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iFlix is one of the best applications when it comes to watching movies and your favorite television shows online. There is a range of features which are useful for people who want to watch the latest stuff without any hesitation. The best feature perhaps is that you can not only watch stuff online but can download it on your device in case there is no internet available… read more
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1. Moviebox

The movies, TV shows, dramas and likewise other entertaining apps are helping us a lot in watching free stuff rather than going for buying DVDs or searching for pirated movies and TV shows. Moviebox is such kind of accomplished application that allows the people to enjoy great number of films for free in their free time. Either it is iOS or Android smartphone, the free version of Moviebox can be access from both. Moviebox is an app that is suggested by almost every smartphone user to other to get their favorite movies downloaded in the phone memory as well. One of the main advantages of going with Moviebox is that unlike most of the entertainment apps, Moviebox will never ask you either root or jailbreak the device first. It always comes in ready to use state. As you will install it, you will be all ready to enjoy all of its content.


2. Disney Movies Anywhere

Disney Movies Anywhere is one of the world’s best application related to watching movies and your favorite television shows from Disney, online. There are a variety of options available for the user to select and the stuff can be watched on various devices if you have an account on Disney. It is a place where people can watch films from a broad category available which include action, drama, comedy, amine, family, science fiction, horror and other full range. The search option is rather advance and helps the use to reach exactly where they want, people can find movies with the help of keywords, actor names and years. People can create a list of their own movies from Disney and share it with their friends or watch them at a later time. There is also an option of purchasing movies which are new in the list and instead of going to the cinema they can be watched over the device such as cellphone, tablets and laptops. The main issues with the app include the payment option, since most of the content is copyrighted the movies have to be purchased so most features are not free. Secondly, the movies are just restricted to Disney so it gives people less choice of films to watch but that can be compromised since the content available is of quality. There are many other features of this app too, which can be listed to show its goodness, but if you are a Disney freak then you would want to have this app.


3. Lifetime

Lifetime is an application which can become your lifetime companion in terms of watching movies and your favorite television shows over the internet. If you are interested in watching full-length movies, or want to see different seasons of your favorite show in one go or want to stay updated with the latest stuff in the entertainment industry, then the application you are looking for is Lifetime. There is a big variety of content available for people to select, which include shows that have ended and the ones which are currently running on the television though some of the episodes are available later than anticipated. The best feature perhaps is that you can not only watch stuff online but can download it on your device in case there is no internet available. Most of the movies are present in good quality while the ones which are not that high definition run smoothly on the streaming. There is a wide range of types from which the user can choose to watch their favorite stuff such as genres including horror, drama, reality, comedy and science fiction. People can also watch trailers of new movies and in some cases behind the scene activities of the movies depending on the copyrights. This app is only for the United States users for now and most of the content has to be paid if you want to watch it. It also has a pay TV subscription on which you can watch programs as soon as they go live on the television or you can save them for a later time. Overall, this application is a good value for money if you want to watch stuff of your choice at one place.


4. FrightPix

FrightPix is different from other online streaming applications in a way that people can only watch horror movies on this platform. There is a wide range of selection to choose from and movies from the late 70s to the latest one are present there. Since is focuses more on the horror side of the movies it does not have a big community if compared with other services but the one which is present is dedicated because of the services provided, since they are top class. The user interface is simple yet attractive, people can browse through the movies or can search for their favorite movies by entering keywords and names of actors. Using this site is simple, you just have to download the app and start using it to watching as many movies since there is no limit on the amount of content that can be seen. Another advantage of this platform is that it is free, so people do not have to pay any amount in order to watch the content they want. Latest movies are added on regular basis and new options are present every time there is an update. You can create your list of movies to watch later and customize the list to add and edit movies to share the list or your latest watched movies with your friend on different social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. The app works good on both the mobile internet and Wi-Fi so there is no issue of staying just on the internet. In a nutshell, if you are interested in watching horror movies and want a big selection, then FrightPix is the right place for you.



There are many online sites present in the market which provide different materials for people to watch, but some of them stand out still, EPIX is one such streaming application where people can watch their favorite movies and videos from a big database of latest Hollywood hits, concerts, and favorite TV shows. Main advantage of this app is that you can watch your favorite bits on various devices such as tablets, Android phones, iPhone and Windows along with laptops and desktops. Although free content is available to engage users but it also has a pay channel of its own where people can pay to watch exclusive content. The user interface is very nice and people can get to see through stuff easily at a higher speed and can move from one option to the other option without any stoppages. Another benefit of this app is that people can watch trailers of latest movies, even if they are not present on the site this helps them in getting to know which the latest movies are in the market. One more advantage is that you get to know all the information from the movie time to your internet speed so you can make sure your content moves smoothly. People can search for movies based on the genres and according to the names of movies and their favorite actors. It does have a few disadvantages, such as the latest content is only available to the people who are subscribed to the site and that not all the movies exist in high definition. It does not have a wide reach since it is only available for the United States but for sure it has quality content for the ones who can pay.


