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Just Press Record is a great application which allows you to enjoy ultimate mobile recorder providing one tap recording, transcription, and syncing to all your devices. JPR is an intuitive application which allows you to record anytime, anywhere, and even from the Apple watch… read more
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1. Dragon Anywhere

Dragon Anywhere is one of the best application which allows you to get your documents done anywhere using an elegant, precise, and professional grade mobile dictation. Dragon Anywhere is a great application introduced by Nuance Communications, Inc. which comes with intelligent tools which allow you to dictate documents of any length easily, and then edit, format, and share them directly from your portable devices. No matter you are concerning with the visiting clients, your local coffee shop or a job website, it brings an intuitive, easy and fast dictation through which you can dictate immediately with a 99% accuracy right out of the gate. It does not imply any length and time limits so that you can enjoy this app fully and speak as long as you want to complete your important documents of any length. You can easily choose from its form-based templates, get powerful customization, robust voice editing and formatting, syncing with supported dragon desktop and sharing your work anywhere right from this amazing application. Dragon Anywhere brings all these fruitful things with damn privacy and let you enjoy secure cloud communications.


2. Evernote

Evernote is an efficient and flamboyant app that helps you organize your stuff, take better notes, clip web articles, read texts, scan almost anything, and share your handwriting, etc. It is a sensible tool that helps you work in a well-organized manner. Evernote lets you capture, write, and collect ideas as searchable notebooks, checklists, notes, and to do lists and take notes in a variety of formats including sketches, web notes, photos, videos, text, web clippings, PDFs, and various others. This app allows you to use camera capture to scan and comment on printed docs, a piece of papers, sketches, business cards, and handwriting and you can sync anywhere automatically. It provides classy features that help you discuss, share, and collaborate productively with other devices, search within pics and annotate images, and get some creative ideas with your team for better collaboration. It is a valuable tool for business persons, educators and other that delivers the same intensity of usefulness in almost every aspect of life and provides its specific features for almost every aspect. Evernote is also available in the premium version as well with some ultimate and exclusive features.


3. Lyra Virtual Assistant

Lyra Virtual Assistant is an amazing and a widely used application which is working immensely great for providing some effortless facilities to its worldwide users. Lyra Virtual Assistant is your artificial intelligence assistant on your mobile phones which allows you to just talk to Lyra as if you are talking to humans. Lyra Virtual Assistant will understand and do stuff for you whatever you want. Lyra Virtual Assistant helps you play Youtube videos, tell jokes, translate words and phrases instantly, find local restaurants, manage your diary, open maps and provides directions, set alarms, save notes and reminders, and much more. Having Lyra Virtual Assistant in your mobile phone you can easily search your contacts find the weather forecasts, search the web, and do many useful things, all just by asking. Lyra Virtual Assistant is a female assistant who might give her personal opinion as well. You can easily talk to this lady and get things done right on your mobile phones. You can play your favourite artist by calling their name, add appointments in a matter of seconds, search for the latest news, and lot more through this app.


4. Siri

Siri is an application designed by the Apple for is iOS users just to do the things easier and in a faster way. This application is simply available for all Apple devices including iPhone, iPad and other iDevices. The quality of this application is that it allows the iOS users to get the help throughout their day. They only need to ask the Siri what they want to do and this voice assistant application will take out all in the air. For example, just ask the Siri you want to set the alarm or a destination or if you want to book a ride or want to send a payment or want to make a love note and the Siri will automatically set these. What can be said anymore about this application? Just ask what you want to get accomplished, and this application will automatically complete it.


5. Voice Text By TalirApps

Voice Text By TalirApps efficiently eliminates the concept of writing or typing texts from your mobile phone. It allows its users to enjoy typing text messages just by saying it. You can instantly speak and translate another language through this intuitive voice to text application. Voice Text By TalirApps brings a collection of more than 40 languages and dialects just to bring more in one platform. Having this app, you just have to speak into your phone, and this app precisely and immediately transforms your spoken words into real text. It does not need any typing or even the keyboard, it just needs your voice to bring its class. Voice Text By TalirApps also lets you use the dictation to send messages, Emails, Tweets, send Tumbler, update your Facebook status, and more. It brings voice to text transcriptions that may be sent as an email, SMS, or pasted into any application using the clipboard. It also lets you submit text to other apps and comfortable editing feature with suggested words. Voice Text By TalirApps is available in the stores, so just download it to get useful benefits.


