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Hide Pictures – Gallery Plus

Hide Pictures – Gallery Plus is an excellent tool that carries so much exciting features for customers who want to hide all their personal stuff from others. Hide Pictures – Gallery Plus is a widely used application which enables its users to hide all their photos and videos from people who often use your mobile device… read more
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39 Apps Like Hide Pictures – Gallery Plus



iVault is a smoothly designed app which was bought to help you hide your private videos, audios, notes, and various other things over your cell phones. iVault – Hide Pictures & Videos bought in the market by ledego Inc.

Gallery Vault

Gallery Vault lets you keep all your private photos, videos, documents and all the crucial stuff behind a strong password that is known and placed by you. Gallery Vault – Hide Pictures And Videos is a fabulous product of GalleryVault Developer Team which is designed efficiently and keep your privacy absolutely safe.

Fake Calculator

Fake Calculator is a gorgeous vault app which precisely keeps all your private files undercover and requires a passcode to open up those files if anyone wants their access. Fake Calculator – Secret Vault & Private Browser is a fine app introduced by Raman Kupryianchyk Inc.

Secure Gallery

Secure Gallery is an excellent app introduced by SpSoft Inc. which enables all its worldwide users to hide pics and videos to keep all your privacy safe. Secure Gallery (Pic, Video Lock) enables you to protect all the pics and videos that you want to keep secret stuff, behind a wall which has only the access of your own.

AppLock – Fingerprint

AppLock – Fingerprint brings a smart way to lock each of your private stuff behind a strong pattern or password and get things under covers from all the third persons. AppLock – Fingerprint is a fine product of SpSoft Inc.

Folder Lock

Folder Lock is one of the most deserving and preferred file locking application available on the app store. Folder Lock is a product of NewSoftwares.net which lets you secure all your personal videos and photos and keep them behind a pin, password, pattern, and fingerprint lock.


LOCKit is a superb tool which provides all the features necessary to get all the privacy concerned stuff for hiding your photos, videos, documents, or any other thing that you want.

Lock Secret Photo Album Vault

Lock Secret Photo Album Vault allows its worldwide users to lock as well as hide their favourite private photos and videos and never let anyone else to touch them without your permission.

Secret Photo Album Vault

Secret Photo Album Vault is one of the best utility that intuitively protects your pics and videos of your parties, get-togethers, dates, wedding, honeymoon, and whatever you want. Secret Photo Album Vault is a product of BPMobile Inc.

Secret Folder App Lock

Secret Folder App Lock lets you hide all your private photos, passwords, contacts, notes, documents, and other things in a precise place. Secret Folder App Lock is a classy and a widely used app introduced by Brave Cats S A.R.L Inc.

Calc Vault

Calc Vault is a top secure place which allows you to hide everything which is private and things that you want to keep hide introduced by Donna Danley Inc. Calc Vault-Photo, video locker, Safe Browser, and Applock is a fabulous product used by millions of people from all across the world.

A+ Gallery

A+ Gallery is a superb app which helps you organize your pics and manage albums intuitively by their desired categories. A+ Gallery – Photos & Videos bought in the market by AtomicAdd Team which carries a collection of 9 million users in literally one of the world’s best photo gallery app for all the mobile users.


QuickPic is a lightweight, fast and exclusive application which carries material design where you can place all your important photos, videos, and various significant things without any fear. Quick Pic – Photo Gallery with Google Drive Support bought in the market by Cheetah Mobile Inc.

Vault to lock photo & video

Vault to lock photo & video is another marvellous application which protects or hides all your important pics and videos and is bought in the market by Serendipia Sociedad Cooperativa Inc. It enables its worldwide users to keep their gallery as well as their other privacy secure.

Calculator – Photo Vault

Calculator – Photo Vault is a Green world Inc. product which enables its users to hide their pics and keep them safe from any third party mobile user. Calculator – Photo Vault & Video Vault hide photos is one of the highly trusted vault apps which hides all your photos and let them left unseen by anyone except you.

Calculator Vault

Calculator Vault lets you use the calculator as well as hide the photos, videos, and other of your important stuff simultaneously. Calculator Vault- Gallery Lock is a great app introduced by Sure Applications Inc.

Private Photo, Video Locker

Private Photo, Video Locker is a widely used application introduced by Kohinoor Apps, which helps you hide and encrypt media behind an ordinary calculator. Private Photo, Video Locker helps you store everything inside a normal or just a simple calculator.

Vault Calculator Hide Pictures

Vault Calculator Hide Pictures is another great tool that helps worldwide users to take all their secret or personal stuff and put all of these in a place where no one can access except the person who knows the password to get in.

Hide Pictures & Videos – VAULT

Hide Pictures & Videos – VAULT lets you hide all your media and secure everything it had behind a secure password. Hide Pictures & Videos – VAULT is a widely used application bought in the market by Private Vault App Inc.

Lynx Privacy

Lynx Privacy is a stunning and a professional app which is superbly designed to protect or hide your mobile phone privacy and keep them secure in a place where no one has the access.

Hide Photos & Videos

Hide Photos & Videos enables its users to hide all their videos and pics in your private vault and never let anyone has access to it. Hide Photos & Videos – Private Photo & Video Vault bought in the market by Fourchars Inc.

