurants, automate order transmissions, browse thousands of up to date menus, and do a lot more. So just download Otlob – Food Delivery app and start browsing some well-known restaurants including KFC, John’s, Burger King, Cook Door, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, and various other to order meals and get instant deliveries.


11. Wetherspoon

Wetherspoon is a widely used app which enables you to browse tons of menus, order all your desired things, and get things whenever you want, introduced in the market by J D Wetherspoon pIc. Wetherspoon lets you order your desired things, pay through the most flexible options and get it at your table through this app. This app is working great to provide all your most likely food items and drinks, straight to you. It contains a massive collection of drink menus, breakfast menus, and various other menus to choose from. You can precisely order a round of drink, a meal or even both of them over here, and this application will bring your food or drink straight to you. Wether Spoon brings a simple way to pay for things so that you can use your card and even pay with PayPal and through Android Pay. You can choose from your most likely deals, including the club nights and you just tap to any offers and go to checkout to tot up your savings. You can also book a hotel and even save your time through its reorder feature. So just download Wetherspoon app to enjoy browsing tons of menus and place your next order with this ultimate tool.


12. Carriage

Carriage is one of the most leading platforms in online food ordering as well as delivery over the Middle East. Carriage – Food Delivery bought in the market by Carriage Food Delivery Inc. which brings more than 1000 restaurants to place orders for thousands of meals. You can precisely tap to order all your most likely meals and food stuff through this ultimate app providing more than 200 different restaurants along with a diversity of cuisines and enjoy your delicious meals. In its ordering process, you have to enter your address (even add multiple addresses), select your favorite restaurants in a few steps, select your meal and place an order to get things right to your door. Carriage – Food Delivery app also lets you have the facility of tracking and get your fresh food delivered to your own place. You can easily search for your favorite items of food by area, and also view the menus of all the restaurants with pics of the items. Carriage – Food Delivery app allows you to order from all your favorite restaurants including the Rock House Slider, Proper Burger, Solo Pizza, Memes Curry, Slice, and many others. So just download Carriage – Food Delivery app to order whether you like Pizza, Burgers, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Indian Kuwaiti, and whatever else you love.


13. Onlivery

Onlivery lets you have one of the most ultimate solutions for ordering your favorite food such as a Pizza, a burger, or any of our desired items online. Onlivery: Online Food Delivery app bought in the market by Onlivery Inc. which lets you get an instant and secure access to the most diverse interactive restaurants in Lebanon. It does not imply any cost and effectively saves you the hassle of long delivery phone calls with restaurants. It lets you have customizable items on the menu and constantly update things for letting you have an up to the mark app. Onlivery: Online Food Delivery app brings all your local customer service right on the palm of your hand and lets you pay cash through credit card or by cash on delivery. You are allowed to choose from vast categories of excitingly delicious meals including pizza, Chinese, Lebanese international, and various others to enjoy them whatever you want. On delivery app also enables you to discover your local restaurants, view your order history, get fast Facebook registration, add enticing food images, and reorder your favorite items in simple swipes. So just download Onlivery: Online Food Delivery app from the store and feel free to order any of your most favorite food items without any extra cost.


14. Honestbee

Honestbee is an on-demand delivery service buzzing effectively over Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, and Bankok, and is working consistently on increasing their span for providing secure delivery for all your desired items. Honestbee: Grocery delivery and Food delivery is a marvelous tool developed by honestbee Inc. which enables you to save your time and effort by having this on-demand service. This app allows you to deliver food and even groceries fast and fresh from all your most likely stores and restaurants. Honestbee: Grocery delivery and Food delivery app lets also deliver sticks for all the hottest attractions in your town straight to your mobile device. It also brings the laundry service with pick and returning feature in almost a span of two days. Honestbee enables you to have trained concierge team that takes care of all your orders and freely deliver things on the move whenever you want them. Honest Bee: Grocery delivery app helps you order you desired groceries from some famous and reliable stores of all the areas mentioned above. So just download Honestbee: Grocery delivery and Food delivery app to enjoy a tool which has just transformed the way you live and lets you have enough time for all the things that matters for you a lot.