6. Voice Text by Matthew Rice

Voice Text by Matthew Rice is another widely used application which allows its users to enjoy a list of amazing features to send and receive messages by voice. Voice Text by Matthew Rice is a great application which automatically has text messages respond and read allowance hands-free. Some of its robust features include driving detection which reads your messages when you are driving, customization of the dictionary for special stuff, and queue up and listen to messages intuitively. You can easily customize the voice commands and make voice text yours. It allows you to enjoy simply send or receive text messages by voice without learning any voice commands. Some of its highlighted features allow you to enjoy text by voice, respond to and listen to text messages hands-free, make phone calls through voice, autoplay text message, 6 widgets, 1 shortcut, set custom commands, battery efficient, tasker supported, ad-free upgrade, and much more. So just download Voice Text by Matthew Rice, and speak, text, and call hands-free.


7. TalkBox Voice Messenger

TalkBox Voice Messenger is another intuitive application which lets you active your own voice and experience a new way of messaging. TalkBox Voice Messenger – PTT is a fine application which allows you to enjoy a lot of amazing features and the fastest messaging experience on the mobile phones. It makes it so effortless of sending messages with your voice and now with the support of text inputs as well. It brings an intuitive push to talk live walkie-talkie experience for its worldwide users. TalkBox Voice Messenger – PTT enables its users to enjoy voice messaging, text messaging, pic sharing, and location sharing with your family members and friends. It is a talented cross-platform messenger which enables you to enjoy both single and group chats. Other than these, you can also enjoy simple and easy to use app with address book and FB contacts integration, conversation history, and more. So just download TalkBox Voice Messenger – PTT, and join millions of TalkBoxers around the world and exchange free of charge voice messages with your buddies.


8. Speechnotes

Speechnotes is another intuitive application which allows you to enjoy speak to text facility right on your mobile phones. Speechnotes – Speech To Text is great stuff introduced by WellSource – Empowering You, which enables a single touch to start dictation without any annoying training and registration. It is a fast and efficient application through which users from all over the world can dictate and type simultaneously. Speech Notes saves much of your time, and all you need is to talk. This app enables the conversion of your voice into text with improved accuracy and dictating symbols. It also uses signatures, names, characters, and any text that you frequently use to save even more time. Voice talking was never so efficient before the arrival of this superb speech to text app. Speechnotes – Speech To Text is an easy to use application where you just have to click the microphone button to start dictation. It also supports Bluetooth as well so that you can even talk through any of your Bluetooth connected device. Other than these, some of its properties includes custom keys, clean design, super accuracy, emoji support, and much more.


9. iSpeech

iSpeech is a simple clean and elegant application which transforms your text into a voice for any of your desired work. iSpeech – Text to Speech is produced by one of the well-known developer named iSpeech, Inc. In this app, you just have to enter any text simply and this intuitive application will read that words instantly. This app efficiently converts your written words into speaking statements on your mobile phone and save much of your time. ISpeech – Text to Speech has effectively eliminated the concept of that time-consuming procedure so that you can easily get the sound of words by writing any of your desired content. It is a highly configurable application which supports all major languages including United Kingdom, United States, and much more. This easy to use and straightforward app precisely save and replay frequently used phrases and never let you waste time on some recurrent stuff. iSpeech – Text to Speech elegantly transforms text to speech with the best sounding voices. So just download this app and enjoy the precise transformation of text into speech.


10. Google Keyboard

Google Keyboard is another style keyboard by the Google that is for those Android clients who need to get an approach to sort speedier in a simple to utilize environment. The one of a kind component of this keyboard is the controlling the writing even with voice and signal. Use this exceptional style keyboard and skim through letters with the motion and voice writing to enter any word. No space bar is required, everything can be controlled either by a method for tapping, signal and even voice too. The vast majority of the keyboard application gives just the framework to writing words at the quicker speed as it were. In any case, Google Keyboard has presented its proposal innovation here too and whenever you will begin embedding any word you will be furnished with word redress recommendations, following word expectation, and even programmed revision too. There is additionally a committed database of a large amount of emojis also that you can embed by just squeezing and tapping the enter catch to include emoji in your talking. Also, many universal dialects are bolstered by the Google Keyboard. However, there is still one issue, and that is non-accessibility of excessively numerous bright keyboards.


