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Juasapp is an elegant prank calling application filled with a hell of fun. It is a widely used free prank calling application that helps its users to laugh out loud while playing prank calls to their friends and family members without telling them that the person is you… read more
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6 Apps Like Juasapp for iOS

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1. Prankster

Prankster – Prank Call App is one of the best pranking call application that helps you enjoy free fake calling along with securing your identity from your co-workers, friends, relatives, and other family members who you call. It is a fully- featured application that lets you prank any individual from all over the world with hundreds of pranks in hundreds of languages. If you are so much exciting to prank your friends through this app, then just select a prank call scenario, use the dial pad to enter the phone number, send your fake call, and enjoy hilarious reactions. Prankster – Prank Call App provides free prank calls every day, more than 200 multilingual pranks to choose from with newly added pranks for each day, and you can also share this stuff with anyone you want. You can easily trick your buddies by way more popular fake call scenarios. So just download Prankster – Prank Call App to enjoy three free daily calls for making extreme fun.


2. Wake Up Caller

Wake Up Caller is another amazing product by Mathrawk that contains some amazing features which let you enjoy some fertile doings. Having this application on your mobile eliminates the excuse for oversleeping anymore. Now you have the ability to kill the annoying habit of your friends for having a late waking up from their beds. You can easily schedule a wakeup call for any of your friend and don’t let them oversleep. This superb application enables its users to make all these things with ease and well convenience. You just have to enter any of your friend’s mobile phone number along with the date and time and let Wake Up Caller do the rest. When you’ve done all these stuff, they will automatically receive a wakeup call. This application brings more ease for setting a call anytime, anywhere, and for almost anyone. Having this super amazing Wake Up Caller, you can call your house, call a friend that you want to wake up, and use it as a reminder for anything as well.


3. SpoofCard

SpoofCard delivers a huge range of amazing features for its worldwide users and is introduced by the Use Any Number LLC. You can make some extraordinary fake calls along with such a strong integration of things for making them so realistic to hear. This application has pocketed some super gorgeous features for its users that lets you call your boss with changed background noises, changing your caller ID to protect your exact info, want to make your significant other jealous, and much more. It is a versatile application that is useful for almost every situation to get you out of a bind, keep people accountable, and protect your security. You can discover lots of amazing things regarding through getting people to answer your calls, record and share important calls, save calls and time straight to their voicemails, change your voice to sound like a woman or man, and way more things using such a class. You can easily change background noise as well just to change or hide your location. Spoof Card helps you get out or handle almost all the situations through its professional looking features and enjoy fake calling.


4. Fake Caller ID

Fake Caller ID is another entertaining application and the finest product of Best Fake Call Apps that brings way more things to entertainment for its worldwide users. You can easily change your caller ID and make fun or prank of your friends even with changing your voices to a male or a female. Fake Caller ID lets you record the entire call just to get laughter stuff for anytime else. This superb fake calling app enables its users to show any number as your own on any phone from anywhere around the globe. It gives you a free of cost grip on two free calls per day to fake your caller ID. This application occupies the memory of more than 2 million phones and has made more than 9 million calls with a fake caller ID. It lets you set your caller ID when calling, change your voice during the call, record calls to listen to them late for fun, and enables two free calls each day. You can make calls to any country and also delivers better customer support. Just download this Fake Caller ID app and try an entirely new way of generating an awesome time if you want to make prank calls, maker fake caller ID, and enjoy a hell of fun.



PRANK DIAL – #1 Prank Call App is a widely used mobile application that helps its users to make damn fun with their friends and family members. It is a super gorgeous application that helps you choose from tons of call scenarios. It is the most authentic fake calling application that allows you to make fun of your close buddies. PRANK DIAL no. 1 Prank Call App is probably the best prank all application trusted by over 200 million for making prank calls and non-stop laughs. You can easily set up fake calls, make fake calls to your friends, comment on your favourite prank call, and do way more things with the improved design and user experience. You can choose from a collection of love, sexy, angry, celebrations, technology, neighbour, politics, animals, celebs, insult, funny, scam, money, and hundreds of prank calls to enjoy. You can choose from these hilarious prank call recordings and select the phone number. It allows you to enjoy three fake calls a day, listen to hilarious pranks, save reactions to call history, and enjoy a collection of 150 plus calls to choose.


6. Funcall

Funcall – In Call Voice Changer & Call Recordings is a great voice changer that brings way more things to entertain yourself for free. It is a superb application that helps you make fake calls to your friends with an entirely new look. You can change your caller ID and make fake calls with a different number and changed the voice. Fun call – In Call Voice Changer and Call Recordings is an ultimate tool to prank people you know for the real-time along with an awesome touch of hiding your exact phone number and identity. It lets you record these funny fake calls to listen to this funny stuff again and again for more fun. You can fool your friends through changing your voice and enjoy a hell of fun. It also lets you change your voice during calls as well for ensuring a real-time authentic user experience. Funcall also lets you make international phone calls and well to the cellphones and landlines. It is probably one of the best voice changers during the call, and you can easily manage all the stuff that it delivers. So just download Funcall and enjoy fun calls.

More About Juasapp

Juasapp is an elegant prank calling application filled with a hell of fun. It is a widely used free prank calling application that helps its users to laugh out loud while playing prank calls to their friends and family members without telling them that the person is you. Juasapp – Prank Calls allows you to have the ultimate fun of making prank calls with your friends and sharing their damn funny yet aggressive reactions on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media applications. It is a fine stuff which allows you to enjoy free prank calling to your friends and family members. Juasapp – Prank Calls enables you to make free of cost calls because all these calls are not launched from your mobile phone but its system. Your friends and family members will never know that the person behind that fake call is you. It allows you to bring your way through enjoying unlimited fake calls for free. So just download Juasapp – Prank Calls app to have fun with your friends like never before.