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IntCall is another gorgeous tool through which you can precisely record and manage the phone calls of your family members, friends, enemies, and other fellows just to save them for lateral use. Call Recorder – IntCall is a great call recorder for Android and iOS devices introduced by Telestar Inc… read more
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1. textPlus: Free Text & Calls

textPlus: Free Text & Calls is an ultimate app that enables you to call and message your friends with a real phone number, and it does not require any phone number. Having this app, you can deliver text messages and SMS to any United States or Canada number or call worldwide. It is probably one of the widely used calling and texting application that lets you make calls and send text messages with a local phone number of your own choice. textPlus: Free Text & Calls allows you to send or receive unlimited calls, messages, MMS, text, and group messages to anyone in the Canada and United States. It has efficiently turned your tablets and other devices for free calling and texting with a real US number. It is a superb application to keeping in touch with family member or friends in the stated countries while travelling abroad. This app enables unlimited free inbound calling, and you can even access your chat and call history on any device with the free cloud hosting and even save tons of money on your mobile having this app in your mobile phone.


2. Text Free Calling App

Text Free Calling App enables its worldwide users to enjoy real-time free calls having a real US number, introduced in the market by Pinger Inc. Text Free Calling App is an Exquisite tool that helps you make unlimited phone calls, text messages, and other conversations between you and people close to you. You can intuitively choose a custom phone number and make calls without any carrier plans. This free phone calling app also enables its worldwide users to send photos, images, and video message as well to have everything that a social media app contains. You can also set up custom voicemails as well. Text Free Calling App comes pre-loaded with almost 60 calling minutes that can easily be used to call anyone in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. After that particular span, outbound calling minutes ware super cheap to buy and even free to earn. This application lets you choose a real number for calling and texting because having your local phone number means you can call your friend’s landline, SMS any number, order a pizza, and of course hit up all your buddies even if you do not have a smart cell phone. So just download Text Free Calling App in your phone and enjoy sending messages and calls to your beloved ones for free.


3. Mr. Number Call Block and Lookup

Mr. Number Call Block and Lookup is a tremendously used application used by millions of people from all over the world to know spam calls and to block unwanted calls. Mr. Number – Block calls and spam makes it extremely easy to identify and block spam, fraud, and scam, developed by Hiya Inc. This application brings excellent blocking options and lets you block spam and fraudulent calls in a way like never before. You can effortlessly see the names and photos in call history and get to know the person who is calling your or sending you messages. This call blocker app lets you block calls easily from one person, entire country as well as the area code. Mr. Number – Block calls & spam makes it stress-free to identify telemarketers and debt collectors, and stop them before they waste your precious time. This excellent tool reports spam calls to warm other callers and intercept calls from unknown or private numbers and to send voicemail. It carries automatic caller lookup for recent calls in your mobile phone’s call history so you will better know whom to block and whom to not. So just try Mr. Number – Block calls & spam and if you still not agree then take a look at some similar apps for blocking spam and calls in this list.


4. Text free – Free Text + Call

Text free – Free Text + Call is a genuinely free SMS and calling application that gives you a real-time United States phone number just to send a text to anyone. It delivers some elegant features such as free SMS messages, free group messaging, international texting and calls, free MMS picture message, voicemails, and more. You can choose your favourite area code and discovers memorable numbers, simple sequences, or combinations of numbers as well. You can send limitless SMS and text messages for free to any of your desired person. Text free – Free Text + Call enables free app-to-app calling and free incoming calling as well. Outbound calling minutes are super cheap to buy and easy to earn. You can get a real US phone number which means you can order a pizza, call your grandma’s landline, and text anyone with a cell phone, and SMS and MMS to your friends for free. Its group chatting feature is perfect for your class, coworkers, and colleagues group chat so that you can create groups, add participants, and leave these groups as well. This elegant application turns any of device into a phone and lets you say everything with stickers.


5. Burner – 2nd Phone Number

Burner – 2nd Phone Number is one of the markets leading application that provides the most genuine and best second line for private texting, calling, and picture messaging. It lets you create a second number for your business, work, salespeople, forms, shopping online, deliveries, domestic and official work just to keep your exact or actual phone number private. Burner – 2nd Phone Number is a perfect business phone number app for solo entrepreneurs, startups, side projects, small firm holders, and integrate with productivity applications such as Google Drive. Slack, Dropbox, etc. It is flawless if you want to keep in touch with someone, but may not want to reveal your personal number. Temporary phone numbers are ideal for online dating, job searching, some professional individuals, private conversations, anonymous and secret texting, and more. You can get phone numbers in any area code, create multiple disposable numbers, access your address book, manage ringer and SMS notification, and lot more. Hence, using this app, you can make your dealing and do your work by staying anonymous and private.


