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Google Hangouts is a most recent addition to the texting world. Hangouts is a cross-platform text messaging provider that brings together into every Google account on the planet, and it’s the standard application in Android and includes SMS implementation. It can be connected to an Android and iOS, as well as on the Web through Gmail or Google+… read more
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1. WeChat

WeChat has become the most widely used messaging apps in China. Just like how you register with WhatsApp, you begin simply by entering your phone number. An SMS will follow, providing you the confirmation code. You can connect your Facebook and e-mail account to let people see you more easily. Other benefits include posting pictures, WeChat contacts, your existing place, and the ability to video chat with the app. Create group chats with up to 500 people and use this app without no yearly membership fee. Completely free for life. A huge selection of free, enjoyable, animated stickers to show your emotions from some of your best cartoons and movies. WeChat offers you the greatest level of control over your privacy. It’s the only messaging application to be certified by TRUSTe.


2. Wickr

Wickr is a top secret messenger application to send the disposable messages, and send free end to end disposable text, videos, and picture and voice messages with full sender control. You can set the time to restrict when you deliver the message to other people. If the individual doesn’t view that message in the specified time, the message will be self-destructed itself. Wickr has no metadata it removes all records, geotags and identifying information from your messages and media. Wickr connects safely, and your address book will always remain private, and the server will not store it. You can communicate with groups up to 10 contacts. Wickr Identification is closed to anyone outside your Wickr network, and no one can track, intercept or supervise your discussions.


3. Telegram

Telegram is a texting app having speed and security. Telegram is a super, fast and straightforward, secure and free application. Telegram easily syncs along all of your devices and can be used on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones. You can send an infinite quantity of messages, photos, videos and files of any kind (.doc, .zip, .pdf, etc.). Telegram groups have approximately 200 people, and you can deliver messages to up to One hundred contacts at a time. Make sure to examine the website for a list of Telegram apps for all platforms. The primary function of Telegram is to provide a secret chat Copy/share/forward/screen capture are prohibited Host authority member management and also chat room deletion, recall messages, Deleting messages browsing and search history.


4. Skype

Skype just recently joined its contacts with aged MSN or Hotmail accounts and its contacts, linking you to some fairly longtime buddies. Skype is not only a powerful way to call for free. Additionally, it enables text messaging with your contacts. Unlike WhatsApp or others, you’ll need to accept contacts before you can begin sending text messages but its dependability and stability makes it an appropriate replacement. Skype allow you to Say “hello” to family and friends having an instant message, voice or online video call on Skype for free. Join the thousands of people using Skype right now to stay in touch with those who matter most. There’s a lot you can do, right from the palm of your hand. Skype Mojis – Send out small clips from your favorite movies and television shows in a Skype chat.


5. Hike Messenger

Hike Messenger is a multi-platform instant communication application for smartphones with internet data package policy for discussion. Hike Messenger is an app for text messaging and voice communications. Moreover, there’s also an extensive system of sending graphical stickers, pictures, videos, audios, files, voice messages, emoticons, 3d stickers, contacts sharing, maps, and user location. The most compelling things about Hike Messenger is its system of group phone calls with up to One hundred people simultaneously which makes the Hike Messenger the most effective messengers for group conversations and also for voice conferencing. It is simply not finished here. Here are the remaining intuitive features of Hike Messenger which include support for eight various local languages, photo filter system, chatting and sharing even without a net connection, free group calls, voice conference meetings system, availability of stylish stickers, a group making an option that may be joined by 500 members. You can transfer all kind of files and information, send data even up to 100 MB of size, likes system over photos, new chatting system. You can instantly search for the contacts, free voice calls, hide private chats, switching between private setting and public setting as well as a lot of more enjoyable and entertaining features that can make you of its fan.


6. imo

IMO is a best instant messaging app for mobile phone users that allows them to stay in contact with their family and friends over IMO. Currently, IMO is one of the leading video calling and messaging applications of the world that are linking thousands of people around the world. The very best about IMO is that it is compatible with almost every mobile phone so there is no tension of compatibility issues and then there is a technique of easy texting and calling. You don’t pay for SMS plus calls if all of your buddies are using IMO just because IMO will allow you to deliver unlimited SMS messages and infinite calls either voice or videos free of charge. There are no charges for using IMO. There is no extra load over pocket for the additional internet. IMO is the greatest way of making high-quality voice and also HD video calls with anyone on the globe. Furthermore, the system of group chatting is also the section of the IMO which lets its users produce the groups as they want after which start indicating their selves by sharing images, videos, and stickers. IMO allows its users share pics and videos, and that are also for free.