6. Netflix

Netflix is the oldest app of iPad’s mostly used for PlayBack movies and television. Here a list of different movies and TV shows is given.The best feature of Netflix is that you have to create an account on Netflix. On this single account, you can make five different profiles. Monthly charges for Netflix streaming are $ 7.99. It provides you best experience service anywhere and anytime. Free Netflix membership is available and by this, you can watch thousands of movies and TV shows on your mobile screen. This membership is monthly based, and you have to renew it every month. You can give suggestion to Netflix to improve their service by rating your favourite shows. By one click on installation, you have every information about all new movies and other shows. If you are watching a movie on one device, you can stop it and can resume it on another device.


7. Google Play Movies and TV

Google Play Movies and TV is one of the most used online streaming app which is available for the people who use google based services. The main drawback of this application is that no content available is free of cost and you have to pay specific amounts to get access to your favorite television shows and movies. Once you are subscribed you can watch all the latest shows without any problem. There is also an option of renting movies if you are not willing to pay monthly, this helps people in choosing what they want to watch and then obtain exclusive rights to watch that content. There is no doubt about the quality but it has not been able to gain as much popularity as expected because of the restrictions such as location and payment options. Most of the countries such as Asian and African regions cannot even download the app in certain areas. If you are willing to subscribe it won’t be a bad choice since all the latest movies and TV shows can be bought or rented at exceptional rates. You can access all the features on your tablet, cell phone or HDTV. Once you pay for a movie or show you can also download it on your device and watch it easily whenever you want to without being dependent on the internet. Google is planning to expand its services in other parts of the world too, and once it is done, there is no doubt it will gain immense popularity, since it is only available in countries like United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Japan.


8. Hulu

Hulu is an official application for the eponymous buffering service that, as you may expect, enables you to enjoy its catalog via buffering and with no wait time directly on your smartphones. You will have a large number of movies, TV series, cartoons, trailers, and much more right at your fingertips. As you may know, if you are already a Hulu user, you need to pay for the service. Entirely, you need a premium account to access all the content.

Hulu provides a lot of classic material that includes both movies and TV shows like Evil Dead, Seinfeld, and newer content like CSI, Halo: Forward Unto Dawn, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Hulu works smoothly, and in fact, it’s even easy to access content without being signed up for a premium account. The majority of free content is movie trailers. Hulu is a superb service, and this official app functions correctly.


9. MovieTube

MovieTube always comes with the latest information about movies and TV shows. MovieTube is an independent search engine for exploring and downloading full-length HD movies, TV shows, music, latest & popular TV series, Hollywood movies, animated movies and much more. All these features can be enjoyed in eighteen different languages for free. The best about MovieTube is that there are no limitations on streaming and downloading as many times you want you can stream it. MovieTube is for streaming all movies in high-quality format. There is no need to do any registration for watching any TV shows, movies and the main source you require is having a faster internet connection like 4G or Wi-Fi. Using this application you can easy watch HD movies, TV series, dramas, episodes and more streaming for free. You can find here the complete movie details like release date, movie trailer, character names in the movie and much more related to movie. The users of MovieTube can make their own playlist and can stream them in their free time. MovieTube is the collection of the database of the leading video streaming and sharing platforms.


10. Just Watch

Just Watch is a legally available TV app that will find online streaming of different TV shows and movies. New-Timeline, Price Drops, Watchlist, Streaming Search Engine, and Watch Bar are the critical features of Just Watch. In New-TimeLine, it is easier to see a new addition to the catalog by the provider. You can watch Just Watch in countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Brazil, Germany, and the United States of America.

Try to find the Digital Content menu on Just Watch and browse here favorite TV shows and movies. Just Watch has the list of high Videos networks of the USA like Amazon Prime Instant Video, Hulu, Crackle, iTunes, Mubi, Fandor, really, Playstation, XBOX, Vudu and HBO Now. So videos from all these networks are parts of Just Watch video Library. No need to log in is required to watch videos on Just Watch. Just Watch updates it’s streaming data regularly.


