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iHandy Level is a smart tools containing application for the iOS and Android devices. This single application is in fact the pack of five different kinds of tools that are being offered for free to use without any limitation or ad-supporting system at all… read more
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11 Apps Like iHandy Level


1. Toolbox – Smart, Handy Measurement Tools

Toolbox – Smart, Handy Measurement Tools has the finest collection of the handy and mostly used tools only. Simply install this simple app into your smartphone and take the advantage of using real life hardware and tools into digital format. For the first time when you will install this multiple tools containing app it will turn the smartphone or tablet into a professional Swiss army knife and after that will make you able to measure to all those things that you will ever need. At the moment, Toolbox – Smart, Handy Measurement Tools is containing fourteen multiple kinds of metering tools like altimeter, compass, decibel, telemeter, stopwatch, timer, seismometer, plumb bob, surface level, ruler and likewise several other kind of measurement tools. For those users who are also looking for the general purpose tools as well are advised to go for the other smart tools containing apps as Toolbox – Smart, Handy Measurement Tools is containing measurement tools only.


2. Bosch Toolbox

Bosch Toolbox is an all in one app having a finest collection of innovative digital tools for measurement and other purposes. The tools being offered by the Bosch Toolbox are of great help for all kind of people as using these they can make their daily life more organized and systemized. Organized and systemized in a sense that they will no more be required for separately downloading and installing too much apps for performing just simple nature of tasks. The best above all that this app is totally free and free from all kind of ads as well. The tools and functions being offered by the Bosch Toolbox are report sheet system, repair collection system, building documentation, site measuring camera system, unit converter, and much more. Bosch Toolbox is designed by the professionals of Bosch and containing high quality tools to make the life of engineers, architects and general people simpler and easier.


3. Smart Tools mini

This multiple smart tools containing app is particularly designed for those devices lacking magnetometer. This app will allow the users to get better command and control over the measurement activities because it is offering a too much professional level of measuring tools to its users. Except for some smartphones of Samsung and Motorola, this app will work smartly on all Android enabled smartphones. That is the quality of this app that makes it simply the best smart tools containing apps available over the internet. Five different professional levels of sets being offered by the Smart Tools mini are Smart Ruler Pro, Sound Meter Pro, Smart Light Pro, Unit Converter Pro and Smart Distance Pro. These five professional sets further contain fourteen different kinds of tools. Some tools that are missing in this app are compass and metal detector. Except for currency feature, all of the tools can be used without having an internet connection at all.


4. Smart Tool Box

This all in one app is the pack of forty multiple kinds of smart DIY and measurement tools like ruler, distance meter, compass, unit converter, bubble level, stopwatch, protractor and much more. Recently the developer of this app has added QR reader in this app as well that has made this app more accomplished than before. One of the best things about Smart Tool Box is that most of the tools available by this app use sensors for better process. For its distinguished features and functions and availability of too much tools, Smart Tool Box can simply called as a Swiss army knife. In addition to DIY and metering tools several other tools are also the part of this application in which some famous name are of the calculator, code scanner, NFC scanner, accelerometer, time zones teller, pitch tuner, random generator, pedometer, mirror and much more.


5. Smart Tools

For each individualpurpose, you will find aspecific app over the internet. However, now the app developers have started to develop those kinds of apps that are containing multiple sets of apps in one pack. Among these kinds of apps, one renowned example is of the Smart Tools that basically belongs to the measurement category. This single app is, in fact, the house of six professional apps that are further containing fifteen different kinds of tools in total. The six sets of the Smart Tools are Smart Ruler Pro, Smart Measure Pro, Smart Compass Pro, Sound Meter Pro, Smart Light Pro and Unit Converter Pro. Each set has its own features and functions. From the above-mentioned name of the set of tools available in this app one thing is clear that this app is for measurement purposes only. Smart Tools is simply the best way for installing one app rather than installing too much app.


6. Tool Box (Free)

With the millions of downloads across the globe, Tool Box (Free) is simply a must have app for the smartphone users that is containing over twenty five multiple functionalities of must have tools. The tools being offered by this standalone app are deploying the device’s hardware and sensors so that you can get the maximum benefit by using this app. The tool box of this app contains the essentials measurement and other general purpose tools like compass, leveler, length measuring tools, altimeter, tracker, flash light, unit converter, calculator, abacus, counter, score board, roulette and much more. If you need all of these tools then rather than going for any specialized app for each individual purpose it is better to use the app like Tool Box (Free) that is offering most of the tools for free. The tools being available by this all in on application will make your daily life easier and simpler.


