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iMusic is an app that lets you hear free music. In fact, you do not have to pay for it too. It offers a beautiful package as it allows the user manage the background music and have the independence to make any change to control the music… read more
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49 Apps Like iMusic


1. Music Paradise Pro

Music Paradise Pro is a widely used app that allows its users to download free music on your mobile phone and other devices easily. This app lets you search and download copyright music from search engines such as, and the songs have been authorized for free. It is an app that enables you to download mp3 stuff in a simple and fast way and is for any of the music maniacs. It is a multifunctional music player with some unique filters and options that make you interact with this app easily. Using this interactive app, you can easily upload the tracks on your device through iTunes store. You can also sort them in a way you like and set necessary volume. Some of its key features include up-to-date playlist sorter, high-quality ultra sound, bass booster, and stereo enhancer, and upgraded equalizer. Using this app, you can easily and effectively create and manage playlists of your favorite songs and listen to them whenever you want. Music Paradise Pro is available on Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac Book and some other iOS devices), Blackberry, and Windows phone, etc.


2. Savefrom

Savefrom is a fantastic platform which lets you download different stuff from various websites easily and quickly. This app allows you to download from YouTube where, when you watch the videos you will see a Download button which enables you to store that videos in the desired quality. You can easily download your most likely videos through Dailymotion, now you can also watch the download button for efficient downloading in the quality you want. This app offers a smooth plan for downloading video on almost all platforms. It also enables you to download your favorite stuff with one click on some social media sites as well. Through this app, you can easily download news feeds, user page, and even comments. When you move the mouse cursor over the link, a green arrow will appear which indicates the downloading identification. So click on that arrow and download your desired videos. Savefrom permits you to download your preferred videos and other stuff by requiring your needs like quality etc. Rather than these renowned sites, Savefrom allows you download stuff from numerous other sites easily and quickly.


3. IDM

IDM (Internet Download Manager) is an efficient tool to increase the speed of downloading stuff precisely up to five times. Rather than this, it also lets you resume, pause, and stops your downloading media from Youtube, etc. anytime you want, and also set some other constraints also for a smooth workflow. Resume capability and comprehensive bug recovery will interrupt the download and restart interrupted or broken downloads. It has an attractive, simple and user-friendly UI along with a smart and smooth downloading logic. Unlike other managers, it dynamically segments the downloading files and reuses some additional connections without any additional login or connect stages to achieve the finest and best acceleration performance. It makes it so easy to download Youtube stuff and lets you download videos and songs with some simple clicks. It is a multilingual platform and supports a variety of proxy servers. Internet Download Manager integrates simultaneously into the explorer of your computer device. Some other key features of IDM includes Zip Preview, Scheduler Pro, Download Categories, Html help and tutorial, HTTPS Support, Queue Processor, Enables sounds on different events and an enhanced bug protection support on download completion. IDM is one of the widely used apps which can easily be available on Android, iOS, and some other devices like Personal Computers. It has an advanced downloading engine with a unique integration into almost all latest browsers and offers tons of toolbars and many improved options.


4. aDownloader

aDownloader is a native BitTorrent downloader for the Android devices only. This simple and easy to use torrent downloader allow its users to search the torrent files via its integrated torrent search engine that fetch the result from the torrent containing websites from leading to ordinary one. The unique feature of aDownloader is that it also work as a HTTP downloader as well that supports break and resume system. It will allow you to enjoy downloading torrent files rightly from the peer to peer network and the free internet as well. The latest version of aDownloader is containing supports video previewing and downloading mode and play now feature that allow the users to watch torrent videos in minutes without long time waiting. aDownloader is simply the best means of downloading torrent files as it is containing user defined search engines management system. aDownloader is simply one of the best torrent downloading apps available over the Google Play Store.


5. InstaTube

10440InstaTube is an amazing Instagram downloader app that lets you download Instagram videos with extreme ease and precision. It enables its users to get Instagram videos with one simple click. It enhances the ease of use for its users for maintaining an ultimate fun for the users. There are many features of this app that helps you downloading stuff smoother and faster while you are surfing your Instagram account. It enables full HD videos and images and all the stuff in downloaded in HD quality. InstaTube delivers a flexible use and lets you open the Instagram built-in view so that you can easily tap on any of its images and videos in that simple way. This video downloading client is free and secure app that helps you enjoy surfing the web with extreme safety. It is a super-fast and lightweight app that enables a tremendously great way to download videos. It also lets you download stuff from the official Instagram app. Now having this app on your mobile phone, you can easily get started and just stop watching and start downloading.


6. Download Everything Pro

Download Everything Pro is a powerful downloading app, helps you to discover and download different MediaFire indexed files. This app enables you to download more than one files simultaneously. So you can easily download six files at a time, and it does not harm the speed also. It is a tool that lets you search any type of file hosted on 4 shares and copy it without demanding to wait. Download Everything Pro includes a robust search engine that enables you to search any file by name and then riddle the result according to the type of file as video, song, image, video game, etc. Download Everything Pro also organize it according to different standards such as the upload date or the number of downloads. When you find an interested file, you simply have to tap on the file and download it on your mobile phone device. This downloaded file will automatically go to the download section, and you can easily access and open it on your using the consistent app like MX Player if it is an image viewer if it is a pic, and video. Download Everything Pro is one of the excellent file download tools that lets you find almost everything you are looking for.