11. CinemaNow

CinemaNow is an online streaming site where people can watch their favorite programs in good quality. They can watch the latest videos from a wide range of selection which is available for people. With more than 30,000 programs, this app is one of the most famous when it comes to watching online content. The user interface is simple and people can easily browse for their favorite programs without any difficulty. This helps them to find exactly what they are looking for with the help of different filters such as genre and favorite actor. There are other features too, for example there are many latest programs which are currently running on the television and if you have missed out on them you can watch them on CinemaNow. The other advantage of this app is that there are no hidden charges of using it. All the content which is available, is for everyone to see. People can not only watch stuff on their desktops but can also use their cellphones and tablets to make sure they don’t miss out on something just because of the device. Not only these, but this app is also available for PlayStation, Xbox, and other Smart Televisions. Switching between apps is easy and if the battery of one device is finished you can move towards the other without any problems. The only drawback of this app is that movies cannot be viewed in the offline mode which means the availability of the internet is essential if you want to use this application. There is some exclusive content for the people who want to pay, this includes high quality streaming and some content which is exclusive to gold members. Overall, if you are concerned about the range of content, CinemaNow is the place to choose.


12. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a best means for the smartphone users for watching free movies and TV shows. Tubi TV is a best platform for enjoying streaming and downloading of movies for free. Tubi TV is being offered in both free and paid version. The free version offers watching of limited movies and TV shows only. If you want to get access more and to the premium movies then you must go for its subscription where big things are waiting for you. What make Tubi TV special one is that it always brings the popular movies and TV shows for its users that they can stream in the HD quality right from their smartphone. The largest library of modern, classics and cut favorite titles all always there to motivate you all the time. Thousands of movies and TV shows are the part of this platform. You can watch movies from anywhere, anytime and on any device in addition to its web-based version.


13. CineTrailer

CineTrailer is an application from the makers Cinema & Showtimes, which, as the name suggests is a platform where people can get to know about their favorite movies and watch the trailers free of cost. This is a versatile application that becomes a complete guide for movies and television shows. The main features of this app is the movies which are available to watch in high definition. Other features which can be really helpful includes the movies timings of different ones. This option is currently available for four countries including the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. People can access valuable details about a particular film that include a brief story plot, cast of the movie, trailers as well as pictures from the show. The trailers can be watched in various qualities to suit different internet connections. If a new movie is about to be released, the user can set notifications to watch the movie and get latest updates about it. Once you have watched the movie, there is option of rating it and giving your views, which help other people who want to decide which stuff to watch. The search option is rather advance and helps the use to reach exactly where they want, people can find movies with the help of keywords, actor names and years. People have to register in order to use various features but the amount is less as compared to other sites. This app is making its name quickly and will for sure become one of the top ones if new features are continued to be introduced.


14. IMDb

IMDb, which is the International Movie Database, is easily the biggest and most authentic app when it comes finding information about your favorite movies and television series. People can not only get to know about shows but can also get to read biographies and filmography of their favorite stars as well as watch trailers of latest movies. There are many other options as well, for example, people can make lists of their favorite shows as well as give ratings based on the satisfaction level. Most of the people, when they want to watch a movie or a show consult IMBb for authentication. The best thing about this app is that it is free to use and details such as the maker, producer, and director, short movie plots along with trivia, quotes, and onset pictures can also be assessed. It also helps you to find movie shows in your local area and people can look for movie timings in the nearby with the help of this app, though this features are just for the United States currently. Facebook is used to sign into this app with the help of which they can share the stuff they want with friends. People can also make their account using the email address. This application has a high social presence since people can access it not only from the web but also on their phones and tablets. Also, it is now available in various languages which makes it easier for people to use it. All in all, it is the best place to get to know about a movie and share your views with others.


15. Popcornflix

Popcornflix provides tons of movies for free. It is an effective platform that enables its users to watch movies which they love without paying a single penny. It also provides a premium app with more advanced features and you can easily watch free feature-length movies right on your mobile devices and tablets. There are more than 700 films that its users can easily access without any fees or subscription charges. These feature-length movies showcase some biggest and well-known stars from the Hollywood such as Kristen Stewart, Olivia Wilde, Ryan Reynolds, Brad Pitt, and some others in a wide range of genres. Its fermium application includes no subscription or fee and lets you stream a fine collection of movies instantly. Popcornflix adds new films on a daily basis and delivers some other extraordinary features for its movie loving users. It contains movie stuff on lots of genres such as comedy, adventure, romantic, kids, family, urban, thrillers, horror, documentation, Spanish, Bollywood, drama, adult, and lot more and does not restrict its users on any limit.


