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iStudiez Pro is a fine tool especially for all the students, which helps you to stay briefed on your plans all the time and get things done with extreme supervision. iStudiez Pro – Legendary Planner is an elegant application introduced by iStudiez Team, which fits your entire life deeds into your schedule and stay captivatingly organized… read more
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22 Apps Like iStudiez Pro for Android

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1. School Planner

School Planner app lets you add homework, assignments, notes, exams, classwork, and all the school concerning things under one platform to manage them effectively. School Planner is a widely loved Education app presented in the market by Andrea Dal Cin Inc. which allows you to save much of your time and efforts by managing your school work. You can precisely plan and create your timetables and monitor your schedules with ease. School Planner app allows you to see all your tasks from one place and manage your entire events through its built-in calendar. It contains a beautiful widget for providing your schedules and other stuff right on your home screen. Some of the key features of School Planner app includes the agenda for homework, exams, and reminders, support for timetables, calendar providence, backup on Google Drive, awesome themes, recording of lectures, and better management of your tests, assignments, and reminders. It allows you to customize School Planner in the way you want and plan things according to your studies. School Planner is an excellent tool which records your lectures, saves the contact info of your teachers, syncs your agenda with all your devices, manages your subjects and grades, and stays up to date over your progress on this app.


2. TimeTune

TimeTune is an effective application for doing things way easier, improving your daily routine, and for increasing your productivity for real time. TimeTune – Optimize Your Time, Productivity and Life is a fine tool developed in the market by TimeTune Studio Inc. which brings a classy interface for organizing plenty of things right under one platform and helps you in managing and monitoring things effortlessly. It is an elegant routine planner which helps you store your tasks of the day and get them done with better results. Time Tune app never lets your important works get ignored by providing you with up to the mark knowledge of what you have to do next. TimeTune – Optimize Your Time, Productivity, and Life lets you manage your time on the basis of routines and is suitable for every single folk students, parents, teachers, householders, freelancers, cleaners, shop holders, or various others who value their time including. You can precisely add great flexibility to your schedules by letting you add routine on a daily basis, weekly basis, and odd figures (for all the professionals having messy work). TimeTune apps’ extreme level customization lets you do things in your own way. So just give a chance to download TimeTune – Optimize Your Time, Productivity, and Life app in your mobile phone and manage your routines in a way like never before.


3. ClassUp

ClassUp intuitively helps all the students of schools, colleges and universities alike for managing their classes, tracking their tasks, organizing their notes, and make communication with their class fellows. ClassUp – Schedule, Note for Students app was presented in the market by PLOKia Inc. which brings a sleekly designed tool for managing your daily courses, lessons, chapters, lectures, quizzes, and assignments by searching for and adding classes entered by other of its users. You can intuitively design your ultimate schedule using your most likely background images, the color of text, and various boxes of work. ClassUp – Schedule and Note App allows you to explore the schedules of your friends and effectively see eye to eye on what your fellow is learning. You can also create multiple schedules and manage them in the way you want. ClassUp – Schedule, Note for Students app intuitively organize all your notes, to-dos, and memos under one platform and access them whenever required. ClassUp – Schedule, Note allows you to intuitively add dates, notes, hashtags, pics, and other stuff to your notes using simple codes. ClassUp – Schedule and Note for Students app allow you to tap your class box to access notes, add events, to-dos, and memos, and check your classmate’s and manage your entire class with ultimate ease and professionalism.


4. My Study Life

My Study Life is a simple, cross-platform planner especially made for all the students, lecturers, and teachers to make their study life way better and easier to manage. My Study Life – School Planner app is a great tool presented in the market by My Study Life, Ltd, which is loved by tons of worldwide folks for managing their classes, homework, classwork, exams, tests, and more right under one platform. It allows you to store your classes, exams, homework, and more over the cloud and access your schedules and content on any of your desired device, no matter where you are. My Study Life – School Planner app intuitively tracks your homework, assignments, revision, reminders, and other tasks and stores them with ultimate ease over the cloud. It brings a sleek user interface which lets you see your homework overdue and due for classes, add revision tasks for a particular exam, classes which conflict with your papers, and more in this easy to use app. Other than these, My Study Life app is significant for managing your classes, storing your exams, and for providing instant reminders before all your upcoming crucial tasks and exams. My Study Life – School Planner app flawlessly syncs your data with multiple devices, and the users can get the benefits of the app even when they are not connected with the internet.


