6 Apps Like iTranslate Converse for Android

iTranslate Converse is an excellent tool that has efficiently turned your iPhone into a translation device which helps you understand the languages that you normally wouldn’t. iTranslate Converse bought in the market by iTranslate Inc. is a widely used tool that lets you enjoy translation of your voice in several languages for the real-time. This voice translation application works excellent in noisy environment and support tap and holds to speak and release to translate feature as well. It carries a simple design which has elegantly transformed your Apple and iPhone watch into an elegant and highly-customized translation device. iTranslate Converse enable conversion of your voice into an amount of almost 38 languages and automatically detects the entire language between two selected languages for an accurate and fast conversation. This app literally turned your iPhone into a first real translation tool which has made the entire screen become your translation button. It lets you choose from three subscription options with a month, two months, and a year one. You can easily view and export full transcripts for every voice conversation. So just download the iTranslate Converse app from the store, and turn your iPhone into a translation device.

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1. Cognoa for Child Development

Android iOS
Cognoa for Child Development is one of the most reasonable applications available as a family significance through employers and in select physician’s offices introduced by Cognoa, Inc. Cognoa for Child Development is a great tool used by a huge number of families and also featured in The Huffington Post, The…

2. Voice4u

Android iOS
Voice4u is a straightforward tool that consists of numerous of memorable and fun pics that provides assistant and improve languages. Voice4u AAC Communication was introduced by Spectrum Visions Global, Inc. which enables some special folks to live their life with everything that a normal person has. This app is superb…

3. Avaz Pro

Android iOS
Avaz Pro is a great tool for people having a problem with their vocal abilities and want a superb communication assistant to get things done while on the move. Avaz – AAC App for Autism is a classy product of Avaz Inc. which has precisely designed a fully featured AAC…

4. LetMeTalk

Android iOS
LetMeTalk is an excellent app which enables its worldwide users to communicate in all areas of life and provides an authentic and real voice to everyone. LetMeTalk: Free AAC Talker bought in the market by Appnotiza UG Inc. which supports communication and enables disabled people to convey their words with…

5. Predictable

Android iOS
Predictable is an award-winning text-based communication aid tool introduced in the market by Therapy Box Limited Inc. which enables its users to save time through self-learning word prediction. Predictable – Text based communication app is a multi-functional award winning application which brings a smart way to communicate with people you…

6. CommBoards

CommBoards enables children, adults, teachers, parents, and other professionals with limited verbal abilities to express themselves and make communication with the world around them, introduced by Shmoontz Apps Inc. CommBoards – AAC Speech Assistant makes it so easy to express yourself if you’re not comfortable with your sound by utilizing…

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