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Home Improvement Calcs brings gigantic calculation functionality for all the professionals as well as domestic folks. Home Improvement Calcs app bought in the market by Double Dogs Studio which brings an exceptional app with understand and easy to use input and results scenario for solving a variety of calculations… read more
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16 Apps Like Home Improvement Calcs


1. Carpenter’s Helper Lite

Carpenter’s Helper Lite is an extremely talented application which enables its worldwide users to get an advanced construction calculator which is capable of managing even the most demanding and complex construction projects. Carpenter’s Helper Lite – Free Construction Calculator app bought in the market by My Pie Interactive, Inc. which brings an easy to use features and outstanding layout of the app for ultimate constructive calculation scenarios. This app brings up to the mark functionalities that blows expensive standalone construction calculators out of the water and at a fraction of the cost. Carpenter’s Helper Lite – Free Construction Calculator app enables both novice DIYer and tradesman to find the perfect companion for every project in the office, at home, in the field, on the building, and where else needed. Apart from providing the normal calculating features, Carpenter’s Helper Lite brings a unit calculator that easily calculate liner, cubic and square measurements in feet, yards, inches, inch fraction, metric (millimeters, meters, and centimeters), and even more. Carpenter’s Lite also brings memory bank, store and recall triangular measurements, E/m toggle, back button, and more. Whether you are dealing with homes, new building (which are under construction), on fields, or with all the constructive structures, Carpenter’s Helper Lite – Free Construction Calculator is significant for you to deals things professionally.


2. Home Builder Pro Calcs

Home Builder Pro Calcs is an up to the mark calculation tool which brings hundreds of construction calculations at your fingertips and uses it on the move. Home Builder Pro Calcs – 400+ Construction Calculators app bought in the market by Double Dog Studio which lets you have everything about construction calculator as from figuring out the volumes of excavations to calculating the measurements needed to frame a staircase. The enables you to estimate the hours of installing the windows of your room, and you can also determine the volume of tanks as well. Home Builder Pro Calcs – Free Construction Calculators app brings an extensive range of calculation for loans, travel costs, pricing, and various other aspects of the business. It also brings a more than 5 different electric calculators and more than 13 calculators for home projects (ceiling, walls, and floors). Home Builder Pro Calcs – 400+ Construction Calculators carries calculators for the joists, studs, stairs, insulation, airflow, attics, air conditions, siding, balusters, and more. Home Builder Pro Calcs – Free Construction Calculators app brings an exclusive range of effort factor with over 55 estimators for the carpentry, site work, door and windows, concrete, site work, and roofing, etc. Home Builder Pro Calculators – 400+ Construction Calculators also lets you use the internal sensor of your mobile phone to discover the angle, pitch, and slope of your desired places with a breeze.


3. Construction Master Pro

Construction Master Pro is an excellent, easy to use, yet an ideal app for constructors, contractors, architectures, farmers, carpenters, draftspersons, designers, builders, and tradesman alike which enables all of them to handle everything about calculations in a way like never before. Construction Master Pro – Building math calculator app bought in the market by Calculated Industries Inc. which enables users to enjoy an ideal and advanced construction math calculator with advanced features and functionalities. Construction Master Pro – Building math calculator support the measurement of square and cubic functionalities, roof measurements (bundles, squares, pitch, plan area, and more), weight per volume conversions, column or cone area, basic circular calculations, blocks, footings, keys (length, width and height), and advanced circular calculations as well. While on the other hand, some of the special functions of Construction Master Pro includes trigonometric Function Keys (Sine, Cosine, and Tangent, etc.), board Feet, studs, user-definable preferences, total costs based on unit price, 4 memories, equal-sided polygon, crown angle, compound Miters and advanced paperless Tape for all functions. Construction Master Pro – Building math calculator brings all the functionalities and solutions with even more powerful and concise algorithm that helps you work flawlessly.


4. Marea

Marea is an exceptional calculation tool which helps to estimate the areas for a region provided by a set of coordinates in a concise and effective manner. Marea – Measure Anything on a Map app was presented in the market by Emidio Cunha Inc. which brings a fully functional app for the measurements of the roofs, ceilings, farm land, plots, and various other departments in the most precise way. Marea – Map Area Calculator brings the measurement of everything with exceptionally accurate features, and you can see them with maps. The total area that it calculates are given in plenty of units such as square feet, acres, hectares, meters, square meters, square miles, miles, and square miles, etc. Marea – Measure Anything on a Map also lets you measure the distance between two points efficiently. This measuring tool brings the capability of adding the note, save the areas, attaching photos, calculating a price by multiplying a value, and share as either KML files or the map image simultaneously. It should take in notice that Marea – Map Area Calculator app does not replace the need for an accurate professional survey as well. Marea – Measure Anything on a Map tries it best to measure any of your desired area with ultima precision.


