13 Apps Like JuiceDefender

JuiceDefender is an application to extend the battery life of your Android device by expanding battery existence with a progression of “traps” and workarounds that permit you to have your smartphone on all the day without got it to charge. To begin, the JuiceDefender consists of five unique users profiles that fit each circumstance. These reach from typical to completely alter which you can kill on and every one of the choices you need. The choices that you have the accessible incorporate full design of every single one of the apps that are running in the background doing nothing. You can close them, cutting off the internet get to or permit to just when you open the application. Similarly, you can change different phone settings, for example, the utilization of versatile information and WiFi, GPS and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. To keep the smartphone regularly associated, regardless of the fact that you are attempting to the save battery, JuiceDefender will empower you g rid of all those extra activities that bring no benefit at all. Other than this, JuiceDefender incorporates a couple of desktop devices from which you can deal with most by far of choices it offers, without opening the app directly. Along these, you can monitor your battery activity at all times. JuiceDefender is one of the best instruments for battery control and administration that can be found in Google Play. It is stacked with choices, has a straightforward interface, and it indeed works. JuiceDefender is a decent application for figuring your battery’s life Furthermore to enhance its execution at times.

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1. Deep Sleep Battery Saver

Deep Sleep Battery Saver is an apparatus for Android smartphones that will permit you to spare battery control, and will put the mobile phone in a ‘profound rest’ every time you kill the screen for a particular measure of time. In the application settings you can change numerous choices, for…

2. Battery HD

Battery HD is an app that gives you a chance to screen the term of your battery impeccably. Utilize the smartphone on the desktop of your smartphone or open the application specifically – whichever you pick, you can discover the definite measure of time the battery has cleared out. One…

3. Just Battery Saver

Just Battery Saver is a tool that lets you know at all times the state that is one of the fundamental parts of a terminal; your battery. With this optimizer, you will ensure that you always have enough energy level for the day. In this application, you will find all…

4. Battery Magic

Battery Magic is a prominent iPhone application that expands the battery life and enhancing the general execution of the telephone. It is only accessible for Apple phones which are its principle drawback. It accompanies an assortment of elements which have made it a productive force sparing stage at Apple. It…

5. Battery Doctor

Android iOS
Battery Doctor also called as Battery Saver is an app for smartphone devices that help you spare battery power and lets you know around the amount of life your battery has cleared out. By utilizing various components, it gives you a chance to enhance its term. The system for performing…

6. DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver is a convenient instrument that helps you effectively oversee and control the utilization of your battery, in this manner expanding its life. With this apparatus, you can stop the procedures that expand the most vitality and scratch a couple of additional minutes of battery force. This application…

7. Battery Saver 2

Battery Saver 2 is a battery sparing application that plans to help your Android smartphone’s battery last any longer. Obviously, this doesn’t work by enchantment, however by utilizing your smartphone’s elements as a part of a more astute way. The application’s interface gives you access to every one of its…

8. Avast Battery Saver

Avast has an application for Android that can enhance the life of your battery every time you charge it. Avast Battery Saver helps you set up the precise design on your smartphone so that every charge keeps going longer. Avast permits you to modify values like screen brilliance, internet availability,…

9. Battery Booster Lite

Battery Booster Lite is a littler form of the instrument Battery Booster, with which you can screen the amount of juice your Android smartphone has left and enhanced its battery life by utilizing this application only a couple of minutes for each day. Additionally, Battery Booster Lite keeps you redesigned…

10. Battery Master

Android iOS
Battery Master is an application to keep your mobile phone’s energy and use it for a more extended time before charging it once more. This application has distinctive components which will help you spare battery with quick charging; there is likewise a one press power saving mode alongside point by…

11. GO Battery Saver&Power Widget

GO Power Master is an apparatus whose essential goal is to lessen the utilization of your battery in your Android telephone. Right from the interface of GO Battery Saver&Power Widget you can control various components and projects from your phone like your association with the web, the radio, the shine…

12. Battery Watch

Battery Watch is a valuable application that monitors your battery and enhances its life. At whatever point you are charging your telephone or need to check whether your battery is low, this application will astound you by upgrading and expanding the battery. There are numerous vital components of this application…

13. Easy Battery Saver

Easy Battery Saver is an application that does equity to its name. It is a simple method for sparing your battery control and getting a charge out of a more drawn out telephone life. There are a few components of this application, for example, its usability. Basic alternatives are available…

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