15. Bykea

Bykea makes it tremendously easy to enjoy everything you want from rides to food delivery in Pakistan using one of the most flexible, secure, and intuitive platforms. Bykea – Rides, Deliveries, Food, and Payments is a well-furnished app introduced in the market by Bykea Technologies which makes it so easy to get your food delivery, enjoy shopping, get motorcycle rides, and various other things right under one platform. It allows you to select your service type from its choices of the ride, parcel delivery, lunch subscriptions, bus, Pakistan Railways train tickets, mart purchase, Airplane tickets, and various other things and get things done intuitively. This ultimate app helps you focus on things that really matter apart from casual daily workings. Bykea – Rides, Deliveries, Food, and Payments lets you get instant notifications of confirmation with the Bykea partner details, and you can also track them as it on the way and reaches you. You can pay through cash and the in-app wallet once your trip ends. You can precisely rate your partner as well according to performance and reliability. It helps you get Bykea’s exciting offers and latest happenings by following it over social media. So just download Bykea – Rides, Deliveries, Food and Payments app and enjoy lots of excellent facilities right through one single app.


16. Talabat: Food Delivery

Talabat is an online food ordering application that makes it easy to get access to more than thousands of delivery restaurants right from your tablet and smartphone. Talabat: Food Delivery app was developed by Talabat Inc. which enables you to deliver good food right to your home. It enables its users to order food online in Kuwait, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Jordan, Oman, and the nearby area. You can precisely browse and filter ultimate cuisines types of tons of famous restaurant menus around you through this app. Talabat: Food Delivery app lets you check out meal images before adding them to the cart, discover the latest deals and offers, get ultimate promotions, and intuitively customize your food the way you want. It helps you precisely select your place to discover local restaurants which are providing a diversity of cuisines such as American, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Healthy food, and a lot more. You can find and get updates on the latest restaurants, explore locally received restaurants menus and lot more things at your fingertips. Talabat allows you to control the restaurants you see through filter, cuisines, sort, and search. So just download Talabat: Food Delivery app from the store to enjoy searching and getting your favorite cuisines and meals delivered to your desired place.


17. Accomplice

Accomplice is an all in one solution which enables you to have all your most likely food delivery services and your favorite rides at one place to access all the exciting deals and save much of your time. Accomplice: App Combining Rides and Food Delivery bought in the market by Tize Technologies Inc. which brings one app that connects all application just to compare prices, get exciting offers, and various other things to get all your things effortlessly. You can choose the restaurants from, Yelp, Eatstreet, and various others to get all your desired food items whether you like Italian, Desi, Chinese, American, Japanese, and any of your loved ones. Accomplice: App Combining Rides and Food Delivery brings exciting platforms including Uber, Flitways, Lyft, and various other to get their servings anytime you need. Accomplice app helps you choose the best platform for food delivery and rides through having the options to discover prices of different platforms right through this application. You can secure place orders for one or more restaurants simultaneously and checkout right through this intuitive tool. So just download Accomplice: App Combining Rides and Food Delivery app and start exploring and comparing restaurants from some gigantic food delivery services and best, cheapest rides using one concise and dedicated app.


18. Careem NOW

Careem NOW is a gigantic and one of the most reliable online food providing service which enables its entire users to get the most ultimate food delivery service through browsing and discovering restaurants and everything they offer. Careem NOW: Online Food Delivery is an excellent tool introduced by RoundMenu Inc. which offers you with the real convenience and instant food delivery from all your nearby restaurants. It is the most concise food delivery app if you are looking for Italian, Chinese, Japanese, American, Indian food, or just want to order your regular burger or pizza. It lets you have the payment options of real cash and through credit card, and makes checkout so easy, once you got what you ordered. Careem NOW: Online Food Delivery allows you to say help to one of the sleekest and intuitive way to get favorite menus delivered straight to your place. You can get its search feature makes it easy to discover your favorites or ultimate new things. It also lets you track your order (from preparation to delivery), and also reorder your regular faces in just a few taps. So just download Careem NOW: Online Food Delivery app, browse through tons of restaurants, place order for your desired things, and sit back or watch your ordered food make its way to you.


