History Quiz Game – Multiplayer Alternatives for Android

History Quiz Game – Multiplayer

History Quiz Game – Multiplayer is a fun based history learning and educating app that allow the users to learn a lot more about history in a fun way by playing various fun based quiz games related with the historical knowledge. The app is developed and published by Stojan Pesic… read more
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5 Apps Like History Quiz Game – Multiplayer for Android



HISTORY Here is another different sort of historical information and educating app that is also developed and published by A&E Television Networks Mobile. This app is the link app of the official HISTORY TV channel app. It is a very different and unique sort of history app as it covers the location of various historical places in America. It is a very helpful app as it assures to provide all the possible historical places that are available in America, and provide direct access of such places to the users to the app. The app works with the help of the GPS navigation system of the mobile phone of the users and then it search for the desired places that are ancient and historical. The app provides complete thorough information about the ancient buildings and all such ancient stuff that is present in the American territory. The app provides various alluring and customizable themes that includes various popular characters and roles like Al Capone’s Chicago, Marilyn Monroe’s Hollywood and Civil War Atlanta. The app works and gets connects with the apple watch and makes it more conveiant for the users to explore the historical places. The only drawback or flaw of the app is that it only shows and indicates the historical places and their events that are in America only, outside America the app is of no use to be honest. But if the users are from America than this is one of the best history exploring app. It is available for free on iTunes for iOS based devices.


2. World History Dictionary

World History Dictionary is an exciting and way much amazing and informative history learning and educating app that involves many quality features that will surely full fill the users urge of learning and knowing about history. This app is developed and published by Edutainment Ventures – Making Games People Play Education. This app is not that much different from the traditional history based apps, but the content it consist of is really praise worthy and is completely based upon the facts and largely supported by the evidences. The data introduced in this app is from reliable and trustable sources and it is being gathered from all over the world. This massive history app consist of more than 5000 historical entities in it, besides its name history dictionary, it is a complete and gigantic encyclopedia of the world history. The information in this app is categorized in some major categories that includes Rulers, Legal Acts, Historians, Wars, Economic Reforms, Cultural Reforms, Political Reforms, Major Dynasties, Modern history, Medieval History, Ancient history and many more similar sub categories are also present that contains vast historical information. Other unique and exciting features that makes this app quite much interesting and informative in a quality way are its different information highlighting options. Such features includes ‘Today In History’ it is a smart feature that tells the historical events that occurred on the same day in history, for example it will show that on Friday, that historical event took place. This app is available for free on Google Play but the premium version of the app with additional features have to be purchased.


3. Learn World History

Learn World History is another epic and astonishing history education based learning app that is being developed and published by JoeMorris. Although the app is not that much popular and seems to be quite cheeky from its appearance, but it is rather a good history knowledge based app that enables the users to learn more about history with much ease and comfort. The app is not that much good in terms of looks and graphics and seems to be a third grade app, but it is not. The content quality and its simple user interface is of real premium quality and enables the users to learn about the history in the best possible way. The app contains various historical quiz based small games that enables the users to learn in a much easier way and in the fun based friendly environment. The app contains two types of quizzes in it both for enhancing the memory skills of the users for acquiring knowledge about history. One type of quiz is known as ‘Which Came First’, in this type of quiz the users have to choose between the two or more historical incidents that which of them happened first of all. After this quiz the users will enter the other quiz that is termed as ‘When Did It Happen’ which will enables the users to learn about the exact date and placement of the historical events, when they exactly took place and where. The app is free of cost and can be downloaded from Google Play for Android devices.


4. History In Pictures

History In Pictures is a quite interesting and unique sort of history educating and learning application that is being developed and published by Bryce Canyon Productions. It is one of the most fastest growing history based education app, it has already be quite famous among the history lovers all over the world and is still getting quite much more viral with the passage of time. Unlike most of the other traditional history apps this app does not contain big and lengthy articles on the historical events and is quite much simple and easy to use and understand too. It introduces a new and easier way of learning about the history and that is through the pictures. As its human nature that visuals are much easy to remember as memorizing the text or dates. And on the other hand these picture based learning about history made the learning much more easy, simple and quite interesting too. The app contains detailed photo galleries of variety of popular historical events including famous people from the history, Wars, other events and many different creative events too. The user can customize the theme of the app according to his own convenience. Other exciting feature of the app includes that the users of the app can share the content of the app that includes photos with quotes, with their friends and family on social media. The app is free of cost and is available to download on Google Play Store for Android based devices.


5. The British Monarchy

The British Monarchy is an epic and astonishing history app containing all the info and stuff about the British dynasties and kings that came to the throne. The app is established and released by Elegant Recursion Inc. This app is ranked among the world class top rated history apps of all times and contains a massive historical data and all information and stuff about the British rulers. The app comprise of an alluring and eye catching design and is equipped with some real high quality high definition liquid flow graphics, that provides the users best possible viewing experience and also enable the users to be on the very top of acquiring quality knowledge and education about the history of British. The app includes the details and lists of each and every single British Monarch with the images of them too. Yes the images of every Monarch is also present with the list which will make the users to understand and learn about the Monarchs more easily and it makes the learning quite interesting too. For remembering or memorizing any special or unique thing from the data, the app provides the option of taking notes at the instant, making the app quite much convenient for the users. The users can access the data of the app according to their own convenience whether they can browse by chronological order or they can browse simply by the Dynasty. The app is available on iTunes for iOS based devices in $0.79.

More About History Quiz Game – Multiplayer

History Quiz Game – Multiplayer is a fun based history learning and educating app that allow the users to learn a lot more about history in a fun way by playing various fun based quiz games related with the historical knowledge. The app is developed and published by Stojan Pesic. The developer of the game himself is a well-known history researcher and better know how to present the historical knowledge in front of the people and make them learn more about the history in much easier, simpler and interesting way. This app is also referred as one of the best history learning apps and is also ranked among the world’s top most brain exercising and engaging apps for adults and for kids as well. The starring features of the app are that it consists of 4 different sort of gaming modes. These modes are termed as 10 Questions, 25 Questions, 50 Questions and 5 Errors – Out. The players of the game will be provided various questions from the history and will be provided 4 options for such questions and they have to choose the correct option A, B, C or D. Taking these quizzes again and again will increase the historical knowledge of the players and they will defiantly be more sharp and accurate about the history. The app is free of cost and is available on iTunes for downloading and playing on the iOS based devices.