16. VUDU Movies

VUDU Movies and TV is an application where people can watch their favorite programs and movies in a nice easy way and in good quality. There are more than 1 million shows and films available from which people can select what they want to watch and can do so within quick time since the app is fast and leads you to the program you are searching easily. Most of the features are free to use and people can watch their favorite television shows just one day after they go on air. They can also buy or rent movies to watch after paying a small amount of money in the DVD or Blu-ray. Full seasons are available as well, and there is no limitation on the amount of time you can watch stuff on a particular day. People can watch movies from this device on their projectors because chrome cast supports this application. It is available for other versions such as Windows, Apple, and Xbox so it is easier to watch what you want to, wherever you want to. People can also give their reviews and ratings about a particular program or movie and based on their selection, other shows are recommended by the application. There are many other features too, which can help the user but overall this is a simple application where a wide range of selection is available. If a person has missed out on their favorite shows, or want to watch quality movies this app is the best choice.


17. Flixster

Movies by Flixster is world’s most premier application where people can get to know about the latest movies, watch trailers of the new and old ones, share their views about them and give their ratings accordingly. Not only that, the user can also get to know about the latest shows in the local areas and in some cases, ticket prices as well. It is different from other movie applications in such a way that you cannot watch movies and stream your favorite television shows. But there are several other features which make this app worth using. The user can search for different movies from the search option and get to know all the details about it including movie times, grossing, shows, actors and trailers. In the United States, people can buy tickets through this application and get rid of the paper ticket which has to be bought at the cinema. The ratings on this website are authentic and many people use it to know if a movie is worth watching or not. The videos available are always in good quality and official trailers which make it easier to make a choice. The user can even make their own lists of movies depending on their choice and can get latest ratings from one of the most reliable critic app, Rotten Tomatoes. Flixster has now introduced voice search option which saves even more time when you are finding the stuff of your choice. It is a very good app if someone wants to stay updated with the late entertainment trends.


18. Crackle

Crackle is the name of famous apple tv app where it is easy to watch free movies and TV shows. No subscription cost is required to install this app. Saving option is also present to save your favourite movies and TV shows. It is the production of Sony Pictures Entertainment. It has split screen feature. At the top, you can see the highlighted movies list and an extensive list of titles will be on screen at the bottom. All shows are at the distance of one click. Playback windowed style of this app still need improvements. By clicking on the video, it will be played in full-screen mode. Famous TV series like Seinfeld, The Shield, Damages, Blue Mountain State, Spider-Man and much more are also available on Crackle. Great animated movies and series like Rurouni Kenshin, Marvel Anime, IronMan, Blue Exorcist and others are available on Crackle. Crackle is a purely free app. New movies and TV episodes stay updated on monthly basis. You can also build and manage your watchlist and watch your favourite shows later. This app only works in US, Canada, Australia Brazil and Latin America. On data charges will be applied for Crackle.


19. Fandor

Fandor is just like any other online streaming site that provides latest content when it comes to movies, unlike other apps it does not include television series and shows and keeps itself focused on providing the best content related to films. It justifies its restriction since there is a big range of content available from all over the world, the movies are not just restricted to the Hollywood but other countries such as Bollywood and continental movies are also available. There are trailers of all the movies latest and old, which help people to get an idea of what they would like to watch. This along with the feature of rating movies and giving reviews are the ones which are free of cost but to watch a movie online you must subscribe to the application and pay a specific amount every month to enjoy the features. Since it is Chromecast applicable you can watch movies from your laptop on the projector easily while to watch every movie you have to pay a specific price even if you are a member, but these include only the latest ones. The application is updated daily to make sure people are able to stay updated with whatever is happening in the film industry and can play ahead for their weekend. There is an option of free 14-day subscription if someone wants to have an idea of this site, which is currently available just in the United States and Canada. People can create their own lists based on the ratings of the ones they like the most and share it with others. Overall the price of $10 for getting to watch exclusive content is not much therefore this app is a win-win for people who want to get a good value for money.

More About iFlix

iFlix is one of the best applications when it comes to watching movies and your favorite television shows online. There is a range of features which are useful for people who want to watch the latest stuff without any hesitation. The best feature perhaps is that you can not only watch stuff online but can download it on your device in case there is no internet available. Most of the movies are present in good quality while the ones which are not that high definition run smoothly on the streaming. There is a wide range of types from which the user can choose to watch their favorite stuff such as genres including horror, drama, reality, comedy and science fiction. People can also watch trailers of new movies and in some cases behind the scene activities of the movies depending on the copyrights. This app makes use of the user location to give the downloading options which make the experience even better. Overall this app is free and there are no additional charges that have to be paid in order to access the exclusive features. The app is updated regularly in order to add new content so there are more and more options for the people who want to spend time on this site since there is no particular limit set on how many movies can be watched over time. Since it is Chromecast applicable you can watch movies from your laptop on the projector easily. Overall this app has a wide range and good features which allow the user to have a nice time while using this platform.