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HuffPost is another important application through which users from all over the world can take a precise eye on the news from all over the world. HuffPost – News is another intuitive application which brings the leading source of commentary and news for the most connected and diverse generation ever… read more
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18 Apps Like HuffPost


1. Flipboard

Flipboard is an application that goes about as an online magazine for individuals who are occupied with the news. It is a spot where people can stay in contact with the most recent news, patterns, offer distinctive stories and additionally pictures and recordings with others. When you join and take after a subject, the application naturally presents to all the most recent news and happenings identified with that theme in your food. Individuals can only add increasingly territories to stay in contact with their most loved things. They can likewise interface their record with other informal organizations, for example, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where they can see the stuff of their companions and share whatever they like inside their circle. A significant number of the world’s driving associations have pages on Flipboard, which builds its significance. You can likewise make your customized magazine by including stories and other stuff that you like. More than one magazine making a choice is accessible, overseen from inside the application. Flipboard additionally has neighborhood options of its magazines in 24 distinct nations with the goal that individuals can get the most recent news and stories from their range. There are a few different components also which make this application more helpful. To put it plainly, this informal organization is a blend of all your most loved interpersonal groups; there is a ton to do and investigate, and the odds are that you will like this application within the near future.


2. The Guardian

The Guardian is a brilliant application that provides the latest news with a brand new and sleekly designed look. This news providing application is a famous and massively used product of Guardian News & Media Ltd, which enables its users to make space for subjects that matter. The Guardian gives you the full access to its popular journalism and the breaking news. This app lets you be aware of all the circumstances of this planet, and you can access all the necessary topics of discussion from your mobile phones. The Guardian lets you stay up to date and active with the live news and sports. You can also receive breaking news to be alerted to the big moments in all over the world. This news telling app enables its users to enjoy award-winning video, audio, and interactive content along with the full-screen galleries with marvellous retina images. Other than these, you can also keep reading in offline mode, easily choose the topics and sections on your home screen, and enjoy your favourite series, stories, football teams, and writers for personal notifications. So just download The Guardian to stay active on all the happenings.


3. Twitter

Twitter is a free application that is available on Android, iOS and other platforms that let you connect with people and express yourself, and discover more about all the things you love. You will be linked with breaking news that will inform you of the local and global news. You will get photographs fast and bring them to life. It’s the exact picture collection that thinks like you do. Twitter provides a visual search your photos are currently searchable by the people, locations and things that appear in all of them. Twitter also provides an unlimited free, high-quality storage and easy access to any device or the internet. You can express yourself with text, photos, emoji, emoticons, video, GIFs and also Vines. The best feature of using hashtags (#TAL) to find more tweets about topics you love more.


4. Feedly

Feedly is a single place to read all types of news. You can make a collection where you can add your favorite publications, podcasts, and YouTube channels. In this way, you can organize them easily, and you will receive updates about new stories and videos. The user can read blogs, learn new topics, and can track keywords, brands or companies. Feedly works faster than other sources of news and information; it means you will remain updated about everything. As Feedly is using lots of sources of news, you will find here niche content that is specific to your passion or work. If you discover some great feeds than you can add them to Feedly and read easily in one place. It has useful integration with Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Buffer, OneNote, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others so you can share your stories with your friends and teammates.


5. Pocket

Pocket is a simple application for Android that will allow you to save any interesting content you find on the Internet, to look at it later without Internet access. With Pocket, you can keep your ‘pocket’ any content that we find on a web page. From the website itself to a video, through the more traditional option: an article. Only you need to press the share button and choose the ‘Pocket’ option. In this way, you will keep the content in question in our account, and you can access it at any time without Internet connection. Once we begin to have a lot of content saved on our Pocket account, you must order it. Pocket and this is also very simple. You can organize the content that you keep in categories so that access to it will be as easy as taking a look at your favorites. Pocket is a very useful application, which will be especially interesting for users who do not have 3G mobile phone connections. In any case, it is perfect for keeping it safe all the texts and Internet articles that are interesting to you.