7. Antox

Antox is an awesome application by The Tox Project and is still an alpha software and might include some bugs as well. It is an easy to use yet effective application that enables its users to maintain and manage a secure conversation and connection with your family members and friends. It allows you to connect with your friends without any interruption from a third party, and in a damn secure way. It is an open source application that allows its users to get a proper communication and sharing of images, messages, and other stuff with ease and precision. Tox is an instant messaging client that efficiently runs without requiring the use of central servers. As the system would by peer-to-peer, end-to-end encrypted and distributed, with no way to incapacitate any of the encryption features such as at the same time, it would be easily usable by the person with no practical or hard and fast knowledge of distributed systems or cryptography. This service is working immensely great, and there are lots of followers of this app who love its features for effective communication.


8. BBM

Blackberry Messenger provides you together in the instant with family and friends via instant chats, voice calls, image sharing, voice notes and much more. Blackberry messenger used to chat with friends on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. The best feature of this messenger is to set ‘Time Messages’ how long contacts have access to messages and pictures shared in a chat before it disappears from the screen. And the other feature is Message Retraction ‘Retract’ a message to eliminate it from your BBM chat. You select how you can share your information. BBM uses PINs rather than phone numbers or email addresses so that it’s much more private, and also you can always control who can contact you.


9. Tango

Tango make free voice and video phone calls. Send free text messages and share photos, videos, and also status updates. Swipe user profile cards or join a famous conversation to create new friends far and near. More than 300 million people use Tango to get in touch with people nearby and also around the world. Stay in touch with family and friends the freeway. Tango app is available for Android, iOS and also Windows OS for computers. It gives you usual features of sound and video calling, sending messages, animations, files, etc. The most exciting thing which Tango offers is the Mini Games that can be enjoyed even during the call and challenge the caller on the other end. Tango provides a top quality video calls.


10. Kik Messenger

You register on Kik using your current email address after that select a unique username to permit other users to find you. The application is very easy and does an excellent job in delivering messages to the people or group. There are no calling features, but you hold the overall basic text messaging performance supported on a wide selection of mobile systems, for free. Kik messenger has no cell phone numbers, just usernames, Filters that let you choose who want to talk with you and ‘Access to memes, funny pics, celebrity news, videos, GIFs and much more’ you can start a group with up to 50 people. More than 240 million people chat on Kik to connect with friends, groups, and the world around them.


11. Groupme

Groupme provides services to people who wish to chat in a team. You sign in along with your e-mail and then confirm your phone number by mailing an SMS using a code to the provided number. What’s special about this application is that it facilitates group text messaging over SMS. So in the case where somebody within the group doesn’t use a 3G network, the person may still get group messages for a small charge. Each message delivered as well as received will be charged as an SMS sent to the United States. Include anybody to a group through their contact number or current email address. If they’re a new comer to GroupMe, they can start chatting over SMS immediately.


12. Facebook Messenger

Facebook is a world largest social platform provide a ‘Facebook Messenger app’ for both platform iOS, and Android has been in existence for some time currently. It will link you to most of the friends you wish to get in touch, Facebook Messenger can be an excellent WhatsApp and other messenger replacement. The only issue is that you can’t use it to talk to friends who aren’t on Facebook. Facebook Messenger also provide group chats, make groups for the people you message most. Name them, established group pictures and made them all in one place. Pics and videos: Shoot movies and snap selfies or another image from the application and post them with one tap.


13. KakaoTalk Messenger

KakaoTalk Messenger equally utilizes your smartphone number to deliver you a 4-digit confirmation code after you sign up for a free account. It then passes apparently your contacts to search out for other KakaoTalk users, similar to exactly how WhatsApp does it. There is also the opportunity to start group chats, send pictures or audio notes, and show schedule and contact information. Also, does phone calls too, to other Kakaotalk people over a net connection. This app is fast & very rounded texting app. Send messages, photos, videos, voice notes and also your location for free. Make chatting extra enjoyment together with emoticons and sticker stuff. This messenger chooses more than 150 million users all over the world. The best key feature of this app is fast, speedy and reliable messaging no matter what your network is.