6. Phoner 2nd Phone Number Text

Phoner 2nd Phone Number Text is a great tool through which users can intuitively make limitless calls and send text messages, and they can use all that with extreme anonymity. Phoner 2nd Phone Number + Anonymous Text & Call was introduced by Appsverse, Inc. which enables everyone to make free calls and send text messages without using your original phone numbers. This application intuitively gives you the freedom of using a free 2nd phone number so you can have a different number for all your personal, social, or business life accordingly. This app does not publicize your personal information but rather keep all of it so secret so that you can make calls and send text messages without any fear of being trapped. Phoner 2nd Phone Number and Anonymous Text or Call also have an upgraded version that supports both incoming as well as outgoing call recording feature. This application lets you have international calling and texting from more than 20 famous countries such as Canada, US, Australia, UK, France, and various others. So just download Phoner 2nd Phone Number + Anonymous Text and Call app in your phone and start calling and sending text messages to anyone in the whole world without showing your identity.


7. RoboKiller

RoboKiller is an extensively used application used by millions of smartphone holders to stay secure from spam calls and protection from robot calling, or telemarketers in a way like never before. Robot Killer: Spam Call Blocker introduced by TelTech Systems Inc. which has intuitively reduced unwanted calls to an amount of almost 90% within a month, and is seen on NBC, ABC News, Wired, Univision, The New York Times, and lot more. This app elegantly stops your phone number ringing with unwanted calls, and you can get revenge o telemarketers and loan seekers who waste your time. It automatically updates the spam list and makes sure that you always have up to the mark protection. RoboKiller: Spam Call Blocker dedicated customer service with real humans and operated 7 days a week to ensure your security at the utmost level and of course to solve your mysteries. You can precisely see missed as well as blocked calls in your recants, and you can even listen in to hear why blocked caller was contacting you. It keeps on increasing its sheath against spam callers by improving its security over a short period of time to give you protection against spam callers. So just download RoboKiller: Spam Call Blocker app and enjoy extreme safety from robot spam.


8. Smiley Private Texting SMS

Smiley Private Texting SMS lets you send or receive messages text messages with a free new number without exposing your actual reserved number. Using this elegant app, it is now easier to protect your phone number and text anyone with a real and free number. You can easily install and open the application, and it does not require any sign-in process. You simply have to enter the number you want to text and send as many texts as you acquire for free. All of the stuff that you wrote will exactly send the same way, but the only thing is that your contact with seeing them comes from a new number. You can even receive the replies of your friends and get their messages delivers to Smiley Private Texting SMS for free. It is outstanding and ideal for texting, business, and craigslist. It precisely provides both the free trial period for one week and a pro account plan as well that lets you enjoy the full features of this elegant texting app.


9. AT&T Call Protect

AT&T Call Protect is a great tool which protects you against all fraud calls, automatically block potential unknown calls, warns you of suspected spam calls, and provides you the real power of monitoring and handling all the stuff. AT&T Call Protect is the finest tool introduced in the market by AT&T Services, Inc. which lets you know who is calling before you answer the call. You can precisely monitor your block list and also keep changes to it accordingly. This app detects as well as block calls from likely fraudsters automatically before your cell phone even rings. You can head up on spam, and it warns you of suspected calls and telemarketers and let you decide whether to answer, ignore, and block them. AT and T Call Protect also allows you to add unwanted spam calls to your own block list and also help identify suspected fraud and likely spam calls. While on the other hand, (its in-app purchase) AT&T Call Protect Plus brings custom call controls, enhanced caller ID, reverse number lookup, and available in HD voice coverage areas. So just download AT&T Call Protect app in your phone to get all the benefits of blocking spam and fraudulent calls and manage them in the way you want.


10. Number Finder

Number Finder lets you find the unknown numbers through this ultimate app and always get to know who is calling you or sending you messages. Number Finder is a great application introduced by PozTechnology Inc. which makes it so authentic, precise, and convenient to find the number you have queried. It is a great tool which facilitates you to get unlimited investigations and explorations from out of million numbers and authentically provides the data which is required. Through this number finder app, you can query among millions of numbers that you want to know and easily get approximate data regarding them. Number Finder enables its worldwide users to ask for their desired numbers, and this app will precisely find it out for you. You can download this ultimate number finder app for making unlimited inquiries for the unknown number calling you, your friends, your family members, and others. This easy to use number finder app lets you have precise information about the unknown phone number calling you, and you can instantly find who the caller is before you call them back. So just download Number Finder: Find any Phone Number app to ask for a number intuitively and let this app do the rest for you, and also check some alternatives to Number Finder app over this list.