19. Bloom and Wild

Bloom and Wild app has intuitively revolutionized the flower delivery service with its innovative letterbox flowers and brings an exciting range of flowers from the (United Kingdom) UK’s top-rated flower company. Flowers and Gifts – Bloom and Wild is a delightful app introduced by Bloom & Wild Inc. which offers luxury hand-tied bouquets, letterbox gifts, and various other fresh stuff created for you and your beloved ones. You can precisely orders flower from some top-rated flowers delivery service or companies and delivers flowers in the bud, so nobody has to wait in for them. Flowers and Gifts – Bloom and Wild service carefully selects flowers using their experts and pack them by hand along with the individual stems netted for protection. This app lets you have the easiest way to send flowers to all your beloved ones and send flowers across Ireland, Germany, France, and the UK. You can precisely use this flower delivery app to send and get letterbox gifts and flowers to enjoy almost 15% off for your first app order with the code ‘APPTODAY’. So just download Flowers and Gifts – Bloom and Wild app from the store, place order for your desired flowers in your desired packing, and enjoy fresh long lasting flowers for you and your beloved ones.


20. Cheetay

Cheetay is an excellent application which makes it so accessible to order not just food but also lets you grasp health and beauty products, groceries, books, and various other things that you need and encounter on a daily basis. Cheetay – Online shopping and food delivery is an ultimate product introduced by Cheetay Team Inc. which enables its entire users to shop for anything they want along with easy payment support. It is one of the most emerging chains in Pakistan which enables its worldwide users to browse a collection of more than 450 restaurants in Lahore through which you can precisely order all your desired food items that they are providing. Cheetay – Online shopping and food delivery app lets you get an entirely new experience with dazzling visual appeal. You can place orders across diverse categories from some legendary restaurants of Lahore. You can place your desired number of items, track your food delivery, get the best deals and offers, and get things delivered anytime, anywhere. So just download Cheetay – Online shopping and food delivery app and feel free to shop for books, beauty products, health concerns, and anything you want to eat and get them delivered right to your place.


21. hipMenu

hipMenu enables its entire lovers to discover their next meal and have it delivered from your some genetic and favorite restaurants. HipMenu – Easy Food Delivery app brings in the market for you to have exciting stuff regarding whether you are ordering for delivery as well as dining out. It lets you taste the menu with your own eyes through some delicious photos to help you make perfect choices while ordering for foods. You can order things through your entire team, through its group orders feature. It lets you place an order for delivery or pickup at local restaurants and pay the same price as you pay in the restaurants. HipMenu – Easy Food Delivery app brings the most concise app for browsing all the nearby restaurants to see the actual food photos as well as menus. You can place your orders after discovering through enticing pics will help you make the best decisions for what you’ll eat in your next meal. Users can translate restaurants menus in more than 10 supported languages including English, French, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish, Slovakian, Serbian, Polish, Russian, Czech, and various others. So just download HipMenu – Easy Food Delivery app in your mobile phone and get this food delivery app in Romanian areas.


22. Eat Mubarak

Eat Mubarak lets you browse and discover just what you have been carving and get all the information you need in one place. Eat Mubarak – Online Food Delivery app enables its entire users to discover the perfect restaurants for you in your area and get all their desired dishes delivered at home. You can intuitively search for eateries by the location, category (Dessert, Cafes, and Breakfast, etc.), and by name (The Burger Shack, Daily Dubai, and more). It lets users have an ultimate tool through which they browse restaurants menus, user reviews and ratings, photos, and share pics of your foodie moments right from the app. It enables you to view pics, menus, phone number, directions, user reviews, and various other information you need to choose a restaurant for Dine Out of even Food Delivery. Eat Mubarak – Online Food Delivery app helps you maintain an easy reference list of your favorite and famous restaurants through bookmarking them. This app helps you explore all your nearby restaurants in your area including the ones near your current locations and even use the search options to discover one that suits you best. So just download Eat Mubarak – Online Food Delivery app in your mobile phone and enjoy getting everything you’re looking for.