5. School Assistant

School Assistant is an exclusive app which makes your school life easier and helps you plan all the activities of your life. School Assistant app was presented in the market by Gil Castro Inc. which enables its users to get a highly customized application for growing every month with new possibilities and ultimate new feature so that it works just superb for you. You can simply open up the app to see your day as well as upcoming tasks on the move and get notified, so you don’t forget your tasks or assignments. You can also use the widget of School Assistant app to see and monitor what you are looking for without ever opening the app again and again. Some of its highlighted features of School Assistant app includes main screen customization, google calendar sync, google drive sync, unlimited class, and evaluation types, custom icons, multi-user support, use emojis as icons, extra widgets, no-ads, app access protection, and various others. School Assistant app lets you see the right information whenever you need it the most and enjoy customization, auto-mute functionality (whenever you are in presentation or class), and get better control of your attendance or class.


6. Flipd

Flipd is an exclusive application which intuitively tracks your productivity, time well spent, and the focus while getting things done in a way like never before. Flipd – Stay Focused, Remove Distraction is a gorgeous tool presented in the market by Flipd Inc., which lets you get things done with maximum positivity and ultimate results. It lets challenge yourself to unplug while you do your tasks and motive yourself by tracking the time that you have saved during some work. Flipd – Stay on task, Not Distracted app allows you to schedule reminders, use the full lock to stay out of distraction, and join groups in its community to challenge your friends. You can boost your engagement and focus in classes and increase your learning capabilities in an effective and sleek way. Flipd – Keep Focused app brings automatic notifications to flip off for the leaning whenever you schedule reminders. You can intuitively keep track and measure your progress over time and join plenty of classes without any additional cost. Flipd – Stay on Tasks app lets you go premium for tracking statistics, creating limitless schedules, and join communities and groups. So just download Flipd – Stay Focused, Remove Distractions app in your cell phone and maximize your productivity without any extra efforts.


7. Engross

30124,30123,30122,30125,30120,30121,30126,30134,30127,30133,30132,30131,30130,30129,30128,30137,30139,30138,30141,30136,30135,30140,30143,30144,30142,30151,30156,30154,30153,30152Engross app intuitively helps you to increase your productivity and stay focused at studies and work and improve efficiency in the way like never before. Engross: Focus Timer with To Do List and Day Planner app was presented in the market by Engross Apps which has helped users to retain their focus and never made any mistake and make your study life more focus. It uses an elegant method which ensures that you remain motivated and focused on the tasks that you are working on. Engross is a simple to use app which records the number of times you get distracted during the study or work and improves your study sessions. You can challenge in the next session of your work and intuitively improve your focus. Engross: Focus Timer with To Do List and Day Planner app brings a very practical and elegant way of setting the timer. You can manage long-period tasks by providing a to-do list to help you manage all the tasks right here along with the timer. You can create progressive tasks along with a progressive bar for you where you can track your progress as you proceed through it or to do with it. Engross: Focus Timer with To Do List and Day Planner app lets you add custom quotes, an advance reminder for tasks to get notified, pause a work session, additional black theme, add a goal to a timer, auto turning off of Wi-Fi, and organize and focus your days.


8. Timetable Planner

Timetable Planner is easy to use, a simple yet robust tool which helps you schedule all the activities regarding school, college, and university just to let you get things done on time. Timetable Planner – For School and University app was presented in the market by Study Apps Inc. which allows you to get a precise app for storing everything about your studies and focus on it in the way like never before. Timetable planner app allows you to enter your desired schedules of school and keeps them forever to let you effortlessly use them every day. You can simply schedule your desired lessons, homework, or tasks over the app and monitor them on a daily basis according to your learning needs. Timetable planner – For School and University app brings easy settings that will help you to set the periods of the week, days of weeks, and the like. You can intuitively schedule your work for one to two weeks. The app can securely keep notes for each of your lessons and helps you get everything in one comprehensive tool. Timetable Planner allows you to export your data to the other devices if you want. Timetable planner – for school and university is a significantly simple and convenient tool which helps you increase your productivity by keeping schedules of your academic information under one platform.


9. Timetable

Timetable is one of the most elegant, intuitive, and beautiful application available on the store for managing your university, college, or school’s life in a reasonable way. Timetable app was presented in the market by Gabriel Ittner Apps UG Inc., which brings loads of exciting features for managing your entire educational activities under one place. You can precisely save all your tasks as well as timetables from homework to the exams and more. You only need to store them for once, because it will automatically syncs your entire data over all your android devices. Timetable app is optimized for both tablets and smartphones and is available in dark and night themes. It enables its users to effortlessly save their lessons, holidays, projects and timetables and view them as list and as the grid. Other than these, Timetable app also brings the functionalities of searching in your tasks and timetables, auto-mute phone during lesson, dashclock extension, optional week cycle (two, three, and four), notifications for tomorrows tasks and upcoming lessons and resizable widget for each of your task and lesson. The app mutes your phone during the lessons and does not interrupt you from anything else while studying. Timetable app brings colorful sections for adding your work, and you can access the schedules of the weekdays separately.