11. Call Recording by NoNotes

Call Recording by NoNotes is a great application which brings some intuitive and extraordinary features of recording calls, recording and transcribing, recording current calls, and more. This intuitive application records your calls along with the option to transcribe. Call Recording by NoNotes enables its users to easily record any call of almost any length in the UK and North America and save it to the cloud. It allows free call recording by providing 20 minutes free every month and options to purchase if needed. Other than these, Call Recording by NoNotes also provides an option to transcribe, save calls in the Cloud, share on social media and as email, useful app for dictation, attached QR code to file for playback, and entirely satisfied guarantee. This is free to use recorder which does not need any credit card. This intuitive call recorder contains more than 100,000 active users every month who are using this intuitive app on a daily basis. Call Recording by NoNotes is an easy to use app and useful for anyone handling corporate affairs.


12. Speech to Text

Speech to Text is a simple and powerful application which enables its users to enjoy the amazing and precise transformation of spoken speech to written text. Speech to Text is a great product of AndroidforAll, which deliver way many features under one platform. This app precisely transforms your speech into text on your mobile phone and save much of your time for time. It eradicates the concept of that traditional time-consuming typing process and lets you write text automatically only using your human voice. Speech to Text brings more sharing options so that you can easily share the words that you collected from speech to WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media and third-party applications. Speech to Text is a classy application which allows you write any piece of content just by speaking and precisely let you save them for lateral use. This intuitive application enables everyone to convert your spoken words to text and copy and share with any other Android app for getting things done. Speech to Text carries fastest and the best features when we talk about speech to text application with maximum downloads in minimum time.


13. Speak – Text To Speech

Speak – Text To Speech is a sleekly designed application which efficiently carries your sentences to life. Speak – Text To Speech is a fine product of Loic Verrall, which allows you to listen to the words written on your mobile phones. It precisely brings typed words and sentences to speak using your iPad, iPod, and iPhones. It carries a beautiful, attractive, sleek, and elegant interface which allows its users to enjoy a slider to adjust the pitch, rate, and volume of the voice. It brings a number of classy options to change the accent as well as the language of the voice. Speak – Text To Speech allows you to precisely save your favourite phrases and sentences so that you can access your favourite ones in a particular place. It also contains phrase history as well because of which you can easily access your previously history whenever you want. Its repeat feature allows you to specify how many times you have repeated your phrases. It brings loads of settings to tweak speak to act just how you like its criteria. So just download Speak – Text To Speech to enjoy loads of interesting features.


14. Voice To Text by Designcloud24

Voice To Text by Designcloud24 is an intuitive application through which you can precisely convert your voice into written statements. It is an elegant application through which users from all over the worlds can make more fertility in less time. Voice to Text by Designcloud24 simply eliminates the concept of writing emails, typing your text messages, or jot down some notes on your mobile phones. This app brings extremely talented technology and makes your lives become so easier and handier than ever before. Having this application in your mobile phone, users can generate text just by speaking over the mobile phones. It uses latest technology and great software with rigorous testing as well to ensure user quality. Other than these, Voice to Text by Designcloud24 comes with a clean and smooth user interface, constant updates, and thousands of satisfied users. It supports English, Spanish, Italian, Urdu, Arabic, Danish, Greek, Persian, French, Estonian, Finnish, Hindi, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Thai, and many more. So just download Voice To Text by Designcloud24 to enjoy its entire features for free.


15. ListNote

ListNote Free lets you take notes when you do not feel like typing, you just have to speak your note, and it will precisely and accurately save your texts for future work. ListNote Speech-to-Text Notes is elegant stuff introduced by Khymaera, which allows its users to carry more ease of taking mobile activities in their lives. ListNote Speech-to-Text Notes is superb quality and efficiently designed app which instantly jot down your ideas with the extremely minimum hassle. This precise voice to text application allows its users to effortlessly create notes and keep them organized to access any anytime, anywhere right through this application. It brings hands-free speech recognition at the press of a single button and enables fast searching through notes indexes. Other than these, you can also enjoy its password protection features for notes, quickly add notes, and accepts plain text from other applications. Some of its intelligent features include star notes with star filtering, organize notes by category, delete notes by category, quotation marks, category sharing, light and dark themes, SD card backup support, and many other popular uses.


16. Speech To Text Notepad

Speech To Text Notepad is another intuitive application which enables the making of your documents, and text messages so comfortable and effortless. This application is available in both free (with fewer features) as well as a premium version (with more features), and you can easily choose any of them. It lets you create notes without the help of your hands. You just have to speak to your mobile phone, and Speech To Text Notepad automatically converts them into text that can further be modified using voice commands. It is an amazing application which precisely does work for you including the creation of dictation, to-do lists, grocery lists, and other notes in general. Speech To Text Notepad also lets you share your notes through social media applications. Speech to Text Notepad’s free version allows its users to enjoy the limitless length of notes, better organization, voice commands in multiple languages, font size settings, different pitch and speed, and much more. While on the other hand, its premium version provides ads-free atmosphere, widgets, premium voice commands, unlimited folder and subfolder support, and much more.


