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HQ Trivia is a great application to win with ease, developed by the Intermedia Labs. It is the perfect application for users who love trivia and love free money. It is a live trivia game show app to with exciting cash prizes every day at 9 pm EST, and weekdays at 3 pm EST… read more
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25 Apps Like HQ Trivia for Android

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1. Loco

Loco is a marvellous application that helps you get exciting prizes by playing this fun game. It is probably India’s first live game show app that enables its users to play and win Paytm cash on a daily basis. Loco Live Trivia & Quiz Game Show is the live game trivia show that helps you win prizes through answering some simple questions every day at 10 pm sharp. It lets you feel the rush of playing in the real-time as you have an actual race to get the correct answer in a span of just 10 seconds. It delivers a series of 10 fun questions, one after the other and if you give even one wrong answer, you will be eliminated unless you have an extra life. While on the other hand, if you manage to give all the questions in the right way, then you take home real-money. Loco Live Trivia & Quiz Game Show also lets you earn extra lives by referring this app to your friends, family members, and in fact anyone. Its cash range starts from 10,000 and keeps growing up, depending on the number of individuals that are playing. So just download Loco Live Trivia & Quiz Game Show to compete in a live quiz with tons of other players and have fun.


2. Joyride

Joyride is another amazing app filled with loads of fun that helps its users to win real dollars in the live show. If you know that you have a superb common sense, then prove it on Joyride and win real-time cash prizes. Joyride: live trivia game shows with friends (Unreleased) is an awesome app that lets you play a trivia game show, then hang out with friends in group video. It is a voice-based party game that helps you win cash prizes through playing this live trivia game show. It allows you to chill with your friends without the annoying call, you just have to tap join, and it let you effortlessly join the video chat. Joyride: live trivia game shows with friends (Unreleased) enables you to play fun games like trivia and heads-up with buddies through using your voice only. It also brings some magical words that let you discover these words in chat to unlock its special filters and effects. You can even make new friends as you hang out, try on these fun filters to win the trivia round. So just download Joyride: live trivia game shows with friends if you need to have fun, become socialiser, and want to meet cool people around.


3. Song Pop 2

Song Pop 2 is a damn famous, widely used, and probably the most played music trivia game. It lets you win exciting prizes by listening to the clips from more than 100,000 songs and guess the right title and the artist as soon as possible. It has millions of players that are enjoying this utility for having a quality time. You can have quality time by challenging your friends or playing with other music fans worldwide. You can make new music friends from all over the world right on this app for having real-time chatting. If you played Song Pop, you could hop right back in with all of your friends, challenges, coins, VIP, status, progress, and playlists. Song Pop 2 lets you enjoy it in party mode by competing against tons of players in daily tournaments to win cool prizes by climbing the rank. You can practice anytime, and enjoy thousands of playlists for free. So just download Song Pop 2, and quiz yourself on dozens of genres, get free playlists, enjoy a collection of the everyday decade, toggle playlists on and off, updated music, score more points, and win more.


4. 4 Pics 1 Word

With the millions of regular players across the globe, 4 Pics 1 Word is one of the most challenging puzzle games over the Google Play Store. If you are still confused in getting the playing style of this game from its title then allow us to make it clear for you. 4 Pics 1 Word shown four pictures to on the mobile screen and asks the users to guess what is one word that is common in all these four pics. By these words, the users are then required to make the proper meaningful word. So, at first instant, it will ask for one question, but the real question is then arranging these common words to make a real word. Once you start playing 4 Pics 1 Word, you will come to know why millions of players love this game. There is also a challenge mode where you can make a challenge to check who first solve the question.


5. 94 Seconds

94 Seconds is the mixture of many playing requirements. There is one category, one letter and one word only that will take you the highest score in case you will succeed in making relationship among all. The interesting thing about this game is that rather than throwing the straightforward question, it makes the twist in the question to confuse its players. It will ask three direction question and one indirect question. The direct question will be like a fruit name with B, a sport with T, and a mammal with D and make a new word with the first words of all these three things. At first, it will seem very easy to play, but at most of the moment, this game will force you to think a twice before answering. This real puzzle game contains challenging questions in almost forty different categories that range from cities, countries, fruits to tools, instruments and much more.


