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HASfit is an amazing personal trainer right over your pocket where the famous coaches named Kozak and Claudia joins you along with a collection of more than 500 real-time home exercise plans as well as workout routines for all goals. HASfit Home Workout Routines & Fitness Plans was presented by HASfit Inc., which brings a comprehensive catalog on workouts and daily bodybuilding to lose weight and maintain your health effortlessly… read more
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1. Zero

Zero is an intuitive and easy to use fasting tracker for circadian rhythm, intermittent, and for custom fasting as well. Zero – Fasting Tracker is an amazing health and fitness app developed in the market by Big Sky Health, Inc. which allows you to select from your most likely fasting protocols and concisely tracks the ongoing process of your diet right over your mobile devices. The app exports the information about your health to a spreadsheet for complete control and helps users to grab anything they want. Zero – Fasting Made Simple App allows you to set a custom program to meet all your goals about fasting. It lets you choose your fasting time up with a span of almost 5 days. You can precisely log your earlier fasts that you might have missed and also monitor the history of your fasts in the journey screen as well. Zero – Fasting Tracker makes it easy to check all the stats over the history screen and monitors your fasting streak effectively. Zero – Fasting Made Simple App brings an elegant way to track everything about the circadian rhythm, intermittent as well as the custom fast scenarios in the way you want.


2. LIFE Fasting Tracker

LIFE Fasting Tracker precisely monitors the progress of your fast even when you’ve entered the magical Keto Zone. LIFE Fasting Tracker – Social Intermittent Fasting is a significant tool developed by LifeOmic, which enables its users to monitor, view and share the progress of their fasting with their cycles in a way like never before. It has made it so fun and easy to harness lifestyle changes to enhance metabolic health. The app helps you improve metabolic flexibility, lowering the risks of diseases from aging, reduce inflammation, and monitor your health by letting you have overnight fasting for just 12 hours. LIFE Fasting Tracker – Social Intermittent Fasting App allows you to start and stop fasts with a single gesture, and you can even schedule and edit the period of your fasting on the fly. You can precisely create custom life circles to share your results as well as encourage life friends with custom text and emojis. You can effectively share pics as well as text updates in the feed, comment and like over the posts of your friends, and take advantage of your social interaction for encouragement. LIFE Fasting Tracker – Social Intermittent Fasting App keeps your health data safe, brings science-backed content and articles, and intuitively supports all sort of fasting schedules.


3. Fastient

Fastient is an efficient and easy to use tool which tracks fasting and displays the entire progress before, after, and during your fast. Fastient – Fasting Tracker and Journal is a magnificent tool which intuitively tracks your daily health achievements, moods, symptoms, weight, journal, and plenty of other things concerning health. The app enables its users to have the capability to add, remove, or edit all the current and previous fasts anytime they want. It contains an elegant design through which you can track and view your progress in the completion bar, view your weight loss over the graph, and enjoy simple home screen to instantly view your current status. Fastient – Fasting Tracker & Journal App allows you to edit the start time of your fast, add and end goals to your fasts, cancel your current fast, and customize it in the way you want. You can also access all the information from other devices and precisely import data from other tracking apps as well. It helps you jot down feelings, cravings, and thoughts in a simple note, and you can use quick tag emojis to express your current mood, symptoms, or feelings. While, some of the premium features of Fastient – Fasting Tracker and Journal app includes a dark mode, quick-tag emojis, and add progress pics, etc.


4. Fabulous

Fabulous is an exceptional app which doubles productivity by relieving stress along with building habits in almost a month. Fabulous – Daily Motivation and Planner is an amazing app developed by TheFabulous Inc. which intuitively kicks your morning into high gear through building and maintaining new habits effortlessly. The app allows you to learn how to get better sleep for the rest of your life if you have irregular cycles of sleeping. Fabulous: Self Care is an amazing tool to have if you are struggling with your fitness and want to lose weight and monitor your physique without any prior efforts. You can precisely enhance your energy along with your mental health through mindfulness and cope with anxiety or depression. Fabulous – Daily Motivation and Planner is a magnificent tool which allows you to take your workout routine and fitness to the next level by trying integrated exercises sessions and will lead you through each of its sessions as well. The app contains a 7-min scientific workout to polish and maintain your level of fitness. Fabulous: Self Care is a magnificent tool which brings Vipassana and Zen meditation, deep work and power nap sessions, stretching starter pack, and toga exercises for everyone use the app.


