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ImperiHome is the most initial platform which has efficiently centralize the smart devices and the services of the Smart City within a unique and single mobile app. ImperiHome – Smart Home & Smart City Management is a fine product of Evertygo Inc. through which users can easily start the smart city services as well as data including the energy consumption meter, the quality of air, urban mobility, and more… read more
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15 Apps Like ImperiHome for Android

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1. Yeti

Yeti is an app through which you can easily control, monitor, manage, and automate all our smart home devices anytime, anywhere. Yeti – Smart Home Automation is a great application introduced by Netbeast Inc. which has just eliminated the efforts of managing your entire home devices one by one. This application lets you forget about one particular app for each home device and manage everything right from here. Through this classy tool, users can effortlessly manage the full aspect of smart home devices from thermostats to lights and smart speakers which one intuitive app. Yeti – Smart Home Automation helps its users to group their smart devices into rooms to simplify the control over your entire home stuff. This app elegantly supports more than a hundred smart devices and lets you manage all of them without moving anywhere from your couch. You can even manage your smart home devices even when you are away from your home and get periodic updates to keep improving. This application also carries in-app support for any issues. So just download Yeti – Smart Home Automation app, and enhance your management skills by getting full control over the various selection of smart home devices.


2. SmartThings Classic

SmartThings Classic is another management application through which you can intuitively track your favourite things and routines all in one place. SmartThings Classic brings a minimal interface to monitor and control the connected devices in your home. It enables you to teach your smart home what you want it to do at multiple time of the day. This elegant tool enables everyone to control, monitor, and manage everything and automate your homes from anywhere in the world. This application allows you to do multiple things with your home and its devices even when you are out of the park.  For enjoying all these things, you have to purchase the SmartThings Hub and then download SmartThings Classic app for adding as many connected lights, sensors, locks and devices to share a smart home your unique personality. It also enables you to use Amazon Alexa to control your SmartThings home with voice commands. You can now get the efforts lost from your lives by managing everything regarding home appliance and other devices effortlessly from your phone. This application allows you to monitor all your devices whenever you are not at home. So just download SmartThings Classic, and manage everything from your phone.


3. Kasa

Kasa is a great product of TP-Link Research America Inc. which acts as your portal to the TP-Link smart home devices. Kasa Smart is an easy to use application through which you can intuitively manage and control all your Kasa devices hands-freely with your own voice through its extreme level of voice recognition. It is a great app which allows you to add, monitor, control, and configure your connected TP-Link Smart Home devices from anywhere in the whole world. Kasa Smart allows you to schedule your appliances to turn on as well as off according to your schedule and even set those to away mode to deter would-be thieves or something. You can easily purchase a TP-Link smart home device and then download the app to get started conveniently. It lets you come in a life which is so convenient and where you can intuitively manage all your home appliances and devices without even moving. All you need to do is to purchase its devices and download Kasa Smart app to get started this comfortable life. Kasa Smart allows you to keep watching those you care about most with the Kasa cam. It also brings a smart bulb through which you can express yourself in brilliant colours with a wide range of colours.


4. Tuya Smart

Tuya Smart is one of the most known smart apps for people who want to live smart lives. This application keeps on enhancing the efforts of interacting with all your home devices and appliances and lets you enjoy life like never ever before. Tuya Smart is a stunning product of Tuya Inc. for humans who want to live a smart and more comfortable life. It is an eco-friendly and convenient tool which allows its entire users to remote control everything. Tuya Smart enables its users to control various devices right under one platform. No matter you are at home or somewhere else, this remote control app helps users manage all the devices and home appliances remotely from anywhere. It helps you add and control multiple devices at once with one app, and you can enjoy voice control via the most famous Amazon Echo or Google Home. Tuya app enables the interworking of various smart devices so that the devices automatically start or stop working based on the time, location, and temperature, etc. Other than these, Tuya Smart also enables its users to share the device among family members, instantly connects this app with multiple devices, and receive alerts to ensure the safety for the real-time.


5. Geeni

Geeni is one app for managing multiple devices that are placed in your homes, offices, or other places wherever you live. Geeni is a classy application for controlling all your home devices in one easy app and even by using Amazon echo from anywhere in the world. This intuitive remote control device manager is one of the most convenient to use tool which can easily be used by anyone from a 7 or 8 years child to adults. Geeni effectively combines the simplicity of an on and off switch and comes with both simple and premium features for everyone who desires. This application allows easy control over each device, and you can choose a mood or colour of your excellent and colourful bulbs. Apart from changing the colours of the bulbs, you can even track the energy usage of the plug, perfectly dim bulbs, and manage much more right through the app. You can easily manage and monitor things from anywhere, no matter you are on vacation, on a trip, at your office, it helps you monitor all your home appliance right through this app. So just download Geeni app, and give your command to it to make it happens for you without any physical or mental effort, just with a tap or your voice.