5. Rafter Help

Rafter Help app enables its worldwide users to get one of the easiest and sleekest way to calculate the rafter length and the pitch of the roof when building. Rafter Help – Roof Pitch + Length Calculator app bought in the market by David Caddy Inc. which brings so many exceptional features for measuring the width of the room in a way like never before. This app accurately solves the rafter equations, and you can enter the pitch steepness in radians, minutes, degrees, seconds, DMS, rise or run, decimal degree, and more. Rafter Help – Roof Pitch + Length Calculator is an extremely talented app that lets you put the room width, ridge width, room pitch, ridge height, etc. to get the exact rafter length. You can also enter the length in mm, inches, feet, or cm. It lets you select your preferred number of decimal places as well. You can enjoy extremely amazing functions of measuring rafter right through your mobile devices. Rafter Help – Roof Pitch + Length Calculator app brings configurable options for the unit of calculation, a number of decimal places, angle measuring units, fields clear on selection, keyboard theme options, and reduce transparency support.


6. Clinometer +

Clinometer + is a professional tool which precisely measures all the slope measurements using Android devices through all the sides of the devices as well as the camera. Clinometer + bubble level app bought in the market by Plaincode Inc. which enables its worldwide users to measure slopes using sophisticated features. The slope measuring app can also be used for straightforward apps such as aligning a frame and for simpler fields of apps where an arbitrary slope needs to be concisely measured. Clinometer Plus bubble level app helps you get the feature of drawing of a Museo Galileo, Florence, Inclinometer, and more. Clinometer Plus app enables the forester to make use of the trigonometry in the most convenient way. First of all, the observer took the measurement of a straight line distance from observation point to the object and the use the app to observe the angle between the observation point to the top of the object. Then the observer does the same thing for the angle between the observer point and the bottom. Thus multiplying the distance by the tangent of the given values, and adding the two, of course, gives the grand total of the height of the object without any prior effort of calculation by you.


7. Construction Master 5

Construction Master 5 app comes with extraordinary functions, features, and core engine that powers the advanced construction calculator, developed in the market by Calculated industries. Construction Master 5 – Building Math Calculator app enables it worldwide users to solve all their mysteries to get the powerful, easy to use, and fully functional calculator app for builders, carpenters, and other professionals. Construction Master 5 – Free Construction Calculator app allows you to save much of your time, knowledge, and efforts for calculating through tough mathematical construction problems even by reducing the percentage of errors on the job site or office. It enables you to reduce costly errors and save your money by helping you and your crew on everyday calculations of your objects. Construction Master 5 – Building Math Calculator brings in-build option to press and hold the desired key for full definitions, examples, and explanations of keystrokes. Construction Master – Free Construction Calculator contains built-in solutions that make it ideal for calculating layouts, bids, estimates, plans, and more. Construction Master – Building Math Calculator app brings the features of measuring preset fraction conversion, calculation of yards and volumes, free-inch-fraction, decimal feet and inches, decimal math and conversions, a full metric conversion function, and much else.


8. AR Measure

AR Measure uses the technology of Augmented Reality to tape measure everything you need right using your mobile phone’s camera. AR Ruler App – Tape Measure and Camera to Plan app bought in the market by Grymala Inc. which enables its worldwide users to target aim over the detected plane and start to use this excellent AR tape measuring app flawlessly. You can easily measure the AR Rular, Angle, Area and Perimeter, Area and Perimeter, Height, Path, On-screen Rular app, and more. AR Ruler app enables you to tape measure linear size in meter, centimeter, inches, feet, yard, millimeter, yard, and more. You can tape measure the corners of 3D objects and calculate the length of the path concisely. AR Ruler App – Tape Measure and Camera to Plan app enables you to tape measure the height relative to the recognized surface, calculate the distance, calculate the length of the path, measure perimeter, calculate the area of the room, and lets you have various other calculations for free. The app helps you generate plan projection for drawn objects and export your measurement in PDF formats. AR Ruler App – Tape Measure and Camera to Plan helps you tape measure your desired distance from your mobile camera to a fixed point over the detected 3D plane.