Applock by Top Droid Team

Applock by Top Droid Team is a gorgeous app that provides high-level security features by encrypting all your photos, videos, and other secrets with a strong password or pattern. Applock by Top Droid Team enables its users to get a private place for all their personal images, gallery content, email, notes, SMS, settings, contacts, and various other things.

Applock – Fingerprint Password

Applock – Fingerprint Password is a widely used and one of the most exquisite android app lockers with ultimate privacy guard. Applock – Fingerprint Password allows you to extra guard all your private or the most secret stuff with either the fingerprint, DIY or the pattern.


PRIVARY Vault is designed elegantly which protects all your file, videos, and photos and make them inaccessible from others. Hide Private Photos, Files & Videos: PRIVARY Vault bought in the market by Fourchars Inc.

App Lock – Privacy Vault

App Lock – Privacy Vault is one of the fastest, and safest app lock for all the mobile users who want to hide all their personal or private stuff from others of his/her mobile users.

Hide photo, video

Hide photo, video is a great tool through which you can hide all your crucial, or private stuff from others, introduced by 302 Lock Screen Inc. Hide photo, video brings modern and classic protection through which you can hide or encrypt all the stuff necessary for you to hide.

KYMS – Keep your media safe

KYMS – Keep your media safe hides as well as encrypt all your privacy concern videos, pics, audios, docs, and other stuff save behind a working calculator. KYMS – Keep your media safe bought in the market by Idea Solutions S.R.L Inc.

Privacy Knight

Privacy Knight is another great tool introduced in the market by Taobao Inc. which brings one of the most excellent videos and photo vault app designed by the Alibaba Group. Privacy Knight-Privacy Applock, Vault, hide apps has introduced a secret door to disguise Privacy Night to a secret Dialer.

SIS Password Manager

SIS Password Manager is a widely used app which brings PW management security at the military level and lets you log in with your fingerprint. SIS Password Manager (Free) Fingerprint and Backup bought in the market by Sisyou.Ku Security Japan Inc.

Clock – The Vault

Clock – The Vault is a widely used application that best protects your privacy for the real-time to keep safe or even hide your private videos, images, docs, and various other things that you don’t want others to see or not to share them.

Calculator Vault by predefault

Calculator Vault by predefault is a private file management tool which lets you get the perfect way to keep your privacy secure by hiding all your private videos, contacts, notes, pictures, and various other things.

Hide Images and Videos

Hide Images and Videos is another classy vault app which helps you hide all the stuff that your gallery contains. Hide Images and Videos was introduced by AOA.apps is used by a huge number of people from all over the world to import all their desired personal stuff into the app from the gallery and hide them behind a strong password.

Safety Photo+Video

Safety Photo+Video is a super talented and secure private vault where you can store all your desired private stuff behind an interesting, yet a powerful, secret code. Safety Photo + Video is a product of Eightythree Technology Inc.


Hidy brings an amazing place to hide all your privacies behind a secret pattern as well as fingerprint just to protect them from others. Hidy – hide photo and video bought in the market by Networking apps Inc.

Keep Secret

Keep Secret is a fabulous privacy protection tool that allows its worldwide users to hide their special photos, videos, docs, contacts, screenshots, and all the things that you do not want others to see.


iSafeVault brings an awesome way to protect your photos and videos in a super secure vault and never let others surf your privacy, introduced by Jie Wang Inc. iSafeVault – Secure Private Folder Manager protects all your private photos, audios, documents, voice recordings, notes, screenshots, and other files from prying eyes and never let anyone see your private material.

Lock My Folder

Lock My Folder brings a private photo, video, account, documents, GIFs and other private stuff holding the place where you can place all your things without having any fear of loss or anything else.

Safety Photo+Video Lite

Safety Photo+Video Lite is a modified version of Safety Photo+Video app which carries a bit more functionalities and ease of use for its entire customers. Safety Photo + Video Lite allows you to get all your sensitive content secure from other of your mobile users.

Vaulty Stocks

Vaulty Stocks is an excellent application through which you can hide all your secret stuff precisely in a highly protected place. Vaulty Stocks app bought in the market by Squid Tooth LLC which allows you to protect all your personal content from anyone else.

More About Hide Pictures – Gallery Plus

Hide Pictures – Gallery Plus is an excellent tool that carries so much exciting features for customers who want to hide all their personal stuff from others. Hide Pictures – Gallery Plus is a widely used application which enables its users to hide all their photos and videos from people who often use your mobile device. This app hides all your pics and videos, and you can secure everything behind a password or a pattern. It is a faster and smoother app which allows its users to create shortcuts on the home screen and quickly record videos to hide it. Hide Pictures – Gallery Plus allows its users to keep all their private stuff safe and also let them stay protected from prying eyes. It is one of the fastest and secure galleries that helps you view and manage your photos from the original gallery as well as from the hidden gallery. This app allows its entire users to hide their videos and pics, customize the app with their desired themes, hide app icon on app drawer, auto hide pics, store things to SD card or internal storage secretly and carries lots of security features. So just download Hide Pictures – Gallery Plus app and hide your privacy ultimately.

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