6. Word Streak With Friends

If you think you are a word genius and like to play challenging games, then you must give once chance to Word Streak With Friends to check whether you are true in your statement or not. This addictive and colorful game that is available for smartphones and tablets will let you play a fun word sleuth game in your free time in both online and offline environment. Millions of players across the globe are already playing this game and setting the challenges for their opponents in the wake of leading over the scoreboard. If you can score more and more points, you will get more progression over the leaderboards. But keep in mind you have to solve the puzzle before the timer runs out. Otherwise, you will don’t get any point at all. The best part of this game is that it is packed with the four modes of exciting gameplay in which most demanded one is head to head challenge with friends or random player.


7. Dice With Buddies

Want to choose your strategy to challenge your friends? If you want to make a challenge to your friends as you want rather than taking what is being offered in the ready to play section of the most of the puzzle games, then Dice With Buddies is a puzzle game for that purpose. This mind challenging puzzle game allows the players to put a new spin on one of their classic dice game and play multiplayer board games with friends or with newly available opponents in case of having WiFi enabled. This game can also be played in offline mode as well but with fewer challenges and complexities. This super addictive game will let you challenge the other players as you roll your way to victory in this ultra-addictive and entertaining dice game. The features of Dice With Buddies are it offers turn-based playing environment, allow the players to challenge friends over Facebook as well, contains in-game chat system, push notification system to check who is available to play, etc.


8. Guess the Restaurant Quiz

Guess the Restaurant Quiz is a fun app based game for the smartphone users that will test your knowledge about the names of the famous restaurants according to their logos and the services that they are offering to their customers. If you know all of the famous and common restaurants out there, then you need to give one chance to this application to test your memory. Simply install Guess the Restaurant Quiz and explore one of the most accomplished universal restaurants and hotels logos quiz containing the application. Just like the simple and smart interface, the playing system of Guess the Restaurant Quiz is very easy and simple. First, launch the application and start looking at the available logos or pictures and guess the name of the restaurants. Guess the Restaurant Quiz is the best way to test your knowledge and check how many restaurants you have in mind that you can recognize in the real world as well. This is simply a casual game that can be played with the other players and even with your friends as well.


9. QuizUp

QuizUp is widely accepted as one of the most challenging and biggest trivia games over the internet because of shaking the minds of its players by throwing very interesting and mind challenging puzzles and questions. This free to play game is also the platform for making new creative friends as well. The main benefits that you will get by playing this game are access to the wide range of topics on every interest and subject, playing against friends in real time in case of having internet connection, getting the chance to discover the like-minded people and best above all it is a free game without any limitation and trial system. The playing system is not difficult at all. All you required is to challenge your friends or the new opponents in any topic for quick match. If they will able to solve it, they will get the point otherwise your rank over the scoreboard will improve. QuizUp contains a lot of topics on which discussion can be held and challenges can be made to others.


10. Hanging with Friends

Hanging with Friends is a brand new mind twisting game that is basically played in a multi playing environment. This mind shaking games will add the strategy, creativity and fun in the mind of all ages of its players. Hanging with Friends asks its players to intelligently transform the mystery words to stump and amuse their friends with their mind challenging skills. As you will draw, in the same style you can asks you friend to do the same thing and set the challenge for you. If you will be able to solve what is challenged by your friends, you will get points that you need to get more and more to remain a step further to your friends. Before starting playing this game, be prepared to flex only those brain challenges that will puzzle your friend. This turn based applications allow its players to play up to twenty games at once. You don’t need to play with your friends all the time as Hanging with Friends also allow the players to find a match from the list of opponent and set challenges for them.