17. Voice To Text for Multi-Apps

Voice To Text for Multi-Apps is another awesome product introduced by Dalianhank, which elegantly uses Google voice recognition to transform your voice to text. This app precisely transmutes your voice into text, and you can easily save them for lateral use. Voice To Text for Multi-Apps is an effortless application through which users can enjoy making to-do lists, documents, messages, and other forms of content right from your mobile phones. The text can be shaped by soft-keyboard and sent by multiple application such as text messages, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Other than these, multiple languages include English (Australia, British, Canada, India, and New Zealand), Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese), Arabic (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Russia), French, Korean, and Japanese can be picked. This application efficiently reduced the efforts of creating your written documented and other contextual stuff using your voice and you can easily save them for lateral use. So just download Voice To Text for Multi-Apps, create text, edit them, and sent by multiple applications.


18. Text by Voice

Text by Voice is another intuitive application through which users can easily transform their spoken words into real text. It is a widely used application which precisely solved the problems of sending, replying, as well as receiving text messages with the help of your precious voice. Text by Voice is an intelligent application introduced by TUOGOL, which allows anyone to enjoy text by voice with one tap. It enables its users to listen and respond hand free, and deliver personalised voice commands for making itself amazing. Text by Voice is one of the easiest to use and robust application that brings an amazing texting and note making experience right from your mobile phones. Text by Voice allows its users to enjoy text messages through voice, and even respond and listen to messages without the involvement of your hands. Some of its highlighted features include phone calls through voice, 6 widgets 1 shortcut, autoplay text messages, disable during specific hours, driving protection, battery efficient, and much more. So just download Text by Voice, send and receive messages through voice, and let your hands and fingers take a break.


19. Sprachnotizen

Sprachnotizen is an elegant application which enables its users to enjoy taking notes through the speech recognition. It is a widely used application which brings real ease of messaging, note taking, dictating, and having any other documented stuff right from your mobile phones. Voice notes – quick recording of ideas is a fine product of Gawk, which enables its users to enjoy a number of fruitful features of this app to get things done precisely. You can easily and instantly record small notes as well as gigantic ideas by setting reminders using speech recognition. Sprachnotizen allows its users to quickly and easily create notes using speech and even edit them to get a masterpiece if desired or you can also record audio recording of significant stuff and listen to it later. Voice notes – quick recording of ideas enables its users to create reminders for their important notes by selecting a time and then choosing an audio alert, vibration, and repeat remainders if needed. So just download Voice notes – quick recording of ideas and bring your imaginative notes into practice by saving them in your mobile phones.


20. Speak It

Speak It is another intuitive application which enables its users to enjoy text speaking with the help of your written words right from your mobile phones. It is a multi-functional speech generation app through which users can enjoy taking a serious tool which is known for its frequent out of the box usage. Speak It enables its users to just press the play button, its Talk to Speech engine will precisely generates voice from the text that you have written. You can easily write text and choose from a number of its customizable setting features. You can easily set your spoken words as ringtones from the many and it will also generate a voice ringtones. Speak It is a fast and easy to use application which allows you to just write the statements that you want to listen. This applications can be used by deaf to save an urgent notification on the home screen and play it just by taking the phone out of the pocket and by simply pressing the button. Speak It supports a number of famous languages including English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Polish, Brazil’s Portuguese, Russian, and many others.

More About Just Press Record

Just Press Record is a great application which allows you to enjoy ultimate mobile recorder providing one tap recording, transcription, and syncing to all your devices. JPR is an intuitive application which allows you to record anytime, anywhere, and even from the Apple watch. This app superbly works across your iOS devices and precisely transforms your speech into searchable text in more than 30 languages. You can easily edit your transcriptions through simple taps and make useful changes to them as you want. It allows you to enjoy start, stop, pause, and resume the recording with simple tap along with unlimited recording time. You can record discretely and choose to record from the AirPods, the built-in mic as well as external microphones. You can even start and stop recording from its widget with a 3D touch quick action or through the URL schema. Just Press Record allows you to precisely turn your speech into text, and you can easily edit your transcriptions as well. You can better organize your stuff and access all your recordings with ease. So just download Just Press Record and enjoy the transformation of speech into text for free.