11. Phone Lookup Pro

Phone Lookup Pro is an excellent tool through which users from all over the world can have a free phone lookup search of U.S number from their text messages, call log, or by simply entering in a number manually. Phone Lookup Pro: Reverse Lookup app was introduced by Socketwire Inc. which brings a precise and fully featured tool that makes monitoring as well as blocking unwanted calls easily. The information on these type of numbers are limited because there is no prepaid phone directory or public cell phone directory. It returns publicly available data as published by the phone companies. Phone Lookup Pro: Reverse Lookup app lets you have one-tap access to the call log, SMS messages, manual lookup, recent lookups, blocked numbers, my comments, FAQs, and its settings as well. It does not need any subscriptions or logins so that you can precisely keep your personal data secure and does not reveal it even to this app. Its extreme customization enables its users to change the theme of the app and enjoy it in blue, red, yellow, orange, green, and some other colors. Reverse Lookup Pro app keeps on updating its stuff for providing you everything needed under one platform. So just download Phone Lookup Pro: Reverse Lookup app and enjoy all its features for free.


12. Call Recorder App for iPhone

Call Recorder App for iPhone excellently records incoming as well as outgoing phone calls, and you can save them for lateral purposes, introduced in the market by UAB Nesus. Call Recorder App for iPhone application enables its worldwide users to enjoy saving and managing your call (incoming and outgoing) precisely over one place and lets you access them whenever you want. You can record limitless calls with limitless minutes because it does not implies any boundary for the number of minutes. This version of this call recorder will defiantly give you a fully functional trial to play back a lot of calls as you would like and you will not be charged during this trial span. Call Recorder App for Mobile Phone app application features beautiful interface, record your incoming calls, record outgoing calls, access to recording laws, push notification for letting you access recording, no limit on the number of recording, limitless number of call recording, new feature updates all the time, and lets you have one low subscription rate as well. So just download Call Recorder App for iPhone in your mobile devices to start recording and managing all the incoming and outgoing calls of the persons you love or hate without any limit on a number of calls as well as minutes.


13. YouMail

YouMail is a widely used application intuitively stops scammers, rob calls, and telemarketers and does not waste your time over these fraudulent calls. You Mail Robocall Blocker & Voicemail is an excellent tool introduced in the market by YouMail Inc. which is working marvelous superb for stopping, monitoring, recognizing, and stopping robocalls (robot calls) and let you aware from all of this before it’s too late. It is an award-winning call blocker and the automatic virtual receptionist that also facilitate callers and make your mobile works more productive and effortless. This application enables you to block unwanted phone callers like your ex, sale persons who won’t get the hint, loan receivers, and others. YouMail Robot Call Blocker and Voicemail app enable its users to keep their contacts up to date by responding instantly with an automated SMS or text to ask callers to provide and update their contact information. This app also includes the feature of conferencing calls, delight callers by greeting them, get phone numbers, appear more professional by look, and tons of other features. So just download YouMail Robot Call Blocker and Voicemail app in your phone and get all these useful features of blocking calls, detecting spam, monitor robot calls, and various more with damn ease.


14. Burner Phone Numbers SMS/Calls

Burner Phone Numbers SMS/Calls is a gigantically used app loved in all over the universe which enables its entire users to get a second side line number for their private conversation, family use, office usage, friends, and others. Burner Phone Numbers SMS or Calls bought in the market by BinaryPattern Inc. through which people can elegantly create an on-demand phone number and keep their personal number safe and private. This 2nd phone number provider is one of the most used apps which enables you to make a super secure private phone number you just have to install the app and signup, and this app assigns you a real, new, mobile phone number to use right away. Burner Phone Numbers SMS and Calls app allow you to make a call or send a text to anyone without exposing your private number. You can share your Members Plus number with everyone and keep your personal number private. You can send unlimited text messages, and whenever your contact replay you, you will get their message delivered straight to the app, and enjoy things in your own way. So just download Burner Phone Numbers SMS or Calls to enjoy one app on one phone to enjoy multiple numbers for all your desired needs.


