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iCurrency Pad

iCurrency Pad offers you up-to-the-minute exchange rates in the form of “electronic board.” It is not just an elegant currency converter and calculator. This app is designed to be fast and easy to use. Necessary calculations can be performed using a convenient calculator… read more
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10 Apps Like iCurrency Pad for Android

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1. XE currency

XE Currency is an app for the conversion of world currency. It works without the internet. Live proprietary currency rates, charts, and last updated rates are available at XE Currency. Every minute, it refreshes with exclusive live rates. It calculates prices with the help of the currency converter. Monitor up to 10 currencies simultaneously. You can compare your currency prices with XE Rate Advisor.

Over 20 million people have downloaded this app. Find 30,000 currency charts for historical rates. It can convert prices without the internet. XE Currency featured as the best app, according to the BBC, the LA Times, CNN, and The Travel Channel. It is also available on Apple watch so you can view & refresh currency rates on it. To reset rates, shake your device and facility to add a new widget to your notification center.


2. Currency Converter

Currency Converter is the perfect smartphone app for your business trip or vacations. Always up-to-date currency rates are available on this app. It is reliable and easy to use. Currency Converter has a stylish interface which will look awesome on your iPhone. It offers all the currencies of the world, which are necessary for your business. It has the option to make a favorite list, and you can add your favorite currencies to this list. By this way, it will be easy for you to find these currencies anytime. Swipe left or right to cycle through them and swipe up or down to swap active currencies. You have the option to make “Update Rates” on or off. Set the number of decimal points if you want to see. It also supports the Apple Watch so you can check the latest exchange rates of your favorite currencies on your watch. It has an ability to track multiple currencies and stability bugs. “News” tab is added in the new version as per popular request.


3. My Currency Converter

My Currency Converter is the beautiful app for smartphones. Over 150 different currencies from all around the world are added to this app, ranging from the US Dollar to the Pakistani Rupee. It is the first converter to support BitCoin, LiteCoin, and Dogecoin. It has a simple interface. This app will convert exchange rates automatically, so you don’t have a need to update the exchange rates. It is using currency rates up to 3 decimals. Currencies will be converted automatically after your typing. You can find exchange rate of whatever you are turning. You can calculate multiple conversion at the same time. If you are a business traveler, you will find it one of the best apps for you. It will convert worth currency just in few moments even if you have not the internet connection. You can give your feedback as a comment to improve the app. It has the feature of both online and offline working.


4. Oanda

Onda is currency app specially designed for professional traders. This new application offers institutional-level trading features which will allow you to stay atop of the fast-moving forex market. Tight spreads, fast execution, flexible lot sizes, multiple sub-accounts are key features of Oanda. It is trading with over 90 currency pairs, precious metals, and CFD. You can customize charts according to your trading style. It has one-click trading and pinch-to-zoom capabilities. With the help of OANDA fxTrade Mobile, you can evaluate market activity and react in real-time wherever you are. It will give you powerful charting features and up-to-the-moment financial news. The best feature of Oanda is that you can view major economic events by the economic calendar. It also has the option to add funds directly to your account from your mobile phone. Oanda is only available for the United States and only available on iPad.


5. Easy Currency Converter

Easy Currency Converter is an application for exchange rates. This app provides you more than 180 currencies having lived exchange rates and offline mode. Due to its offline mode working, you can save money when you are traveling abroad. This app allows the user to convert multiple currencies at the same time. With the help of search feature, you have access to add new currency in the app, and it will also deliver you historical graphs of currencies rates from day 1 to last five years. Easy Currency Converter access all these live rates and charts from You have access to create your currency list, and you can see significant currencies instantly. The new version of this application have lots of changes in it. Low-resolution displays layout have some improvements in the new version, and some design issues are also solved. The number of news per currency increass in this app, and this news is now sortable according to relevance or time.


