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iFinance is another intuitive app which helps you keep track of your expenses and income in the most fastest and convenient way. It helps you immediately get to know the money spend by taking a look at the charts and evaluations through this app… read more
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19 Apps Like iFinance



MoneyLion is one of the best application available in the market that lets you borrow, save, and invest using this app on your smartphone. MoneyLion: Borrow, Save, Invest is a widely sued financial app which comes with a series of benefits for its entire customers.


Mobills is another intuitive application comes into the market just to let you take better control of your finance. Mobills: Budget Planner is a super healthy app through which you can maintain your finance by keeping a precise eye on your budgets.


Earnin – Get Paid Today is a finance-related application introduced by the Activehours Inc. that helps you to access up to 100 dollars per day of the money you have already earned without any requirement of fees or interest as well.


Dave is an amazing lifesaver application introduced by Dave, Inc. It is a superb application that lets you get alerts about upcoming bills and other expenses, and spots you up to $75 instantly at a zero percent interest to avoid overdraft fees for just one dollar a month.

Money Lover

Money Lover is another intuitive application which enables its users to catch an easy and accessible way to keep track of their spendings, income, and other financial concerns. Money Lover: Expense Tracker, Budget Money Manager is a highly trusted app introduced by Finsify, which enables its users to know and better understand that where their money comes as well as goes.


BudgetBakers is a widely used application which enables its users to track their money, budget, expenses, and other financial stuff right from their smartphones anytime, anywhere. Wallet – Money, Budget, Finance & Expense Tracker is a stunning app which carries a number of intuitive features for its entire customers through which they can not only track their income but also save more for the rest of their life.


Okolea is a must-have financial application which delivers quick loans to all the Kenyans right through their mobile phones and enables them to enrich their loan limits every time they repay their loans on time.


LoanBee lets you apply for a loan with just a simple touch and helps you get things in a more reasonable and intuitive way. Loan Bee is a fine product of Weza Ventures, which enables everyone to get a quick access to loan wherever you are straight to your cellphone money account.


Numerous online personal finance management apps, however, key components are absent. First and foremost, none of them can import Quicken and Mint data. None offer complete security without the commercial system.


Avant is another intuitive application which brings a safe hand for your future financial needs. Avant Personal Loans is a fine product of Avant, LLC which helps you manage your loans and schedule payments in an intuitive and highly decorated manager just to let you get things done precisely.

Eazy Loan

Eazy Loan enables you to get a loan for any of your required reason. This app helps you get a loan by following three simple steps. First of all, you have to create an account on this app.


MoneyWiz is another intuitive finance related app which enables its users to simplify and manage their finance life intuitively. MoneyWiz 2 – Personal Finance is a great product of Silverwiz LLC, which enables its users to enjoy a powerful yet simple app to control all their financial stuff.


From individual to the business level, GnuCash is the name of one of the advanced money management apps. This application contains the arrangement of twofold passage record keeping. In the event that you are utilizing the manual arrangement of bookkeeping and need to control each and everything right from your cell phone then here is the GnuCash that will help you in systemizing and sorting out your budgetary life.

Smart Receipts

Smart Receipts is a dead gorgeous app which has precisely transformed your smartphones into a receipt scanner, expense report generator, and mileage tracker with this smart tool. Smart Receipts introduced in the market to lets you create custom PDFs with your receipts and allows you to organize your expense reports intuitively to get things better and more professional.

My Finances

My Finances is another tremendously used finance app which carries some amazing finance management features for its entire customers. My Finances – Personal Finances Manager is a gorgeous app introduced by Cicero Moura, which allows everyone to control and manage their finances effectively and easily.

Money Pro

Money Pro lets you manage your personal finance and track your regular, monthly, or weekly expenses through its expense tracker. Money Pro – Personal Finance & Expense Tracker is a fine application introduced in the market by iBear LLC which helps you visualize your expenses in an ultimate way.


Quicken is a profoundly progressed money related issues administration app that contains the global money management system. Taking into account the standards of International Accounting Standard Board and contains the individual to hierarchical money management arrangement and spending administration, Quicken can be said as must have bookkeeping app.


RainyDayRewards is another intuitive application which brings more easy and accessible way to earn free rewards on a daily basis from PayPal, Amazon, Walmart, iTunes, Google Play, and more. Through RainyDay Rewards app, you can earn points for watching videos, discovering great new as well as free apps, and simply answering surveys.

You Need A Budget

The ultimate functions of any finance and budget app is to give you a platform like a spreadsheet to enter every one of the accounts detail one by one; aside from its framework must be so basic and straightforward that you should be in a position to control your cash, sparing more, and escaping the obligation keeping in mind the end goal to show signs of improvement budgetary results.

More About iFinance

iFinance is another intuitive app which helps you keep track of your expenses and income in the most fastest and convenient way. It helps you immediately get to know the money spend by taking a look at the charts and evaluations through this app. Some of its highlighted features include password protection, encrypted database, tracking of cash expenses, transferring transactions, and split transactions. It enables simple wipes to control categories, contacts, reports, budgets, and better analyzing of expenses, profits, losses, and income. iFinance enables its users to get the benefit of iCloud and Wi-Fi syncing, file attachments, stocks, account statements, reconciling, voiceover support, different currencies support, and more. It enables its users to import their transactions in multiple formats and is also able to print on money transfer forms. While its customers of German bank are also capable of using the HBCI banking and HBCI import. Other than these, iFinance supports CSV, OFX, QIF, and some other file import formats, multiple databases, bank account notification centre, and export formats on PDF and CSV. So just download iFinance, and enjoy keeping track of your income as well as expenses just to have smooth financial experience.