Hair Color Dye Alternatives for iOS

Hair Color Dye

Hair Color Dye is an intuitive hair colour dying tool which brings a tremendous collection of superb features for letting you have the perfect hair style and colour. Hair Color Dye -Switch Hairstyles Wig Photo Makeup is a great product of Liming Zhang which lets you have a massive pool of colours that fits all your hair expectations… read more

14 Apps Like Hair Color Dye for iOS

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1. Oldify

Oldify is a brilliant and one of the most entertaining stuff present in the stores, introduced by Apptly LLC. Oldify – Old Aging Booth App is a great application that let you make yourself as well as your friends, or family member old. This is a widely used again booth application through which users are getting quality fun time by making their friends and colleagues old. It is the perfect stuff to watch your look when you cross 50 or else. Oldify is a great face changer through which you just have to upload your pic to your booth, and after some simple queries, it’s done. First of all, you have to take a photo or upload one from your gallery, age yourself, and just get your results. You can easily change the faces of your friends and see them in the age that you want to see. Oldify – Old Aging Booth App brings hilarious animations in the photo booth through which you can enjoy more. So just download Oldify – Old Aging Booth App to swap your faced for your older version, and share it with your friends for a quality fun time.


2. Beardify

Beardify enables its users to take a pic of their own, their friends, any of their family members and just grow a beard just for amusement. Beardify – Beard Photo Booth is a great tool introduced by Apptly LLC which brings a classy app which helps you grow a beard on your pics in no time. It is a fun beard producing app for both bearded and beardless alike from a five o clock shadow to a muscular full on face forest. Beardify helps its users to get the best and probably the perfect level of whiskers for your face. You can make your pics bearded through a collection of tons of beards that it delivers and choose what you like for yourself as well as your friends to make them bearded. Beardify – Beard Photo Booth lets you see what you will look with a mutton chops, soul patch, and way much more. Some of its beard styles includes the Cat Beard, Zappa, Goatee, Balbo, Soul Patch, Chain Straps, Claus, Hollywoodian, Mutton Chops, and some others. So just download Beardify – Beard Photo Booth, and enjoy your own beard of your own style with simple clicks.


3. Stacheify

Stacheify is another amazing product of Apptly LLC which created a tool which helps you go mustache crazy trying hundreds of mustache styles right using your mobile phones. Stacheify – Mustache face app is just like a mustache mirror through which you can enjoy applying hilarious and dead fun mustaches over your face with ease. It helps everyone to grow a mustache on the faces whether they are male or female. Stacheify – Mustache face app lets you choose from a fine collection of hair colors for the ultimate realism and allows you to try novelty mustache from stubble to walrus. This face app allows you to record live videos, add mustache to any of your desired photos, choose a mustache color, share these photos over social media platforms, and enjoy combine effects from Beardify, Oldify, Fatify, and more. Stacheify app helps you choose the right stache from a collection of its The Handlebar, The Toothbrush, The Petite Handlebar, The Walrus, The Chevron, The Fu Manchu, The Horseshoe, The Bat Stache, The English, The Pencil, The Hungarian, The Dali, and some others. So just download Stacheify – Mustache face app to amaze your friends, family members, colleagues, and even your girlfriend with a cool mustache.


4. Zombify

Zombify is another widely used product of the Apptly LLC which helps you get a zombie face that moves, scream, and bites, etc. Zombify – Zombie Photo Booth brings some exceptional features for its entire customers through which they can transform their faces into a biting, brain eating, knifed, and groaning zombie. This is a scary face photo booth app which helps you change your innocent faces into tons of undead faces. This app is loaded with tons of undead mouth, face, eyes and other zomabtic options through which you can enjoy things in the way you want. This application lets you customize your Zombie face by adding creepy creatures to your own corpses including snakes, maggots, roaches, and more. Other than these, Zombify – Zombie Photo Booth also lets users to create underwater, buried, subway and more impressively scary zombie environments, and stick crowbars, crossbow bolts, other super weapons in your zombie faces. Zombify app also lets you play zombie games by spreading the zombie virus, bite your friends by sharing, infecting friends, use infections to unlock special weapons and effects, and easily share these creations with MMS, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Tumble, Email, Flickr, and other social utilities. So just download Zombify – Zombie Photo Booth, and enjoy your zombie face.


5. Fatify

Fatify is a classy fun app which enables its users to add a photo, select your weight, and become fat in no time. Fatify – Make Yourself Fat App has the same developer which has developed Beardify, Baldify, Stacheify, and others, which brings one of the coolest way to become a fatty. This application lets you take a look at your chubby figure and face and have loads of fun. All you need is to upload or create a pic and enter its photo booth to figure what an extra jiggly pounds look on you. Fatify – Make Yourself Fat App is a fun producing app which enables you to swap your face for a jiggly, animated or a fatter one. It is a highly recommended photo booth app which helps you get a fat version of you with some simple clicks. This app helps you choose your weight, tap your fat photo face, make your friends look fat, and share your fat pics online or even privately with your friends and family. So just download Fatify – Make Yourself Fat App, take a pic of yours as well as your friends and have fun being fat.