5. FastHabit

FastHabit is a significant tool developed for Muslim brothers and sisters who are making their efforts for developing good habits. FastHabit – Intermittent Fasting is an amazing health and fitness app developed in the market by FAST Training Center Inc., which helps you go through the amazing process to adopt good habits and take care of your health intuitively. The app helps you grab more and more points by submitting your habits on a daily basis and complete challenge modes to move further. FastHabit – Another Option for iOS User’s app lets you get attractive trophies and medals as a reward or a quest to attend many events from Fastibigul Khairat. FastHabit – Track your Fasts and Progress is an easy to use application which allows you to choose one of the challenges (which increases gradually) between 7 days, 15 days, 30 days, and 50 days. FastHabit Intermittent Fasting App lets you get extra trophies and points by beating challenges. Apart from building new and good habits, FastHabit – Track your Fasts and Progress App allows you to get Hadith with complete references just to let you learn more about Islam.


6. Window

Window makes it effortless to track fast and intuitively lose weight, stay healthy, and feel great. Window – Intermittent Fasting App was developed by DailyBurn Inc., which allows you to choose from popular fasting plans and get help in managing your health and everything regarding your diet. The app allows you to choose from Easy Start, Skip Breakfast, Leangains, Leangains diet +, and various other fasting plans and manage it in your own way. Window – Eating & Weight Loss Tracker App allows you to track your daily eating window and its graphical support helps you manage your diet way easier. You can precisely schedule your eating windows and track your fast as well as eating window right under one platform. Window Intermittent Fasting App lets you get notifications whenever your eating window opens or closes. You can use Siri to close or open the windows from any device. Window – Your Reliable Intermittent Fasting Tracker allows you to choose from plenty of subscription options and track intermittent fasting without any tension. Window – Eating and Weight Loss Tracker app brings a comprehensive, and popular fasting plans where you can attack daily photos and notes, and track your weight intuitively.


7. BetterMe

BetterMe helps you set and achieve your personal wellness goals by creating as well as modifying your meals and workout plans intuitively. BetterMe: Weight Loss Workouts is an exceptional app being loved by thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world. The app allows you to have diet specialists and expertise of diet right on the palm of their hands without even having to hit the gym. Better Me is a multi-lingual fitness app which brings guides and tips on proper diet and helps you set your customized weekly meal plans. BetterMe: Workout Training & Diet Plan intuitively offers effective workout plans to get rid of excessive fat. It also demonstrates every step of your fitness exercise in its instructive videos. The app helps you follow the weight loss and body wellness plans that you have set in an elegant way. Better Me: Weight Loss Workouts App also allows you to get exclusive tops over proper exercise execution while offering sprint interval workouts. It also sends motivating messages and reminders to encourage your health and training diet. Better Me: Workout Training and Diet Plan helps you set a goal, build endurance, offer science-based and researched workout routines, oversee your meals and diets, and manage fitness effectively.


8. SuperBetter

SuperBetter is a significant tool loved by hundreds of people for achieving all their fitness motives, building resilience, and tackle challenges such as depression, stress, chronic pain, anxiety, concussion recovery, and various others. SuperBetter App was developed by SuperBetter LLC, which enables its worldwide users to take control of their health in a way like never before. It is a free service who has a limited by the mighty team, and its reality means prioritizing resources over alliances to bring the app to a new level of population. The app builds resilience, the ability to stay motivated, optimistic, and strong even in the face of tricky obstacles and challenges. Playing the SuperBetter app will unlock the heroic potential to overcome tough situations and achieve goals. Super Better app helps you adopt new habits, improve and learn new skills, make a physical athletic breakthrough, pursue a long-life dream, and complete an authentic project. It allows you to beat depression, manage stress, cope with chronic pain, recover from post-traumatic stress, and more. SuperBetter is significant for overcoming all the challenges such as discovering a new job, dealing with a school setback or career, grieving a loss, and surviving divorce, and helps users lead a motivated life.