14. Threema

Threema is the world’s preferred safe messenger and also maintains your data from the hands of cyber-terrorist, corporations, and government authorities. Threema can be used entirely anonymously, and offers a rich set of features. Threema is an app for individuals who are worried about privacy, providing users end-to-end security and removing the typical specifications to verify your contact number and provide a name. Still, Threema provides the options to users to enjoy on WhatsApp, including voice messaging and content sharing. Threema is made to produce little data on servers as possible. It is a primary part of this application. Group subscriptions and contact listings are maintained on your device only, rather than stored on this app servers. This app will facilitate you be deleting the messages after delivery.  Your mobile phone or tablet will save local files.


15. WhatsApp

WhatsApp Messenger is a messaging application available for iOS, Android, and other mobile phones. WhatsApp uses your phone’s Internet connection (mobile data or Wi-Fi, as available) to message and call family and friends. Switch from SMS to WhatsApp to send and receive messages, calls, photos, videos, and Voice Messages. WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile phone text messaging app which enables you to swap messages without paying for SMS. WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia and yes, those phones all can message one another! Because WhatsApp Messenger uses the same internet data plan that you just use for email and web browsing, there is no expense to communication and stay in touch with your buddies.


16. Viber

Viber is just like WhatsApp only because it utilizes mobile phone contact numbers to recognize people. You receive an access code forwarded to your mobile number through SMS text message. It’ll then obtain your address book to see if all of your contacts have a link with Viber; you can then immediately connect with them. Unlike WhatsApp, Viber enables you to call users, provided that your mobile phone is attached to the Internet. Greater than 606 million Viber users text, generate HD-quality mobile and video calls, and also post photo and video messages globally over Wireless or 3G – for free.* You may create group communications with up to 200 members. Viber Out credits enable you to make calls to non-Viber mobile and landline numbers with low rates. Viber is accessible for most cell phones and platforms. Viber works with and also optimized for both Android and iOS tablets. Utilize Viber on your tablet and phone together.


17. Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz is an Instant messaging for chatting as well as calling. The two primary functions of Nimbuzz is the free discussion between Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz users plus calling at mobile and landlines numbers at low-cost rates. The best features of Nimbuzz are free to voice phone calls, availability of stickers to make the conversation colorful, video calls, and a lot more. Hold on; it’s not finished here. Nimbuzz isn’t an app for making calls and also chatting between two users only. In fact, there’s a complete system of group chatting and chat rooms which make the Nimbuzz a social networking app. There’s a total system of chat rooms having trends, categories, as well as interest. So, this is the most useful IM application to enter the field of world’s most popular chat rooms for making a chat with everyone. Surely you will fall in love with high-quality video features of Nimbuzz with no letting the distance spoil your discussion.


18. Discord – Chat for Gamers

Discord – Chat for Gamers is a fabulous application that enables its users to enjoy free text and voice chat for gamers. You can easily join channels and do chat with others on the go. It is probably the only cross-platform text and voice chat application designed explicitly for gamers. This application lets you stay connected to all of your Discard text chat channels and Discard voice chat channels even while AFK. Discord – Chat for Gamers is an ultimate app and is perfect for chatting with team members, catching up on text conversations to whom you may have missed, and seeing who is playing online as well. Discord enables voice chat that lets you join channels and chat with any of your desired group. It offers real-time messaging through which you can easily share images, videos, and text in the rich chat. It multiple server support enables you to manage all your game chat client in one client. It delivers organizable channels through which you can keep discussions on topics through a well-structured communication. You can easily download this app for getting modern gaming experience.


19. Slack

Slack is in fact a business communication based application that brings all type of collaboration at a centralized place. Slack is in fact a real-time archiving, messaging and searching application for the complex teams of today. For whatever purpose you want to use this application, it simply collects all the pieces, tools and sources along with people that you need together to assure the completion of things done. This simple to use app allow the business and professional uses to check off their to-do list and move their project forward by arranging the right people, communication, tools and other relevant resources that they need together. This application is widely available for almost all devices and allows the users to access the work from anywhere with the assistance of synchronization across all devices. This app is used for all kind of purposes like communication with team members, messaging or calling to anyone, share and edit the documents, integrate the external work into workflow, get synchronized with other workflow management programs, integrate with cloud storage services, and much more.


