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iSwap Faces LITE

iSwap Faces LITE lets you swap two faces over a photo of your friends, colleagues, college mates, siblings, life partners, and other of your beloved ones. iSwap Faces LITE was developed by Black Frog Industries, LLC which enables its users to enjoy tons of features for swapping their face from their most likely pics… read more
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20 Apps Like iSwap Faces LITE



SpeakPic is a damn entertaining app through which you can give real lips to your desired photos and let them speak the words that you want. SpeakPic – Make your photos speak is a hilarious application introduced by 7 Mobile Inc.


iFunFace enables its worldwide users to create stunning and hilarious animations of yourself, your friend, your pets and living things from using photos. iFunFace – Create Funny Videos bought in the market by DryGin Studio Inc.

Faceover Lite

Faceover Lite is another dose of entertainment having millions of downloads which helps you conveniently copy faces between people in your photos. Faceover Lite: Photo Face Swap bought in the market by Revelary Inc.


ZombieBooth brings a fun way to instantly convert your exquisitely charming face into an uproarious, 3D animated zombie. Zombie Booth bought in the market by MotionPortrait, Inc. which carries tons of exciting features being loved by millions of individuals from across the world for making zombies over their cell phones.

YouCam Fun

YouCam Fun is used by millions of people from all over the world who are having a blast with festive holiday fun filters for making their selfies more exquisite. YouCam Fun – Snap Live Selfie Filters & Share Pics is a famous product of Perfect Corp.

Face Swap App

Face Swap App lets you have damn fun by sapping your faces from your most likely pics and share them with the while world, introduced by Brain Craft Ltd. Face Swap App- Funny Face Changer Photo Effects brings some advanced features for making your pics hilarious through applying face swap automatically or even manually.

Funny Movie Maker

Funny Movie Maker is an elegantly used application that enables its worldwide users to create hilarious movies with their friends. Funny Movie Maker – FMM bought in the market by Electric French Fries Inc.

Buzz’s Movie Maker

Buzz’s Movie Maker is a fabulous app for persons who love honey nut cheerios and movies and let them prepare themselves to direct your very own movies. Buzz’s Movie Maker is a widely loved application introduced by General Mills Inc.

Talking Photos from Meing

Talking Photos from Meing makes your desired photos come alive through a number of its incredible features and variety of functions. Talking Photos from Meing is a widely used application that makes your photos talk.

Pic Talk

Pic Talk is a fabulous application introduced by Hames Carrick, which enables its users to enjoy creating and sharing funny face videos with their friends and family members. Pic Talk – Funny face video maker lets you make funny videos over your friends, over animals, fruits, furniture, and anything you want.

BOOMi Camera

BOOMi Camera is another classy app which makes it easy to add cool 3D animations as well as cute emoji to your videos and photos. BOOMi Camera (3D Emoji Video + Photo Maker) BOOMi Gram is the finest product introduced by UP Studios through which you can create interactive stuff by adding awesome 3D cartoons over videos to express yourself freely.


Dubme is a superb tool to have fun making voice over, videos, short stories, bad clips, lip dreading videos, commercials, Youtube funny stuff, music video clips, tutorial videos, and so much more.

Vox ReMix Voice Changing Video

Vox ReMix Voice Changing Video is a widely used app for having entertainment through which you can record your videos in tons of funny voice effects and share them with your friends for fun.

FlipLip Christmas Lip-Sync

FlipLip Christmas Lip-Sync is a great application for making tremendously funny stuff right using your mobile phone just for having quite a fun time. FlipLip Christmas Lip-Sync Mouth Replace Video Maker is a product of ACME Mobile Products which enables its users to flip their lips with friends and make any of your desired photo talks.

Ugly Face Maker Lite

Ugly Face Maker Lite is an easy to use and fun providing iOS app which makes photos of your friends, family members, fellows, colleagues, and any of your desired pic ugly in some simple swipes.

Ugly Camera

Ugly Camera lets you enjoy making funny pics of your friends and family members just for having damn fun. Ugly Camera is a super funny selfie photo maker introduced by Kaname Ohara Inc.

Animate Me Pro

Animate Me Pro is a fine tool that helps you animate any of your desired photos with your desired sound and share them to have exquisite time. Animate Me Pro was introduced by Apptation Inc.

Vizzywig HD

Vizzywig HD brings live switching and even multi-camera recording in 4K, HD, and even 5K resolution. Vizzywig 4K 2018 bought in the market by i4Software Inc. which brings an all in one movie-making tool that intuitively combines editing as well as recording in the camera view.

Action Movie FX

Action Movie FX enables its users to add Hollywood FX to iPad, iPhone, and iPod movies that you shoot. Action Movie FX bought in the market by Bad Robot Interactive that allows you to shoot videos professionally and share them on Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and various others.

Crazy Helium Booth

Crazy Helium Booth is one of the funniest app filled with plenty of hilarious features for creating fun videos in an effortless manner. Crazy Helium Video Booth Lite app is an entertaining app introduced in the market by Appkruti Solutions LLC, which brings an entirely a new experience of making comical videos of your own.

More About iSwap Faces LITE

iSwap Faces LITE lets you swap two faces over a photo of your friends, colleagues, college mates, siblings, life partners, and other of your beloved ones. iSwap Faces LITE was developed by Black Frog Industries, LLC which enables its users to enjoy tons of features for swapping their face from their most likely pics. Usually, a Photoshop master is needed to swap two faces from a pic, while iSwap app makes it so by letting you swap faces and does not need any professional level skills. This elegant face swapping tool makes it easy to pick a photo (from the gallery of just create one), adjust the balance of the face, and just morph one person into another for everyone’s entertainment. iSwap Faces LITE lets you select a pic, place the mask over the two faces, and let it do the rest. You can then share your swapped on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Tinder, and any of your desired one. It lets you laugh for hours by producing such hilarious stuff of your beloved ones. So just give a chance to this excellent face swapping tool named iSwap Faces LITE, if you ever wanted to swap two faces from your favourite pics.

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