7. ProTube

ProTube is one of the perfect universal clients for Youtube that brings one of the best downloading experience. This is one of the most perfect apps that helps you to access and watch videos that you want. It enables you to play up to 1080p and 1440p quality with 60 FPS and support to play VEVO music videos and live stream video. You can enjoy watching videos with full-screen support without the disturbance of the navigation bar. ProTube provides the facility for subscription, recommendation, favourites feed, liked videos, my channels, subscription feed, and more on videos including likes, dislike, favourites, comments, and replay support as well. You can successively search for channels, videos, and playlists and get the full details of videos with the proper info of likes, view count, dislikes, comments, published dates, description links, and many others. You can easily subscribe and unsubscribe channels as well. ProTube allows you to get local history, detailed information of channels, get Tubemate features, and enjoy professional video player likes desktop app. It is efficiently available on PCs and mobile phone devices.


8. Turbo Downloader

Turbo Downloader efficiently works with some web browsers to let you download stuff from web pages faster and easier. It is a great downloading client that brings ease of getting different stuff from the internet right on your mobile phone devices. You just have to share or press on the link from a website on your UC, Dolphin, Stock browsers, etc. and from some other web browser and choose this downloader to start the download of into turbo speed. You can easily access and download video, audio, music, zip, pictures, files, documents, any type of other media directly from web pages to your SD Card. It is an excellent app which lets you download videos with simple clicks without waiting for hours for the completion of your respective download. Some of its core features include download acceleration, unlimited size downloads, pause, resume, and recover features, better notification approach, get almost all files from web pages, an integrated web browser support, and much more. You can get precise visual and sound notifications, configurable download history, MD5 Hash validation, etc.


9. NetTube

NetTube is a great app for watching and downloading videos on your mobile phone devices in an easy way so that you can watch them later. This app offers a great combo of watching and saving videos to watch them without any internet connection or even with limited internet access. It offers some simple but effective features which make it easy to use, handle and interact. It has a unique way and style and lets you easily share the playlists of your favorite songs on some social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Email, and SMS. It offers some general features for its users which include searching, fetching and discovering videos, channels, and playlists more easily and effectively. You can browse channels, playlists, videos and related stuff on the car, in some restaurant, at home or on the go. This app also offers an extraordinary feature of listing top 100 categories and search. It offers an easy and affordable way to manage local playlists. You can easily use this app on your Android and computer devices.


10. Free Video Downloader Plus

Free Video Downloader Plus is an awesome app which lets you easily watch videos and download them. It is a robust app that lets you find and watch videos without any connection from the internet. It is a widely used video downloading app which lets you listen to music without any Internet connection Free Video Downloader Plus is one of the best apps as compared to some other downloading apps for mobile and computer devices. It offers some extraordinary features and functions that make downloading interesting and fun. It is an extremely user-friendly app and encompassing for your entertainment needs and desires. It supports fully integrated web browser which lets you download clean and free videos directly to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Free Video Downloader Plus supports some major websites including YouTube, Dailymotion, VEMO, Facebook, and numerous others. This app lets you download videos, pictures, and related stuff from these sites on simple taps and interactions. You can quickly pick stuff you need from the site that does not offer their downloading option.  It lets you rename and delete files, share files to iTunes, sort by name, type, duration and date, and save the video to camera roll to begin a particular download.


11. McTube

McTube app lets you watch videos and listen to tons of songs from YouTube etc. Through this app, you can easily discover the music and videos you want. Not only this it also enables you to make calls to songs directly by name etc. and listen freely in a totally free atmosphere. You can search for your favorite songs by track, artist, name, and album, and it allows easy and fast YouTube search, and you can find any song easily and add it to your favorite songs list. You can share your favorite videos with your friends through E-mail, Facebook, etc. This app lets you watch awesome videos in high quality, and is compatible with YouTube policy and with small mobiles and tablets. Using McTube, you can easily find new and trending music every day in channels, downloads, and playlists. Some extraordinary features of this app include calling your favorite song by name etc. and permits easy and fast YouTube search so you can discover any song you want and much more. You can make a playlist of your favorite songs and can add songs to them on a daily basis. This is a great app for music lovers and provides tons of amazing features for it users from all over the world.


12. MxTube For Youtube

MxTube For Youtube is one of the best YouTube apps that lets you enjoy your favorite songs and download them to create an amazing playlist of songs to listen to them anytime you want. It provides the finest user experience and all the missing functions and capabilities from other YouTube apps present on the market. It is the first native YouTube downloader for iOS devices like iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac book, iPod Mini, and touch, etc. It allows you to download your YouTube videos and watch them later. Using this app, you can easily download videos in 240p, 360p, 720p, 1080p, if available. You can use these options and download the video in the quality you want. You can download videos in an extremely easy way. It provides an easy and an attractive interface through which you can discover videos and download them. The user can also play videos in the background, and its remote control advanced search lets you search videos and songs from any YouTube. It is a must have app for the persons use YouTube for listening to songs and download them. This app is available on many of the iOS devices.


