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iBooks Author is something amazing that lets you create stunning textbooks, cookbooks, history books, thesis, picture books, and many others using your iPhones, iPad, iPod, iPad mini, Mac book, and other iOS devices. It is a stunning office suite with tons of breath taking features… read more
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1. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a fabulous and the most stunning word processor that makes it stunning to write, view, edit, and create documents on the go and access your documents easily from anywhere using its mobile phone. It is probably the most widely used word processor with some stunning features. You can easily create, and share advanced looking documents with the marvelous blow of art reviewing, sharing, storing, editing, and tons of other tools. Microsoft Word is a product by Microsoft which allows quick access to your documents and files in is a cloud based support which makes it easy to access anywhere. Microsoft Word efficiently maintains the same sort of formatting across your Mobile Phones, PC’s, Laptops and other devices and is available for Windows. By emailing or a hyperlink, you can easily share your docs with some other persons. Microsoft Word is a platform which makes it easy to you to make an innovative, eye catching, and stunning documents with an awesome touch of multimedia support. It offers a variety of features that include Insertions, Designing, Page Layout, References, Mailings, Reviewing, and some of their sub programs. You can easily modify or edit any already created document, Rather than this, it also offers an amazing security for making your documents untouched from an unauthorized person. Hence it gives you the robust capabilities to write and design your document to meet some specific needs of your projects and assignments.


2. LibreOffice – Writer

LibreOffice – Writer, is a word processing app with improved capabilities that lets its user to unleash its creativity and improves your productivity. It is a great office suite that offers a smooth panel to create and edit documents in the way you want. It includes numerous applications that make it more powerful and an open source suite available on the market. It offers some fabulous editing features that include Write (creating word processing), Calc (Spreadsheets), Draw (creates flowcharts and vector graphics), Math (support formulas editing), Impress (presentations), and Base (creates databases). LibreOffice with its awesome working criteria improvises this app and make it more simple and easy to use. This app lets you edit documents with more ease, work smarter with spreadsheets, making perfect presentations, and much more. LibreOffice provides an improved performance with an addition of a change editing and tracking along with a read-only mode. It is a free software for making your word processes and documents more attractive, beautiful, and gorgeous. You can also download LibreOffice suite in your required language and enjoy the fun with creativity. LibreOffice – Writer, is available on almost all platforms including Windows devices.


3. Google Drive – Docs

Google Drive – Docs is a widely used app for making important documents in an efficient way, and you can easily store it in a cloud based storage for future use. This office suite is a great app which lets you Write, Edit, and Working Collaboratively wherever you are. This is one of the stunning apps that lets you access your ordinary and important documents anywhere. It provides a safe place to store your files by letting 15 GB free storage for storing your documents so you can keep your important documents, photos, stories, drawings, videos, music and audio files, recording, like things, here. Google Drive lets you use and access your stuff anywhere like on the go, in the office, in your home, or somewhere else where it is required. Using this amazing app, you can quickly and easily invite your friends and others to access, view, download and collaborate on all of your files and does not require any emailing need. As it supports all platforms so you can easily use this app and access your stuff from your smartphone, laptops, personal computer, Tabs and other devices. This app offers a collaborative working scenario which lets different members work on a single document at the same time. Google Drive is a widely used app which is available on almost all platforms.


4. OfficeSuite 8 Pro + PDF

OfficeSuite 8 Pro + PDF is one of the fastest, robust and more freshly designed with improved speed across the entire app and lets you do your stuff quite easily and effectively. It lets you easily view, create, and innovatively edit documents. It is used to create Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents files and convert to PDF and you can manage your files with a fully features app. it provides full compatibility with almost many Microsoft formats. It supports for PDF files including export to PDF and PDF camera scanning. Its most robust features include integrated with file commander for easy and quick access, lets you share via cloud service like DropBox, Amazon, Cloud Drive, OneDrive, Google Drive, and as well as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi direct and over email. OfficeSuite 8 Pro + PDF lets you secure your documents by offering some editing featuring like permission management, signature support, annotations, and text to PDF. Using this app, you can open multiple documents simultaneously, create custom options, add freehand drawings, protect individual sheets and cells, and cast presentation across multiple devices. OfficeSuite 8 Pro + PDF includes all the features that an ordinary word processor suite contains. It is probably the most downloaded app and is installed on more than 200 million devices in almost 195 countries, which delivers the most exclusive and amazing features.


