Guitar – Chords, Tabs and Games Alternatives for iOS

Guitar – Chords, Tabs and Games

Guitar – Chords, Tabs & Games is an exciting application through which people can enjoy playing guitar effectively and engagingly. Guitar – Chords, Tabs and Games app was presented in the market by Gismart Inc. through which people can enjoy learning chords and producing music right using their mobile device… read more
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21 Apps Like Guitar – Chords, Tabs and Games for iOS

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1. MelodyLab

MelodyLab lets you record reasonable videos when you play any instruments or whenever you are in a mood to sing, and even add more recordings for creating your own songs. MelodyLab is a great video song recording tool introduced in the market by Mats Eriksson Inc. which enables you to record your intended videos and precisely export it to the photo album whenever finished, and then share it with the entire universe to boom your capabilities. In the Melody Lab app, you have to start the app and select the new project by giving it your desired name. After this step, you have to select the project in the list and click open, and when you open the project, the most initial recording box is already selected. You only have to tap the ‘Record’ button when you are ready to record and tap ‘Stop’ whenever you’ve done. You can record again and again until you reach your level of perfection. You can also choose another recording box to record and does it until you are satisfied with your recordings and even when you’ve filled the entire set of boxes. You can then select the Play button to see your result and maybe adjust various aspects accordingly. MelodyLab lets you have your own band with you for all the time so that you can produce quality music, songs, and the like with extreme ease.



BEAT FEVER is an excellent tool where Janet Jackson, Steve Aoki, Sia, Bruno Mars, and hundreds of world-famous and your most likely artists brings music to life. BEAT FEVER – Music Planet app was developed in the market by WRKSHP Inc. which brings home of interactive music to listen and play anything you want. BEAT FEVER – Bringing Music To Life app not just let you listen to the music, it enables you to live, feel or play it in the way like never. It contains music with interactive albums where you can tap to the beat of your most likely songs like never before. The app lets you connect with tons of other music fans to DJ your most likely songs and music collectively. BEAT FEVER – Music Planet app carries up to the mark music news and even a chance to discover as well as follow your most favorite artists. The app contains songs for every fan of music sensation by providing music from the hip hop and EDM to pop and classical. Beat Fever app lets you explore tons of excitingly interactive albums where you can connect with your most likely music artists. BEAT FEVER – Bringing Music To Life app lets you challenge your friends or other fans, and is combing loads of exciting songs, album artwork, and artistic videos to lets you have an immersive experience of music.


3. Tunable

Tunable is a chromatic chord generator, tuner, metronome, tone generator, and up to the mark recorder which helps you in learning to play steadily, on the beat, and in tune, etc. Tunable – Music Practice Tools is a great tool led in the market by AffinityBlue Inc. which brings one of the most sophisticated tuner, tone generator, metronome, and recorder for everyone who has any concern with it. Tunable – Tuner and Metronome app intuitively visualize how steadily you sing and play, and a white line draws how steady the respective pitch is, as the notes are held out. The app effectively improves your ear with chord and tone generator and keeps the tempo with a simple and concise metronome. Tunable – Music Practice Tools is a great tool which brings tuner (with history display), tone and chord generator (with Sustain), Recorder (with proverb), Metronome (precise and visuals), and available in dark and light theme. Tunable – Music Practice Tools app brings colorful, gigantic tuning indicator, visual tuner with a note, the history of tuning, horizontal and vertical display, an adjustable reference tone, and more. Tunable: Tuner and Metronome app enable you to record your performances and practice intuitively and add reverb for a professional sound, and you can then share your recording through Dropbox, SoundCloud, e-mail, and more.