10. School

School is an ultimate assistant for your daily educational and organizational process and makes it easy to manage daily routines and school affairs right from one platform. School – Ultimate Studying Assistant app is a significant tool developed in the market by Flaring App Inc. which allows you to schedule your routine in your phone and get things done with better and instant results. It intuitively solves your daily educational problems and is a real deal of incomprehensible timetables and subjects. School – Your Personal Assistant allows you to add your entire collection of lectures into one division and saves much of your time and efforts for storing and accessing them whenever you want. School – Ultimate Studying Assistant app allows you to open a section which shows the time before the start or end of the lecture instead of recalling the classed schedule. School – Personal Education Assistant brings a handy and trigonometric function calculator that helps you solve your problems with ease. It provides a secure place for storing your lessons and helps you learn them at any time of the day. School – Ultimate Studying Assistant is an exceptional app to make your school weekdays more genuine and vivid.


11. TimeTable++ Schedule

TimeTable++ Schedule is an effective and easy to use app for all the students of school and university levels, which helps them for managing their routines and schedules in a way like never before. TimeTable++ Schedule app was presented in the market by Phylsoft Inc. which brings an excellent calendar to manage your entire schedules flawlessly. This amazing app takes your entire homework, notes, and provides notifications for all the necessary things to do on time. You can precisely focus on your exams and marks rather than collecting the material or managing your time. TimeTable Plus Schedule app contains the features of an unlimited number of timetables, device muting during lessons, cancellations and free days, pic and audio days, exams and marks, iCalendar support, the countdown to next exam, pics and audio recordings, and a lot of different widgets. You just need to slide over the screen to go through the timetables of multiple weeks and touch appointments over the timetable to add a note, exam, notification, or exercise to do. It prevents your mobile phone from ringing during the lessons by letting you choose from silent or vibration mode. TimeTable++ Schedule app allows you to share everything in the app online with your friends and let them know about your schedules if you want.


12. Study Tips

Study Tips lets you get the best way to study the tips for students and never let them take tension about their grades anymore. Study Tips – Tips for studying & Exam preparation is a great tool developed in the market by MIPB Inc. which enables all the students to focus on their exams and never take worry about their results. It helps them miraculously improve their grades and get the best tips regarding their respective study. The app provides personalized plans for study and keeps on updating its stuff for providing its users with an up to the mark knowledge or content. Study Tips – Exam Preparation App lets you get all the necessary information that you need about your study and improve your reasoning and thinking capacities on the move. It lets everyone to build study habits and motive all the students regarding their study. Study Tips – Tips for Studying app helps you concentrate and focus on a study by memorizing their information in less time and with better results. Study Tips – Tips for studying and Exam preparation app allows you to give proper attention to your study by getting study tips and train your brains for improving the grades in a way like never.


13. Egenda

Egenda is a smile to use and fast homework planner and manager, which quickly manages your assignments, quizzes, classes, tasks, tests, and projects with powerful capabilities of the organization. Egenda – School Planner & Assistant is an effective tool presented in the market by Gr8bit Studios Inc. which allows you to get a simple way to handle big things regarding all your school tasks. You can add various types of assignments and manage them all day to day. Egenda – Homework Manager allows you to create a few classes, add plenty of assignments in them, and hammer your homework effectively. The app never lets you forget about any assignment with sleek daily reminders about what’s due the upcoming day. Egenda – School Planner and Assistant allows you to add notes to remember assignment details and group members. Egenda app is a better planner than an ordinary agenda and lets you take care of your school activities way better and simple. Egenda – Homework Manager contains the capability of managing all your tests, quizzes, and homework from all of your classes under one platform just to enhance the way you handle things in your life.


14. Brain Focus Productivity Timer

Brain Focus Productivity Timer is a widely used application which helps all its users to keep focus by blocking all the distractions and improve their productivity through using the Pomodoro Technique. Brain Focus Productivity Timer – Improve your Productivity app was presented in the market by Brain Focus Inc. which brings an elegant time management app that helps everyone for getting things done with smooth and positive results. You can intuitively adjust the duration of the session to fit your needs having this tool in your mobile phone. You can intuitively start a work session and get a reward with a break at the end of the work session. You can restart both previous steps at the end of the break sessions as well. Brain Focus Productivity Timer – Improve Your Productivity app intuitively tracks the time regarding your tasks, group the tasks by categories, and configure multiple settings per task. You can precisely pause and resume sessions, skip the end or the break of a session, get notification regarding the work sessions, get continuous mode, multiple theme availability (blue, red, pink, gray, green, and more), and supports more than 30 languages. Brain Focus Productivity Timer lets you get the pro version to catch the features of contribution to development, remove ads, backup, export to CSV, android wear support, and use more than three categories as well.