13. Pocket Tube

Pocket Tube is a platform that lets you discover millions of songs and download them for listening to them afterward. This app put the YouTube stuff in your pocket. With its intuitive and easy to use interface you can easily search your favorite songs and download them. It offers a speedy and better way for downloading stuff you want. It is so easy to use and automatically organizes YouTube music and videos by album and artist. This powerful app supports background music play, shuffle, and continuous play. You can access and listen to songs anywhere using Pocket Tube. Its free version lets you store up to 15 tracks in your music library, and even if your music library becomes full, you can simply delete or remove these tracks for adding some more new music to it. Using this app, you can download videos and other related things in the quality you want and also share your favorite songs with your friends and family members. When you are listening to a song here and that songs seem you interested, you can immediately add those songs to the library of your favorite songs be pressing on the song for the few seconds. This app is designed for Android phones, iOS devices, etc.


14. YouTube Red

YouTube Red is an app that provides new features, new shows, and new stuff in a fun way. It provides a new way to experience YouTube music to listen and download them in a straightforward way. It offers an uninterrupted music, with online access and background play features. YouTube Red is an ad-free app through which you can enjoy videos and other music without any interruption from ads in online mode and even in offline or background playing mode. You can easily access to authentic and original stuff like shows, new movies, and series. Through this app, you can easily watch new films and series for the top creators like Link and Rhett, SMOSHm Gigi Gorgeous, Liza Koshy, Joey Grafface and many others. It provides better ways to listen and watch videos and save them directly on your mobile phone devices for your next journey out of town. You can use this app anywhere and play videos in the background if you are doing some other thing. YouTube Red offers a new and innovative way to support creators with a membership that helps them stay in touch and keep making videos we all love without depending on ads. You can get more out of the youtube music app and listen to the songs you like ad-free, offline, in the background and audio mode, etc.


15. HD Video Downloader

With millions of downloads from the Google Play Store, HD Video Downloader is the top of the chart video downloader for downloading videos from almost any website in addition to downloading from the YouTube. Downloading videos in AVI, MP3, 3GP, MOV, FLV, WMV and several other formats is not a big deal for HD Video Downloader. The main advantages of using HD Video Downloader are the benefits that it is offering to the smartphone users in the shape of easy download system, searching for websites and finding specific videos to download directly inside the application, playing the videos after downloading, playing the videos directly while using its searching system and much more. The restriction is only one, and that is HD Video Downloader don’t download videos from the self-playing video sites. For others purposes, HD Video Downloader is the best video downloader to be used in the smartphone.


16. Myvid Video Downloader

Myvid Video Downloader is an application for downloading videos and other related stuff in a reliable and fast way. Using this app, you can easily download any video on your iPhone, iPod, and you can also watch these videos offline. It offers a great functionality which improvises the user experience. You can also share your favorite videos with your friends and family members using Myvid Video Downloader. You can share it to any app via social media and IM. You just have to copy the URL videos and paste it in the bar available on here and while the video is playing and you want to save it then press the save button. It offers some other impressive features which include password protection for your videos, which allows you to encrypt your videos from a third party and keep it in a safe and well-protected atmosphere. This app lets you rename, copy, paste and delete these videos and also support for international keyboards. Rather than these, it also allows you to play videos, save to camera roll, open with some other media file, send by email, remove, and convert that video into mp3 file easily and quickly.


17. Video Downloader Pro

Video Downloader Pro is a video downloading app developed by VD Pro. It is a highly recommended app for Android and some other users in English and allows you to take full benefit from your device. This is a widely used app that works for downloading your favorite videos in your desired quality. Video Downloader Pro offers some features for its Android users around the globe. It has a very great number of downloading as in 12,725k in numbers. Additionally, this app lets you download videos from a different platform and make a playlist of them. You can easily make the playlist of your desired songs and listen to them in a sequence, or by shuffling them. This is a great app for your mobile phone devices for reasonably downloading videos. It is a well-protected app that does not support any virus report. Using this app, users can easily create, manage and update their songs playlists.


18. Ultra downloader

Ultra downloader is a widely used video downloading app that lets you play and download videos from your favorite video-sharing platforms or websites. It offers an ultra-speedy way for downloading videos and related stuff. The users can download and keep all your favorite videos, stream videos to your Smart TV, PS4, Xbox, etc. You can watch videos in full screen on iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices and even watch videos without having an internet connection. Users can download more than one video at a time, and it supports HD videos to watch and save. Its miraculous feature of password protection keeps your videos secure from some third party, and you can also protect your bookmarks. You can add or remove videos in simple taps. Rather than these features it also includes some robust working which makes this app stands a bit more. These include a fully integrated web browser, download manager, full-screen viewing, no loss in video resolution, airplay mode, Retina Support, Custom Bookmarking, and password protection, etc. This is a universal app, and you can easily watch or listen songs anywhere. Ultra downloader is famous due to these features and users from all over the world use this video downloading the application.


19. Titan Downloader

Titan Downloader is an app for mobile users who love to listen to songs and save them. This app lets you discover songs and other related stuff and download those songs for listening to them afterward. Through this app, you can watch videos privately. It is a pack of video downloading the app and a player for playing those videos. Titan Downloader is a useful tool that the IOS and other users can use to find and download videos from a number of websites and play them without demanding an additional media player. It offers a great compo of downloading and watching videos smoothly. It supports various formats and offers an advanced video browsing feature. It gives a real-time safe atmosphere to keep your favorite videos. Titan Downloader is capable of saving videos quickly, without causing any problem. If you want to get these videos safely, you can encrypt your file with a strong password and create your own secret collection of videos. It also supports portable and landscape mode as well so you can enjoy watching videos as never before.


