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Jodel is a community-based application of the read people who come at this application regularly to share their point of views on published topics. They post their own threads as well and invite for the discussions from the other users of this application… read more
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34 Apps Like Jodel


Amino: Communities and Chats

Amino: Communities and Chats is a social media app and is a fine network of communities that enables you to explore, discover, and obsess stuff. It has a precise and authentic mobile communication for all of its users.


Whisper is a secret telling and secret discovering application. Whisper is about sharing your secrets, experiences, and way of thinking with others and in the same manners knowing about the personal life and secrets holds by others too.


Bspotted is a platform for chatting with people from all over the world. It lets you chat with a community of students, and you can easily speak anonymously about your interesting topics with some other students of your university or campus.

Confess – Share Secrets

Confess – Share Secrets is a platform where the people come to make confession. Here they openly tell about what they have done so far and how the acts of theirs impacted on the lives of others in addition to their own lives.


Yakko is a social media app that helps you chat with a huge community of people from around the world without revealing your personality in front of others. It enables you to chat anonymously, and you do not have to sign up on this platform, and no registration is required for using it.


Peek is a smart and straightforward app for mobile phone lovers presented by the AppBall. It is a marvelous app for flirting, initiating, maintaining or for deep relationships. It totally relays on photo chatting and believes that a photo tells more than words.


Swiflie is the platform of real people only who are considered to be the champions of their field and asks others to share their point of views freely on any topic.

Post Secrets

Post Secrets is a social media app for enhancing the span of your social mates. It is a fine and widely used platform that enables you to become the part of an ongoing community mail art projects.

Anonymous Chat

Anonymous Chat is designed for those people who want to chat with strangers in the private and anonymous chatting rooms. Anonymous Chat is a best and free means to chat with random people in a private and secure environment.
0 is a superb communication app that lets that is specifically designed for parents that contain children who are engaged or enrolled in Super Me nursery. It is a fabulous app that helps the parents supervise their children in an innovative way.

Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is a fine looking app that helps the users resolve their complexities with extreme ease. It is packed with a network of more than 100 questions and answer communities on almost every piece of stuff as from software programming to gaming, photography to cooking, and a lot more.

Squeeck GPS Questions, Answers

Squeeck GPS Questions, Answers lets you ask everything and get the answers. This is a marvelously active app that helps its users make some effective and outstanding learning experience. It is a fine mobile application that enables you to ask any questions and get some great answers from the users in that specific location worldwide.


Medium is an app based reading and publishing platform where the people from different parts of the world interact with each other’s and the stories that matters most to them.


Reddit brings a precise and effective individuals and community podium which delivers the latest digital trends, breaking news, and ideas, etc. Its motive is to let people discover places where they can be their sincere selves and empower the community of Reddit to flourish.

Ask me

Ask me is a fine looking platform for students who want to solve their student life questions, introduced by the University of Toronto. It is a social questioning and answering podium that allows you to solve your mysteries stuff in a damn fun, easy, and collaborative way.

Question and Answers

Question and Answers is an app that helps users to get the answers to the questions. It is an active service that helps the users to both answer questions requested by other users as well as submit your questions to get their answers.


Socratic is a marvelously great app that has reduced the efforts of your homework by getting things done through a snap. This is a fabulous app for the people who want to solve their questions with simple, straightforward, and step-by-step instructions.


Kiwi is another amazing outlet for curiosity. It is a social questioning and answering app that offers easy to asking and getting an answer from questioning from your friends, from a community, and from the whole world.

Practical Answer

Practical Answer is an app that helps you resolve the professional level and some practical complications. It helps people get their solutions from a wide range of categories, and it lets users use its resources.


+ask is an effective app to get the answers from your desired questions in an easy to use and friendly looking app. There are tons of amazing and valuable features of this app that helps you get the answers regarding your personal questions and your problems.

Counsel – Real-time Advice

Counsel – Real-time Advice is a platform that delivers real-time advice from the real people from around the world. There are a huge amount of individuals taking the efforts of this app positively.

TalkLife- You’re Not Alone

TalkLife- You’re Not Alone is a fine app and an amazing place where you can talk to people who get you. It is one of the most secure social media networks to get and give help.


RealQA enables people to resolve their issues by the opinions from the community of this app. It efficiently supports location-aware and real-time questioning. You can fearfully ask any of your required questions and get the actual real-time answers from people from around the world.

Advice MortalGuidance

Advice MortalGuidance is a platform that helps you get the questions and ask for the advice on any of your desired topic. It instantly delivers precise and effective advice from a huge community of online users.


Quora is a real-time questioning and answering platform that lets you get precise and quality answers to your frequently asked questions. There is a huge amount of people use this app for making an effective experience.

Ask a Famous

Ask a Famous is a place to share your experiment and knowledge and better understand the world. This is another astonishing stuff for getting your answers form an effective community of people from around the world.

Project Toe: Help Someone

Project Toe: Help Someone lets you catch some important decisions regarding your own problems. This is an effective, simple, and anonymous app that helps people express what they probably feel in front of a supportive community of more than 70,000 people.


ASKfm is an anonymous question and answer based social application where the people first need to create a profile and after that, they can throw any question to get the opinions of others.


piQ is an effective study-related app that helps users resolve their complex issues regarding studies. There are a huge number of people get benefit from this outstanding app due to its valuable outcomes.

Vent – Express Yourself Freely

Vent – Express yourself freely lets you express yourself openly and honestly in front of a massive community of people who use this app on a daily basis. This app helps you exchange what you think and have your opinion on some matter and problem.


The world of internet has given the people power to speak fearlessly. You don’t need the permission of someone for sharing your thoughts on any topic as there is an application named Candid that will allow you to let your mind speak freely in front of others.

After School

After School is also a kind of anonymous social media application but is restricted to the students of school and universities only. This application provides a private space to its users so that they can share the fun stuff with their friends.


Sarahah is an intelligent application that helps you take a look at your strengths, weaknesses, and some other areas of improvements by getting real-time honest feedback from your friends as well as your employees in a private manner.


Oruapp is a texting app that lets you send or receive a message to other people within a span of 1km. It has some fun features that keep you updated on the happenings around you.

More About Jodel

Jodel is a community-based application of the read people who come at this application regularly to share their point of views on published topics. They post their own threads as well and invite for the discussions from the other users of this application. This application is called to be recommended one for those people who want to remain up to date with what is happening around them in real time. In addition to commenting over what is shared by the others, the users can vote on the threads or posts as well in the form of liking or disliking someone point of view. The other thing that worth to be mention here is that Jodel also permit its users to share the event, news, discussions, jokes and even their personal funny experiences with others as well. This social media application is more than Facebook, Twitter or likewise other applications as its way of working is different from them. You don’t need to go with the default posts of this application as you can search for the news and material of your local area as well by changing the location to current location.