6. Baldify

Baldify is an awesome bald app installed by more than 2.5 million people from all over the world. Baldify – Make yourself Bald is a classy product of Apptly LLC which helps you take a selfie of your own as well as your friends and go bald with simple clicks from a textbook male pattern baldness to the combover. This intuitive fun app not only accelerates your hair loss but also enables you to see yourself bald in hundreds of hilarious realistic ways. You can enjoy making yourself as well as your family members, colleagues, and other buddies to make them look bald. After making hilarious pics of your baldy friends, you can share them on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MMS, YouTube, Email, Gmail, Viber, Skype and others. Baldify – Make yourself Bald also lets you combine old, beardy, and fat effects when you also have Oldify, Fatify, and Beardify in your phones. This application allows you to enjoy lots of effects including Alfalfa, Friar for a holy look and add a birthmark to your chrome dome as well for a truly bald and iconic style. So just download Baldify – Make yourself Bald, and enjoy beings bald with special effects.


7. Face Changer 2

Face Changer 2 is an elegant and a widely used app through which you can intuitively turn your photo into a funny pic in no time. Face Changer 2 was introduced in the market by Scoompa Inc. which includes a collection of over 50M happy users which are using this much better, stronger, and a funnier app right on their mobile phones. You just need to do is to take a selfie and start having fun of face swapping between your favorite characters and your usual friend. It allows its users to swap faces between different personalities and enjoy morph heads, funny hats, face parts, silly glasses, hundreds of accessories, tons of background, loads of stickers, and hell of fun. You can even import your pics or make new one to apply these fun facts over them to make them look marvelous. Face Changer 2 carries endless funny eyes, hairdos, tattoos, scary scars, and other face parts and a collection of over 600 stickers for any occasion and on any subject. So just download Face Changer 2 in your phone, swap your face with anybody in this planet, and share your funniest and the most bizarre masterpieces with your family and friends.


8. Mustache Makeover Lite HD

Mustache Makeover Lite HD is another intuitive application which brings a pack of classy features for becoming manly. Mustache Makeover Lite HD is a fine product of Brandon Abbot Inc. which helps its users to enjoy tons of mustache on your faces for free. This app can take an ordinary child, man, woman, tree, toaster oven, birds nest, couch, pets, or just about everything and instantly transform them to be more authoritative, distinguished, and manly. You just have to snap a pic or you can even choose any of your favorite pic from the photo gallery to make it funny by adding hilarious stuff on them. Mustache Makeover Lite HD allows its users to choose from a collection of more than 45 mustache colors and styles to reach your desired level. You can easily load up the mustache makeover and share your creations with the whole world through any of your favorite social media platform. Apart from that, Mustache Makeover Lite HD also lets you adjust the position of each beard and mustache using multi-touch gesture approach to scale, rotate, and zoom accordingly. So just download Mustache Makeover Lite HD to enjoy it in the way you want.


9. Crazy Hair Studio

Crazy Hair Studio is another intuitive application which enables its users to get a limitless approach for changing the hairstyles of your pics. Through this intuitive applications you don’t limit yourself to try on a pre-defined hairstyle. You can intuitively change the hairstyles of your pics through the hair brush, hair trimmer, curlers, hair dryer, hair extensions, tint brush, and many other tools. This application allows you to try various hairstyles from its extensive collection on the pic which you have selected. It is up to you whether to take a fresh photo or by picking any of your favorite one from the existing gallery to apply these awesome stuff on them. Crazy Hair Studio enables one click scaling and rotating so that you can get the perfect fit for your pics. You can easily use your fingers to comb your fresh or newly grown hairs and you can even style it according to your likeliness. It also lets you go crazy with the hair dryer, tint individual locks of hairs, over 60 super col hairstyles, above 150 super realistic hair colors, and comfortable sharing as well. So just download Crazy Hair Studio, and enjoy loads of its fun features and share your fun with others.


10. Allwome

Allwome is intuitive and an all on one store for women which carries magazine including tons of realistic and amazing articles in a variety of categories. ALLWOMENSTALK – Be Smart, Be Strong, Be Beautiful app brings an excited pack of articles for both successful as well as stylish women from all across the world. This app keeps on updating its stuff on a daily basis so that you can easily access what you want without getting bored with the same stuff. There are millions of women who are visiting this site as well as app each month to get the most latest in beauty, love, fashion, hair and makeover, style, dating, women health, and much more. Allwome – BE SMART, BE STRONG, BE BEAUTIFUL is an all in one app for women where they can get almost all the stuff on the move. You can catch all the hottest topics regarding ways to lose weight, recipes for homemade hair growth, best exercises, daily tips for making a guy fall in love, gorgeous eye makeup looks, and lot more. If you are a woman, then just pick Allwome – BE SMART, BE STRONG, BE BEAUTIFUL from the store, and enjoy whatever you want.