15. Todait

Todait is a gigantically used app which allows you to grow and change together by having a collective study with anyone you want. Todait – Smart study planner is a great tool available to use in the market by Todait Inc. which lets you get an authentic planner which assist you in utilizing your time and ace your exams. Today It app is useful for all the students, learners, and teachers alike, which help them in managing everything flawlessly. Todait – Be productive with Todait app is crucial for especially for people who need help with effective time management and productivity. The helps users in the preparation of NBDE, A levels, ASVAB, PSAT, ACTs, AP Exams, NMSQT, DAT, LSAT, SAT, SHSAT, Bar exam, COMLEX-USA, GED, MCAT, PANCE, NCLEX, BMAT, PCAT, NAPLEX, and more. Todait – Smart Study Planner app helps app the people who have a gigantic amount of syllabus to cover and has no idea how to do so. The app emphasizes study rather than the planning, and its automatic distribution tells you how much you should study every day to achieve your objectives with a limited period. Todait – Be productive with Todait intuitively plans, divide and manage your study stuff over a particular period of time while providing detailed feedback.


16. New Timetable

New Timetable is an easy to use and effective timetable manager or class schedule widget which lets you define your own timetable for your class or any sort of work and access everything from your home screen. New Timetable (Widget) – 2019 app was presented in the market by KF Software House Inc. which enables its users to define everything about their schedules and work routine right on their mobile home screens, on this widget. The timetable management widget contains loads of modes including single week, A\B week, 6-day cycle week, 7-day cycle week, A/B/C/D week, and A/B/C week right over your mobile screen. New Timetable (Widget) – Timetable Management tool allows you to manage more than one timetable for your friends and family members. You can put your desired things-to-do in this app and manage or monitor them in an effective and effortless way. New Timetable Widget lets you get colorful combinations for setting timetables for your desired things. New Timetable (Widget) – 2019 app helps you to plan everything about your life and to develop good habits in you.


17. GoConqr

GoConqr is an effective tool which makes learning easier, fun, and effortless by letting you save and access great learning resources includes Quizzes, Slides, Flashcards, Mind Maps, Slides, and Notes, etc. GoConqr app was presented in the market by ExamTime Ltd. which allows you to access all your resources instantly and easily. You can view all your latest updates in the activity section of this app. It allows you to access a library of more than 4 million learning resources and helps you view, share, and explore the notes, slides, quizzes flashcards, and more. It allows you to discover, participate, and join in its exclusive learning groups. GoConqr lets you have truly a collaborative online learning experience by accessing you millions of awesome learning resources. You can take all you need on your mobile devices and learn on the move. GoConqr allows you to access all the resources of study, which offers a lot more visual learning experience. It provides a free to use and instant way to install and set up experience which lets you discover and join learning groups and connect with learners from all over the world. GoConqr is an intuitively flexible, and powerful study app for greater study access right through your mobile phones.


18. Additio

Additio is an elegant application which helps all the students from planning to the grading by centralizing all your classroom management in an easy to use and simple app. Teacher’s Gradebook – Additio app was presented in the market by Didactic Labs, S.L., Inc. which allows all the teachers to get a flexible multi-platform tool and manage their learnings over mobiles and tablets the same way. Some of the powerful features of Additio – Teacher Gradebook app includes robust digital gradebook, customization of reports, recording of attendance, offline working, complaint with EU GDPR, easy to use and import data, exporting the data to PDF and Excel, and communication with families and students with ease. The app intuitively organizes and link resources in multiple formats, even from the Microsoft OneDrive, and Google Drive. Additio – Gradebook and Lesson Planner helps you in the calculation for the average round off grades, integration with Microsoft and Google for education, and provide a hell more features at hand for your regular classes. Teacher’s Gradebook – Additio app simplifies the management of your classroom, collaborate with peers, and organize lessons for letting you get organized effectively. Additio – Gradebook and Lesson Planner app assists all the teachers to manage everything regarding their students effortlessly.