5. Write!

Write! offers an elegant atmosphere to create to-do lists, presentations, notes, text, documents, and other writing projects of any kind and format. It has all the complementary features of a good word filled into a clutter-free interface. It provides a powerful writing tool which lets you maximize your productivity to write more and better. It offers an intelligent Spellchecker, configurable Autocomplete, Unlimited ctrl+Z feature, and an improved Productivity counters. Its backup Secure Cloud never loses any of your important document in the middle of the writing, and your documents never lost again. You can efficiently navigate and organize by getting some robust navigation tools and handy document organization. You can easily share your documented stuff with your team members faster and reliable and also work collaboratively on a particular document. It offers a simple, borderless, and intuitive User Interface for distractions free writing and editing and note0taking helps you fully engage into the text doc. Write! Provides a minimalist interface that keeps what is essential for writing on the top and hides all unnecessary features, buttons, and distractions and its stunning interface is particularly designed especially for the writers and bloggers. You can easily access this app on all of your mobile devices easily.


6. Apache OpenOffice Writer

Apache OpenOffice Writer is a robust, fully equipped and modern word processor. It is simple enough for a quick document, like memo and is powerful enough to create full books, with contents, diagrams, indexes, other multimedia content, etc. It lets you freely concentrate on your ideas while bloggers and writers make them look perfect. It offers many amazing features that make this app more flexible and reliable than others present in the market. It takes some amazing capabilities to make letters, faxes, agendas, minutes, documents, assignments and other documented stuff. It offers styling and formatting that puts the power of style sheets into everyone’s hands. Apache OpenOffice Writer provides a great spell checker that does not require you to put the focus on what you are doing so using this app you can write your documents in a way never before. It offers the features of linking and text framing that enables you to tackle the desktop publishing tasks for newsletters and flyers. It includes a feature of auto-completes that literally reduces your typing efforts, as it automatically suggests some common phrases and words to complete your typing. It also can handle the use of various languages efficiently. So using this app, you can develop, maintain, manage, and edit documents with various formats easily.


7. Airborn OS

Airborn OS offers an innovative way to make documents and lets you store your documents as well as presentations in the cloud security. Using this app you can easily access, edit, and modify your documents anywhere. If you store your content in the cloud storage that it would be a little scary that the owner can read it anytime, he wants. It provides a great collaboration feature for its users that you can easily and effectively work on a single project or document and access that particular document can be accessed at the same time by any of the group members. Its real-time collaboration makes this app stands a bit more and offers a great experience to works stunning with your classmates and partners etc. You also can even set a password on your document file for any extra protection or for saving your project by someone to delete. You can make gorgeous and stunning fancy 3D presentations using this awesome office suite. It lets you spread your creativity, thinking, and ideas on the document any try to make the document according to the criteria you set. This app is used for making eye catching and professional level documents in an extremely intuitive way.


8. WPS Writer

WPS Writer is a perfect word processor with more ease and reliability. It is your dream solution for a no-commitment, low-budging, and free productivity office suite. It is a lightweight app consisting of Presentations, Writer, and the Spreadsheets along with a PDF to fulfill all of your writing needs. It also introduced a brand new Docer Templates page and is available in English, French, Portuguese, Russian, and some other languages. WPS Writer is a professional office suite with a Cloud storage service for iOS and PC. This feature lets you store your documents and other related stuff in a cloud based storage and lets you access these documents on the go and from anywhere. So your documents can be accessed, edited, and viewed anytime, anywhere. Along with some ordinary capabilities, it offers an innovative Drag and drops tool that lets you adjust each paragraph of any content naturally. It makes it simple to do all such stuff using your mouse. It is an effective app that offers a huge number of free templates that helps you create your documents, presentations, letters, memo, and spreadsheets to save your time and you can quickly select your desired templates. WPS Writer also features Selection Navigation, Multiple Document Tabs, helpful outlay, and much more.