9. AirMeasure

AirMeasure is an excellent tool that enables you to measure various lengths, width, area, and other aspects of multiple objects right using your mobile phones. AirMeasure – Toolkit of 15+ Measuring App is a simple to use tool developed by Laan Labs through which you can measure anything instantly using the camera of your mobile phone. AirMeasure – AR Tape and Ruler is a virtual ruler right on the palm of your hand and simply, point shoot, and measure. AirMeasure – Measuring Toolkit brings a lot of exciting features for measuring your desired object and helps you use various measuring units as well. AirMeasure – AR Tape Measure and Ruler intuitively brings the features of complete right angle calculations, pitch keys for the slope and grade, irregular measurements support (hip, valley, and jacks), cutting angles (plumb, level cuts, and cheek), diagonal key, expanded rake, stair layout key, and various others. AirMeasure – AR Tape and Ruler calculates the stairwell opening, headroom, and floor Thickness precisely. You can download AirMeasure – AR Tape Measure and Ruler app for solving your mysteries of measuring the exact size of the table, the couch, the bench, trolly, bed, and other things that you are about to buy for your house.


10. MeasureKit

MeasureKit enables its users to measure the size and length of different things in the world using your own iPad, iPhone, and any other iOS device. MeasureKit – Measure distance with camera app enables its users to Rinat Khanov Inc. that brings exceptional features for measuring straight lines over any object or surface such as the wall, desk, sofa, bed, ceilings, and anything else that you want to measure. This app carries the feature of Magnetometer through which you can precisely measure the field force around your cell phone. MeasureKit – AR Ruler Tape helps you to measure by moving your device in the real world to get the results. MeasureKit – Measure distance with camera app carries the functionalities of the ruler, face mesh, angles, person height, trajectory, magnetometer, cube, level, market pin, and various others. MeasureKit – AR Ruler Tape app lets you visualize how gigantic something is by measuring the entire area of the stuff whatever you want. It helps you measure the corners, how tall someone is, distance from the device camera, check various attributes, and check if something is vertical or horizontal. MeasureKit – Measure distance with camera lets you instantly link multiple rulers together in one measuring sessions and capture the areas enclosed by a chain.


11. Feet Inch Calculator Free

Feet Inch Calculator Free is an excellent tool that is set apart by the dual input panels where one is for inches, and the other is for feet’s. Feet and Inches Construction Calculator app bought in the market by Winograd Apps, LLC through which enables you to use the app to add, multiply, subtract, and divide various dimensions. This application brings separate feet, fraction, and inches panels and you can set the precision up to 1/128’’. It brings decimal inputs for all the imperial and metric values, and you can also grasp the history of all your calculations on the move. You can access the history of your current calculations on the move. Feet and Inches Construction Calculator app let you calculate linear dimensions, volume, area, and various other measuring stuff. Feet and Inches Construction Calculator also contains multiplication and division for dimensions and numbers. This construction calculator helps you get Top line and 2nd line interface with the final answer and the input line respectively. This app contains input methods of the top panel for feet input, bottom panel for inches input and column for fraction input as well. You can download the Feet and Inches Construction Calculator app for free and enjoy extreme level calculations right through your mobile devices.


12. Distance

Distance is an excellent tool that lets you have the draw to measure capability through which you can map things to discover its distance. Distance – Draw to calculate distance is a simple to use measuring tool introduced in the market by Myice 92 Inc. that enables you to draw the route over the map on your mobile phone and enjoy finding distances flawlessly. Distance – Find My Distance also brings the support of Magnifier which helps you make precise measurement and drawings. Distance – Draw to calculate distance lets you press the ‘Measure’ Button to switch to the ‘Move’ mode, that you can move the map to somewhere else as well. It brings a button of ‘Unit’ that helps you change the display units intuitively. Distance – Find My Distance app Distance – Draw to calculate distance lets you press the share button to share the measurements to Twitter, camera toll, WhatsApp, Facebook, email, and loads more on the move. The app brings the ‘Search’ button to search for your desired location over the map, and it measures the distance on the basis of the earth curvature. You can download Distance – Find My Distance app for drawing the distance along the map in your required units.


13. Construction Calc Pro

Construction Calc Pro is an excellent tool that lets you get all the essential construction calculation features required for measuring stuff right using your mobile phone. Construction Calc Pro is a simple to use app produced by Lightray Studio Inc. that enables everyone to get the exact length, width, height, slope grade, and various other things in an excellent way. Construction Calc Pro app brings the facilities of aggregates, asphalt, balusters, board foot, lineal foot, concrete, crown modeling, drop ceiling, drywall, flowing, framing, edge, paint, rafter, framing, linear cost estimator, and various other measuring things to calculate along with their respective inputs and outputs. Construction Calc app carries a stack of more than 82 robust, concise and proven tools for measuring objects right away. Construction Calc Pro enables you to save money by instantly estimating materials, and you can save time by calculating angles, quantities, and measurements right using your cell phones. You can intuitively enter measurements in inches, feet, or metric. This app enables you to get the easiest way to use construction measurement, calculating, and estimating tool available over mobile platforms. It does not contain any difficult or complex manual to master or any terms and conditions to follow and instructions to accept.