20. SmartTube

SmartTube is an app that lets you browse, find, and play videos that you like; you can easily access and download different categories of videos including comedy, music, gaming, Entertainment, People and Blogs, News and politics, and lot more. This app lets you enjoy high-quality videos of Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, and other songs around the globe. You can enjoy music fantastic, smooth, and careful listening with songs in many genres from around the world. Its popularity is growing day by day, and its ranking is updated on a daily basis. SmartTube is a great app which enables you to fetch lots of new songs and can play the YouTube videos in the background, which indicates that you can listen to music and videos while using some other apps, using the camera, playing games, chatting with some friends or others, etc. SmartTube is probably the incredibly easy to use app available on Android, iOS, and other devices.


21. AudioViz

AudioViz is a great app for iOS devices to download and watch your favorite videos. It is the only app in the iPhone which scans your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod and some others iOS devices and displays the corresponding videos. It is perfect for discovering app on your smartphones. It has many unique and astonishing features. Using AudioViz, you can add YouTube videos to your music playlists, play music in the background so, in fact, you have seamless, free, and unlimited access to your music audio and videos. It is an incredible app that offers the ability to build custom playlists with stuff directly from YouTube and your music library. It offers the possibility to store and share your music playlists on some social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter, and have some other AudioViz users enjoy playing it. AudioViz enables you to watch videos in full-screen mode and provides options to select videos manually. It allows you the freedom to share music videos through Chromecast and Apple TV.


22. ViaTube

VIATube is an app for downloading videos for Android and some other devices. Using this app, you can easily discover your favorite songs and music videos as it is yet another YouTube application. It allows you to create, manage and save playlists for listening to them offline. As it lets you listen to songs and music whether you are in and out of Wi-Fi coverage and you can easily access the library of your favorite music on the go and on almost anywhere. It performs some great actions and is recommended highly for creating attractive playlists. As you start watching videos, this app starts caching your videos to your device in an efficient way. It is a decent app which lets you listen and download your favorite songs easily and quickly, and you can share these songs with your friends and family members. Through this app, you can easily create perfect playlists of the music that you love and listen on a daily basis. You can easily get this app on Android and iOS devices.


23. World Tube HD

World Tube HD is probably the simplest app that enables the users to watch videos quickly and easily. You can discover amazing, trending, hot, most popular, and your favorite videos in a way never before. It offers simplicity for the user to do all the stuff he wants. This is a high-speed and robust video downloading the app to download stuff like videos and other things, and you can download multiple (more than one) video or music file at a time. It does not allow any registration process to use this platform. Using World Tube HD, you can easily enjoy online movies, HD movies (stream HD movies free), HD video display with high resolution than the ordinary quality of videos and many other amazing features. You can also stream movies in HD, mp4, 3GP format and some latest movies online without any registration. This offers a unique user interface which allows its users to use this app in a highly user-friendly atmosphere.



24. MyTube

MyTube is a popular video downloading the application on Android, Windows Phone, iOS, and some other devices. On this great platform, you can easily discover and access tons of songs and millions of videos available to download. This app lets you watch videos from YouTube in offline mode (without any internet connection). So you can enjoy working with this app to get you favorite videos and to make a music library of them. MyTube lets you download videos in different formats including FLV, mp3, 3gp, WebM, etc. and you can choose any video player present in your device. It also offers the features of background audio support with great interactive experience. Using YouTube API, it can play all videos and music on YouTube, and you can easily search videos, channels, and playlists. It offers some key features that include playlist management, repeating and shuffling, beautiful play with red style, and much more. You can easily share your more likely videos with you mates using social media apps. You can even manage your YouTube account using MyTube on your smartphone.


25. Music TV

Music TV is a great app which transforms your music playlists into video playlists on your smartphone devices by offering a great range of special and amazing features. It provides the ability to create custom playlists with songs directly from some YouTube channel and from the music library. You can access to your YouTube account and fetch your music playlist directly in Music TV. You can easily store and share your favorite playlists using social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and some others. This platform lets you watch videos in full-screen mode, and it also provides best options to search manually. Some of its functions include play music in the background, download simply, and is reliable for having it on your smartphone. Music TV offers several options to customize your player (including hiding the status bar). It also offers an incredible self-learning feature that actually retrieves videos accurately and quickly as more users enjoy using this app.


26. FinalTube

FinalTube is a great app that lets you discover and download videos directly from YouTube. You can find amazing videos and music, and integrate multiple channels to allow you access a lot of videos and music. Users can easily watch videos offline anytime, anywhere, and it supports YouTube, Jamendo, Dailymotion, Sound Cloud and some other media sites. Using this app, you can easily associate with your YouTube list, and it allows you find, add, remove, rename, your favorite videos and music more easily and quickly right from your mobile phone devices. This app also lets you make ringtones via YouTube, convert videos to mp3, and you can also search videos and music from numerous channels from YouTube. Some of its finest features enable you to share approximately 25 seconds video to your Social media account like on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and others. You can also download music to cloud derive (One Drive, Google Drive, Drop Box, etc.) and camera roll through FinalTube.