6. Currency Converter Plus

Currency Converter Plus is a currency converter application designed for online currency updates. Currency Converter Plus will convert more than 191 currencies from all over the world with the help of online update conversion rates. You can also make simple currency calculation without an internet connection. This app has specially designed keyboard, and it furnish pure currency selection using currency search function. One of the amazing features of this app is that the user can access rates of gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Currency Converter Plus has a high contrast layout for super visibility and a calculator keyboard for add, subtract, divide and multiply values. A feature of Plus function will provide unique return money calculator, and you have the ability to edit currency rates and enable or disable currency rate auto update. This app allows you to make the conversion of some historical currencies like German Mark, Spanish Peseta, French Franc, Italian Lira, and much more. It is a free application available for all iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones.


7. Forex Currency Rates

Forex Currency Rates is a simple and one of the power currency conversion applications. This app accesses you to make the conversion of more than 140 currencies and check updated rates of primary metals just like Gold, Silver, etc. You can make a list of favorite currencies with last price and other relevant details. This app will get you enable to view pair currency details with daily and weekly charts, and these tables are available in full-screen mode. The user has the facility to add, remove and refresh currencies and this app has universal currency converter tool in a separate tab. Forex Currency Rates is ideal for travelers or trades because it also provide updated news related to each currency. It also supports for landscape mode and this app can be moved to external storage like SD card. Pro version of Forex Currency Rates is now readily available, and it has a large number of charts and extra feature to compare the major currencies to the base currency.


8. Currency FX

Currency FX is a free currency conversion application. This app will deliver you latest exchange rates of more than 150 world currencies, and you can access updates rates of 5 metals like Gold, Silver, etc. The user has the facility to get all the information on the single screen using the intuitive UI of Currency FX. You can make currency conversion like euro to dollar or dollar to pound and can get exchange rates in the form of charts to understand quickly. These analyzing charts have a trend over a period of 1 day, five days, one month, three month, one year and five years. Create a favorite currency list and you can get updated news related to your favorite currencies. The user can search for required currency by currency code or country name rapidly. The offline mode of this application will help you to make currency conversion without internet conversion, and it will display amounts up to 5 decimal places. Some language changing issues got solved in the new version of Currency FX.


9. Exchange Rates

Exchange Rates is a currency conversion application just like your companion. This app furnishes you exchange rates of more than 180 world currencies to make currency conversion and allows you to view the charts of these currencies exchange rates. This app lets you find new currencies and perform some simple calculation in Exchange Rates Calculator. The currency rates of this app are updated when you are working online, and you can also make currency conversion without an internet connection. The user is allowed to make his list of favorite currencies with simple to use drag and drop and swipe to remove gesture. You can also set your custom rates of every currency like the rates you obtained from a forex counter. On this app, you can follow some useful links to Wikipedia for currencies and Google and Yahoo Finance for currency pairs. This app assists you to compare multiple amounts and exchange rates at the same time with the single pair currency converter mode.


10. ConvertPad – Unit Converter

ConvertPad is a Universal Unit converter and Calculator. It performs real-time currency conversion and provides a unit comparison in the form of Table. This app is supporting to more than 160 international currencies and delivers you Wikipedia Search for additional Unit information. The user can create a list of favorite currencies rates and have the ability to set features of your favorites units. ConvertPad has back support on SD Card and different color themes to make the application beautiful. Formulas are also the part of this application to support for user-defined units. It is a free app available in more than 25 languages, and you can select two different languages as primary & secondary languages. In the new version of ConvertPad, the user interface is improved, and some language translation errors are removed.

More About iCurrency Pad

iCurrency Pad offers you up-to-the-minute exchange rates in the form of “electronic board.” It is not just an elegant currency converter and calculator. This app is designed to be fast and easy to use. Necessary calculations can be performed using a convenient calculator. To swap currencies left and right, Swipe across the display or to select different currencies, swipe up and down.

Exchange rates of over 160 countries are offered by iCurrency Pad worldwide. But maybe you are interested in only a few currencies. So iCurrencyPad allows you to select and sort your favorite currencies. These currencies will appear on the screen, and it will be easy for you to make the conversion. Historical detail charts of different currencies are present on this app. When you first launch iCurrencyPad, a 20-second tutorial will be played about the app’s features.

Exchange rates are updated on-demand or automatically. An internet connection is required to update prices. So you can turn off auto-updates to save money. iCurrency offered you nine different languages. The exchange rate listing is given just like electronic exchange rate boards seen in “Change” shops.

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