6. News360

News360 is a personalized reader able to adapt to the preferences of your searches to bring you the results that may be of interest or useful news. This advantage will become more efficient as more use you give, so much more navigate and read news, a higher rate of success will supply you when items that are under your preferences. The first time you use this application must select the topics that interest you, starting with the content suited to absolute values. News360 has different options when reporting among which are not only the most common categories of news, but a trend, based on what most talked about at the time worldwide, and another focused on what happens in your country. With all these categories, News360 always works to bring all the items that are within your recurring visits, although you can always expand the information browsing between different themes found in the main tab. On the other hand, this application collects data from millions of newspapers around the world, both local and international, which can instantly subscribe to read any new publication, although you can also silence avoiding any news in the middle. All news appeared in this application have some labels that will link issues and news with each other, so that will facilitate the expansion of information by navigating between reportage and reportage.


7. News Republic

News Republic is a news app that, through a simple and elegant interface, allow you to enjoy all national, international, political, economic, sports news, etc., from your Android terminal. With News Republic users have the confidence to hear from some of the most respectable means of national and international scene? You are talking about media as EFE, 20 minutes or the newspaper, in Spain; or Reuters, Bloomberg or the Huffington Post, internationally. News Republic is an excellent application for Android news, thanks to which you have the daily newspaper every morning on your mobile phone, without having to go to the kiosk. So you will need only Internet and, if you want a user to select our favorite subjects. All the related news will be finished with all the content, pictures, and recordings accessible, so you don’t need to switch between different applications to get every one of the points of interest. The client can likewise include their most loved news from various RSS channels and get the most recent news from the neighborhoods. Another preferred standpoint of this application is that it is accessible in 37 distinct dialects so that individuals from everywhere throughout the world can get to it rapidly. Another advantage is that the client can get to the application in the disconnected mode and get all the stuff without the accessibility of web. In short individuals can make their own magazine where they will get the opportunity to peruse all the stuff they like and the best part is that this is free of expense.


8. The BBC News

The BBC News is a news application which is working worldwide. This app has completely redesigned fresh look, more contents, greater professionalization and better overall performance. The BBC News lets you know about breaking news from our trusted global network of journalists. My News is one of the amazing features of this app which will allow you to personalize your news offering. You can add topics of your interest for a quick route straight to the stories of your interest. Here you have the ability to order stories by topics or time. By using Top Search, you can find quickly topics of your interest. The user can choose indexes from the list of BBC News like Business, Technology, Entertainment, and health. It will also search for your subjects of your interests, and it will be people, places, things or themes. The BBC News is now offering a fuller selection of stories from the newsroom like Most Watched and Most Read. News on this app is regularly updated. You can also hear news from BBC World Service radio. It will access you to the full range of video and audio.


9. RT News

RT News is another intuitive application which enables its users to be aware of English news. RT News (Russia Today) is a fine product which brings English-language news channel. This application set to show you how any story can be another story altogether. This intuitive and elegantly designed news application broadcast news in more than six continentals and almost over 100 countries. This app entirely focuses on international headings and giving an innovative angle to challenge viewers worldwide. RT News (Russia Today) provides great coverage of the hot and breaking news from all over the world so that you can stay active will all the happenings around. This intuitive applications allows its users to get a government-funded channel but shapes its editorial policy right from the commercial and political influences. It brings a very talented set of a dedicated team of journalism which provides much authenticity of news to its worldwide users. Its team of news professionals collaborates young talent and household names in the world of broadcast journalism. So just download RT News (Russia Today) to catch another story.