4. The Piano.

The Piano is an ultimate music generating tool being loved by billions of worldwide folks who love the app for playing and recording music in the way they want. The Piano. – Play Music and Record Songs is a great app developed in the market by Impala Studios which lets you have the ultimate asset while practicing for the performance as well as for the rehearsal or just for having quality time. The Piano is a significant music generating tool used by loads of singers, songwriters, music teachers, and beginners. The app lets you had a keyboard with you for all the time just for creating and saving your masterpieces in music. The Piano. – Play Music and Record Songs app bring the amazing functionalities of recording and playback, key size, note labels, xylophone, top piano, and a classical grand piano. You can precisely record your music, save them in your library and even share it with your friends. The Piano – Play Music app is significant for teaching the positions and names of the notes, tuning wind instrument, and for developing a well-tuned musical ear. So just go to The Piano. – Play Music and Record Songs app and reveal your creativity and musicality in front of the whole universe.


5. edjing Mix

edjing Mix is presenting the brand new and exciting version of the world’s famous and most downloaded DJ app voted best by Google and is reworked to make sure even the gigantic level of performance. edjing Mix – Remix Your Songs and Make Music is a fine music tool introduced in the market by MWM Inc. which brings an advanced tool for enjoying DJ music whenever you want. MWM – Best Free Music and Audio Apps for Android allows you to access millions of amazing tracks from SoundCloud, Deezer, and all your local folders and remix in an instant with more than 20 DJ features and FX. Edjing Mix: DJ music mixer app brings the same ability of software of Pro DJ with the ease of being over a device which fits in your pocket. Edjing Mix – DJ is a super portable digital music setup that helps you enjoy playing music and songs anywhere you want. Edjing Mix – Remix your songs and make music carries a massive music library, integration of SoundCloud and Deezer, create multisource playlists with songs, smart search feature, advanced sorting, and more. edjing Mix: DJ music mixer lets you access more than 16 free samples and more than 20 sample packs right on your cell phone.



TUUNES™ is an excellent superstore for ringtones which contains a massive library of music and everything regarding it to enjoy your most likely music sensation. TUUNES™ – Ringtones and Music app was presented in the market by WhitePoint GmbH Inc. which enables you to browse one of the gigantic legal tones and ringtones catalog from professional producers and labels in one app. TUUNES™ – Official Ringtones Superstore is an exciting store for ringtones in more than 50 languages right on the palm of your hands. Tuunes is one of the most amazing messaging and ringtone for your iPhone and discovers your personal favorite tune, set it instantly and enjoy playing and recommending ringtones to all your mobile devices. You can precisely follow live stats of as well as see what is trending. You can precisely browse amazing cover artwork of the hottest and trendiest music ringtones, most likely snippets from Youtube, marimba remixes, sound effects, alarm clocks, and many more genres. TUUNES™ – Ringtones and Music app brings free trial and paid subscription with more options. TUUNES™ – Official Ringtones Superstore allows you to instantly set top label’s sounds and ringtones on your iPhone without any cables, for a low price per tone, no subscription, and no unwanted ads as well.


7. Drums – Real Drum Set Games

Drums – Real Drum Set Games is a simple to use app which contains ultra-realistic sound and feel for every beginner to the pro drummer that enables them just to make a tap and hear the kick drums, snare drums, and cymbals instantly. Drums: Real Drum Set Music Games to Play and Learn app was presented in the market by MWM Solutions, which allows its worldwide users to enjoy learning and playing drums with everything needed to move on professional drum beating level. You can go through its amazing pack of drum lessons, practice things in a professional way, play games to practice and master your drumming capabilities in an effective and reasonable way. Drums – Play Music on Drum Machine brings a fine collection of full-fledged drum kits, plenty of music styles, ultra HD music sound, exquisite pack of lessons, amazing games for fun learning, and free to use scenarios. Drums: Real Drum Set Music Games to Play and Learn app carries an awesome pack of drum lessons which allows you to learn tons of your most likely songs from all difficulty levels. Drums – Play Music on Drum Machine app allows you to learn your desired songs, practice things in your own way, and play for hours of fun.