15. FreedomPop Messaging Phone or SIM

FreedomPop Messaging Phoneor SIM is a great application where you can enjoy free calling, texting, and 4G LTE data in a way like never before, introduced by Freedom Pop Inc. FreedomPop Messaging Phone or SIM lets you download this app and sign in here with ease and access to free texting, phone calling, and LTE data with the number available from UK, Spain, US, and more. You can easily send text messages and make free calls once you occupied your desired country’s phone number. This app ensures extreme safety because it does not share your information or new number with any hidden third parties. All the plans that it brings are for free and do not contains any hidden charges or any commitment so that you can cancel anytime you want. Freedom Pop Messaging Phone or SIM app brings entirely a free service which includes almost 500 MB data, 200 minutes, and almost 500 text messages. It lets you have free minutes to call anyone in the United Kingdom, Spain, United States, Canada, and almost 50 countries and you can send SMS freely to any US, Spain, and UK numbers. So just download FreedomPop Messaging Phone or SIM app from the store and start making calls, sending messages, and sharing your texts for free.


16. Primo Call

Primo Call is a classy application for low-cost long distance calls, and its dialer simplifies the long-distance calling s nicely and still providing all the flexibility that is needed. Primo Call: Low cost calls is a fine application introduced by Callture Inc. which lets you enjoy reasonably priced calls to your friends and family members for free. This application lets you get a phone call as well as a passcode in SMS messages to authenticate you and is your own cellular number is your account with Primo Call. Primo Call: Low-cost calls brings options to call using the Call back and Local Access and works seamlessly with existing contacts without any need to remember long numbers. Other than these, Primo Call app lets you can precisely check rates for any destination before you make a call, get per minute rates, no hidden charges, easily check for rates for any destination, and various other utilities. You can easily transfer your account balance with your family members in more than 100 countries from all over the world on their cellular accounts. So just download Primo Call: Low cost calls app and have cheap voice calls for long distances rates with ultimate premium voice quality right from your mobile devices.


17. FreeTone

Free Tone is an excellent tool that enables you to enjoy making an unlimited number of calls and send limitless text messages to the United States as well as Canada. FreeTone Free Calls and Texting is a gigantically used app which enables you to have a side line number and keep your private number unpublicized. Apart from sending messages and making calls, everyone can now share their desired photos, stickers, videos, and more to their beloved ones. This application brings low-cost international calls, and you can make a call to various phone numbers. You can conveniently pick an area code to sign up here, make and receive free phone calls (in Canada and US), and save cell minutes with the new voicemail or number. FreeTone Free Calls and Texting has made it so convenient and cost less to send as well as receive MMS, SMS, large pictures, videos, and more from your Android and iOS smartphone devices. This list of the apps let you have similar apps or alternatives to free calling and SMS message app that is significant for you for sure. So just download FreeTone Free Calls and Texting app to get your real phone number with high quality online calling and text messaging, all for free.


18. Voopee

Voopee is an excellent tool either you are a businessman who is constantly on the move, a student studying abroad, and simply the other ordinary people through which people can make communication with each other and enjoy everything for free. It serves you with a real Malaysian mobile number to keep to stay connected with the world. Voopee – Social Media and Group Chat let you stay in touch with all your loved ones right under one platform and share your ideas, lifestyles, thoughts, opinions, arguments, and anything you need to share. Voopee – Best Group Chat enables everyone to travel the world without having any tension about the roaming charges. Voopee – Social Media and Group Chat app brings an exciting, easy, and accurate way of making connections and enjoying everything for free. It also brings the moods system that carries the group feature a whole new level. Voopee – Best Group Chat app also enables you to win a JD sports shopping pass every day, and you have to customize this app to win free passes. So just download Voopee – Social Media and Group Chat app which utilizes the power of internet connection to prove you with the service that lets you enjoy ultimate benefits.

More About IntCall

IntCall is another gorgeous tool through which you can precisely record and manage the phone calls of your family members, friends, enemies, and other fellows just to save them for lateral use. Call Recorder – IntCall is a great call recorder for Android and iOS devices introduced by Telestar Inc. which brings an easy to use call recorder that helps you record your desired calls with ease and save it on a fine place for convenient access. It is an easy to use call recording tool which is just like your phone dialer which records your calls when you just make calls. Call Recorder – IntCall intuitively records and saved over your mobile phone and your phone only. This application makes it easy to make and record national as well as international calls from your Android and iOS mobile devices and Tablets. All your recorded calls can easily be played on the phone, transferred to your phone, delete with ease, and send via email, Facebook, WhatsApp or other social sharing platforms. The calls are made through its VOIP server that terminates the phone call to the recipient’s phone number. So just download Call Recorder for Phone – IntCall app from the store and record your outgoing mobile phone calls with extreme security.