11. SMS Rage Faces

SMS Rage Faces is a widely used fun making app through which users can enjoy a damn cool conversation with all their contacts. SMS Rage Faces – 3000+ Faces and Memes is a great app introduced by Robert Lemoine which brings an intuitive number of features for people tired of sending boring text messages. This application contains a collection of over 3200 unique Rage faces and more than 380 camera booth stickers. There are more than 5 million people from all over the world who are enjoying this meme and rage faces app for free. SMS Rage Faces – 3000+ Faces and Memes is an easy to use app through which you can instantly search the face you need, and send them with simple taps. It has also added a number of attractive categories of stickers, and you can easily search them from this app. You can even import your own memes and faces into the app and use them instantly and add your most used faces to the favourites. So just download SMS Rage Faces – 3000+ Faces and Memes, and start sending hilarious faces to your contacts and other messenger buddies.


12. AngryCat Free

AngryCat Free is another awesome application from the makers of the AngryDog, featuring hilarious angry animations. AngryCat Free – The Angry Cat Simulator is a great app introduced by Nolasoft Inc. which comes with angry sounds, hidden surgeries, and animations for its entire users. It is efficiently designed to simulate the effects which come with a retina display. Moving and touching an angry cat is not a good idea so if don’t believe this fact, try AngryCat Free and see for yourself what can really happen. Angry Cat Free app featuring multiple angry cats including Devil Cat, Cartoon Cats from AngryToons, Electric Cat, Mercenary Cat, Electro Kittens, Vampire Cat, Mutant Cat, Dragon Cat, Siamese Cat, Orange Kitten, Alien Cat, CatDroid, Red Hot Cat, Staring Cat (new), and even more angry cats. AngryCat Free – The Angry Cat Simulator app helps you get quality time and enjoy more. Other than this, you can enjoy progressive anger, hilarious animations and sounds, and retina display as well. So just download AngryCat Free – The Angry Cat Simulator and have some experience.


13. Thin Face Photo

Thin Face Photo is another intuitive app which lets its users to enjoy selfie image beautify booth on their smartphones. Slim & Skinny -Thin Face Photo is a classy app introduced by Han Feng, which helps you get the perfect figure on your pics and slimming body. This extraordinary app can automatically accurate the positioning to the body and the face, and you can get your desired figure with only a few simple operations. This application automatically detects the body, face, and the head and you can easily thin the head or the dace and slim your body through the slider. Slim & Skinny -Thin Face Photo is a must have tool for people who are getting worried about their chubby figure, and helps them have the perfect looking shape of their bodies. It helps you remove your double chin, and you can easily adjust the skinny strength and get before or after comparison. Thin Face Photo app also supports manual mode and allows you to save all your creation on the album and share with your friends. You can easily download Slim & Skinny -Thin Face Photo app from the stores and enjoy your slim figure on your new dress and impress others.


14. Hair Color Booth

Hair Color Booth is another intuitive application which lets its users to enjoy their hairs with tons of styles and hundreds of unique colours. This application helps you get the best colour for your hairs on your favourite pics, and you can share your pics to amaze other. This app carries super realistic and natural hair colouring, zooming controls for preciseness, a huge range of hair colours, adding of an unlimited number of streaks, hair colours with sliding tab selector, social media sharing, colour strength controls, better smoothing and translucency, and much more. Hair Color Booth carries above 1 million downloads where people love to change the colour of their hairs instantly. Another of its classy features is that you can add even more than one colour steaks to your hairs and enjoy your hairs in multiple colours. This app makes it so comfortable to dye your hairs and just imagine your look on that particular steak from blonde or brunette to the puck hair styles. You can easily choose from a diverse variety of tons of colours that can easily be adjusted to create every imaginable combination. So just download Hair Color Booth app, and enjoy your hair with multiple colours.

More About Hair Color Dye

Hair Color Dye is an intuitive hair colour dying tool which brings a tremendous collection of superb features for letting you have the perfect hair style and colour. Hair Color Dye -Switch Hairstyles Wig Photo Makeup is a great product of Liming Zhang which lets you have a massive pool of colours that fits all your hair expectations. It helps everyone to enjoy changing the colour of their hairs through this brand new hair colouring tool in seconds. All you need to do is to pick any of your most likely photo from your gallery or make a new one, outline hair, and then apply various colours to save your pics in the best possible contrast. Some of its cool features include super realistic hair colouring, eraser tools, a huge range of hair styles, redo and undo tools, a huge range of hair colours, and easy sharing. Once you have made all your makeover, you can share all these creations with your friends and family by sharing them on Facebook, through email, and other social podiums. Hair Color Dye -Switch Hairstyles Wig Photo Makeup brings some realistic and natural colour effects that can easily be picked and applied. So just download Hair Color Dye app, and enjoy an entire look of your hairs.