Guess The Emoji By Random Logic Games Alternatives for Android

Guess The Emoji By Random Logic Games

Guess The Emoji By Random Logic Games is an excellent tool that entertains you for hours by letting you guess the words using the emojis. Guess The Emoji game was presented in the market by Conversion, LLC which carries an amazing guessing game experience for everyone loves guessing scenarios… read more
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11 Apps Like Guess The Emoji By Random Logic Games for Android

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1. Group Guess

Group Guess is an excellent tool in which you have to guess some fun scenarios and lets you prove how far you can recognize the groups in your turn as well. Kpop Quiz Guess the Group 2018 app bought in the market by Games Developer 12 Inc. through which you have to guess the names of the K-pop idol groups with ease or difficulty, depending on the level and without the time limit. Group Guess app brings 100% free offline tool which does not require any internet. It brings photos of the current idol Kpop, and you can add idol knowledge Kpop as well. It carries levels which move from easy to difficult and also brings keywords option in each question. Kpop Quiz Guess the Group 2018 carries Kpop idols of all the generations which includes Vixx, Two Times, EXID, BTS, T-ara, and many others. The app carries fun and sweet design which lets you conveniently enjoy the game anywhere, anytime. You can also share this Group Guess app with your friends and challenge them to complete its hurdles. You can download Kpop Quiz Guess the Group 2018 app for free and let’s show if you are a true Kpop master.


2. Heads Up!

Heads Up! Carries lots of exciting stuff for its users to have quality fun time, and is the same game that the very famous Ellen DeFeneres plays on her show, and now it enables you to enjoy it with your friends anytime you want. Heads Up is a gorgeous and a widely used guessing game introduced by Warner Bros. International Enterprises Inc. which is loved and played by millions of users from all across the world. This application enables its users to enjoy exciting guessing from singings and celebrities to the silly accents. All you need to do is to guess the word or phrase on the card on your mobile screen that is over your forehead from the clues given by your friends and family members before the time goes out. Heads Up let you play it with one or hundreds of friends at the same time. You can effortlessly draw new cards by tilting your phones and even keep videos of your exciting gameplays to share over social media or even for your own amusement. While its decks include celebrities, animals, accents, characters, movies, and so much more. So just download Heads Up app in your phone, and transform your tedious time with your besties in a quality fun period.


3. GuessUp

GuessUp enables everyone to enjoy charades with their most likely group of friends in this ultimate trivia and charades game available in the market. GuessUp – Word Party Charades with Friends app bought in the market by Cosmicode Studio Inc. which enables its worldwide users to enjoy part charades with their close buddies or the new friends as well. Some of its most funniest and challenging categories of charades includes the Accents and Impressions, Act it Out, Animals, Celebrities, Disney, Food, Game of Thrones, Animation Series, Bands, Artists, Movies, Music, Netflix, Games, Geography, Harry Potter, Sports, Star Wars, TV Shows, and various others to have quality fun. GuessUp – Word Party Charades with Friends enables you to choose any of these described categories to play guess game with their family and friends. Each of its solo categories presented hundreds of words that range from the music to the animal kingdom and hell more. You can enjoy it in team mode or even challenge your single buddy to have hours of fun. It enables you to capture and record videos of hilarious gameplay forever or even share them directly over Instagram, Facebook, and more. You can easily download GuessUp – Word Party Charades with Friends app from the store which guaranteed to sponsor the quality entertaining evenings with your family and friends as never before.


4. What Am I?

What Am I? is a fun and challenging charades game which you have never experienced because it carries loads of exciting features for everyone who loves guessing games. What Am I? – Family Charades (Guess The Word) app bought in the market by 2Minds Dev Inc. which enables you to enjoy tons of exciting categories for guessing your desired or the most likely things whenever you want. It carries a neat and clean interface where you can enjoy the funniest and challenging charades right on your cell phone. This app carries more than 20 categories to choose from, so that you can enjoy guessing TV themes, singers, songs, TV shows (the 90s, 80s, and 70s), animal kingdom, Kids TV shows, cartoons, movies, celebrities, cartoons, Pokémon, Youtubers, novels, and various others right under one platform. What Am I? – Family Charades (Guess The Word) allows you whether to choose Portuguese or English language and play it for free. You can play this ultimate guessing game offline with one single friend or your desired number of friends as well. So download What Am I? – Family Charades (Guess The Word) app and choose your most likely categories, rotate your mobile phone, and let the game begin.