20. – open team collaboration – open team collaboration is a fine merchandise of Vector Creations Limited which delivers a super elegant and simple collaboration environment that efficiently gathers all of your app integrations and conversations into one ultimate app. It is a fine platform that lets you built group chatrooms and start an endless flow of sharing text messages, videos, files, GIFs, and images. It provides a precise interaction with a marvellous touch of magnificent tools that enables you to access all of your communities under one platform. There is no need to switch accounts, and you can easily work and chat with individuals from different societies and organizations in public and well as private rooms, from school trips to the professional projects. – open team collaboration efficiently is becoming the centre of all your discussions. You can instantly share messages and other stuff for starting a chat with any of your desired member or within a group of any size. Other than these, Riot im provides private or conferencing voice or video calling, communication access from anywhere, discovering users through emails, highly scalable, infinite searchable chat, permalinks to messages, excellent support for all devise, fully synchronized chat history, full message search, and lot more.


21. Signal

The signal that is also called as Open Whisper System is an encrypted voice calling and messaging app for iOS and Android devices. This messaging application deploys an end to end encryption system to make it sure all communications being made among Signal users are safe and secure. This app can be used for sending and receiving a person to person messages, group messages, media messages and attachments. The best about Signal is that it makes its users able to verify the identity of their messages by comparing key fingerprints out of the band. Moreover, the users can check the integrity of the data channel by checking if two words match on both ends of the call. That is the way of working of Signal that goes into the favor of all those users who are looking for an app that make them able to enjoy secure messaging across the globe. Five primary capabilities of using Signal are say anything from MMS to SMS, use existing phone number to communicate, stay private all the time, get organized and pay nothing for any communication.


22. Zulip (Legacy)

Zulip (Legacy) is the legacy app for the Zulip open source chatting application. It is an open source and free community-built group chatting platform that enables its users to do effective, secure, and intuitive chatting. It has made it too simple to receive or send both group and private messages and is autocomplete for mentions and emojis. Zulip (Legacy) enables one of the most effective and productive group chat. It has efficiently combined the email threatening model with the immediacy of Slack. Having this app, you can catch up on some important topics and significant conversations while overlooking irrelevant ones. It is a well-organized application through which you can make all of your chatting and conversation related stuff in the most disciplined way. You can easily share content with link previews, inline images, and drag and drop files uploads. Its fast and one of the most powerful search experience will delight you in the most ultimate way. This app is everything that you want in an effective, ultimate, secure, and private group chat and is available for iPhone, Android, and desktop devices. Other than these, Zulip delivers emoji reactions, keyboard shortcuts, more than 60 integrations, and is translated into a dozen of languages.


23. Rocket.Chat

Rocket.Chat is a mobile phone client for Rocket.Chat free chat solution. You can easily use this application with its demo employment and chat server. Rocket Chat is a free solution for companies and communities waiting to privately and securely host their own chat service as well as for developers looking forward to evolving and built their own chat platforms. Having this app on your mobile phone, you can easily make effective group chat, one-to-one messages, integration with your favourite products, share files, and lot more fun. Some of its great features include the sense of Hassle free MIT license, Free open source software, Multiple chat rooms, Public channels, Private Groups, Direct messages support, Markdown, Emoji reactions support, Transcript or history, File uploading and sharing, and lot more. Other than these, you can also enjoy Mentions, Markdown support, Avatars, Link previews, LDAP authentications, remote location video monitoring, etc. It has also brilliantly introduced some more effective and some nominal features as well through which you can now enjoy better private as well as group chatting.


24. Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free

Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free is a damn famous product of Facebook that connects the people in the most productive and innovative way. Messenger is an all in one solution for chatting scenarios that instantly connect with people that are a part of your lifespan. It is a damn free, secure, and fast messaging application for all the time. You can discover people through their names as well as phone numbers and do unlimited fun through group plus one to one chatting. This intuitive messaging and calling application works across all the desktops and mobile phone devise so that you can even connect with people internationally. You can connect however you want, like through sending a message, start a video or audio chat, and through sharing a photo, etc. Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free lets you catch up with your favourite buddies for the real time with a high-quality group video chat or customize your chatting experience creatively. Other than these marvellous features, Messenger also lets you capture photos and video with effects and fun art, play games and compete with your friends, chat with businesses, and better express yourself.


25. HipChat – Chat Built for Teams

HipChat – Chat Built for Teams efficiently gathers all of your work under one place by letting you and your teammates to keep all of your messages, ideas, and files together, introduced by Atlassian. It is a flamboyant application that lets you chat with a group of multiple people and send one-to-one or private message to communicate quickly and securely. You can easily search for anything by keywords such as links, important files, and texts. You can effectively and conveniently share and view images, files and links anywhere such as in a group of your colleagues or mates and to any particular individual. HipChat – Chat Built for Teams app has made it so simple and intuitive to send group messages, send private as well as public messages, integration with more than 80 products, sharing multiple files, and creation of searchable persistent team chat rooms, etc. The good stuff about this HipChat is that it delivers a better collaboration, enables real-time file sharing and messaging, makes stuff more productive and easily accessible, complete chat history support, better integration with Twitter, Wunderlist, UserVoice, Drive, Hangouts, MailChimp, and many more.