6. Smart Life

Smart Life is a widely used application which enables its users to enjoy connecting all the home appliances and devices to one app for managing them with convenience. Smart Life – Smart Living is a fine application of Tuya Inc. which helps people manage all their home stuff without even moving from their sofa. This application makes it so easy to establish a connection between multiple devices to manage them in the way you want. This application allows its users to become smart and up to the mark by providing some elegant features for its entire users. Through this app, you can control all your home devices remotely even when you are at a distance from your houses. Smart Life – Smart Living provides even more ease in adding as well as controlling home appliances at once with one app. it also enables you to have the interworking of multiple devices. Through this intelligent feature, all the devices can automatically on and off based on the time, temperature, location, etc. So just download Smart Life – Smart Living app, and start living an extremely talented and comfortable life.


7. Ecobee

Ecobee is one of the classiest application for maximizing your comfort of living and saving without compromising your current lifestyles. Ecobee is a smart product of Ecobee Inc. for smart users through which they can enrich the ease and convenience of living. With this stunning app, you can enjoy the whole home comfort by setting the temperature and adjusting your lights anytime, anywhere. It also lets you save much of your money by reducing the ratio of unnecessary electricity worth. It enables its users to go hands-freely whenever they want through the Alexa by giving it a voice command and let it be done. Ecobee intuitively checks in on your home and while you are on the move by controlling at any time. This application carries the in-app instruction for a better connection with all your devices, and you can follow its step by step instructions for easy installation. You can intuitively turn off the lights of the room which are free, and keep tabs on from rooms that matter most. So just download the Ecobee app on your phone and enjoy a simplified life with a smarter home and stay comfortable.


8. Hue Widget

Hue Widget lets you control hue lights for increasing your comfort or managing all the devices in a classy way. Hue Widget enables its users to turn the hue lights on and off with simple taps and without even moving from your chair. This application makes it so convenient to manage lights just by select a group or light, and all your actions are limited to this. It also lets you control the brightness through its integrated brightness control feature. Through this stunning feature of Hue Widget, you can effortlessly control the brightness of your bulbs and conveniently change them according to the temperature, time, and more specifically your mood and enjoy your lights in the level of brightness that you want. Having Hue Widget, you can intuitively use your lights instant as nightlights, normal or bright lighting, subtle lighting while watching TV, and more. In addition to that, Hue Widget also contains a random button, and you can simply click on it to leave your hue lights to shine in various random colors. So just download Hue Widget app, and enjoy managing your hue lights in the way you love.


9. Aime

Aime comes with tons of features through which you can enjoy the ease of comfortable living. Aime – Home Automation is a super-stunning application through which users can enjoy living is a smarter and more organized way. This app makes it easy to control a diversity of appliances and devices right through your mobile phones. Its superb start providing its comfort when you wake up and lets you get the ease of the whole day till you go to sleep. Aime – Home Automation is an all in one app where you can manage your home when you are at home, or even when you are out for something. This application helps you control whether it is microwave oven or your door camera. You can intuitively manage things in the way you want. It automatically detects your presence and manages all the devices and appliances accordingly. Aime – Home Automation is also helpful if you want to sort out your study problems, and even get any type of news from it. This application is necessary for almost every age. So give a chance to Aime – Home Automation app, and enjoy the ultimate convenient app.


10. Yonomi

Yonomi lets you connect your mobile device with every of your home appliances conveniently. Yonomi – Smart Home Automation is a well-known product of Yonomi Inc. which helps you connect your most likely house devices, wearables, and interfaces like Google assistant Amazon Echo, Google Home, Alexa, Sonos Speakers, Philips Hue, LIFX, Ecobee, Belkin Wemo, Logitech harmony, and lot more. This application connects all these home devices without even additional Hub. It can easily be set up a manual or automated to make your devices respond to each other make your home more convenient and your life more handy. This application helps you enjoy the next generation interfaces including Alexa, Google Assistant, Aime, and others to control your home with your own voice even without any physical effort. Through this application, you can intuitively monitor everything in your home and conveniently make changes in the way you want. You can instantly set up both manual and automated routines to make your appliances respond to each other. So just download Yonomi – Smart Home Automation and make your life much easier and your home much comfortable.


11. Gideon Smart Home

Gideon Smart Home is your whole smart home in a single app. Gideon Smart Home bought in the market by Braindrain Solutions Ltd. which helps you have the local and remote control of the devices installed in your homes. Through this intuitive home device management tool, everyone can intuitively manage and monitor all their devices with a single click. This application allows you to automate your daily routines in a straightforward way. Gideon Smart Home is a superb tool for making your life easier and lets you control your home devices with the tap of a button. This talented and highly decorated app is compatible with more than 300 devices including Amazon Alex, Google Home, Nest, Lifx, Philips Hue, and more. It has one of the most exquisite smart home user interface and the people-centric design. It is an advanced software which brings some unique features that no other app provides. Gideon Smart Home enables your home devices to communicate with each other and even set rules for preventing damages and to enhance your productivity. You can easily get Gideon Smart Home app from the market to enjoy things discussed above.