27. Tubemate

Tubemate is an outstanding Youtube downloader that enables its users to search quickly, easily access, reliably share, watch, and download videos from the Youtube. This app has minimize the efforts of fetching and downloading any of your required Youtube stuff right from your mobile phone. It has an easy and minimalist interface that enables its users to access and watch videos with extreme ease and download any MP4 videos that you want. Tubemate downloads your Youtube data professionally, and you do not have to worry a little because of its background downloading approach. You can watch other videos, surf internet, use any of your mobile phone apps, and go exploring Youtube. This app makes it tremendously easy to search, play, and save any MP4 movie as well right on your mobile phone. Using this app, you can easily download videos, get its inbuilt video player fetch top trending video lists, download videos in any of your storage medium, enables multiple download resolution options, and lot more. Tubemate allows you to enjoy free, high resolution, and unlimited videos, and play these videos in the offline mood as well.


28. YouVids

YouVids is a network for sharing videos. It is a great platform for YouTuber’s to share their videos and other related content here and with its viewers and subscribers. You can use YouVids to discover your favorite and amazing content easily and download them to watch them later. This app has a great collection of videos you might enjoy watching them. It offers an attractive and easy to use UI, and you can do all of your related stuff easily using this interactive app. You can upload your music and videos with an easy way. Using YouVids, you can easily search for channels, videos and other playlists with some unique filters of length and upload time. This app lets you play videos when the screen is off and also in the background so that you can listen to music while doing some other things on your mobile phone. Rather than this, it also includes some feature which is; view your favorites, playlist, subscription, and watch later. You can create and manage playlists and add or remove music to them. It is no way affiliated with Google and YouTube.



29. Dentex Youtube Downloader

Dentex Youtube Downloader is a powerful tool for watching and downloading videos in a very user-friendly and free atmosphere. It is a great video application for many video streaming platforms. Using this app, you can easily browse video and audio files and create your own collection of your favorite videos. This app lets you add remove, pause, resume, and delete the video from your music library easily. You can easily search for YouTube videos within Dentex Youtube Downloader and download videos stuff on your device. It has some amazing downloading features include remote download on another device via SSH, multi threaded downloads with minimum download speed and maximum bandwidth available. It supports almost all platforms, and you can download videos in your desired quality. It lets you handle download link. File management, and many preferences to customize usage. It provides Mux Video only and Audio only streams into a complementary video and audio experience. There are lots of other incredible features which makes this app popular amongst users from all over the world.


30. Tubest

Tubest is a robust YouTube client for iOS devices including iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac book, iPod Mini, and iPad touch, etc. It is an app which lets you download and watch your favorite and trending videos for free. Tubest allows you to create a playlist of your favorite songs, add, remove, pause, play music stuff easily with closed captioning. This app lets you search videos, playlists, and channels so that you can easily discover and download videos easily and quickly. This is a great app for storing the library of your favorite videos in a way never before. Before downloading videos, it allows you choose between the quality of the videos so that you can easily download videos in 240p, 360p, 720p, and 1080p (full high-quality print). Tubest is an amazing app for accessing your youtube account on your mobile device in a damn easy way and is powered by YouTube. So this is a must have app for your mobile device to listen to your favorite music stuff and making an amazing library of your favorite ones.


31. Snaptube

Snaptube is a well-known production of Quy Le that enables the providence of finest music to its worldwide users. It is one of the most tremendous application through which you can explore trending music, enjoy its gorgeous music player, ultimate music playlists, and also personalized your own music library of your favourite songs. SnapTube – Free Music Tube Player is efficiently designed and created for music bugs who want to search, organize, discover, and play millions of Youtube music seamlessly. It also lets you keep track on trending, just released, and hottest music videos. It is the ultimate solution for discovering trending, Vevo, and unrestricted Youtube music of your country. This amazing app also lets you explore new Youtube music tracks, playlists, Vevo hits, and more.  SnapTube – Free Music Tube Player lets you seamlessly play millions of music that you want to listen and its video streaming is professionally optimized for both quality and speed. You can also add unlimited Vevo and Youtube music to this superb app, browse by name, duration, and date, and also search by title and artist. So just download Snap tube app, and take your daily dose of music with the tremendous music experience.


32. PlayTube

PlayTube is another music application loved by a huge number of followers from all over the world. It is a fine production of MusixTube through which you can enjoy videos that you want to watch. Play Tube has made it so simple to get easy and damn simple access to music that you want to listen. This app brings way many amazing features that allow its users to find, check, and access music that they want. It is a widely used application through which users can easily discover free Youtube floating popup for music listeners. It enables its users to search their most favourite artists, discover music with almost every genre, and browse daily trending and top charts of their country. Play Tube also brings your most favourite music under one platform through personalizing your own list or library of favourite stuff regarding music. It lets you enjoy videos as well as use floating popup for multitasking. You can move the popup player anywhere on the screen. Other than these, it also allows its users to browse daily top charts, share and reorder your playlists, access almost 100 music genres, use customizable options, and lot more.