26. Disa (Unified Messenger Hub)

Disa (Unified Messenger Hub) is a Disa Technologies, Inc. production that enables its users to make clean and flexible communication. It is the most intuitive messenger hub that unites your communication and messaging services seamlessly whereas keeping your device cluster free. Disa is a clean and straightforward application that constantly keeps on increasing the features for enhancing the user’s creditability in the most reliable way. There is more than 50k private alpha-stage ester in its Google plus community who believe that this app is ready for beta testing, hence now this app is in your hands for use. This amazing application lets its loyal users to unite all of your friend’s conversations in three quick steps. Disa (Unified Messenger Hub) is a simple yet intuitive app that efficiently adds services to it, and monitor it that saves the lifetime of the battery of your cell phone. You can easily send both SMS messages as well as audio messages for better understanding and well convenience. Disa lets you customize this app in the way you want through lots of attractive colours, and it also captures a backup support as well that never lets its users to miss important stuff at all.


27. Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger is a superb application that makes the privacy concerns more secure and well manageable. It is a fine invention of Open Whisper Systems, which produce this app in the most exceptional and ultimate way. There are lots of amazing providence of this application that enables its users to communicate instantly while avoiding SMS fees. It also supports group chatting so that you can easily create groups and chat for real-time with all of your buddies at once, share media or other attachments, all with maintaining complete privacy. Signal Private Messenger is an advanced tool that uses a forward-thinking end-to-end encryption protocol that delivers extreme privacy for every message every time, everywhere. It uses your existing phone number and address book and does not irritate its users with any external logins, passwords, usernames, or any PINs to manage or lose. It enables an encrypted group chat user experience through which you can easily manage all of your working and conversations with your friends and family members under one platform. Signal Private Messenger is efficiently designed to operate in the most constrained environment possible so that it instantly delivers messages to people you love.


28. Paltalk

Paltalk – Find Friends in Group Video Chat Rooms is another intuitive app which brings an exciting platform where you can chat to meet new people and connect you with peers, pals, and even discovers friends from all over the world. This application lets you talk on any of your most interesting topics, and there is a massive community who would love to talk to you for their own will on that particular topic. Paltalk is a fabulous platform which helps you find friends and meet new people internationally from the comfort of your computer or cellphones. Paltalk – Find Friends in Group Video Chat Rooms app also has the capabilities to let you enjoy private chat rooms, intuitive messaging and even video call with your friends from all across the world. It enables you to explore the whole world by making real chats with the one you want. Pal talk app also lets you upgrade it to more exclusive cams, meet more people, join more chat rooms, and find more friends. So just download Paltalk – Find Friends in Group Video Chat Rooms app and enjoy one of its thousands of real-time exciting chat room to share text, voice, video chat live about politics, sports, music, and more.


29. LINE

LINE subscribes your current contact number into its database that enables you to get connected to your phone contacts who’re LINE clients. The advantage of LINE is that it allows you to reply to messages by using a PC or Mac OS program, provided you sign-up your number with an e-mail account. Aside from text messaging, you can call other LINE contacts with the app with an Internet access. LINE presenting to you nearer to your loved ones, good friends, and loved ones for totally free. Along with voice and video phone calls, texts, and an unlimited number of enjoyable stickers, you’ll be capable of communicating yourself in such a way which you’ve never experienced. With more than 600 million users throughout the world, LINE’s continuously growing platform will continue to present fantastic new experiences and convenience.

More About Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a most recent addition to the texting world. Hangouts is a cross-platform text messaging provider that brings together into every Google account on the planet, and it’s the standard application in Android and includes SMS implementation. It can be connected to an Android and iOS, as well as on the Web through Gmail or Google+. The use of Hangouts app is to keep in touch. Message friends, start an entirely free video or voice phone calls and join a conversation with one person or a team. You can send and receive both Hangouts and messages (SMS/MMS) and switch quickly between message types. You can include all your friends with group chats for up to 100 peoples and communication with photos, maps, emoji, stickers, and also animated GIFs. Turn any conversation into a free group video call with up to 10 members.