14. inchCALC+

inchCALC+ app enables its entire users to use this construction calculator app for free to measure whatever they want about constructing things. InchCALC – Pro Level (Foot, Inch, and Fraction) Calculator app bought in the market by Willian Lipsey Inc. which helps people to work with the fraction, feet, and inches measurements found on common rules and tape measures. No matter whether you are a builder, contractor, artist, engineer, student, architect, constructor, Diyer, or homemaker, you can enjoy its importance fully for getting things done. InchCALC – Pro Level (Foot, Inch, and Fraction) Calculator app has intuitively transformed your mobile devices into excellent feet, inches, or fraction construction calculator that precisely inputs and outputs dimensions exactly as you type. This app brings the exact display of an excellent calculator that appears all your inputs and outputs as it appears on the tape measure. Inch CALC – Pro Level (Foot, Inch, and Fraction) Calculator brings easy conversions in feet, inches, fraction, decimal inches, meters, kilometers, decimal feet, millimeters, acres, yards, miles, centimeters, and various others. You can also select the keyboard orientation for right-handed or left-handed users accordingly. Inch CALC Plus app also carries portrait and landscape mode for triangle problems as well as metric conversions.


15. RYOBI™ Phone Works™

RYOBI™ Phone Works™ is an excellent platform that brings you a better way to manage home improvement project and lets you do all them with ease. RYOBI™ Phone Works™ Devices Required – Sold Separately app is a great product of One World Technology, Inc. that empower you to measure, calculate, align, inspect, locate, and level with more functionalities and even more confidence than ever before. You can download the free app today to work with your mobile phone devices and intuitive transform your cell phones into an excellent measuring tool. RYOBI™ Phone Works™ – Sold Separately app allows you to view the project live in fill color and you can capture the quality videos and images of projects in a way like never before. It helps you track project details, save project details and images, overlays the details on project videos and photos, and save everything for later reports and references. You can intuitively track project time and location through geotags and time stamps. You can also share measurement, videos, photos, and various other project details. You just need to download RYOBI Phone Works app follow the steps to register with its tools, click on the icon that matches the tool, and then connect the Phone Works™ tool to your phone to begin the work.


16. Accurate Builder Calculator

Accurate Builder Calculator is one of the most innovative, feature-rich application which has made it so convenient to measure the construction in a way like never before. Accurate Builder Calculator – Free Measuring Construction app bought in the market by Robert Daily Inc. which brings an excellent building calculator that helps you to measure in so many building’s stuff right on your mobile phone devices. Accurate Builder Calculator – Measure the Concrete, Roofing, Joist, Stair enables you to instantly determine calculations of construction projects and receive instantly precise concepts for all your new or ongoing projects. Accurate Builder Calculator – Free Measuring Construction deals in metric measurement, wall, roof, ceiling, foundation, raving, concrete, paving and concrete, square up, running measurements, rafters, landscaping, and tons of other measurements. Accurate Builder Calculator – Free Measuring Concrete, Roofing, Joist, and Stair, etc. app also enables you to get regular calculator functionalities such as adding, subtracting, square, divide, percent, and the like as you would use on a conventional calculator of finance. Apart from these, Accurate Builder Calculator – Free Construction Calculator app also helps you measure stairs, masonry, framing, foundation, equal spaces, and more with much convenience.

More About Home Improvement Calcs

Home Improvement Calcs brings gigantic calculation functionality for all the professionals as well as domestic folks. Home Improvement Calcs app bought in the market by Double Dogs Studio which brings an exceptional app with understand and easy to use input and results scenario for solving a variety of calculations. Some of its Heating and A/C calculations includes airflow, attic ventilation, ceiling fan sizing, exhaust fan sizing, heating estimator, and the window air conditioner size, etc. The calculations for the Interiors includes carpet and linoleum, tile, groove flooring, interior painting, and wallpaper. You can also measure the miscellaneous such as the belts and pulleys, cylindrical tank (in both horizontal and vertical level), tank fill time leaking faucet water usage, and weight of liquids. Home Improvement Calcs also brings Yard calculations for acreage, backfill, backfill on a slope, fertilizer coverage and cost, driveway Sealer, fill and ground cover, the grade from the rise and run, insecticide cost and coverage, plant quantity sandbox, mulch, the height of the tree, and the area of the yard. Some of the functions for Lumber and Materials contains the calculations of board cost and feet, caulking length, caulking, drywall (basic and advanced), insulation and its R-Value, lumber dimensions, roofing materials, and Studs, etc. You can enjoy calculating fertilizer, attic, insulation, mulch, and everything from Home Improvement Calcs app flawlessly.

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