8. Beat Maker Pro

Beat Maker Pro carries one of the most easiest and reasonable way to learn and master the art of beat making capabilities right using your mobile device. Beat maker pro – Create beats and make music app was presented in the market by MWM Inc. which brings one of your most likely drum pad app to create music and amazing beats directly through your mobile device. Beat maker pro – Drum Pad app will precisely let you learn all the secrets to create your own songs on the move and even play tracks from all genres including EDM, hip hop, pop, trap, boost, dubstep, and various others. The app lets you tap on the pad to create sounds and make music with cool dram machine. Beatmaker Pro – Create beats and make music app allows you to grasp a collection of the tone of significant lessons to learn and play awesome songs and even perfect your skills as a music maker and beat maker. It brings loads of music genres, colorful drum pad design, rhythm feedback, and HD studio audio quality, easy to use experience, thousands of songs with lessons, and keeps on updating its sound packs every week. Beat maker pro – Drum Pad app suits both beginners and pro beat makers due to its extensive lessons that will track you step by step how to play songs.


9. Guitar – Real Games & Lessons

Guitar – Real Games & Lessons is a significant tool for all the guitar lovers through which they can enjoy learning and playing guitar with ultra-realistic sound and an amazing quality pack of lessons. Guitar – Play Ultimate Tabs and Chords app was presented in the market by MWM Inc. which brings an extensive and one of the quality pack of thousands of songs with lessons and keeps on updating its stuff for its global users. The app contains all the genres of music whether they are rock, pop, hip hop, bass boost, blues, jazz or anything else they love. Guitar – Real games and lessons app brings a collection of more than 2K chords book for hours of fun learning. It contains classical guitar, electric guitar, 12-strings guitar, and various other types of guitar to master each skill and technique. Guitar – Play Ultimate Tabs and Chords app contains the main features of left and right-handed guitar, ultra HD and realistic sound, awesome design, free play mode for jamming, tons of lessons made for learning, and is suitable for all the guitar player, from beginners to pro users. Guitar – Real Games and Lessons lets you enjoy it in a free or subscription version with more features at a reasonable cost.


10. WeDrum

WeDrum lets you master the drums by playing the beats right from your cell phone devices. WeDrum – Percussion Set, Loops and Beats app was presented in the market by one of the well-known developed named Gismart Inc. which lets you learn the most known drum hits, form a band, and become a professional drummer in no time. It is free to use, real drum set simulator game which holds all types of electric drums necessary for a Pro drummer. We Drum – Drums, Real Drum Kit app is growing more realistically due to its functionality of augmented reality, and you can even locate a drumset whenever you want. You can effectively choose from your most likely music tune to play over the drum set from a rich collection of music and tracks across a diverse collection of music genres. We Drum – Percussion Set, Loops and Beats app lets you pick a pianist, a vocalist, and a guitarist to enjoy the band like experience or enjoy playing your own. WeDrum app allows you to play drum along to a song, keep up with the tempo, and enjoy the crowd cheering like a real Pro musician enjoys over the stage. WeDrum – Drums, Real Drum Kit also contains various popular drum kits, animated visual effects, and is perfect for practicing the drums rudiments.


11. Ditty by Zya

Ditty by Zya is an excellent tool which sings anything you text and allows you to make awesome songs, and stupidly hilarious music videos right through your mobile device. Ditty by Zya – Music App of the Year was presented in the market by Zya Inc. which brings one of the world’s most growing and effective way to make a song. You can intuitively add awesome GIFs by snapping videos or even selecting from your camera roll. It enables its users to make hilariously awesome musical memes with GIFs, and create stuff with tons of hit songs. The app keeps on generating tons of quality, nonsense, and sometimes awesome songs and also adds songs on a weekly basis. Ditty by Zya – Music App of the Year allows you to post your Dittys on the app for a chance to be featured and you can also add friends and follow their uploaded feeds effortlessly. Ditty app carries one of the most effective and effortless ways of making new songs and hilarious videos for all the worldwide folks. Ditty by Zya – Music App of the Year app lets you produce amazing songs written by you, and helps you share your passion with the whole universe.