9. iWork – Pages

iWork – Pages is one of the most beautiful word processors that you have ever seen on your iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X, etc. This powerful word processor helps users to create generous reports, resumes, documents, presentations, and other word processor stuff in minutes. It is used to make some extraordinary documents on iOS devices. This intuitive document suite offers an exciting range of temples to choose from or a blank document to start a unique work. IWork – Pages provides some extraordinary features that include the ability of edit read, manage, modify, or share your documents. With the release of its real-time collaboration feature, your whole team can work together on a specific document at the same time. You can easily edit and import Microsoft Word and plain text files using iTunes sharing service and WebDAV services and Mail. It is a software that is used to create useful, complex, and beautiful documents easily and quickly. You can write or edit documents, format them with different styles, and add image and other multimedia stuff in a damn easy way. It offers a huge variety of advanced tools that plays the key role for beautifying your word documents.


10. Scrivener

Scrivener is one of the most advanced tools introduced by the great Literature & Latte. It is a superb app amazingly designed for creating long manuscripts and allow you to compose the text in almost any sections and in order as small or long as you want. Scrivener is the finest application for creating editing, and managing files in one of the most innovative and professional way. It lets you manage interactive tutorial projects, import word, Final Draft, plain text, and RTF files and easily split the imported text into separate sections as well. You can better find the structure of the document that you want, write in any order, expand, drill down, and collapse into sections of your project, search project wise, apply a custom icon to your sections, and track ideas using status and labels. It has a huge number of writing tools and features that include the different sizes, formats, and colours of written documents, comment footnotes, link and highlights addition, insertion of the image, live word or character count, find and replace feature, formats with presets and fonts, and lot more. It offers a collaborative working, and you can share your work smoothly.


11. TextMaker

You will often encounter happened on the text file that you cannot open because you do not have a suitable program. TextMaker Viewer – is a free Windows application that allows you to open any text document without the need to have a program with which it was created. If you needed something to compare this program, you could compare it with Adobe Reader, of course except for the fact that it is designed only for text files. A self-evident example of the files that you can open with the help of TextMaker Viewer, a Microsoft Word .doc format. The program also supports doc, dot, tmd, odt, sxw, RTF, PSW, PWD, htm, and HTML or text files. While it’s perfect with Word, it doesn’t work similarly that universal office application does. There are many catch symbols to retain, which may show something of an expectation to absorb information if you are utilized to Word or other word handling programming. It additionally doesn’t use the same symbol areas that are all around used by other word handling programming.


12. Lumio

Lumio is a great app that lets you edit, organize, highlight, and share your images, ideas, innovations, documents, and other data stuff easily and quickly. It is a tremendous stuff in the field of a word document. It is a useful office suite that enables you to highlight your data, save videos, images of the entire page from the web in no time. This app allows you access all the information in the browser sidebar and do full-screen in the web page in a simple way. Lumio is a gorgeous app that easily manages the collection your data and other stuff. It has no messy documents and spreadsheets, so you have to do a big portion of your desired data manually. Using this app, you can easily edit and organize your documented stuff to get information from them in the future. You can easily access data from anywhere and share that stuff easily between members and other persons. Using this app, you can easily select your data, images or videos, post or tweets this stuff and even PDF files. It efficiently searches all the protected stuff including sources, and it even stores and adds stuff to numerous collections. It is a great app that enables you to turn a pile of info into tons of knowledge.


13. Calligra Words

Calligra Words is an intuitive and innovative word processor app with desktop publishing features. It is a widely used word suite that helps you create attractive and informative documents extremely easy. It lets you add charts, images, and other multimedia stuff effortlessly into the Word Documents. Calligra Words is an easy and powerful print preview dialog lets you save your paper and time. You can easily make your documents more stunning and eye catching by adding some multimedia stuff including music, images, etc. and you can rotate, change the size of an image, drag and drop freely, and move your stuff within the document easily. This app lets you open word files and other documents of any format and edit, organize, and modify them in a way you want. Using this app, you can easily open, and save ODF (Open Document Format) documents. Open Document Format is a neutral format supported by OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Google Docs, Microsoft Office, Calligra Suite, and Lotus Symphony as well as numerous others. Calligra Words makes it possible to open Microsoft Word files with both .dox and .doc extension. And once you do the operation that you want to apply you can easily edit or save the document in ODF format (Open Document Format).


14. Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper is a pretty awesome and fine collaborative workplace that help teams to create, manage, and share ideas precisely in a well-protected atmosphere. It is a great note taking and managing app that helps you handle and work with everything from images to video and code to sound under one sole platform. Dropbox Paper is a valuable app that helps you to create and share your ideas with your teammates. It lets you edit your existing documents, create new documents, and share them with your team right from this classy application just to capture inspiration wherever you are. It is a fine app that helps you get moving and keep your progress never stopped for a minute. You can easily post and reply to comments just to keep your project going and moving forward even if you are not at your desk. This app enables you to catch up under one place just to discuss things on the go. Except this, it also lets you get access, edit, and comment on your recent and starred documents precisely even when you are offline.


15. Nevron Writer

Nevron Writer is one of the best word processors that help you make professional levels documents. It is probably the best alternative for Microsoft Word that you can find in the market. This awesome office suite is a modern word processor that behaves and looks almost identically under Mac and Windows. Nevron Writer provides an innovative, comprehensive, and intuitive office suite to make attractive and complementary documents and other word processes. This useful app offers the most advanced text formatting functionalities, and you can easily decorate the text with a number of amazing styles and formats. You can easily set the font style and size in an easy way. Nevron Writer offers an outstanding editing experience that apart from its regular features includes a Margin and Padding options for a selection of text or a paragraph. Nevron Writer provides a fast and reliable Spell Check that automatically apply when you type. Nevron Writer efficiently supports bulleted, numbered, and mixed multi-level lists, you can add and style Tables, support Animated GIF, EMF, WMF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF images and numerous text formats. Nevron office also includes advanced text formats and format conversions and offers tons of other unique, more-advanced, and stunning features to make extraordinary documents.


16. Jarte

Jarte is a cool, portable, and free word suite that lets you make innovative documents with more ease and convenience. Jarte is a great app that lets you edit, organize, manage, and create new or improvise some already existing document files. This office suite offers tons of amazing features and functionalities that enhance the way of editing and creating documents. It is fully compatible with almost all Windows and some mobile platforms. Its core features include smart and fast start up, small size, compact display, efficient operations, portable word processor, automatic screen reader mode, link to or import word spelling dictionaries, supports for templates, Export to PDF or HTML, and many others. Using this app you can easily manage your font styles, size, and shapes, choose your own default font, color your fonts, highlight your fonts, and apply some other operations as well. Jarte is a remarkable word processor that supports tons of features regarding paragraph formatting. This includes arranging (bullets, numbering, etc.), alienation support, optimal paragraph spacing, paragraph identification (hanging first line styles), etc. It offers tons of other amazing tools for making and an extraordinary and innovative piece of documents and you can get true experience for creating and editing word documents using Jarte.


17. WordPad

WordPad is the most simple, easy, quick, and intuitive text editor or office suite with a minimal User Interface. Its convenient interface offers you the space to edit and view your documents and other word stuff easily. This app offers a number of amazing features that provide excellent stuff for taking notes, to-do lists, editing texts, managing, designing, and lots of other improvised material. WordPad provides different characters for taking notes, contains the history of some recently edited documents, supports large volume files, provides custom themes, and is extremely quick and easy to use. It has a simple and clean interface and provides a free spell check support, share in and out of the app, and offers automatic saving options. WordPad has a great rating on Play Store. It is the built-in and the basic word processor for almost all versions of Windows 95 and onwards. It offers great tools set for making your documents more gorgeous, attractive, and eye catching with a variety of formats, printed texts options, colors, etc. But it does not support footnotes and endnotes. WordPad is useful to work on many Windows and some other devices.


18. Zoho Writer

Zoho Writer is an online word suite which enables you to create and edit word documents using your device browser and also save them in its cloud based approach. It offers a cloud based storage which lets you store and access your documents from anywhere, anytime and share them as well with your colleagues and other team members. Zoho Writer is a marvelous office suite that enables you to create stunning documents, thesis, heavy documents, assignments, and other documented stuff with an extreme ease and stunning outlook. You can easily make your documents gorgeous with some of its amazing features like huge offerings of design options, enhanced reviewing options, etc. Zoho Writer lets you make your documents with more ease with its spell checker and word generator features. This intuitive office suite lets you work collaborative on a single document and enables you to share these documents easily. Zoho Writer offers an efficient collection of designs and templates to choose, effective formatting option, and has a robust integration with Microsoft Word. It offers amazing tools for making a flawless writing on almost all platforms.