11. Matching with Friends

Matching with Friends is an online multiplayer social game where there are no limitations over the possibilities at all. This simple style containing application that is in fact one of the most difficult games offers a bouncy, colorful and explosively fun puzzle games to its players. You can make challenges to your friends and we are sure that the addictive playing style of this game will keep your friends and you entertained and captivate for hours. The game starts from very simple and easy completing levels that are in fact the style of this game to make the users addictive of it. Then comes the tricky and challenging levels with mind boggling puzzles. All you have to line up three or more colors of blocks to make perfect match. This perfect match will add some points into your scoreboard. In the same playing style you have to make it sure you are earning more and more points. If you will get more and more points, you will remain higher than your friend at scoreboard.


12. Gems with Friends

Gems with Friends is also a kind of word guessing and drawing game but with different set of playing modes for the smartphone players. Rather than offering the smartphone players with the system of making sketches or throwing words or drawing doodles to ask other to guess, Gems with Friends focus on a new style of playing. This social game based application is the fine blend of intelligent planning and lightning reflexes that the users need to have for collecting and combining colorful gems together in a head to head competition. Play as fast as you can to collect stars to earn extra points or play smartly to setup the chain of combos for earning even double points. This app at first instance seems to be easy but when it comes to being master it is difficult to play. This app based game will simply shatter your mind. The streamlined features and functions of this game are connecting with friends over the social media platforms, challenge the existing friends or play with new ones, and compete for leading over the leaderboard.


13. Crosswords With Friends

Wanna test your wits and creative skills then Crosswords With Friends is an application designed for that purpose. Being available for both online and offline playing, Crosswords With Friends is accepted as one of the most mind challenging applications available over the internet. In case WiFi connection is enabled in your smartphone, you can enjoy daily crossword puzzles that are designed according to the complexities and techniques of the modern day. Crosswords With Friends is just like the word matching and drawing guessing social games but with the only difference on solving the word puzzle. This game will test your brain power through its mind challenging puzzle. For the information of the players, Crosswords With Friends don’t contains automated or artificially generated puzzles at all. The puzzles offering by this game or basically written and designed by the industry experts. Simply start playing Crosswords With Friends and exercise the brain power and even expand the English language by solving the tricky and mind shattering puzzles. You can make challenges to your friends as well.


14. Boggle With Friends

Boggle With Friends is a social word guessing game application designed to test the skill of those players who thing they hold impressive common sense skills. Hundreds of players are the part of this word finding and guessing application. This simple to play game that involves in fact too many complications it the fine blend of fun and nostalgia with the addition of updated puzzle and twists to shake the mind of players. Launch Boggle With Friends and choose your dice and start playing this ready to play game. The quality of this game is that it allows the smartphone players to spell and match their way through this video game. It also permit its users to start chatting with the friends via its built in chat box and make challenges to the friends in their thirst to find words and getting rewards. Boggle With Friends is now offering it users with the new thrill in the shape of holding head to head tournaments with the online players. Possibilities are not limited at all in this game.


15. Words With Friends – Play Free

Words With Friends – Play Free is a multifunctional word guessing application that offers the smartphone player with the most funny and entertaining playing system. This free social word game is game that will test your building skills. `In addition to being available in online mode, Words With Friends – Play Free also allow its players to make the challenge to their friends over Facebook as well. This word guessing application can also be used for making new friends as well by simply inviting the new people for smart match. This game can be played anytime and from anywhere as it offers offline playing mode as well. The best about Words With Friends – Play Free is that it allow its players to chat with their friends inside the game as well. Anytime the player can track their performance and can make the comparison with other players as well to check who is leading over the scoreboard. The unique feature of this game is that it allows the users to choose and challenge a person according to the community match.