12. Launchpad

Launchpad is a marvelous application which is used by tons of musicians, beginners, and pro DJs to make and remix electronic music of their own choice right using their tablets and smartphones. Launchpad – Make & Remix Music app was presented in the market by Ampify Music Inc. which enables you to enjoy DJ style music effects and loads of amazing functionalities for making remixes and music without any need of heavy software or any technical skills. Launch Pad allows you to enter an inspiring world of music remixing and creation right using your mobile phone and tablet devices. Launchpad – Make and Remix Music app brings a pack of 8 free to use soundpacks and keeps on updating a hundred more on a weekly basis. The app enables you to merge beats, melodies, FX loops, basslines, and vocals into new creations. It carries layer effects to change and chop the sound, and you can use Launchpad to record your rehearsals or music and share it with the music community of the entire universe. Launchpad – Make & Remix Music is one of the easiest to use, genuine, and sleekly designed app for remixing and making your intended remixing and other music whenever, wherever you want.



STAELLA enables you to enjoy an ultimate music video maker and visual music player without any editing, and you can import your photos and music concisely. STAELLA – Audio Player and Video Clip Maker Without Editing app was presented in the market by Monocro Inc. which lets you enhance your music experience through its amazing and real-time audio reactive system. You just need to select the music and enjoy it with ears and eyes having STAELLA – Music Visualizer app on your phone. Its visual packages include Terra and Stella. Some of the highlighted features of STAELLA Pro includes video recorder, 10 wallpaper blend modes, 10 screen effects, and various other features for its entire users. STAELLA – Audio Player, and Video Clip Maker app includes some ultimate screen effects including slip, noise, vignette, mirror, angle, rain, hexagon, Light leak, noise, distortion, and various others. You can intuitively mix effects in the real-time, tap knob to return to default, and select the customizable background image from your own library of photos. STAELLA – Music Visualizer also includes various wallpaper blending modes including screen hard light and mix, soft light, pin light, overlay, linear dodge, subtract and more.


14. insTuner Free

insTuner Free is one of the most advanced, free to use, and intuitively chromatic tuner which helps you tune instruments instantly and accurately. InsTuner Free – Chromatic Tuner is a fine tool presented in the market by EUMLab of Xanin Tech. GmbH, which is designed sleekly for providing advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSOP) algorithm with high accuracy. InsTuner is a well-designed application which contains the feature of ‘Fixed’ note wheel through which you can discover the position of the detected pitch effortlessly. You can intuitively tune any of your desired instruments without any difficulty through its up to the mark, large and clear display. InsTuner Free – Chromatic Tuner allows you to use it as an electronic pitch pipe, matching the generated tones to tune by ear. insTuner is a well-designed universal app available to use over all the iOS devices having tuning range from C0 to the B8 and precisely covers the range of all kind of musical instruments. Some of its free features include the built-in and line-in microphone modes, optimization for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, tone generator, well-designed display, and various others. Ins Tuner Free – Chromatic Tuner App brings some advanced features of strobe tuning mode, supporting both landscape modes, 30 horizontal templates, 12 notations, needle damping, tone generator with four waves, apogee one support, and lot more.


15. Beat Maker Star

Beat Maker Star is an excitingly engaging drum and pad game which provides you with the opportunity to perform beats, play awesome music tracks and have an ultimate fun time right on one place. Beat Maker Star – Make Beats, Play Music Machine app was presented in the market by Gismart Inc. which enables you to play beats on the move by choosing your own style of music. The app lets you choose from Pop, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Techno, EDM, Trap, House, Future Bass, Deep House, Ambient, Rave, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, or any of your desired ones. Beat Maker Star – Rhythm Game lets you become the best player by hitting all the levels with ultimate professionalism and built musician capabilities as well. It enables you to turn your music capabilities into something really fun by enjoying the beats with plenty of effects and tapping drum pads timely. Beat Maker Star is a highly interactive and entertaining game for all the music enthusiasts for making hot music, remixes and beats intuitively while playing games. Beat Maker Star – Make beats play music machine lets you enjoy tracks from its game library and enjoy music creation whenever you want. Beat Maker Star – Rhythm Game carries high-quality sound tracks to enjoy music, and you can also compete with your friends to go on top.