9. Sanvello

Sanvello brings on-demand help and assistance regarding stress, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, concussion recovery, and various other things in a way like never before. Sanvello – Stress, Anxiety, and Depression Help App was developed in the market by Pacifica Labs Inc. which helps you get help regarding health, gain insight and control things with guided journeys right under one platform. It brings clinically validated techniques as well as support to help you relieve symptoms and feel way happier over time. Sanvello (formerly Pacifica) is an evidence-based solution created by clinical experts and psychologists which uses clinically validated techniques such as meditation and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Sanvello – Stress, Anxiety, and Depression Help App is designed intuitively to work together to help you adapt how to feel and live happier. The app brings a daily mood tracker which lets you get indulged into a series of daily quests where you have to capture your current mood and self-access progress precisely. Sanvello – Formerly Pacifica app offers instant access to copying solutions and customize tools for symptom management such as practice mindfulness, meditation, and a moment to relax when you need them the most.


10. BodyFast

BodyFast is an exceptional tool which enables its worldwide users to get an exclusive guide to new habits about health and helps in reaching your dream weight. BodyFast Intermittent Fasting: Coach and Diet Tracker app was presented by BodyFast UG Inc. which makes it so easy and convenient to track your health progresses by providing real-time motivation to feel life full of health and energy. The BodyFast app is loved by millions of people from all over the world for losing their weight by adopting one of the healthiest ways of managing intermittent fasting. BodyFast – Fasting Tracker and Fasting Coach provides natural or simple ways to lose weight and guide you on how to burn your body fat. BodyFast Intermittent Fasting app helps you prevent numerous illnesses, live healthier, have more energy, prevent unhealthy activities regarding health (allergies, food intolerances, and inflammations), and lose weight in the best possible way alive. BodyFast – Intermittent Fasting is a great tool for both beginners as well as experienced fasters. The BodyFast Coach helps you in optimizing fasting plans each week. BodyFast Intermittent Fasting: Coach and Diet Tracker brings over 10 fasting plans, tracks your body measurements and weight, support apple health connectivity, ad-free atmosphere, and a knowledge pool for intermittent fasting.


11. Vora

Vora is an elegant cloud-based fasting tracker app where you can precisely manage to create, delete, or edit your fasts and monitor everything about them with ease. Vora – Intermittent Fasting Tracker was developed in the market by OliveX Ltd, which brings the management of intermittent fasting way easier, effective, and precise. The app allows you to view the list of last 7 fasts in an amazing chart which shows whether you are hitting your fasting goals intuitively or not. Vora – Fasting Tracker supports beautiful charts to track your fasts and provide acknowledgment about the ups and downs of your cycles. The app allows you to use whichever fasting program from its list of programs and manage your life in your own way. Vora – The best Option for Android Users brings plenty of fasting types such as Full fast, intermittent fasting, the Daniel fast, 3-day fast, 5/2 fast, partial fast, lean gains, lean gain + fasting, The Worrier Diet, Fat Loss Forever, Alternative Day Diet, Dr. Jason Fung Fast, and various others. Other than these, Vora – Intermittent Fasting Tracker also brings Eat Stop Eat Intermittent Fasting Methods, which helps you in managing your health and monitor your diet intuitively.


12. IFtracker

IFtracker carries plenty of benefits for you to get while managing intermittent fasting lifestyle, right through your mobile phone. IF Tracker – free is a great tool presented in the market by eStudjo Inc. which contains the benefits includes increased insulin responsiveness, decreasing blood pressure, longevity, manage inflammation, triggering of Human Growth Hormone, and many other facts intuitively. It helps you to maintain a healthy life no matter whether your goals are to lose extra weight of the body or for intermittent fasting, general health improvements is the way to go. This IF management app brings a visual representation of fasts and helps you track the progress of your weight loss in an elegant way. IF Tracker – Free allows you to create as well as restore the local backup, notification when the target time is up and brings loads of other useful things with ease. Apart from these, some of the premium features of IFtracker app also allows you to create and restore the backup in the Dropbox, ads removed in the premium version, and local backups created from the free version. IF Tracker – Free app helps you manage everything about intermittent fasting and leads you to spend a healthy life.


