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iPlay Music lets you listen to your favorite songs with the most beautiful and user-friendly music player. iPlay Music – Swipe Music Player, Quick Mp3 Player is a classy application introduced by iKame Application Inc. which brings one of the faster, handy, simple, and very easy to play music over your mobile devices… read more
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8 Apps Like iPlay Music for iOS

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1. EZMP3 Player

EZMP3 Player is an elegant application through which you can enjoy playing mp3 as well as mp4 songs over your mobile device having a lot of significant features. EZMP3 Player is a fine application introduced by yTechMobile Inc. through which you can directly add your music files, and there is no need for iTunes sync. You can effortlessly use beep sounds effects and some unique features including in-app deleting etc. when operate using remote control. This app carries an engaging display interface, and you can enjoy watching your song progress while listening to it right on your mobile phone. This application carries unlock screen display, support lyrics display, and enables you to transfer files through Wi-Fi. EZMP3 Player features copy function of music files, no need of syncing to iTunes, file transfer through USB and Wi-Fi, direct management of folders, support of id3 tags, multitasking support, and intuitively support all languages such encoding of is3 tags. This application also provides the exact bitrate display if each of your mp3 and mp4 files. Other than these, EZMP3 Player also brings some special features by pressing the buttons particularly. So just download EZMP3 Player, and enjoy playing your mp3 and mp4 files right using this app.


2. PlayerXtreme Media Player

PlayerXtreme Media Player is a widely used application for listening to songs, watching movies, and enjoy things on the move. PlayerXtreme Media Player – Movies & streaming bought in the market by Xtreme Media Works which brings an all in one app for playing, watching, and streaming their favorite content whenever you want. You can play your favorite music without any conversions and enjoy instant playback with this free to use app. This application enables everyone to watch their favorite movies in the best possible or probably the HD video playback without any conversion. PlayerXtreme Media Player – Movies & streaming intuitively supports all types of media files such as hi-fi music, and some video formats including WMV, AVI, MP4, MKV, MOV, and almost 40 others. It efficiently supports 3gp, asf, m2p, m2ts, m2v, DivX, dv, dat, m4v, mkv, moov, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpeg4, mpeg3, mpeg2, mpeg1, avi, flv, gxf, mpg, mt2s, ts, mxf, ogm, ogv, rm, rmvb, webm, wm, and wmv formats. So just download PlayerXtreme Media Player – Movies & streaming app in your mobile phone and get one of the most popular audio player, video player, online video streaming player, and a movie player available in the store.


3. AnyPlayerAD

AnyPlayerAD enables its users to enjoy watching videos without any conversions of playing music, live TV, media files, DLNA, UPNP Media server streaming. This application supports subtitles and effectively supports Dropbox file upload or download feature. AnyPlayerAD bought in the market by MichealPlayer Inc. which has intuitively made an app for you where you can play music content and any movies without converting media formats. This app supports a diversity of video formats without converting media formats. This app enables its users to capture the screen shot, adjust playback, change color effect, change the aspect ratio, and so much more while the video is playing. You can also even use the full-screen mode as well as subtitle encoding setting feature. AnyPlayer AD excellently supports a number of formats including FLAC, WMA, MP4, MP3, AVI, ASF, MKV, 3GP, MOV, FLV, MP4, WMV, RM/RMVB, M2TS, MT2S, M4V, TS, MPEG, and some other. There are various other features of AnyPlayerAD app such as iPod music albums, live TV streaming, PDF reader, TV-out support, and various others. So just download AnyPlayerAD app in your mobile phone, and enjoy the marvelous features in the way you love.


4. iSub Music Streamer

iSub Music Streamer is probably one of the classiest application that enables you to stream your personal music collection from your home PC directly to your iPod, iPhone, iPod Touch, regardless of format and size. iSub Music Streamer bought in the market by Benjamin Baron Inc. which helps you listen to music in a unique way. It is an incredible software program that enables you to stream all of that music from your home computer directly to your iPhone. You can stream your music from any Subsonic compatible server including FutureSonic, Madsonic, and Subsonic, etc. It enables you to browse, search, and edit your playlist right from your mobile device, view your latest additions, shuffles albums and songs, and far more things to enjoy. iSub Music Streamer makes it easy to navigate, and this app streams directly from your home commuter right to your mobile device. It helps you play any sort of music, chat with others on the server, saves bookmarks, instant access to playlist, airplay support, search your server, quick start guide, selections complete with albums, and so much more. You can intuitively download iSub Music Streamer app from the store and customize your music listening experience in an ultimate way.


