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Indigo Virtual Assistant is your assistant application to get the things done. It is being said about this application that it represents the next generation of personal assistants for the Android devices. With the power of your natural voice, you can get the things done by not using your hands at all or tapping over the screen anymore… read more
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1. Jarvis

Jarvis is one of a distinguishing personal assistant application for the Android devices with a cool factor of controlling the smartphones more professionally. This personal assistant based application will enhance the performance of your smartphone to a whole new level. This voice assistant app is more than a simple voice assistant application that keeps the users informed all the time about news, calls, weather information, text messages and much more. It even allows the smartphone users to control even the settings of the smartphones as well either it is WiFi, Bluetooth or any other part. Widget support, wearable support, wake up alarms, calls and messaging system, cloud voice management system, support for themes, voice notification system about day to day activities, device control, people reminders and much more are the major supports being offered by this application. Jarvis is simply the best assistant app for controlling the smartphones in a whole new way.


2. Genie

Voice assistant application Genie is for the mobile phones that offer the advanced level of voice controlled functions like setting alarms, voice dialing, text messaging and much more just dictating by voice. With the usage of Genie, you will no longer be required at all to remember the special phrases, keywords or patterns to do specific tasks into your smartphone as this app will do all. After installing and launching Genie just speak to the smartphone in natural voice and all of the actions will be automatically responded within now time. This simple app is capable of doing every kind of functions that otherwise do by you typing, tapping or touching over the smartphone. Dictate any command through your natural voice and get the things done in more organized ways. For online tasks, the internet connection or WiFi need to be enabled.


3. Voice Answer

Voice Answer is like a voice search engine where you ask any query and gets the answer within new time. This voice assistant application also assists its users on any topic and doing a wide a range of tasks in a more organized way. The stunning 3D robot is there that will work as your assistant and will answer you on any topic either it is about any general matter or the things installed on your smartphone. Voice Answer can easily do so because it deploys an advanced artificial intelligence system, local information, and third party database and assists the users in doing day to day tasks from their smartphones. This simple to use application works on almost all smartphones. The users only need to ask the question about any topic and Voice Answer will answer in clear voice. You can use this app for commanding your smartphones as well.


4. SpeakToIt Assistant

SpeakToIt Assistant is a natural voice assistant application that is designed to offers the natural conversational experience to the smartphone users. This simple app that is at the moment available for the Android devices offer its users the new way to interact with their smartphones. This simple voice assistant app deploys the machine learning system that easily understands what the users are saying to their devices. This simple app brings all of the conversational app to any platform at which its users are. As this application deploys the natural language understanding and advanced voice recognition system to interact with its users so that it is capable of having clarifying all kind of conversations. Unlike most of the voice assistant apps, SpeakToIt Assistant came in the shape of a customizable voice assistant application. SpeakToIt Assistant updated are no more available, however, the willing persons can search for the existing versions from the internet.


5. Dragon Go

This smart application for the iOS devices allows the smartphone users to control their world with no limitations at all. Entire control of the smartphone will be with the power of the voice. After installing this app on the smartphone, the users only need to say what they want to get accomplished from their device and it will be done within a blink of an eye. Dragon Go is so smart; it knows what its users want to do and deliver the result directly the best mobile websites offering what they want to do. In case you want AccuWeather updates, or want to know about movie show times and trailers, Yelp for local reviews, any other recommendations, just ask your smartphone via Dragon Go and the results will be on the screen within no time. This simple application all delivers the complementary results as well just to make the users able to slide the carousel from side to side comparing of information.


6. Vokul

This totally free hands free assistant application is at the moment available for the iOS devices only. If you are tired of using so much long communication with your smartphone just to complete a simple task then Vokul is an application that will make you able to stay in touch while on the go. Use this app and start using a powerful and advanced voice control app for your devices. With the usage of this app you can perform all kind of tasks from simple to the complex one like dictating text messages, sending emails, dealing with music, posts to the social media platforms, calling contacts in the address book and much more. Doing all these functions, you don’t need to press any button at all or tap anything over the screen. This voice assistant app is a fast working and accurate app that is particularly tuned for the noisy environments.


7. Samsung Viv

This intelligent and personal assistant application is designed by the developers of the Siri. As compared to most of the intelligent personal assistant application, Samsung Viv is an open and can accommodate external plugins written to work with the assistant. This simple yet powerful application is capable in handling complex nature of queries. This application is smartly simplify the world by offering an intelligent interface to everything. The intelligence working style of this application enables the smartphone users to easily deal with their smartphones by deploying an intelligent and conversational interface. It is simplest and easiest way for the smartphone users to interact with their devices and the services and functions it can perform. For the information of the smartphone users, this intelligence assistant application is widely available for the latest Samsung smartphones. In future, Samsung Viv also aims to use the technology behind this application in the upcoming versions of Bixby as well.