16. AmpliTube CS for iPad

AmpliTube CS for iPad puts of power of turning your device into an exclusive guitar and bass tone studio right in your hands with a gigantic collection of virtual gear. AmpliTube CS for iPad – Guitar Amps and Effects to go app was presented in the market by IK Multimedia Inc. which brings more than 100 pieces of real gear available for you to enjoy. It brings a damn concise stack of virtual gear that can be used for playing, practicing and recording ultimate tone anywhere, anytime. AmpliTube CS for iPad – Guitar Amps app allows you to establish your own bass and guitar rig with almost 2 stompbox FX, a speaker or an amplifier cabinet w/mic. You can precisely drag and drop the stomps to sit after and before your amplifier. AmpliTube CS for iPad – Guitar Effects brings 2 stompbox effects, 3 speaker cabinet, 2 mics, a free loop drummer rock groove pack, 3 amplifiers, and 2 track recorder, and you can also enhance the selection through a humongous library of more than 100 pieces of gear. AmpliTube CS for iPad – Guitar Amps and Effects to go app allows you to plug your instrument into the IPad with one of the IK’s instruments interface and get ready to be blown away.


17. Drum Kit

Drum Kit brings one of the sleekest, easily accessible and simplest way to create your own beats right using your tablets and mobile phones. Drum kit (Drums) Free App was introduced in the market by CrimsonJet, Inc. through which anyone can enjoy and play drums without any experience before. It lets you start playing along to your most likely songs immediately. Drum Kit is one of the classiest and reasonable apps which lets you have the closest thing to becoming a drummer without having a real drum kit in your house. Drum kit (Drums) Free is an easy to use app which lets you tap to create your own beats as well as you can play along to the dozens of amazing songs. It is intuitively designed to be responsive and uses high quality, and professionally recorded sounds. Drum Kit is entirely a multi-touch and low latency, and you can use it to rank out some beats over the train and play a fill after a punchline. You can precisely customize your kits by moving drum around, record up to 1 minute of video, record up to 1 minute of video, share videos, save and playback songs, and play along to the MIDI version of various popular songs. Drum kit (Drums) Free lets you plug into speakers and headphones for a much richer sound experience.


18. GuitarStudio

GuitarStudio is a superb tool which enables you to learn and play your most likely songs with guitar, the awesome acoustic guitar app for your iPod and iPhone touch. GuitarStudio is a fine tool introduced in the market by Frontier Design Group Inc. which is more than just a virtual fretboard and is an instrument optimized for performance. It enables you to perform songs with any combination of melodies and chords over guitar highly playable and intuitive interface. It carries more than 6 acoustic guitar sound along with 6 and 12 string nylon and steel. You can precisely adjust the tuning to match recordings, and reverb effects simulate room ambiance. You can intuitively create, save and share your custom chords, strumming positions controls the loudness of chords, and these chords are intuitive reorder for fast and effective access. Guitar Studio app brings 21 scales, let you play melodies, available in 12 keys, advanced moves, hammer-on’s, slides, pull-offs, and user selectable string labels. You can record performances, play along with recordings, and slow down or speed up performance after recording. The app lets you export your recordings to your computer through iTunes. GuitarStudio lets you enjoy playing as well as learning guitar having the most comprehensive functionalities.