13. FasTrac

FasTrac helps you track fasts of any length in an easy and intuitive way right over your cell phones and tablets, developed in the market by myfastapp Inc. Fastrac Fasting App – Track Your Fasts is an elegant app which allows you to track, manage, and monitor your intermittent fasting goals. It brings the option of automatic alerts that reminds when you have reached your goals. Its effective charts visualize the progress and the option to export your data right over your cell phone. FasTrac – Fasting Tracker App allows you to monitor and analyze the progress of your IF with the in-built time bar chart whether your fasting goals are based on a daily basis or for longer-term. The app allows you to check your mobile phone to know when you have reached the end and automatically alerts you when you just arrive at the finish line. Fastrac Fasting App – Track Your Fasts App brings loads of fasting programs such as Eat Stop Eat, Lean Gains, 5:2 program, Dr. Jason Fung Fast, Fat Loss Forever, Alternative Day Diet, Up Day Down Day Diet, Warrior Diet, and various others. FasTrac – Fasting Tracker App helps you in tracking your weight, adding notes to your fasts, average time fasted calculation, support for the US and global units, export data for further analysis, and various other features weight over your mobile phone.



MINDBODY enables its worldwide users to invest in their health and discover millions of gym classes, local salon treatments, and fitness classes without any prior efforts. MINDBODY: Fitness Classes, Spa, Yoga, & Local Gyms is a significant tool developed in the market by MINDBODY Inc. which allows everyone to instantly discover fitness and health classes near them by price, time, distance, and other keywords. It makes it so easy to find a class on time or date you want and chooses types of fitness classes that work for you such as Yoga, Boxing, CrossFit, Pilates, Cycling, Martial Arts, Barre, Kickboxing, Pole Fitness, Aerial, Dance, and tons of others. MindBody: Gym, Yoga & Wellness app allows you to use new tabs for getting yourself to the right place way easier and faster. It also helps you to book a visit to your nearest salon, studio, gym, spa, and more. MindBody – Spa, Pilates, and HIIT classes allow you to save on your local spa treatments, and yoga classes by providing flexible price options. MINDBODY: Fitness Classes, Spa, Yoga, and Local Gyms helps all the global folks to explore and book loads of health management and maintaining classes along with their prices to find the most reasonable ones near you.


15. Shine

Shine is an elegant tool which allows you to get the daily pep talk in your pocket that makes self-care way easier for your world. Shine – Self-Care & Meditation App was developed in the market by Shine Inc., which allows you to learn how to treat yourself better and make your life happier. The app allows you to feel motivated and self-boosted with daily affirming messages, and get hundreds of meditations to help you be kinder to yourself. The app is significant for reducing anxiety and feel more self-accepted. Shine – Motivation & affirmations allows you to join hundreds of people who are already experiencing lower stress and anxiety after using the app. The app sends you a motivational text with research-backed affirmations, which helps you feel relaxed and get in the right direction to run the entire day. Shine – Self-Care and Meditation app allows you to save your most likely motivational messages so that you can create your own toolkit of self-care. It lets you use is check-in feature as a magnificent journal of gratitude to log multiple things intuitively. Shine – Motivation and Affirmations also include the topics of self-care, motivation, burn out, acceptance, creativity, managing work frustrations, setting goals, strengthening relationships, and more.

More About HASfit

HASfit is an amazing personal trainer right over your pocket where the famous coaches named Kozak and Claudia joins you along with a collection of more than 500 real-time home exercise plans as well as workout routines for all goals. HASfit Home Workout Routines & Fitness Plans was presented by HASfit Inc., which brings a comprehensive catalog on workouts and daily bodybuilding to lose weight and maintain your health effortlessly. It contains effective workout routines for all levels of fitness, including beginners, intermediate, advanced, limited mobility, and various others. The app allows you to enjoy getting up to 2x faster results by following the comprehensive fitness plan. HASfit: Home Workout Routines App allows you to cast your workouts to your TV through your Chromecast device. It also supports modifications to help you personalize your workouts for your specific needs. HASfit – Personal Trainer Fitness Plans allows you to download videos from its collection, search your most likely routines, and save your favorite routines for convenient access. HASfit – Home Workout Routines and Fitness Plans lets you discover workouts for fat burning, cardio, strength training, low impact, muscle building, HIIT and Tabata, flexibility and yoga, kickboxing and MMA, and various others.