10. Google News & Weather

Google News & Weather is another intuitive application through which users can get a comprehensive and a highly customized view of headline stories, local weather as well as news. Google News and Weather is a fine application by Google LLC, which enables its users to have the news of the whole world in their pocket. This intuitive and massively used news providing application allows its users to enjoy coverage from more than 70,000 publications with an instant load read experience with the accelerated mobile pages. It allows its users to quickly browse headlines, tap to read its content, and swipe to read next content through its sleekly designed application. It offers simple swipe access to categories such as top and trending technology, sports, weather, and more right on their mobile phones. You can easily tune your layout with any of 60 country-specific editions, personalized news sections, such as Hollywood, Fashion, NASA, or anything else that catches your attraction. You can easily tap any story for a deep section of the story and other viewpoints including the articles, opinions and local perspectives.


11. Nuzzel

Nuzzel is another intuitive and widely used application which allows its users to have access to all the updates from all over the world. Nuzzel: News for Busy Professionals is an elegant product of Nuzzel, Inc. which enables its users to get a personalized news discovery and curated newsletters for busy professionals. It is an outstanding application for some busy professionals from all over the world who want to access all the necessary updates from all over the world. It never let some busy professionals to stick on any news channels to get all the breaking news from your area. Having this news application, you can easily access this sort of content right from your mobile phones without affecting your daily routine work. Nuzzel: News for Busy Professionals provides accuracy in providing news for its loyal users and never let them stay inactive from the trending news from any part of the word. So just download Nuzzel: News for Busy Professionals and give it a chance for providing its services to your busy life to get fruitful features.


12. Digg

Digg is another intuitive application which enables its users to keep a precise look at the trendy stories from all over the world. It provides the most interesting and widely talked stories on the internet, powered by social signals, and old-fashioned human judgment. Its editors efficiently turn the internet vast and cacophonous flood of articles, blog posts, magazines piece, videos, photos, statuses updates, and other stuff into the elegant and endlessly engrossing mix known as Digg. It is a simple, powerful, and speedy way to follow your favourite sources, publishers, and much more. Digg allows you to discover and follow your favourite and trendy publishers, writers, and bloggers. Digg provides an organized RSS feeds and other sources through folders, and you can easily and instantly sort to see the trendiest items across the social internet. It allows you to Digg your favourite stories and shares them on Facebook, Google Plus, Tumbler, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Text. You can easily access to worldwide stories and save stories and to read later in this intuitive application. So just download Digg, and get spicy topics.


13. Reuters

Reuters is another intuitive application which enables its users to enjoy a world of news in your pocket. This intuitive and easy to use news application allows you to get breaking news, precise analysis, and market data from the world most trusted news organization. Reuters News allows you to explore a seamless stream of pictures, articles, and videos on your mobile phone or tablet and update around the clock by editors across the world. Reuters News provides precise news so that you can easily get aware of all the topics hanging around from all over the world. It allows you to get navigation between stories to discover a wide range of topics from marketers and politics to technology and more. It lets you have news alerts through which you can get breaking news delivered daily to your mobile phone and enjoy its personalized notifications about topics you care about the most. Other than these, you can also enjoy is customizable watchlist where you can create and edit your personal watchlist of stocks. So just download Reuters News and access the trendy content from all over the world.


14. Pulse

Pulse carries the latest news and entertainment updates which you don’t want to miss from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and almost around the world. Pulse Buzz – latest news & videos is great stuff introduced by Ringier Africa AG. It is a widely used news application through which you can access hot topics and be aware of things revolving around. You can instantly swipe through feature for the best and the latest news, entertainment, videos, new songs and albums, blog articles, movies, and more on the go. Pulse Buzz – latest news & videos is an intuitive app where you can watch all your favourite Pulse TV shows, and you can even share your favourite stories through WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. It also enables its users to share gallery videos and photos directly from articles with just a click. This news application also lets you bookmark videos and stories you want to check out later, and continue reading stories through your articles while watching the videos embedded at the same time. So just download Pulse Buzz – latest news & videos, and enjoy trendy content right from your phone.


