Guess The Emoji By Random Logic Games Alternatives for iOS

Guess The Emoji By Random Logic Games

Guess The Emoji By Random Logic Games is an excellent tool that entertains you for hours by letting you guess the words using the emojis. Guess The Emoji game was presented in the market by Conversion, LLC which carries an amazing guessing game experience for everyone loves guessing scenarios… read more
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9 Apps Like Guess The Emoji By Random Logic Games for iOS

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1. Heads Up!

Heads Up! Carries lots of exciting stuff for its users to have quality fun time, and is the same game that the very famous Ellen DeFeneres plays on her show, and now it enables you to enjoy it with your friends anytime you want. Heads Up is a gorgeous and a widely used guessing game introduced by Warner Bros. International Enterprises Inc. which is loved and played by millions of users from all across the world. This application enables its users to enjoy exciting guessing from singings and celebrities to the silly accents. All you need to do is to guess the word or phrase on the card on your mobile screen that is over your forehead from the clues given by your friends and family members before the time goes out. Heads Up let you play it with one or hundreds of friends at the same time. You can effortlessly draw new cards by tilting your phones and even keep videos of your exciting gameplays to share over social media or even for your own amusement. While its decks include celebrities, animals, accents, characters, movies, and so much more. So just download Heads Up app in your phone, and transform your tedious time with your besties in a quality fun period.


2. Guess Word! Party up charades

Guess Word! Party up charades app lets you have a hilarious fun time having this charades game which never disturbs you with ads. Guess Word! – Phrase forehead game, with No Ads app, was offered in the market by SmoothMobile, LLC which enables you to enjoy an ads-free charades game to have a fun time with your close friends. Guess Word! Party up charades enables you to play charades with any size group of your friends and does not implies any limit of members. You can give clues to your friends just to help them guess the word right in their forehead. It brings endless unique categories which include celebrities, animals, 90’s kid, Harry Potter, pop, culture, brands, Disney, food, sports, trivia, game, and plenty of others along with the support of clues as well. Guess Word! – Phrase forehead game, No Ads lets you enjoy making videos and photos of your friends giving you clues as well. Guess Word! Party up charades enables you to watch and share amazing recorded videos of your friends giving you clues. The app brings loads of new and exciting categories and clues all the time and never let you get bored. Guess Word! – Phrase forehead game enables you to create custom categories to have exquisite time with the group of your desired buddies anytime you want.


3. Guess the Color

Guess the Color is another marvelous guessing game where you have to find the missing colors in the pictures, emojis, emoticons, and more. Guess the Color – Addictive Logo Quiz Challenge is an excellent tool introduced by Potato Powered Games Ltd. which enables you to join a collection of more than 2 million players from all over the globe to see the exact number of icons you can guess in the ultimate logo quiz game. Guess the Color – Logo Games brings a collection of 500 logos organized in more than 50 exciting and engaging levels. It brings helpful clues that can be used whenever you got stuck onto somewhere and try to need real help. Guess the Color – Addictive Logo Quiz Challenge app enables you to enjoy daily unique challenge logos to solve for extra hints. For attaining these hints, you need to solve the challenges that it brings. Guess the Color – Logo Games carries the availability of scoreboard where you can precisely compare your ranking as compared to your buddies. This app keeps on adding some unique packs frequently so you can never get bored of the same content anyway. Guess the Color – Addictive Logo Quiz Challenge helps you enjoy a massive collection of logos along with engaging levels for everyone who uses the app.


4. Guess The Emoji

Guess The Emoji is an excellent tool which entertains you for hours and lets you enjoy a collection of tons of fun emojis in the game that tests your reasoning and logical skills whenever you want. Guess The Emoji app bought in the market by Conversion, LLC which enables you to test the logic of you and your friends by providing tons of emojis. You can enjoy watching tons of hilarious emojis in loads of screen postures where you have to use your inner skills and thinking capabilities to guess those emojis. This app also provides the support of getting hints about all the emojis which are hard to guess, so these hints are here to save your day. This app brings the feature of ‘Expose A letter’ which randomly reveals the letter in the puzzle. Guess The Emoji lets you use those hints whenever you get stuck on somewhere in the game or when you need an extra nudge in case of guessing icon on a tough question. While on the other hand, Guess The Emoji app also brings the remove The Letter feature which removes all the letters which are not used in the puzzle game from the board. This hint is more significant but even more challenging as well. So just download Guess The Emoji app and enjoy a hilarious set of emojis to guess with amazing hint features as well.


5. Charades

Charades enable you to enjoy the outrageously exciting and fun multi-activity game for you as well as your friends. Charades! ™ – Family Game Night app bought in the market by FatChicken Studio Inc. which enables you to enjoy a variety of challenges from singing acting, sketching, dancing, and more. You have to guess the word from your buddies on the card that is on your head clues before the timer runs out. You can play head up against one friend or even your desired number of friends at the same time. Some of the ultimate desks on Charades! ™ – Family Game Night app includes TV shows, movies, science, animal kingdom, act on it, sports legends, fairy tales, sports family people, literature, landmarks, name brand, kids movies and TV shows, foot nation, Broadway musicals, destination, landmarks, and more. This app brings more than 45 themed decks to choose from, various packed with more than 400 exciting gameplay cards, and never stops your fun. You can draw a new card as well by tilting your mobile phone down or up. Charades! ™ – Family Game Night lets you challenge players in the creativity and trivia and enjoy this next level party guessing, family, and reunion game.