23. HungryNaki

HungryNaki is another excellent application which enables its users to enjoy an exquisite online food ordering and delivery from some famous restaurants and enjoy them at home. HungryNaki – Food Delivery app was developed by HungryNaki Inc. which enables its users to find all their nearby best restaurants from where you want to place an order. You can precisely order all your loved restaurants and enjoy at home. It is probably the most initial food delivery service in Bangladesh and is truly a 100% Bangladeshi company which services all around the country. This app is operating in almost 3 cities which includes Sylhet, Chittagong, and Dhaka and intuitively covers more than 850 restaurants. This app enables you to order food in easy from all your nearby restaurants and enables its users to enjoy the vast menu of over 100,000 items which start from burger to sushi. This app covers a vast diversity of cuisines including Chinese food, Italian food, Indian food and also along with the addition of vegetarian items. HungryNaki enables you to enjoy its deals, gifts, and vouchers as well and save money. So just download HungryNaki – Food Delivery app and pick your toppings and sauces and enjoy your entire meals in the way you want.


24. Lixi

Lixi is a widely loved cashback application in Vietnam which not only enables its users to help you accumulate for every meal and shopping bill but also attain all your future economic goals. Lixi – Food Delivery Service was introduced by Opencheck PTE LTD Inc. which brings an exciting platform which lets you save money by getting cash back anytime, anywhere up to almost 60 % in total. Lixi brings a vast catalog to choose from more than 100 partner stores with famous brands including Downtown Food, Bonjour, Baskin Robbins, and various others. It enables its users to recharge your phone instantly and easily with just a few clicks. Lixi – Food Delivery Service helps you change lots of trendy products at the half on the price available in the market. It lets you select the restaurants or service provider over its list, consume directly at the place, use Lixi Points to recharge a mobile phone, and get even more Lixi points. It helps you scan QR codes while paying for the cash backing of almost 1k Lixi Points equivalent to 1k VND. So just download Lixi – Food Delivery Service in your mobile phone and have a completely free and intuitively high-security experience of getting cash back ultimately.


25. Bite Squad

Bite Squad brings a diverse collection of tons of healthy features which enables you to choose from a wide range of restaurants along with the handy filtering functions and a search bar facility to help you discover all your favorite dishes you’re carving. Bite Squad – Food Delivery app offers low booking fees, accurate orders, speedy delivery, and never demand an order minimum. This app makes it so easy and accessible to order for all your desired restaurants meals and get everything delivered to your home. You can also choose all your most likely restaurants dishes and instantly check out through your credit card. This app will save your address, provide payment information, and order preferences for a speedier checkout the next time you order, once you create an account over here. Bite Squad – Food Delivery app will get your desired food to you when you want it whether you need your food on-demand as well as like to schedule an order in advance. This app was created in 2012 in Minneapolis and now operating in over 30 cities and delivers from over 10k restaurants nationwide. So just download Bite Squad – Food Delivery app to enjoy its low booking fees, accurate orders and speedy delivery for everyone without never demand an order minimum.

More About GrabFood

GrabFood is an intuitive and easy to use food delivery service in Southeast Asia, serving customers with delightful and healthy meals from street food and restaurant dining. GrabFood – Food Delivery App bought in the store by Grab Holdings which lets you browse all kinds of food in your area and fine from all your favorite restaurants in the comfort of your home. You can easily log in with your Grab Account and enjoy everything at a reasonable price. You can get all your desired drinks and food items delivered to you whenever you want and wherever you are. GrabFood – Food Delivery App brings good food with fast delivery so that you have a damn trust on the riders of this service to feed your cravings on your first delivery. It does not limit your order for minimum or maximum amount and brings everything straight on your desired places so that you can enjoy from small bites to gigantic, big deals. It lets you pay with ease and lets you satisfy your carvings in the most ultimate way when you pay through GrabPay. So just download GrabFood – Food Delivery App, sign in here, choose from thousands of restaurants, place your favorite meal order, sit tight and watch your desired foodstuff delivered right to you.