5. Charades

Charades enable you to enjoy the outrageously exciting and fun multi-activity game for you as well as your friends. Charades! ™ – Family Game Night app bought in the market by FatChicken Studio Inc. which enables you to enjoy a variety of challenges from singing acting, sketching, dancing, and more. You have to guess the word from your buddies on the card that is on your head clues before the timer runs out. You can play head up against one friend or even your desired number of friends at the same time. Some of the ultimate desks on Charades! ™ – Family Game Night app includes TV shows, movies, science, animal kingdom, act on it, sports legends, fairy tales, sports family people, literature, landmarks, name brand, kids movies and TV shows, foot nation, Broadway musicals, destination, landmarks, and more. This app brings more than 45 themed decks to choose from, various packed with more than 400 exciting gameplay cards, and never stops your fun. You can draw a new card as well by tilting your mobile phone down or up. Charades! ™ – Family Game Night lets you challenge players in the creativity and trivia and enjoy this next level party guessing, family, and reunion game.


6. – Tell Me – Tell Me is a gigantically loved guessing game which lets you have loads of fun with your buddies anytime, anywhere you want. – Tell Me is a great party guessing game presented in the market by KMD Games Inc. which lets you guess the word by getting expressions as well as the related words from your own friends. It carries the same traditional scenario of guessing the words by judging the facial expressions of your partners or other members as well. – Tell Me lets you participate the wildest and the fastest way to have fun with your buddies and try to tell your friends which words you see over the screen of the mobile phone to let them guess. This word guessing game lets you express your inner actor by explaining things with your actions and facial expressions. – Tell Me app enables you to tell your friends what is written over the mobile phone screen. You can also enjoy creating a team and helping a selected friend in the competition to have real fun. So just leave all ancient games and break down your taboos and enjoy – Tell Me with an excellent guessing scenario that you will live with your friends right using your mobile devices.


7. Guess the song

Guess the song is an engaging music guessing game which brings loads of simple rules for instant fun. Guess The Song – Music Quiz app bought in the market by S Quiz It! Inc. which enables you to get a variety of songs with plenty of music genres to enjoy. You can precisely choose your favorite music genres and guess the song title as quickly as you can. It brings a library of greatest and latest hit songs which are categorized in more than 50 diverse ones from popular to niche genres. It lets you extend your knowledge of music as well as the genres of music of the current and old era. Guess The Song – Music Quiz app brings exciting social features where you can compete with your Fb friends, enjoy diverse leaderboards, and 2 player mode to fight a battle on one device. It enables you to enjoy the latest hot hits, decades, timeless rock hits, heavy metals, hard rock list, country and gospel music, love songs, female singers, one hit wonders, Latin songs, K-pop, funk, alternatives, EDM & Dubstep, and all the special categories with regular updates. So just download Guess the Song – Music Quiz app and let the exciting music game inspires you.


8. Guess It!

Guess It! app lets you meet tons of categories if you love its movies categories for major or rather you can’t wait to see and re-watch Game Stranger Things and NCIS, Game of Thrones, and also try out TV Show category, and get entertainment for even longer. Guess It! Social charades game was introduced in the market by Valiprod Inc. through which people can enjoy guessing exciting words in tons of hilarious categories to enjoy spending fun time with their real buddies. It lets you guess the words from the clues, and you can dance, sing, act or describe the clues to them precisely and let them guess the right thing. Guess It! Social charades game app enables you to catch multiple categories including animals, celebrities, kids section, accents, mimicry, act it out, brands, actors, food, countries, historical gestures, jobs, characters, videogames, Idioms, romance, and various others which that satisfy all your needs of enjoying guessing. This app brings almost a minute to guess as many words as you can so you just have to put your cell over your forehead for more convenience and fun. Guess It! Social charades game enables you to challenge your friends and enjoy real-time smarty-pants battles whenever you are in the mood.