7. Multi Measure Tool Kit

This single multipurpose application is the pack of twenty-five different kinds of utilities and tools that will make your daily life easier and simpler. By using this app, you will no more require to look for and install a separate app for each purpose. At the main section, it contains the tools and equipment like seismo meter, spirit level, speedometer, telemeter and much more. Don’t worry about rest of the measurement and DIY tools as these are also the part of this stunning application. The best about the tools being offered by this app is that all of these are properly functional and operational in their standalone situation just like you have downloaded separated application of the each tools being offered. Moreover, the tool kits of this app support for both unit formats such as imperial and metric unit. What can be more prestigious about this app that it is available in many international languages?


8. Army Knife for Android

Don’t consider this app as a real army knife or Swiss Army knife at all. Army Knife for Android is, in fact, an application that is jam packed with a wide range of other measurement and DIY kind tools. This app contains all those tools that are normally required by most of the people to perform their daily activities. Let’s have a glance on the tools being offered by this simple app. These tools are regarding stop watch, timer, unit converter, compass, calculator, bubble level, magnifying glass, mirror and likewise several another kind of tools and equipment. In order to use those tools that need the involvement of the camera, make it sure you are using the advanced smartphone for better focus and measurement by the camera. Each tool of this app aims to offer that function only for which it has been designed. Army Knife for Android doesn’t contains wasted material at all.


9. All tools

All tools is the pack of fifty different kinds of tools. In addition to offering DIY and measurement tools, this app offers several other types of general purpose tools as well. Using this app is just like using a single app instead of fifty different kinds of apps for performing tinny functions only. All tools have divided its tools section into two main areas – measurement tools and general purpose tools. Each section is then containing several other kinds of tools and equipment. The main tools in the DIY and measurement section are a speedometer, leveler, converter, metal detector, recorder, stop watch, pressure checker, temperature checker, ruler, protractor and likewise other tools. The general tools are based on the tools like a walkie talkie, music group creation system, barcode and QR code scanner, torch, clipboard, spy camera, my location teller, scribbler, battery info, internet speed checker, WiFi calls maker and likewise other tools.


10. Smart Tools Box

Smart Tools Box is the provider of those daily smart tools that make our day to day life easy. It is like a toolkit in your smartphone that will let you to have an instant access to must have tool any time. This smart app is in fact the house of twenty different kinds of tools from special purpose to general purpose. What make Smart Tools Box special one is that this app contains only super tools with beautiful design, user friendly interface in a single app. It is like Swiss army knife that contains all important tools in the single place. The multiple working tools being offered by the Smart Tools Box are smart torch light, QR code and barcode scanner, scientific calculator, smart protractor, compass, magnetometer, altimeter, unit converter, color detector, photo editor, notes and checklists, stopwatch, magnifier and much more. These tools will make your life easier and simpler.


11. Smart Useful Tools

If you want to make your life easier than start using those state of the art apps that offer too many functions, tools and even apps in a single pack. Rather than installing more number of apps for performing minor nature of tasks, it seems sound to install a single app containing the solutions of all of the daily life issues. Smart Useful Tools is also such kind of app that allows its users to measure they’re daily like activities with more reliability. The best about Smart Useful Tools is that it only offers those tools that are commonly used in daily routine activities. It contains the tools and smart equipment like flash, scientific calculator, scanner, alarm, compass, magnifier, protractor, reminder, mirror, stop watch, tip calculator, sound level and much more. Despite the fact it is offering too many tools and functions to the people, still, it is not a heavy app at all.

More About iHandy Level

iHandy Level is a smart tools containing application for the iOS and Android devices. This single application is in fact the pack of five different kinds of tools that are being offered for free to use without any limitation or ad-supporting system at all. The specialty of these tools is that in addition to being functional these are easy to use too and containing gorgeous looking that is backed with lightning and wood grain effects. For its stunning features and functions, this application can simply be called as must have application because having this app with you is just like having an accurate level measurement system in your hand. This all in one app can be used for multiple purposes like home decoration, picture alignment, angle measurement, measuring angles of slope, measuring the verticality of a wall, measure the inclination of any vehicle and much more.

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