16. Pictoword

Pictoword is an app based game containing one basic gaming feature named word guessing. This app based social gaming is full of fun and entertainment. It is one of the best social drawing games available over the internet. If you are looking for the best word and guessing based games to play with your friends in your free time, then Pictoword is the best game. Both major and minor will like playing this game. Simply install this game and join the community of millions of people across the globe. If your brain is full of fun and entertainment and you think you are good in common sense then Pictoword is a game designed for you. This is really simple and addictive game that will ask only one thing for you, and that is guessing words and challenging the others as well. It is simply a challenging and fun word puzzles based game that will enlighten your day with its tricky and complex puzzling techniques. Pictoword offers both single and multiplayer mode.


17. Draw Something for Messenger

As the name of this game is suggesting this game is designed for the Facebook Messengers’s users. It’s time to spend your free time with your Facebook friend over the internet. It is one of the leading social drawings and guessing application for those smartphone users that are using Facebook Messenger. This app based game will let you to experience and explore yourself the laugh out the loud game with your friends over the Facebook Messenger. Almost four thousand words are the part of this game. You need to choose from the available words to draw and ask the opponents to make the perfect guess. The main features of this game are that it will allow you to challenge your friends over Facebook Messenger, color craze with availability of almost fifty vibrant colors to unlock, leaderboard for checking the result of others as well, availability of bombs to unlock the next stages, turning simple doodles into creative masterpieces with color packs, and much more. This app requires no drawing skills from the players at all.


18. Draw and Guess Online

This drawing and sketching based game is probably one of the most funniest and entertaining social drawing and guessing games available for the Android devices. In Draw and Guess Online the players need to draw and make guess on real time with the other players playing this game. Being an online game this game requires an internet connection. In case you have internet connection you can play this game with your friends. The latest version of this game is containing a lot of features and offers a lot of interesting words of multiple complexities. The exclusive features of this game are it is free to play, offering of four thousand words in many international languages, online playing with thousands of online players, system of awards and achievements, global online rating system for all players, and much more. The drawing system in this application is always associated with a word that the other person needs to guess. Draw and Guess Online is simply the perfect game for passing the free time.


19. Speed Guess Something

Speed Guess Something is the next part of the Draw Something with the new added features and functions. The new Speed Guess Something allow the players to play a real-time person to person challenge with friends to make guess sketches and drawings correctly in the minimum possible time. This game allows the smartphone users to draw, doodle, sketch and make the guess words with friends and make the challenges to others to guess that words in a hilarious style. This sequel to Draw Something contains more added features and functions. Start playing this game and win a game and make a challenge to other players to beat in your best possible time. This game also lets the players challenge their friends directly to a duel for the highest score in a drawing and guessing match. The main highlighted features of this app based games are challenging friends in a speed guess mode, turning on the drawing and guessing mode, making new friends with other games via chat, earning new badges and unlocking achievements and much more.


20. Sketch With Buddies

Sketch With Buddies is different from the traditional social drawing and guessing games on the grounds that rather than drawing or making doodles this application allow the smartphone users to make the sketches to lets the opponent guess and pass the hilarious comments. Overall, Sketch With Buddies is basically a multiplayer sketchbook styles game where two player comes to draw a pictures and asks the opponent to make the guess that the picture is containing. In most of the stages, it also contains word based guess games as well. The quality of this sketching game is that it is containing most advanced sketching tool over the internet. This entertaining game will bring the new drawings to your life. The main features and functions of this game are that it will offer you with the system of taking your drawing experience to a whole new level by buying more bombs striking color packages. The one touch settings of the app will allow you to adjust the settings and even block an annoying player as well.


21. Doodle With Buddies

Doodle With Buddies is a social drawing game full with lot of fun. This game is designed for all ages and easy to play as well. This multiplayer game needs to be played with the friends in case of having internet connection. The recent version of Doodle With Buddies is containing new words. This app based game is the real test of your skills that will make you challenge of drawing the best doodles according to their mindset. Doodle With Buddies is simply an excellent live social drawing and guessing application for the smartphone users. This game is suitable for the people of all ages. You don’t need to use the Facebook at all to get the new updates or unlocking the all of the features and functions of this application. Playing game is very easy and simple and all you need is to select the friend from the list of available friends if they are already in the game and then choose the random word that will be guessed by the other person.


