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HOOKED is an innovative app that is making the reading addictive for youngsters. This free reading and writing app allow its users to enjoy reading thrilling stories that will keep them reading for hours. The users of HOOKED can write their own stories as well for the purpose of getting followers… read more
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25 Apps Like HOOKED



Movellas called itself the free writing and publishing platform that in addition to web based platform is available in the form of application for the smartphones as well. It aims to offer a simple platform to the readers to read books and for writers to publish their stories for free.

Book Breaks

Book Breaks is a perfect and one of the most accomplished applications for reading your favorite stories and books for free. If you are looking for an application that allow you to start instantly reading your favorite stuff in a smarter way then Book Breaks is an app for that purpose.


Wattpad is an educational and learning application that offers its users with the platform of reading and sharing stories with others. It is containing a lot of articles on almost every topic and allows the smartphone users to read to work of others and share their own as well.

Fake Chat Conversations

Fake Chat Conversation is a widely used application used for creating fake chats for free, introduced by FocApp. Fake Chat Conversation is a great application for entertainment and quality fun time.

Yazzy Simulator

Yazzy Simulator is an interesting tool that allows its users to create fake conversations for free to have fun and real entertainment. Yazzy Simulator (Fake chat) is a fine product of Vincenzo Cerminara through which you can enjoy fake chatting in a supreme way.


TaleHunt is finest app filled with a community of individuals who love to follow short stores. You can easily enjoy both reading and writing experience through these tiny tales on your mobile phones.


Radish is an app that lets you access and have some latest blend of web fiction serials from top writers around. This storytelling application is filled with damn fun, and you can enjoy every second of it by reading these astonishing stories.


Mirakee is a social networking platform for the writers where they come to see what is happening in a writing paradise. It is in fact a micro blogging platform permitting the writers from different parts of the world to showcase their micro-tales, stories, thoughts, short stories, poems, quotes and any other kind of write ups.

Pocket Writers

If you like reading stories or want to write stories to shows the other about the information you have then Pocket Writers is writing and publication application probably for you. This writing app contains state of the art writing and publishing systems and all those tools that will offer something to you for enjoying writing and sharing.

Books & Writing Amino

Books & Writing Amino is one of the largest communities of the book lovers available over the all smartphones. Today this application is one of the largest communities of the book lovers where they come to read, share and discover the more and more new content for free.


Shorti is a simple storytelling allowing the smartphone users to write as much as they can imagine. This simple to use writing application allow its users to create and share short stories to the other users.


Penana is an exclusive publishing platform designed for the aspiring writers who want to showcase their creative skills with rest of the world. This application will allow them to convey their ideas with real people by compiling the compelling and appealing stories in any genre they want.


Inkvite is a social writing application that allows the smartphone users to compose new stories right from their smartphones and publish the both short and long stories. It is a way for getting real followers across the globe and enjoying the feedback from the real community as well.


Penned is a kind of social writing application for reading, writing and sharing stories over the internet for free. Penned is a brand new way to share stories and to get more and more real followers across the globe.


Tablo is a brand new home for publishing for both reader and writer where they meet to share their experiences with each other. This platform over the internet that is now available in the form of application for the smartphone allows its users to share their stories with others and publish their writing in most of the cases for free as well.


TextingStory is one of the finest application to unleash your creativity in probably the best way, introduced by Yvz Digital Lab. TextingStory – Chat Story Maker allows you to have quality time with the app through writing a text conversation in this application for real-time fun.

Texting Story Maker

Texting Story Maker is another amazing application to place your thoughts and creativity in a story-like manner using an SMS chatting like scenario. Texting Story Maker – Chat Story Maker is a fine application introduced by Night Wolf that helps its users to enjoy creating an easy to use texting story making.

Chat Simulator

Chat Simulator is one of the widely used applications for having fake chat conversations. Fake Chat Simulator is one of the most outstanding ways to have fun with or make fun of your friends making them believe that you are actually chatting with someone special.

Texting Chat Story Maker

Texting Chat Story Maker is another outstanding application that allows you to enjoy fake chatting and texting in an ultimate way. It is a great application that helps you write chat stories in texting formats and looks so authentic that you are really chatting with someone.

Free Chat Stories

Free Chat Stories is another awesome application to read awesome scary chat stories for free and without any break or pause. Free Chat Stories – Scary & Creepy with Addicted is a fine application introduced by The AwesomeCompany which allow you to read as much as you want without any fee or charges.

Scary Chat Stories

Scary Chat Stories is another intuitive app and a fine time killer introduced by Knowledge Quiz Games. Scary Chat Stories – Hooked on Texts is a great application that allows you to read real-time scary chat conversations or stories on your mobile phones.


Sweek is a publishing platform in the shape of an application dedicated to two things: writing and reading free books and stories. For those users who are looking for a professional platform to discover the upcoming writers or want to follow the popular authors or want to share their work or simply want to read the interesting stories and books for free are always welcome at the free platform of this application.


Medium is an app based reading and publishing platform where the people from different parts of the world interact with each other’s and the stories that matters most to them.

TAP by Wattpad

First of all, it is important to clear here that TAP by Wattpad is different from the original reading and writing application Wattapad. TAP by Wattpad is an independent platform for reading addictive chat stories for free.


Yarn is a fine storytelling platform where thousands of people enjoy damn interesting stories. This product was launched by Science Mobile LLC which lets its users have a great mix of fun with these short stories.

More About HOOKED

HOOKED is an innovative app that is making the reading addictive for youngsters. This free reading and writing app allow its users to enjoy reading thrilling stories that will keep them reading for hours. The users of HOOKED can write their own stories as well for the purpose of getting followers. The stories creation system of this application is quite different and amazing. It permits its users to share their stories in a chatting style. The fantasy chat feature of HOOKED allows its writers to write and share stories whole they are chatting with their friends. There is no criteria mentioned by HOOKED regarding stories that means the writers can write and share on any topic either it is a life story, funny text, or just creating a creepy crawly conversation with someone. HOOKED is just like your personal chatting diary where you can write whatever you want.