19. Byword

Byword is another amazing office suite for making stunning documents and other word processor stuff. It is planned to make writing more interesting, and more pleasurable with Markdown on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and some other devices. It can easily export Markdown documents to HTML and PDF documents or vice versa. Like if you want to change the format of your documents and does not find any particular app for that, then Byword is there for you. You can easily transform your documents. This intuitive suite offers most Markdown supports including cross-references, tables, and footages. Byword can easily filter the documents, takes all docs offline, offers a huge list of design tools, has many key board shortcuts for making ease of use, etc. Byword offers simple yet powerful features for creating stunning stuff in a straightforward way. It provides some amazing formatting and navigating tools, an appreciable grammar and spell checker, etc. for making a smooth workflow. Byword offers a text expander snippet extension and has word or characters counters with live updates. It enables you to make stunning documents with a tremendous blow of ease and reliability. Using its iCloud and Dropbox support, you can easily save your documents in a cloud-based storage and access your saved documents from anywhere, anytime.


20. Atlantis Word Processor

Atlantis Word Processor is a fully features an app that you might have to design some simple formatted documents, letters, memos, presentations, resumes, etc. It provides powerful tools and options for making gorgeous looking stuff easing a variety of features availability. It offers traditional work processing commands that provide you with a complementary array of innovative functions. It offers real time easy to use and friendly user interface all puts all the options in front of the user to select and implement that on your project. It has a classy outlook and makes it easy to use this office suite with extreme ease. Atlantis Word Processor offers a dual set of toolbar commands, and it does not support word wrapping around pics. It lacks some amazing features like collaborative work which makes this app not so popular and that is the reason it does not have any handsome amount of users. But it has a number of amazing features that make it famous among many writers and provides them with information related to speed and time. Its present version is not suitable for making complex scientific documents. Some of its major users used this app to make booklets. It also contains propriety document format for the encrypted documents. Atlantis Word Processor is a simple and a great app to interact with your documents.


21. Notion

Notion is an amazing app that makes sure a smooth workflow for editing and creating word documents. It is a unified and collaborative workspace for your tasks, notes, and wikis. It lets you do work more collaboratively on a single project so that all the members can assess a single doc at a time. It offers tons of exciting tools for making gorgeous looking documents in an easy way. Notion has a simple and intuitive user interface that lets you use this app with extreme convenience and ease. It offers a robust document editor that allows you rest pages inside each other. It offers an intuitive drag and drops feature that let you drag and drop more than 30 different kinds of content quite easily and adjust them anywhere you want, using your mouse, etc. With Notion’s flexibility, you can keep your team members in sync with slack notifications, bring visual organizations to every page and keeps you aware with the sluggish notifications. It can easily manage and convert Markdown shortcuts into enrich content automatically and also can export to PDF or publishes as a website. Notion is available on Android, iOS, Windows, and some other devices.

More About iBooks Author

iBooks Author is something amazing that lets you create stunning textbooks, cookbooks, history books, thesis, picture books, and many others using your iPhones, iPad, iPod, iPad mini, Mac book, and other iOS devices. It is a stunning office suite with tons of breath taking features. You can start with new, and built-in Apple-designed templates. Using its multi-touch widgets to embrace interactive photo galleries, 3D objects, Keynote presentations, movies, and more. This app lets you start with Apple Designed template that provides a wide variety of page layouts; you can easily add your images and text with simple drag and drop features, and make them more creative and attractive using tons of stunning features. iBooks Author is an app for iOS devices that lets you edit your documents in a way never before. This app offers awesome Apple-designed templates, lets you quickly customize your book with multimedia stuff, and easily add a cover, tables, copyright page, and much more using its amazing functionality. iBooks Author offers an intuitive list of beautiful text and layouts, use a variety of text styles, add stuff (shapes, media, charts, tables) anywhere on the book, add sophisticated mathematical expressions, etc. It also adds any word to the glossary and automatically creates a portrait view of your landscape Book or vice versa. iBooks Author offers a huge collection of Multi-Touch widgets for your ease and better understanding.