5. Free Mp3 Stream

Free Mp3 Stream is another excellent tool which lets you listen to your choice of audio in an ultimate way, and you can even manage everything regarding your music playlist in the way like never before. Free Mp3 Stream Manager & Music Player is a fine product of Splash Gene Inc. which enables you to enjoy music in the way you love. It enables everyone to discover, music, search and manage music directly on the SoundCloud. This app lets you search, collect and enjoy your favorite music while on the move right using your mobile phones. It lets everyone to create custom music folders, and you can easily search by song size, name, and date, etc. You can enjoy the smart and classy playlists same as iPod and listen to your favorite songs with simple swipes. Free Mp3 Stream Manager & Music Player lets you shuffle and repeat songs as you want and it also plays the songs in the background and uses other apps. So just download Free Mp3 Stream Manager & Music Player app in your cell phone, and enjoy searching and collecting your favorite music for SoundCloud into your smartphone, anywhere, anytime or all the time.


6. Music Player

Music Player is a robust and simple to use mp3 music and another audio music player with robust equalizer, custom backgrounds, and provides an amazing experience. Music Player is a well-known product of Zentertain Inc. which enables you to enjoy your music at the ultimate intensity. This app enables everyone to enjoy listening to their most favourite songs in the way they want. Music Player features quick searching, play music by title, songs, album or artist, playlist support, albums, party shuffle, easy navigation, notification control, play queue, and so much more. You can get intuitive albums, artists, and folders of your music and this app effortlessly guides you discover all the music files in seconds. Music Player brings an extremely talented equalizer through which you can enjoy your music in the type of sound that you want. It is a powerful music media player through which you can play all your audio through its support of all the most popular music file formats. You can instantly search for your required music file in the list with ease and listen to any type without long and irritating scrolling for looking for particular songs. So just download Music Player in your cell phone, and enjoy your music in an ultimate professional way.


7. MonkeyMote

MonkeyMote provides you with the capacities of full-fledged wireless remote control for your Android, iOS, and other cell phone. MonkeyMote Music Remote Lite entirely supports the popular foobar2000, Winamp, AIMP 2 & 3, JRiver Media Center, MediaMonkey, and other media players, bought in the market by Obsidium software Inc. It intuitively connects to media plate running on your Windows PC through your Wi-Fi network and enables you to view information about the currently playing tracks and control every significant playback feature. This application enables you to enjoy playback control and display songs cover art and information. You can easily manage, view, and control the current playlists and enjoy things in the way you want. It allows you to browse and search your entire media as well as queue songs. Other than these, MonkeyMote Music Remote Lite app enables you to view and set multiple connection profiles, view and set song ratings, small, low or fast resources usage, easy to set up the process, minimal permissions, load playlists from the library, and more. You can effortlessly download MonkeyMote Music Remote Lite from the stores, and enjoy music ultimately.


8. umusio

umusio enables its users to enjoy a classy music player for video, mp3, and FM in this one shop stop. Umusio – you music manor is an app that enables you to listen to FM, MP3, and video to watch music videos unlimitedly. This application enables you to get the hottest new albums from all your favourite artists and enjoy anytime you want. You can catch all the hottest and the newest songs, personalized playlists, global music ranking, search your favourites in the search bar, and so much more. You can intuitively create playlists and collection the music that you love. It enables its users to log in with the Twitter, Line, Google, FB, and more, and you can share music over almost all social media platforms. This application helps you create a personal exclusive playlist and add your desired number of songs in them. Umusio – you music manor enables you to post a comment on the song after login to this app. You can even set turn-off time of the music player when you want your music to stop. So just download Umusio – you music manor app to create and manage playlists to collect your favourite music and listen what the world is listening.

More About iPlay Music

iPlay Music lets you listen to your favorite songs with the most beautiful and user-friendly music player. iPlay Music – Swipe Music Player, Quick Mp3 Player is a classy application introduced by iKame Application Inc. which brings one of the faster, handy, simple, and very easy to play music over your mobile devices. It brings a beautiful electro interface, which allows you to get the best music player with various outstanding features. It brings a brand new music experience for everyone and carries a tool called swipe with simple control. iPlay Music – Swipe Music Player, Quick Mp3 Player, enables you to transfer songs, play music, select songs, and a diversity of features without having to open the app. It allows you to listen to free music anywhere, anytime with this smart mp3 player. Apart from these, it also lets you have the most intuitive visualizer effect and variety of themes store with many genres, and get the sleep timer as well. So just download iPlay Music – Swipe Music Player, Quick Mp3 Player app in your mobile phones and enjoy one of the best music experience on your cell phone.