6. Guess ’em

Guess ’em is a free to use the two-player game for all the iOS device holders where they can enjoy an intuitive and engaging guessing game to discover faces. Guess ’em app bought in the market by GameWeaver Inc. where you have to find out which face your friends has selected with a sequence of plenty of questions. Each of the players should divide what game pack to play with, whenever you load up, choose a letter, and this is who your buddy has to guess. The first player should ask a question from the second player to deduce which of your opponent has selected. By tapping over the faces will spin the face around so the face that you have selected will become off the board so you can narrow your entire search. Guess ’em brings a wide collection of faces of Emma, Tabitha, Bela, Eli, Diana, Line, Teresa, Alley, Pathc, Robyn, Henry, and various others. Rather than choosing from the faces of boy and girl, you can also enjoy face selection from animals, robots, and various other creations of the universe. While at the end of the Guess ’em game, you should start to think who the real or the selected person has, so you can shout ‘Guessed ’em’ and reveal your guess.


7. Emoji Games

Emoji Games is an amazing tool which enables you to guess exciting things along with the addictive emojis right on your cellphone. Emoji Games – Find the Emojis app was presented in the market by Emoji + Inc. through which you can enjoy the addictive game by guessing the words and emojis. Emoji Games – Guess Game lets you have various levels which carry their own engagingness, and these levels become even more difficult when you keep on succeeding. Whenever you solve one level by efficient guessing, you will enjoy making real coins intuitively on this game. Emoji Games – Find the Emojis brings a sleek interface which contains all the words, blank emojis, all the coins, and the available emojis right on your mobile screen. Emoji Games – Guess Game also appreciate your efforts with real coins whenever you pass the levels, and you can also share your progress as well. Emoji Games – Discover the Emojis game carries a simple as well as addictive gameplay which enables you to discover the emojis by guessing them through the words that are given in the app.


8. Guess my character!

Guess my character! carries loads of exciting features for playing two-player guessing game right using the iOS devices. Guess my character! – With Online/Bluetooth support game was developed in the market by JanduSoft S. L. which enables you to enjoy a brand new experience of guessing the characters. It is a two-player character guessing game where each player starts the game with the board which carries cartoon images of almost 24 people. It begins with both the players with a random selection of the character from the board where the objective of the whole thing in to be the first to determine which character is taken by your opponent. You will pass the mission if you get the right thing, otherwise, you will fail. Guess my character! – With Online/Bluetooth support app contains millions of downloads from all over the world and is also on the top of board games in more than 20 countries. You can enjoy its amazing accessible turn-based gameplay along with the game center support for any problem reporting. Guess my character game is conveniently be played between the player and the computer or the player with the second player. Guess my character! – Online/Bluetooth support enables you to get the first player to determine the character that your opponent has and become successful in no time.


9. Party Guess

Party Guess is one of the most entertaining, awesome, and amazing word guessing game of all the time, introduced in the market by iCandy Digital Inc. Party Guess: Best Word Guessing Game enables you to choose a diversity of wide array of categories and hold up the screen to your forehead for all your family members and friends to see. The person who will guess as many guesses in a limited time will definitely win the fair. Every member has almost 60 seconds to guess the words shown on the screen on their forehead and one should have to guess the most from the gestures of his friends. Party Guess: Word Guessing Game brings a diverse collection of categories to challenge you and your friends even more. It carries over 15 localized decks for HongKongers (purely made in Hong Kong), and you can effectively customize your own deck in the way you want. Party Guess gaming app lets you save as well as share videos of hilarious moments with buddies. You can enjoy downloading Party Guess app for free to play the guessing the game with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

More About Guess The Emoji By Random Logic Games

Guess The Emoji By Random Logic Games is an excellent tool that entertains you for hours by letting you guess the words using the emojis. Guess The Emoji game was presented in the market by Conversion, LLC which carries an amazing guessing game experience for everyone loves guessing scenarios. It provides an endless fun emoji game right on your mobile devices through which you can test your inner skills effectively. You can sharpen your logical and reasoning capabilities by solving these mysteries. Guess The Emoji by Random Logic Games carries exciting emoji puzzles that you have to solve using your technical skills. This contains a sleek screen display which presents various emojis, and you have to guess about what these emoticons are describing, and you have to guess them all. This app lets you get hints about the hard emoji questions and just to save your precious day over here. Guess The Emoji carries the features of ‘Expose A Letter’ as well as ‘Remove The Letters’ with their own functionalities. The first type of hint will randomly reveal one letter over the puzzle and the second one will remove all the letters from the board which are not applicable in the puzzle, and you can use both them accordingly. Guess The Emoji By Random Logic Games enables you to solve the word question intuitively and enhance the way you visualize things.