9. Party Guess

Party Guess is one of the most entertaining, awesome, and amazing word guessing game of all the time, introduced in the market by iCandy Digital Inc. Party Guess: Best Word Guessing Game enables you to choose a diversity of wide array of categories and hold up the screen to your forehead for all your family members and friends to see. The person who will guess as many guesses in a limited time will definitely win the fair. Every member has almost 60 seconds to guess the words shown on the screen on their forehead and one should have to guess the most from the gestures of his friends. Party Guess: Word Guessing Game brings a diverse collection of categories to challenge you and your friends even more. It carries over 15 localized decks for HongKongers (purely made in Hong Kong), and you can effectively customize your own deck in the way you want. Party Guess gaming app lets you save as well as share videos of hilarious moments with buddies. You can enjoy downloading Party Guess app for free to play the guessing the game with anyone, anywhere, anytime.


10. Selfie Games

Selfie Games is an elegant party guessing tool for groups who are looking for the fun multi-player party game for a group of friends, teens, adults, family members, and more. Selfie Games: Group TV Party Game (draw and guess) app bought in the market by Buzzito LLC, which enables you to enjoy a set of fun selfie-infused casual TV party game for people of every age. In this game, each of the players uses their own mobile phone to snap selfies, write or draw something, guess, and more. It is an easy to set up game which brings one-tap in the mobile app for the central Fire TV, Chromecast, Xbox One, Tablets, Fire TV, computer, and various other smart TVs and just the simple website visit on the computers and tablets. Selfie Games: Group TV Party Game (draw and guess) app lets you enjoy an exquisite way for you to use your cell phone to goof off, make memories, and have fun together in person. You can enjoy this app with your desired players with a collection of more than 3 to almost ten players and has 500+ fun prompts to guess and draw.


11. Guess the Wrestler Trivia

Guess the Wrestler Trivia is loved by tons of wrestling fans from all over the world which enjoys a cool app that lets you discover all the top wrestlers of both presents as well as past (hall of fame) legends. Guess the Wrestler Trivia app bought in the market by KillingTime Creations Inc. which is designed effectively for all the wrestling lovers. People of all the ages are enjoying this game to test their knowledge by discovering your most likely wrestler available at each level. Guess the Wrestler Trivia app intuitively covers all the top wrestlers with more than 40 levels and counting. It also supports the feature of hint providence that helps you enjoy hints whenever you need them the most. This app also brings the option to share your hurdles with your friends, and you can easily manage all your tough time effortlessly. Guess the Wrestler Trivia app lets you have loads of fun while making classy stuff on the move. So just give a chance to download Guess the Wrestler Trivia app in your phone and enjoy guessing the names of your legendary wrestlers.

More About Guess The Emoji By Random Logic Games

Guess The Emoji By Random Logic Games is an excellent tool that entertains you for hours by letting you guess the words using the emojis. Guess The Emoji game was presented in the market by Conversion, LLC which carries an amazing guessing game experience for everyone loves guessing scenarios. It provides an endless fun emoji game right on your mobile devices through which you can test your inner skills effectively. You can sharpen your logical and reasoning capabilities by solving these mysteries. Guess The Emoji by Random Logic Games carries exciting emoji puzzles that you have to solve using your technical skills. This contains a sleek screen display which presents various emojis, and you have to guess about what these emoticons are describing, and you have to guess them all. This app lets you get hints about the hard emoji questions and just to save your precious day over here. Guess The Emoji carries the features of ‘Expose A Letter’ as well as ‘Remove The Letters’ with their own functionalities. The first type of hint will randomly reveal one letter over the puzzle and the second one will remove all the letters from the board which are not applicable in the puzzle, and you can use both them accordingly. Guess The Emoji By Random Logic Games enables you to solve the word question intuitively and enhance the way you visualize things.