15. Circa

Circa is another intuitive application through which users can enjoy a video-driven news application. Circa – Experience News is a great application introduced by Circa, LLC which provides coverage for every human, every day. This application allows you to cover the entire world with live videos, documents, original programming, and your daily news. This intuitive application allows you to consume compelling, award-winning breaking news, food, entertainment, lifestyle, sports, live content, and much more.  Circa – Experience News allows you to get a preconized experience for having the best and the most precise news right from your mobile phone. You can easily add your favourite topics to read them later whenever you are free. Having this intuitive news application, you can be aware of the favourite and the current news from all over the world in their eventful schedule. This application provides the most authentic content regarding all the news and stories happening in the world. So just download Circa – Experience News and enjoy news at your fingertips.


16. NewsON

NewsON is an amazing application that allows you to get instant access to live, local TV news, and other important content for free. NewsON – Watch Local TV News is an elegant application which enables its users to stream newscasts from more than 150 local news stations across the United States, from the Los Angeles to the New York, Miami, Seattle, and more. NewsON – Watch Local TV News is a widely used application through which users can access live news as well as previous forecasts, local news clips, and other stuff from your favourite and most likely stations. This is intuitive and sleekly designed news telling application which brings an easy navigation menu to help you locate the station established on wherever you want and where you are to watch live, local news coverage. It allows you to personalize your news experience by saving your favourites, through interactive maps locator and provides better discovery of new stations. It lets you never miss out any breaking news events through its breaking news alerts so that you can easily catch all the important and trendy updates when you are busy. So just download NewsON – Watch Local TV News and enjoy free TV news anywhere, anytime.


17. Simply News

Simply News is another widely used application through which users from all over the world can enjoy getting all the topics in the palm of their hands to stay active. Simply News – Your News App is a fine application presented by Pylba Inc. which precisely provides one of the easiest ways to get news. It allows you to approach all the topics that you care about right on your mobile phone to get all the new news updates. Simply News – Your News App is a fast and simple application which provides intuitive categories to choose including the top news, entertainment, politics, science, technology, as well as local news from your region. Simply News is a robust application which provides hundreds of elegant sources examined to provide comprehensive news about the topics that you cares. Other than these, it also lets you get 1,000,000 of news articles, 600 British locations tracker, prioritized news articles, personalized, and relevant news delivered from your desired words. It also stores news repository on your device to keep you informed about hot topics when you are offline. So just download Simply News – Your News App and be active.


18. NewsBeat

NewsBeat is another intuitive application through which users from all over the world can enjoy news podcasts for you every day with the real human narrations of top hand-picked news articles from around the web. It is a widely used news application through which you can easily pick news articles that are informative, enlightening, and entertaining. You can catch news which is on fire and you can easily pick news sections including World, National, Sports, Technology, Business, Politics, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Health, and Celebrity. You can also get summaries of articles for reading purposes. You can receive daily updates regarding news before starting each of your day. Newsbeat Radio allows you to get important breaking news through mobile notifications. You can even share your stories with your friends using any of your social media account or via text. Its streaming technology delivers smooth, uninterrupted news while you are driving, even through weak data network areas. So just download Newsbeat Radio which allows you to get nothing, but the quality news and analysis and none of the fake headlines and none of the run-of-the-mill sensationalism.

More About HuffPost

HuffPost is another important application through which users from all over the world can take a precise eye on the news from all over the world. HuffPost – News is another intuitive application which brings the leading source of commentary and news for the most connected and diverse generation ever. HuffPost – News lets you stay informed of the breaking news alerts and top story and top story digests. This easy to use news app allows you to browse Pulitzer-price winning and communicating content and stuff available. It allows you to enjoy almost all 16 international editions of HuffPost – News in one app. It brings a massive library of the most authentic news and content which is considerable and informative. Having this news application, you can easily scan all its library of immersive 360 videos, augmented reality, and virtual reality to understand things better and in a precise way. HuffPost – News app also lets you save your favourite stories just to access your most likely content in offline mode as well. So just download HuffPost – News to stay up to date with the news from all over the globe.