8. Smart Voice Assistant

This smart personal assistant applications aims to assist the smartphone users in getting what they need. For the beginners, Smart Voice Assistant contains instructions section to get the information about the working style of this application. Before using this application few things needs to be considered. First of all you need internet connection for using it multiple international languages. This application also need the usage of Google Search or Google Voice Search and also need text to speech system as well so that you can command for doing tasks. Apparently it seems to be complex using this application because of deploying too much helping apps, however, in term of getting the things done, Smart Voice Assistant has simply no exact match in the market. The smart features of this app are voice dialing system, typing SMS, start navigation with setting destination, searching websites, launching specific application, typing notes, reading battery level and much more.


9. Samsung S Voice

Samsung S Voice is a highly strong personal voice assistant application designed by the Samsung for its smartphones. It has been witnessed that this voice assistant application works easily on smartphones designed by other mobile companies as well. This simple to use application can be used for performing a large number of tasks just by voice command system. That feature of this app will smartly save the time and effort to you all the time. Just check out what you can do using this application. Start telling basic things like getting weather updates or run any app to navigate to a designed or schedule any appointment or updated the social media accounts or want to do whatever else you want to do and it will be smartly deal by the Samsung S Voice. This smartphone app will keep your hands free all the time to do the things smartly.


10. Samsung Bixby

Samsung Bixby is a personal voice assistant app for the smartphone devices that assist its users in getting the tasks done on time. The users of this intelligent voice assistant app are that it only asks its users to tell what they want to do and it will be get completed by the Samsung Bixby. What makes this app special one is that it makes the smartphone helpful and assist in completing every kind of tasks. With the using of this simple app getting things done completed in a more organized way has never been simpler and easier. Samsung Bixby knows about the smartphone’s applications and how to use them. Moreover, you can use this app for talking, tapping or typing because it understands all. It lives inside your smartphone and gives you a better understanding of what you are looking at and searching for.


11. Cortana

Cortana that is otherwise called as Microsoft Cortana is an intelligent personal assistant app for the smartphone devices, gaming consoles, and several other devices. Simply install this assistant application into your smartphone and keep track of all of the important material wherever you are across all of the supported devices. You can set the reminder on your favorite devices so that you can get the information about all updates as these appear in the play stores. It will also set you alert in case of emergency as well like sending an alert when you want to make an early meeting, and there is a traffic mess. It will get your back on all important activities. In case you need the answer to information about any other thing like flight status then just ask Cortana, and the answer will be made to you within no time. Start using Cortana and get smarter recommendations.


12. Google Now

Google Now is an intelligent personal assistant application designed by the Google for the both iOS and Android users. As the Google designs it, so it works remarkably. What makes Google Now special one is that this simple application deploys the natural language user interface to make recommendations, answering the questions, and performing all kind of actions by simply delegating requests to a set of web based services. In addition to answering the user initiated questions, this application on its own also dispatches the information to the users that it judges on their search habits and they may want. Google Now is comprising multiple features in which most highlighted ones are limited voice commands and voice search system that are available in the application for MS Windows via Google Search when the users are deploying the Google Chrome web browser. Google Now is simply one of the best voice assistant applications.


13. Siri

Siri is an application designed by the Apple for is iOS users just to do the things easier and in a faster way. This application is simply available for all Apple devices including iPhone, iPad and other iDevices. The quality of this application is that it allows the iOS users to get the help throughout their day. They only need to ask the Siri what they want to do and this voice assistant application will take out all in the air. For example, just ask the Siri you want to set the alarm or a destination or if you want to book a ride or want to send a payment or want to make a love note and the Siri will automatically set these. What can be said anymore about this application? Just ask what you want to get accomplished, and this application will automatically complete it.


14. Motorola Assist

Motorola Assist is a super-talented application which automatically recognized when it is significant to get the notifications you require. Motorola Assist is a classy application developed by Motorola Mobility LLC which enables its users to enjoy having the right things at the right time whenever they want. It assists you in the way you want, and helps you manage things in the way you acquire. This app automatically knows when you are driving and reads out the text messages, open any app, play music and so on for you according to your needs without any of your physical efforts. This application precisely announces all your incoming calls when you are at home. This elegant and intelligent application also get to know when you should not be bothered such as when you are in a meeting or sleeping. Motorola Assist also enables its worldwide users to set actions and exceptions so that they can easily work in the same way you want them to. So just download one of the smoothest and elegant assistants called Motorola Assist, and enjoy all your texts and call be announced, and even respond hands freely while you are at home or when you are driving.

More About Indigo Virtual Assistant

Indigo Virtual Assistant is your assistant application to get the things done. It is being said about this application that it represents the next generation of personal assistants for the Android devices. With the power of your natural voice, you can get the things done by not using your hands at all or tapping over the screen anymore. This simple application allows you to speak to using everyday language to get things done in a more enhanced way. This cloud based personal assistant application is capable of managing all kind of pre-installed applications like maps, weather, contacts, reminders, alarms, typing messages, updating social media status, and doing much more through the power of natural voice only. No more typing, touching and tapping at all, simply speak in natural language to this app and you will answer and get the things done within few seconds with less stress.