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Hide it Pro – Hide Photos, Video is a very disguisable and safe application to use to keep your pictures, videos and other media safe. It acts as an audio manager originally while other formats are also available, and makes it difficult for the other person to differentiate between a password protected and general application… read more
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3 Apps Like Hide It for iOS


1. Keep Safe Vault

Keep Safe Vault – Hide Pictures is a multipurpose platform where people are able to protect all the data they have in their phone. This data does not have to be only pictures as mentioned on the app name but it can be a variety of things such as images, videos, documents and similar files. To use this application, you need to have an account which can be created quickly with the help of your email address. Once you are done with the formality, then you have to select a PIN code for yourself, this code will be the password for locking all the data which you do not want others to see. There are several security layers which exist to protect the information you deem important and one of them is moving pictures to a safe locker within the app where they will be placed and won’t be visible to others. There is also an option of backing up all your media on the web if you want to synchronize it this helps you recover data even when your phone is reset unintentionally or if you want to free your phone’s memory. When you lock your phone, or it is idle for a specific amount of time all your features will be locked too if they are protected through this app which means there is no chance of anyone viewing it. Since you have signed up through your email even if you forget your password it can be retrieved easily. An interesting feature of this app is taking pictures and sending them to others, these will disappear after sometime from their phone too if both are using similar apps. There is also an option of putting up a cover photo for all your albums while you can individually lock all the apps separately. This app does not even show in your recently used applications on the phone which means there is more security. All in all, this app has many features useful for the people who want privacy on their phones.


2. Vault

Vault – Hide SMS, Pics and Videos is an application which helps people to keep their data such as text messages, pictures, gifs, videos, slideshows, documents and pdf files safe from the eyes of others. People who want complete control over their phone and want the option of sharing and hiding different stuff according to their choice are the ones who will be more than interested in using the platform. The signing up process is simple but necessary, you have to have an email address in order to access all the features and for contact in case you forget your password. There is an option of protecting separate files by applying different passwords. You can safe each file on its own by protecting them or can make individual albums safe. If this is not satisfactory then you can protect all your data with one password to avoid all the problems. The thing which gives this app an edge is the fact that if you do not want your chats to show on the phone you can add separate numbers in the list which will not show in the call log or your text message list. People can also lock different applications such as Instagram, facebook or twitter so that people cannot access them if the person is away from the phone. The other safety measure of this app is that you can disguise people by creating a fake vault, this will help in making sure that the app icon does not show even when you are using it or in the app list. The only time it will show will be when you are entering the password. If someone tries to enter a wrong password the app also clicks their picture and keeps it in the phone so you will know who tried to access your phone without your permission while all your data is uploaded on NQ cloud to keep a copy. All in all, this platform is a good choice for people who have privacy concerns.


3. Private Photo Vault

At times a meddlesome individual will beseech you to see what photographs you have in Private Photo Vault. In this circumstance, you can give them your fake secret key that opens up to an entirely distinctive arrangement of photos. It will then make them lose their interest about what is in the application while your private pics are still in there in your typical vault account. Private Photo Vault keeps your photographs and recordings safe by requiring a watchword to view them. Private Photo Vault permits you to secret word ensure the whole application and individual photograph collections. Making your very own photograph locker. All your secret and personal pics and videos that are guaranteed with the application are then escaped perspective of potential interlopers. Private Photo Vault permits you to take photographs straightforwardly into the application without going through the camera move first. It is excellent for taking photos that you don’t need anybody to see. If somebody gets a hand of your handset and tries to soften up to Private Photo Vault, it will furtively take a preview of the culprit utilizing the front confronting camera so you can know who attempted to soften up. It additionally records their GPS area so you can see where the break-in endeavor occurred.

More About Hide It

Hide it Pro – Hide Photos, Video is a very disguisable and safe application to use to keep your pictures, videos and other media safe. It acts as an audio manager originally while other formats are also available, and makes it difficult for the other person to differentiate between a password protected and general application. People can add their stuff in different categories in the application while there is a free option to upload all your stuff to Google cloud to keep it safe. If you lose your data, or your phone stops working, you can still download all the things directly on your new device upon signing in. Another important factor that goes in its favor is that the application does not show in the list of recently used apps so no one will know you are using it. People can also share their stuff with friends and other people through different social networks including WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook. All the videos play instantly, and the app supports various formats. People can either enter a pin or password while keeping a secret code if you forget your main ones is also possible. Many other features such as slideshows, plugins for messaging and calls, incognito browsing and deleting and retrieving stuff also exist. All in all, it is a beneficial tool for keeping your stuff in a private place.