19. Tuner Tool

Tuner Tool is a string and guitar instrument tuning tool which brings both beginners and experts can tune their guitar instantly and share their riffs with the globe. Tuner Tool, Guitar Tuning Made Easy app was presented in the market by InQBarna Inc. which lets you tune your guitar in one of the most straightforward ways right using your mobile phone devices. This easy to use guitar tuner allows you to tune your guitar in three simple steps. In the first step, you have to select your most likely tuning method. Secondly, you have to play your guitar and follow the indicators to see when the string is in the sweet spot. At the final step, you have to adjust your tuning pegs to get a concise string tuning. Tuner Tool, Guitar Tuning Made Easy app allows you to record your moments of favorite music and share them to Facebook, Riffer, and any of your desired social platform. It enables you to follow users you like and also establish your own stream. You can precisely search for musicians and music around you and even create new communities of music. Tuner Tool, Guitar Tuning Made Easy supports the method of standard, drop-D, half step down, full step down open G, open C, Drop C, Drop E, new standard, open E, Chromatic, DAD-DAD, DAD-GAD, and more.


20. Multi Track Song Recorder

Multi Track Song Recorder is a premier 4 track recording application which enables you to record up to 4 tracks with an easy and simple to use interface. Multi-Track Song Recorder Pro – Simple 4-track Audio Recording app was presented in the market by Derrick Walker Inc. which is designed with a simple tape recording style as well as with various features for more advanced and creative music recording. The app includes a pendulum style metronome with plenty of options for duplicating your recordings to loops and making perfect loops as many time as you like. Multi Track Song Recorder is one of the most intuitive iOS apps for musicians who are looking to record and write simple songs without going anywhere or on the move. It carries the options of pause, scrub, and seek through recorded easily, options for viewing your recordings as waveforms or with the volume meters, and options for merging all the tracks which are recoded. The app also includes the independent volume control, input gain control for each track, simple loading and saving of your songs, input monitoring while headphones, and allows you to import music from your mobile device’s music library as well as from other third-party apps. Multi Track Song Recorder – Simple 4-track Audio Recording lets you have loads of exciting options to enjoy premier 4 track recording app.


21. Pro Chords

Pro Chords is an ultimate iPhone App intuitively developed to build songs with the awesome chord progressions, in an intuitive and easy way. Pro Chords – Instant Inspiration – w. WiFi MIDI app was presented in the market by GrounControl Aps Inc., which makes it so easy to write songs using a professional set of stuff right from your mobile phone device. Pro Chords app is loved by millions of musicians, songwriters, composers, and others including many highly acclaimed professional producers, session musicians, music teachers and students, and other professionals from all over the world. Pro Chords – Instant Inspiration app exclusively suggests plenty of amazing options starting with the most mutual alternatives. Pro Chords – W. Wi-Fi MIDI app intuitively supports the MIDI Wi-Fi (app to PC or the Mac through rtpMIDI), MIDI email exporting options, and the Virtual MIDI (ProChords to other third-party applications), etc. You can use Pro Chords app anywhere with or without using the headphones. The app literally scans over 12K successful songs to discover the similarities with the chord progression that you are concerning on. Pro Chords – Instant Inspiration – w. Wi-Fi MIDI is a highly recommended application for all the musicians who love to write songs on the move.

More About Guitar – Chords, Tabs and Games

Guitar – Chords, Tabs & Games is an exciting application through which people can enjoy playing guitar effectively and engagingly. Guitar – Chords, Tabs and Games app was presented in the market by Gismart Inc. through which people can enjoy learning chords and producing music right using their mobile device. Guitar app is one of the most realistic guitar simulations through which you can not only learn the way to play guitar but also create your own music intuitively. Guitar – Play Guitar Game, Learn Songs app carries various types of guitars including classical guitar, 12 string guitar, electric guitar, and acoustic guitar right on the palm of your hand. You can precisely learn and master the new jingles and chords with a real guitar. While on the other hand, Guitar – Chords, Tabs and Games app brings plenty of guitar playing modes which includes the left or right handed guitar, various streaming patterns, solo note animation, solo mode, and the guitar chords mode, etc. It brings guitar chords chart library along with the chords finder and songbook to help you learn the way to play songs on guitar. Guitar – Play Guitar Game, Learn Songs app allows you to learn the basic way of playing guitar and playing track songs, music, and your desired tunes on it accordingly.