33. GTunes Music Download V8

GTunes Music Download V8 is an excellent tool for music lover which helps them listen to all their music available in their Google Drive. GTunes – Music Player for Google Drive bought in the market Mai Ho Inc. which enables its worldwide users to play songs from the Cloud with three extremely easy steps. Firstly, you can listen to its gigantic collection of songs by copying your songs to the folder in your Google Drive. Then, you have to connect GTunes Music Download V8 with the Google drive account and finally play music in the way you want to listen. It is the most sophisticated tool if you do not like to copy your music to the iTunes and your mobile storage is not enough for your music. GTunes – Music Player for Google Drive app enables you to stream mp3, m4a, and files of various formats from the Google Drive an download them to your phone if you want to listen to them without any internet. You can manage playlist for all the mp3 or other common music formats and control them through the control center. G Tunes Music is a great tool if you want to have your own music for listening anytime anywhere. So just download GTunes – Music Player for Google Drive app and enjoy listening songs from the cloud as quickly and conveniently.


34. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a good app that lets you record any sound with your Mobile phone and also share it within a few moments utilizing any social network, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. The good thing about the app, however, made possible by SoundCloud’s very own social network, is that it will help you to access and also listen to recordings from the rest of the network’s users, ranking them by leaving them a comment. You’ll listen to all this music instantly by buffering, so you’ll require a good 3G or WiFi Internet connection to access it. And because sometimes you don’t have the accessibility of Internet, the application will help you to record a sound at any time and also upload it to your account later on. SoundCloud is a unique app that not only will allow you to record a part of a song when you wish so you can remember it later but will enable you to record reminders and also a huge selection of other things.


35. Spotify Music

Spotify Music is a finest entertainment and music providing app for music lovers. It is now free for mobile phones and tablets that allows you to listen to any of your favorite music right from this app instantly. Through this app, you can access millions of songs from the world best and worst music right through this app. you can easily listen to your favorite artist, musician, albums, and efficiently creates your own playlist that comprises your favorite songs and music. You can also choose a readymade list of songs that you want to listen and that suits your music taste, the state of mood right now, and get personalized recommendations. It lets you listen to free albums from any of your favorite musician, artist, and play your playlist in the way you want to listen anytime. While its premium features include the facility to play any song, anytime, on any of your device, download music files for offline listening, enjoy some amazing sound qualities, and an ads-blocker approach as well for eliminating interruptions that irritate you. You can now listen to songs anytime you want and on any of your device.


36. Unlimited Music MP3 Player

Unlimited Music MP3 Player is a classy and stylish music player which enables its worldwide users to play audio music as well as videos from various services such as Youtube, iTunes, Local music, and other sources, all for free. Unlimited Music MP3 Player: MB3 was developed by MixerBox Inc. through which you can discover and play any songs through this best music platform. You can easily create, manage, and monitor your own playlists of songs that are so close to your heart. It carries a gorgeous design with multi-source music video streaming through which you can discover music and videos from multi-source including iTunes, Local music, Youtube, and various others within this app. Its stylish and ultra-unique interface fits all your taste perfectly, making you want to use it to enjoy music every day. MB3 app keeps on updating its music library and lets you stay updated with everything special and trendy. Other than these, Unlimited Music MP3 Player also brings automatic playlists, friend’s music discovery, continuous play, optimized interface, better synchronization options, a playlist of the day, intelligent music suggestions, and millions of music video that fulfills all your music needs. So just download Unlimited Music MP3 Player: MB3 app and enjoying and discovering unlimited music and stay updated with all the latest, trendy music.


37. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is the official Google app for enjoying music from its traditional service directly on Android phones, via streaming, and also without storing music into the device’s memory. The application allows users to listen to a complete music collection from anywhere. All of the albums and also songs are stored online via a user account, and you may never need to worry about space for storage on your phone. Additionally, any song you buy will automatically appear in your music collection. The Google service enables you to add up to 20,000 songs from your computer for free. You may also generate playlists and choose favorites in order to manage your music and just access it at all times. Google Play Music may also allow you to share your music and musical tastes directly through Google Plus. Google Play Music is a tool which will permit you to listen to thousands of songs online. The only thing you need is to have an authorized account and reliable connection to Google Internet.


38. MP3 Video Converter

MP3 Video Converter is an excellent tool which brings a great algorithm that converts your video files into audio files such as MP3, AAC, etc. using a diverse number of options including Bitrate, Metadata, and more. MP3 Video Converter by Springwalk enables everyone to convert all their video files into extreme clear and high-quality audio files with some easy and simple steps. This application supports various types of video as well as audio files including Mp4, Mp3, AAC, FLV, 3GP, and so on. Sometimes there is some vulgarity or adultness in the video, but the music or the lyrics of the songs are marvelous, and you don’t have one in audio, so having this tool you can precisely convert that video file into audio and listen to it everyone you want. It takes some seconds or some minutes sometimes to convert your desired video file into audio. After converting the file, MP3 Video Converter by Springwalk lets you select the path where you want to keep that file whether in the internal storage as well as in phone external memory. So just download MP3 Video Converter by Springwalk app in your mobile phone and start converting your desired number of your most likely video songs into extremely high-quality audio it’s up to you whether you listen to it or share it with someone special.


39. MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

Instead of describing each and everything about this application this app is rather self-explanatory. This app is based on making ringtones from the music and songs. If you wanna snip down to become your ringtone then MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker is for you. MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker make its users able to cut the best part of their audio song and save it as a music file, alarm tone, ringtone, or notification tone. Using this application you can make your own MP3 ringtones instantly. It even permits the users to record a live audio and then edit it with the MP3 editor and trim the best parts from it for free. It is very easy to use MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker and all this can be done within three steps. First select audio music from mobile, select the area you want to chop from audio and then save it as a notification, music, alarm or ringtone. MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker supports WAV, AAC, AMR, MP3 and various other formats.


40. Video Player All Format by UPlayer

Video Player All Format by UPlayer is one of the best choices for the person who wants to get the most exquisite video player experience over their mobile device. Video Player All Format by UPlayer is a super stunning and a widely used HD video player for Android devices packed with robust features. This application has the capability to play all sort of video formats including ultra HD and 4k video files with high definition. This excellent video player by U Player also brings a video locker facility which protects your personal video from others when they use your device anytime. It supports all major video formats including mp4, MOV, AVI, WMV, RMVB, TS, AVI, FLV, 3GP, and various others. Video Player All Format by UPlayer lets you discover similar video files, protect your videos, brings powerful folder view, video playback speed control feature, fast scanning all video files, multi-select video files, and so much more. It also brings virtualizer and presets to listen to your favorite songs in your desired pitch, and bass, etc. So just download MP3 Video Converter by Springwalk app which fulfills all your media player needs and gorgeous user interface which provides you probably the best user experience.


41. 4shared

4shared is a very useful application for users of this service. With this particular application, you can manage all of your files in the cloud quickly from a natural and simple-to-use interface. 4shared is the official application download service of the same name, thanks to which you’ll manage your user account, sort through the database of the platform for files, and also, download any of them at any time. Many of the management options include the capability to improve your data; to copy, rename, or delete a file; and also to upload any file from your mobile phone account. Naturally, you may also download and even listen to music you’ve already uploaded. One of the most interesting aspects of the application is the ability to synchronize all of your photographs with your 4shared account. You can activate the option for this service to begin uploading them automatically any time you have wifi access. These types of management options, 4shared provides you with access to thirty million public files uploaded by different users. To do this, just use the search choice to obtain the file you desire, and you can start downloading it.


42. My Mixtapez Free Music & Audio

My Mixtapez Free Music & Audio is a massive collection of mixtapes, videos, interviews, and endless music through which you can enjoy every bit of your favourite music stuff. It is a great production of My Mixtapez LLC. This superb app lets its users to discover and listen to right music that you love and access the world of music from your mobile phone. It provides and updates all the amazing and awesome mixtapes through which users can enjoy singles as well as mixtapes to never miss any single apprise. It is a place of latest music through which you can enjoy downloading of unlimited mixtapes, stream unlimited mixtapes, stream videos, discover latest mixtapes, and share your favourite mixtapes with your friends and family members for having real fun. My Mixtapez Free Music & Audio lets you access and download streams of your most favourite DJs, artists, and music producers. It efficiently adds some new mixes, singles, and mixtapes on a daily basis so that you can never miss any single update from your favourite artists. So just download My Mixtapez Free Music & Audio premiere spot for all the newly introduced and latest singles and mixtapes from biggest artists.



KKBOX lets you listen to a collection of almost 45 MILLION songs of all the popular singers from all over the world and also keeps in increasing its stuff day by day. KKBOX-Free Download & Unlimited Music. Let’s music is a marvelous tool introduced by KKBOX International Limited which lets you have an awesome music listening experience, having more than 20 million downloads. Its damn comprehensive music library contains songs of almost all the genres and fits all your moods so that you can enjoy music online and offline from more than one devices. KKBOX- Let’s music brings scrolling lyrics to function through which you can listen to songs word by word while looking to the lyrics. It supports 320 kbps quality along with DTS surrounded support as well to indulge your ears with the marvelous music. KKBOX-Free Download & Unlimited Music. Let’s music also carries KKBOX live Support, music recognition feature, high-quality sound, personalized recommendations, and brings what’s popular on Youtube. K KBOX also contains a premium version and brings some eye-catching special offers and discounts only for its premium users. So just download KKBOX-Free Download & Unlimited Music. Let’s music app, and start enjoys your favorite songs whenever you want by just typing the name in the search bar.


44. MP3 Player by UPlayer

MP3 Player by UPlayer is a cool application which carries some popular features that help you enjoy playing your favorite song intuitively using this classy multimedia player. MP3 Player by UPlayer is a powerful music player for all the Android cell phones which helps you play your favorite songs using this music player app filled with extreme joy. You can intuitively manage your music files ever than before, and it lets you discover all the music available on your mobile devices and even in the memory card (external memory). You can browse and play your most likely jems by albums, artist, genres, songs, playlist, album artists, and folders, etc. MP3 Player by UPlayer allows you to create multiple song’s playlists and enjoy them whenever you want with the same sequence of music that you want to listen. Other than these, MP3 Player by UPlayer also features multiple widgets, cut your favorite songs easily, multiple widget support, and Bluetooth or headset controls, etc. It also carries the support of equalizers plus visualizer with the 3d effect. So just download MP3 Player by UPlayer app in your phone, and enjoy listening to your favorite songs whenever you want.