22. Draw N Guess Multiplayer

Draw N Guess Multiplayer is a crazily and hilariously addictive game for the Android devices. This app based game is more than normal social drawing games that offers very limited drawing options to their users. The quality of this drawing game is that it is full filled and real-time gaming experience. This game will demand only one thing from you and is to draw a given word and your opponent has to guess that word and in the same manner your opponent can ask you to guess a word draw by them. This real-time drawing and guessing game is really an addictive game for the smartphone users. This app based game is full of the features like offering excellent gaming experience to the players, perfect for Pictionary type games, chatting with players, connecting with friends over social media platforms, earning precious trophies, completing achievements, winning more games, and much more. Draw N Guess Multiplayer is simply one of the best social drawing games available for the smartphone users.


23. Draw Something

Draw Something is a doodle art based game for the smartphone users that is played in a multiplayer mode. This game based application is to set the challenges for all other connected users by drawing and making tricky doodles to ask the others guess. This game is available in both pro and a free version with the only difference between is Draw Something free version is containing ads that will surely distract you win you will be at your high swing. In the paid version, you will be given extra facilities in the shape of bombs that you can use to get more edge over your friends. In the free version you have to earn these by watching ads. The guessing and social drawing game will allow you to explore and experience yourself in an entertaining style. Simply select a word to draw for your friend and ask them to guess and even make hilarious drawings for you as well. You don’t need to be drawing master at all. All you need is a good sense of humor.


24. Cash Show

Cash Show is a real-time exciting application to win real cash by playing live quiz game like scenario. Cash Show – Win Real Cash is a fine application loved by millions of people from all over the world who love to play this app also for test the waters of their knowledge and education. It allows you to answer an amazing series of questions to win exciting cash prizes right from your mobile. Cash Show – Win Real Cash operates thrice a day on a specific period. It provides twelve MCQ’s type questions for every show which covers the topics of art, science, sports, entertainment, and more. Cash Show – Win Real Cash enables you to win cash as you play without any extras effort of some unusual stuff behind. You just have to answer each of its upcoming questions and answer them to get real money without any external effort. You can even enjoy more by competing with your friends and engaging them in this addictive cash providing application. So just download this app not only for getting the best time but to win real and big prizes for nothing just by giving the right answer.


25. Trivia Crack

If you are an Android phone geek and like playing Trivia games then Trivia Crack is a social competing game designed for you. This add supporting application allow its players to set the funny but difficult challenges for their friends and opponents to lead in the world of trivia. The playing process of the game is not difficult at all but nothing could be said about those levels that take many days of the users for getting completed. The spinner wheel that is the main part of this game will throw some question to you that you need to answer. The player needs to answer the questions from the list of available six different categories. If you will be able to solve the question first you will get point and that will give you edge over your component. You need to be responsive and sharp minded for playing this game. In case you don’t possess both of these skills then doesn’t worry as this game with sharpen your mind with its fast moving questioning system.

More About HQ Trivia

HQ Trivia is a great application to win with ease, developed by the Intermedia Labs. It is the perfect application for users who love trivia and love free money. It is a live trivia game show app to with exciting cash prizes every day at 9 pm EST, and weekdays at 3 pm EST. HQ Trivia (Unreleased) is a must-have and exciting prize-winning application through which you can enhance your online wallet with more cash. It lets you join epic multiplayer games where you were asked some unique and straightforward questions, and you have to answer these questions as quickly as possible. This trivia app lets you win money by giving the right answers, and you can enjoy cashout with PayPal. HQ – Live Trivia Game Show provides an intuitive leaderboard which monitors your performance with all the cash on the previous week and all the time scenario. It allows you to win an exciting range of money by simply answering some simple questions and without any physical effort. HQ – Live Trivia Game Show is an addictive application which lets you win cash for just using your brain. So just download HQ – Live Trivia Game Show where anyone can win.