19. Easy Study

Easy Study is an easy to use and effective application which allows you to create awesome study plans in simple steps. Easy Study – Your schedule, plan for school app was presented in the market by Aplicativos Legais – LTDA Inc. which allows you to organize your study routines, planning of learning your lessons, and organizing your timetables in an effective and efficient way. Easy Study – Plan for school app allows you to go through three simple steps to create amazing study plans, just through entering the subjects to study, number of subjects that you want to study every day, and then finally confirm the plan fits you. Easy Study – Timmer, and Planner for studies is a great selection for those studying for a school, university, or any special exam as well. Other than these, Easy Study – Studies Planner app allows you to plan your subjects for everyday study, customize your subjects, defines the number of subjects that you want to learn, and get an option to add the list of activities for the sessions of study. The app intuitively organizes your study routines in cycles so that you always review the subjects that you want to learn and never leave any accumulated stuff behind. Easy Study – Your schedule, plan for school app allows you to stay organized and study hard for all your exams.


20. Homework Diary

Homework Diary is an efficient app which intuitively organizes the student’s every day studying tasks in a way like never before. Homework Diary app is a fine, simple to use app presented in the market by Moustapha AI Inc. which brings ultimate features for the students of both college and universities to catch all the benefits from this intuitive organizing agenda. This app allows all the students to save the dates of their examinations as a simple reminder so that they wouldn’t fall short of learning ahead of time. You can grab your study material with you and work even more hard for learning your daily basis course. Homework Diary app helps students of all the levels to organize their learning and study and get up to the mark functionalities to do so. It brings simple and smart color coding, which helps you store your desired class schedules in the way you want. It lets you decide what you want to study every day of the week by providing an ultimate calendar. Homework Diary app allows you to set your desired course over your desired days of the week. It brings a robust agenda calculator which helps you get things done with greater results. Homework Diary app brings dashboard for all its users, which lets them catch the current classes, tomorrow’s classes, coming tasks, and more while on the move.


21. Power Planner

Power Planner is an effective and easy to use homework manager and planner for all the students of the college, university, or upper level who are using mobile phone or desktops. Power Planner: Homework/Grades app was presented in the market by BareBones Dev Inc. which brings an exclusive interface for to plans and manage your study and boost your productivity in an elegant way. You can use its calendar to save your routine of study and get its assistance on a daily basis for effective and regular study of your scheduled subjects. Power Planner – Homework, Grades, and Schedule app allow you to add subjects on a daily basis for the whole week and get to know the targeted subject every day through its elegant reminders. Power Planner: Homework and Grades Management app allows you to add your subjects with colors and after setting a specific color to your calendar, you can get to know the subjects through that particular dot of the subject on your keyed date. Apart from managing your subjects, Power Planner app lets you get an agenda view of your learning process as well so that you can get to know what’s on and what’s coming. Power Planner – Homework, Grades, and Schedule app manage semesters by adding assignments and exams, enter classes with room locations and time schedules, and get precise reminders about all the upcoming homework.


22. Student Manager

Student Manager lets you save your entire timetable of the class whether you are studying at school, college, and university alike. Student Manager – Timetable, Exam Schedule & More app was presented in the market by Vipul Gupta Apps, which allows you to save your entire timetables in an easy to use and effective manner. You can save your entire notes in this student manager and edit or modify them in the way like never before. You can precisely set due dates and deadlines over the app and manage them in the way like never before. Student Manager App allows you to add tasks along with the details or examples of homework questions. Student Manager – Timetable, Exam Schedule & More app allows you to save all the timetables along with the room number and keep track of the time which is left for an ongoing class. You can add and edit your entire upcoming exams schedule and keep track of the time left for your examination papers. You can get to know the exact deadline of all the tasks that you’ve added over here. Student Manager – Timetable, Exam Schedule & More allows you to add anything ranging from questions to answers, anything that you do not even want to forget.

More About iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro is a fine tool especially for all the students, which helps you to stay briefed on your plans all the time and get things done with extreme supervision. iStudiez Pro – Legendary Planner is an elegant application introduced by iStudiez Team, which fits your entire life deeds into your schedule and stay captivatingly organized. The app is elegantly being used in everyday academic life in tons of high schools, university and college students from all over the universe. This app brings a unique built-in planner which allows you to input and intuitively manage all sort of schedules, including alternating (A and B weeks), classic, and rotating and block schedule. iStudiez Pro – Win your school battle allows you to improve your grades as you stick to it on a daily basis when planning your studies. It effectively keeps track of your grades and GPA while supporting the world’s most famous grading scales, including letter grades, points, percent, and more. iStudiez Pro Legendary Planner app is a lifesaver in your school and academics and one of the handiest apps that is used in daily school life. iStudiez Pro – Legendary Planner app seamlessly syncs your data with other devices, and you can access your data from your mobile phone, tablet, or other devices, no matter where you are.