12. Domoticz Home Automation Lite

Domoticz Home Automation Lite is an elegant app which helps its users to control and monitor their home devices such as switches, fans, lights, various meter and sensors including temperature, rainfall, ultraviolet radiations, electricity usage or production, gas consumption, wind, water consumption, and much more right through this app. Domoticz Home Automation Lite is a widely loved app introduced by HNO Mobile Games Inc. which helps you get an effortless grip on all your home devices. You can conveniently control all the appliances on the go and easily turn on and off bedroom lights, switch on the AC, and other devices whenever you want. You can even monitor the electric consumption, gas from your mobile devices and even configure the usage of them as your requirements and budget. Domoticz Home Automation Lite app comes in both free and premium version which helps you get limited as well as some exceptional features consequently. While its premium features include widget support, talkback feature, notifications support, alarm feature, fingerprint security, custom views, and various others. So just pick Domoticz Home Automation Lite app from the store and control your home like never before.


13. Home Remote

Home Remote efficiently control and monitor every single electronic device of your homes right through your mobile phone. Home Remote is a very easy to use app introduced by The Home Remote LLC through which your own custom layout or enable it to create for you by going on the settings page and begin adding your devices. There are a huge number of devices that it supports which includes Amazon Alexa, Arlo Smart Home, SmartThings hubs, Sonos, TP-Link Smart Plugs and Smart Bulbs, UPnP devices, Vera controllers, WeMo switches, Wink hubs, Zipato controllers, August Home smart locks, Carrier Infinity Touch and more. Other than these, Home Remote app also controls Craftsman smart garage doors, Crestron controllers, DIRECTV, Dropcam, ecobee thermostats, Global Cache devices, HomeSeer, Insteon hubs, Integra AV receivers, IP cameras, MQTT, Nest Cam, Nest Learning Thermostat, Netatmo Thermostat, Osram Lightify lights, Philips Hue, Netatmo Weather Station, and some others. This application lets you monitor everything regarding electronic devices intuitively from the cell phone, and never let you go to all the sockets to turn off and on anything. So just download Home Remote and catch the full access and the entire control of the home devices whenever you want right on your phone.


14. e Smart Home

e Smart Home is one of the handiest apps through which you can enjoy a classy home automation system and take control of your home appliance remotely through the cellphones. e Smart Home is a famous product of dehou.dou through which you can manage everything whether you want to turn on or off the light, control the air conditioner, open or close curtains, and start water heater intuitively, and so much more. It helps you manage your home electronics in a way like never before and let you manage all this from easy-use and easy-step operations. This elegant tool can even be used in combination with smart home products such as smart plugs, wall switch, environment detector, universal remote, and other sensors. These can conveniently be installed without any sever assistance. e Smart Home is a classy personal assistant for anybody who wants to have things under control. This superb home management tool intuitively supports more than 80,000 infrared controlled home devices, displays the current conditions of environment, visualization of energy and power conditions, settings of the desired scheduler, and let you enjoy its remotely from anywhere at any time. So download e Smart Home app, and enjoy more functions coming soon.


15. Onkyo Remote

Onkyo Remote brings a streamlined and refreshed user interface which makes it so easy to get more from your experience of home entertainment having this classy tool. Onkyo Remote is a gorgeous tool introduced by Onkyo Corporation Inc. which enables its worldwide users to operate multiple things with damn ease and real comfort. This application is also compatible with all the network capable Onkyo A/V products and also with the selected network-ready product released during or after the span of 2009. This app brings audio streaming service operation where all the stations are selected through touchscreen even without the need of a view to the TV display. Onkyo Remote enables you to manage and control the streaming audio files using a DLNA compatible series, and your mobile device can be used for the selection of music from the server. You can have the functionalities of volume controlling, streaming the music stored over mobiles wirelessly, multiple playback capacities (DSD, FLAC, and Apple), Spotify connect compatibility, information about the frequency of station displayed, and various other features. So just download Onkyo Remote app to get all the general remote playback and control features and enjoy more from your home entertainment intuitively.

More About ImperiHome

ImperiHome is the most initial platform which has efficiently centralize the smart devices and the services of the Smart City within a unique and single mobile app. ImperiHome – Smart Home & Smart City Management is a fine product of Evertygo Inc. through which users can easily start the smart city services as well as data including the energy consumption meter, the quality of air, urban mobility, and more. It enables you to intuitively manage, monitor and control devices home automation hubs and brands with this intuitive app. You can even create your own custom dashboard right through your cell phone or tablet. ImperiHome – Smart Home & Smart City Management application is able to connect the home automation hubs and connected devices including Philips Hue, Fitbit health and fitness tracker, Netatmo, Nokia Health, Sonos speakers, Nest smart devices, LIFX light bulbs, Tellstick Net/ZNet, Z-Way based smart-home hubs, and more. In addition to that, Imperi Home app also connects Jawbone UP, Xee, Kodi, Legrand EcoCompteur, Myfox Home Control 2, Fibaro Home Center 2, JPEG/MJPEG IP cameras, eedomus, Eco-Devices, and Zipabox. Other than these, ImperiHome – Smart Home & Smart City Management also lets you discover new smart city services and new devices of integrated to the platform.