45. Khmer Super Music

Khmer Super Music is a widely used application introduced in the market by Chan Bona Inc. which brings the best Khmer Music for Khmer people. Khmer Super Music enables people to discover all sort of music songs for free. It brings the support of bass boost, virtualizer, and equalizer so that you can enjoy your favorite songs with your self-made pitch and bass. Khmer Music player also lets you choose options between playing randomly, repeating one song, and repeat all. You can also set the timer for automatically stop playing your songs, and you can use this feature whenever you go to sleep. Khmer Super Music for Khmer People brings a super-fast and easy to use experience for people to listen to songs in their own way. This app does not use much of your mobile phone battery and intuitively optimize battery usage for long-term music listening experience. It brings the support of customizable backgrounds so that you can enjoy watching your music player with the wallpaper that you likes the most while listening to the songs. You can also apply your own pic as background as well. So just download Khmer Super Music app in your phone and enjoy discovering and listening to lots of Khmer songs for free.


46. MP3 Converter by UPlayer

MP3 Converter by UPlayer is a gigantically used tool through which they can convert MP3 files into lots of other audio formats with so much ease. MP3 Converter by UPlayer is loved by a huge community of music lovers through which they can transform their desired video formats into audio songs and listen to them whenever they want (online as well as offline). This application also lets you edit as well as cut audio files effortlessly and even a blue-collar person can do this stuff with ease. MP3 Converter for Android is an extremely talented app that brings Mp3 cutter for editing your desired number of audio files. This app carries the support of Ffmpeg powered video cutting, and its audio converter supports all sort of popular audio formats. MP3 Music and Audio Converter app also let you enjoy ultra-fast and easy to use approach for audio conversion. It is an all in one video to audio converter, audio cutter, audio converter, and video cutter tool for all the mobile users. So just download MP3 Converter by UPlayer app if you are a music bug or immensely listen to music to get one of the best way to convert audio files to other formats of music.


47. Music Player Unlimited

Music Player Unlimited is a marvelous tool and brand new music listening app to discover, search, find, and listen to your favorite audio or music files for free and without any limit. Music Player Unlimited Songs playing app introduced by Web and App Inc. that helps you listen to your favorite music in the way you want. It brings instant searching for all your music and audio files so that you can listen to them anytime you want. This music streaming app helps its worldwide users to listen to songs from the SoundCloud and also search their desired songs from the SoundCloud as well as from their library. This ultimate Music Player brings new user interface that is so attractive and eye-catching. Music Player Unlimited is one of the best and the most powerful music player for Android that lets you have a fully featured music streaming tool right in your pocket to listen to songs with simple clicks. You can also listen to songs from with different styles including flat, pop, hot, rock, hip-hop, and more through its bass boost and virtualizer support. It intuitively supports the Android 4.3 to Android 7.0 version. So if you are any of Android user, pick Music Player Unlimited from the store and start enjoying a new way to listen to your desired music players.



LMPRADIO is a great platform used by millions of especially Latin and also tons of other people where they can intuitively listen to Latin music, Latin artists, deejay mixes, and other music stuff whenever they want. LMPRADIO by Hose Filion is a great music streaming app loved by most of the DJ’s, Latin individuals, and other worldwide folks who live Latin music and appreciate their efforts among the music. This application brings an ultra clean and clear user interface that helps you enjoy listening to tons of songs in the way you want and enjoy them whenever you need music for your life. LMPRADIO by Hose Filion lets you create a playlist of your desired number of songs, and you can name them with the nature of songs you store in them. You can search your favorite songs by name, genre, artist, music, and more. You can also add your most likely songs in Favorites list just to access them with ease and listen to them with comfort. LMP Radio Music streaming app also holds or stores the history of songs that you have listened to. So just pick LMPRADIO by Hose Filion app from the store and enjoy listening to LMPRADIO anytime, anywhere to enjoy Latin musicians and artist’s music for free in your mobile devices and Tablets.


49. iTube

iTube is the name of one of the most popular video downloaders for the iOS and Android devices. it was first developed for downloading YouTube videos only, but now it can download the videos and another kind of content from almost all multimedia material containing websites. What makes iTube special one is that it allows its users to download the full-length movies, dramas and even music playlists without any ad interruption or another kind of break at all. It will give you instant access to downloading all kind of movies and music from almost all kind of video streaming, video sharing and video downloading websites. When you install this application, it will seek to access the all of the apps installed on the smartphone so that it can work properly. However, in this process it do not collect or record the personal information or private data at all.

More About iMusic

iMusic is an app that lets you hear free music. In fact, you do not have to pay for it too. It offers a beautiful package as it allows the user manage the background music and have the independence to make any change to control the music. This app lets you create the list of your favorite songs in a precise way, and you can also make playlists to listen to the songs you want to listen. It is a great app which lets you listen to your favorite songs from some trending albums and from all over the world. Using iMusic, the song that you like can be saved on your playlist, and it lets you listen to this song afterward. One of the unusual features of iMusic is that it offers a basic UI which helps you reduce any sort of complications while using iMusic. It is one of the perfect music players for anyone who needs to manage their playback music using some classy air gestures, for those who just stare at a gorgeous User Interface and those who want to control their music. Many of the iPhone users including, iPad, iPod, iPad Touch, Mac Book, iPad Mini and many others use this app to find and listen to their favorite music.

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